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Xpress Yourself with Trade Show Displays

Xpressions, the ultimate in frame-graphic technology, is one of the hottest new display options on the market! Twelve frame options, integrated graphics, and infinite configurations, offer you a playground to create dramatic effects with endless design possibilities! The portable, lightweight frame is shipped with the fabric graphic skins fully attached making your trade show displays a breeze to set up. No tools or event labor required. A surface to set the frame on; a two-handed grasp and a few tugs is all it takes. Strong magnetic connectors lock the frame with a ‘snap’.

These versatile displays can be used for innumerous events – showrooms, fundraisers, lobbies, meetings, presentations, retail locations, and sporting events-in addition to the tradeshow floor. Alone or in conjunction with your existing Trade Show Display, they can certainly create a buzz on a tradeshow floor though.

For further proof why you should choose an Xpressions Hop Up Display, let’s take a closer look at the graphic characteristics and possibilities of this unit:

* 3-D Capability – The frame is constructed so the graphic panels can twist/weave between two separate planes creating a strong visual impact.

*Changeable- The graphic fabric skins have grommets that simply attach to nipples on the frame; allowing for quick, easy and cost effective transformation of your exhibit from venue to venue. Additional graphic panels in different sizes for optional configuration(s) can be purchased initially or at a later date.

*Durable – The fabric does not scratch or dent and is machine washable.

*Quality – Permanent dye sublimation prints on flame-retardant, stretch fabric generate excellent color saturation and life-like skin tones.

*Image Options – The small size of the fabric skins removes many limitations of large-scale artwork.

Believe it or not, accessories are available for Xpression Pop Ups, including shelving, lights and counters. ExhibitTrader.com carries a full line of these versatile marketing tools, starting at just $ 522.00. The model designations imply the number of graphic panels on each unit, i.e., a ‘4 X 4’ would have 4 columns/ rows with 4 graphic skin panels each, for a total of 16. A picture is worth a thousand words in explaining the frame options and graphic-configuration possibilities of these units.

Please visit our website, www.exhibittrader2.com and using the navigation drop down feature; select fabric display-Xpressions. You can view all the models we offer; options available; configurations possible for each unit; as well as a short (very short) video on the ease of setting up this display.

The Xpressions 3-D capability and fabric size options create truly unique trade show displays that will make a lasting ‘Xpression’. Two planes for integrating your graphics with multiple configurations offer a limitless canvas to create dramatic effects. Packing into a lightweight portable nylon case that can be self-transported (airline friendly); you can eliminate the exorbitant shipping cost incurred with traditional trade show displays.

Become a Technology virtuoso! Educate yourself at the NBA School of Technology

The i-pod, Multimedia games and the revolutionary i-phone, all are exceptional creations of Technology. The world of Information Technology has been expanding at a rapid pace since the past few years. This extraordinary creation by an advanced human mind has brought about numerous changes into not just the human life but the entire environmental system. ‘The Computer’ has changed the wholesome way of life. At the present date and time, it is impossible to imagine a life without this superlative machine called the Computer. One can easily carry out tasks of daily routine. From simple mathematical calculations to managing complex corporate accounts all can be done in a span few minutes over the computer. 

The exceptional IT technology has brought the entire world closer. No matter how far one is from his hometown, he can easily get in contact with his kin in the country he lives in. The IT technology goes beyond barriers and across nations. This advanced technology has also initiated large scale social interaction as is evident in the development of several Social Networking Sites like faceook, Twitter, Myspace etc. The entertainment world is flooded with high-tech games and Multimedia technologies that are in popular demand not just amongst children but the older generation is equally interested in such spectacular creations of technologies. Communication, Economics, Accounts and Finance, all sectors of professions are working on high-end technology programs. This not only reduces the time and efforts involved but also cuts down on the cost of investments drastically.

NBA School of Technology endeavors to make a contribution into the top-notch world of Technology by nurturing some exceptional talent and skilled professionals capable of creating excellent technologies for the betterment of the human civilization. This is however, done by imparting young aspiring students with holistic knowledge of enhanced technical skills and abilities and preparing them for the competitive and challenging Industry demands and requirements. The IT sector is a dynamic one. There are frequent fluctuations in the industry. To keep up to those variations NBA School of Technology offers enriching study programs and upgrades them on regular basis. The course offered by NBA is that of ‘Certificate in Satellite and Broadcast Communication’. The curriculum focuses on imparting comprehensive knowledge of communication satellite technologies, implementation of communication skills, satellite design and launch etc. There is all that is requisite for becoming competent Technology experts of tomorrow.

Technology virtuoso:NBA provides world-class holistic education in Mass Communication, Management, and Technology. At NBA our mission is to make every student realize his or her highest potential. Along with a comprehensive academic curriculum, we provide students with hands-on work experience.

Rush in to Reality Show Auditions 2013, Get Yourself a Place


There are different reality TV shows are like fear factor, the real world, the biggest loser, American idols etc. the above mentioned reality shows are wonderful and fantastic shows of the world of entertainment.

Reality TV shows are the real life shows. They are based on true life events. No scripts are used to prepare the candidates, no training, and no acting, just a person and a camera. The reality TV shows are most demanding programs. Millions of people love to watch these reality shows. These are based on the real talent and real stories.

The Reality Show is one the most famous and fantastic among other TV shows. Millions of people love to watch these reality TV shows. After giving so many fantastic and remarkable episodes, the reality show is willing to catch more talent. “Reality show auditions 2013” is going to start again. They are searching more and more for real talents.

If you are an adventurous type of person, and love to take risk then the “fear factor” reality show is the one you deserve. It is an intense reality game show. If you want to show your adventurous attitude to the whole world then the “fear factor” show is best choice. The auditions are going on. If you are really capable and talented then go for audition.

 If you are good singer and you have melodious voice. Then the “American idols” show is a best choice. It is a good platform to entertain the whole world with your melodious and beautiful voice. Auditions of American idols are going on.

To be a part of this wonderful show, just submit your tape and resumes there.

Life Coach is also one of the famous and brand new reality TV shows of MTV. MTV is looking for more talent to launch its new realty show. To get an audition calls just apply.

Reality show auditions 2013 are giving a chance to many candidates to show off their talent and capabilities, and share their real stories to the whole world.

“The real world” is also very famous and favorite show. Its auditions have started again. They are seeking more real talents. If you want to be one of real heroes then you should apply.

For Reality show auditions 2013; the requirements are relatively simple and easy. One who has talent and courage to show off their talent to the whole world should apply to get an audition call. The procedure is very simple. Just submit your resume and upload your picture and related video or tape.



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