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Make Beautiful Yards with an Outdoor Fire Bowl

Today, yards are not just seen as mere outdoor areas but an extension of a house’s living space as well. This is the very reason why a lot of people are now investing in landscaping and beautifying their yards. And one of the newest emerging trends today is the use of an outdoor fire bowl. A fire bowl will not only make you and your guests feel comfortable outdoors but they can also make your yards look extra charming and inviting as well.

An outdoor fire bowl actually looks very much the same as the indoor fire bowls. It also possesses a flue which will ensure the right flow of air from the front of the fireplace up to the chimney. And just like the indoor fireplaces, the outdoor models are permanent fixtures as well so always take time to decide where you want to have that piece installed. Once you start the construction, then you can never move it anywhere else.

For the installation and the design of the outdoor fire bowl, it is highly recommended that you get professional help. However, if you are a DIY person, then you can get the ready made kits to ensure proper installation and safety.

There are actually different types of outdoor fireplaces and each type can create different and unique looks in your yard. One of the oldest kinds is those that are made out of clay. Clay fireplaces originated all the way from Mexico. The real authentic ones are a bit expensive but they are very beautiful as well. They can give your yard that old, rustic feel and you can even turn it into your yard’s centerpiece.

For those who want the more modern pieces, then you can get yourself the metal fireplaces. Metal fireplaces can last longer than the clay pieces. Aside from that, fire pits can also vary in shape and size, too. They can either be dug up the ground or they can be raised and free-standing.

You actually have two options for the fire: the gas-powered fireplaces and the wood. Gas powered fireplaces may require you to have safe gas lines (usually buried down in the ground) which is done at a huge cost. Wood on the other hand, is the most affordable option because all you need to have is enough fire-wood to fuel the fire. This setting will give you a more authentic outdoor fire bowl feel. The only disadvantages to wood powered fireplaces are the smell and the smoke which can be quite a bother when they are blown against you by wind.

But before you start looking for people to install your outdoor fire bowl or your DIY kit, there is one other important thing you need to know. Not all yards can be installed with outdoor fireplaces. Some states and localities may require permits so make sure that you check out the requirements first before anything else. Some local laws may limit the choices that you can get in terms of the size, fuel type and even the style of your fireplace.

So if you have done all these prerequisites, then go and shop away. With an outdoor fireplace, you will surely fall in love with your yard even more.

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