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Discovering The Exciting World Of Nascar Racing

In the world of sports, one of the most-loved among those that are considered to be under the “mind-blowing, blood-pumping, adrenaline-rushing” category is none other than stock car racing. And when it comes to exciting matches and must-see competitions, one kind is deemed as the best:  Nascar Racing.

What is more, taking into consideration that stock cars are primarily used, you would think there is a limit to the speeds and the abilities of the participants. But whatever those limits are have been overcome, and made slow motion in living the life you want a thing of the past.

Cars that are considered as “stock” have been defined as those vehicles that are of its original specifications and set-up as it is sold in the market by the manufacturer. With this definition being a little vague,  Nascar Racing games have been set to comply with certain regulations that should be met to be able to join in any of the events. Even so, the drivers in the events prove that their cars can withstand the tracks and come out as real winners, as they surpass the limitations of their vehicles.

On the other hand, the Sprint Cup championship is the most sought-after event by drivers as it proves their skills and aptitude in speed driving. In this division, drivers are scored through a point system set by Nascar in line with the ideals of its sponsor. Unmodified cars which are available to the general public are entered in this race, and as such it has become a measure of the abilities of the drivers to win over its competitors without additional technical improvements.

And so, mediocrity has never had a place in any of the series of stock car races by Nascar. Truly, participants in these series learn a lot from the experience they gain, making them ingenious professionals of the sport.

The essence of having Nascar as a regulating body for stock car racing lies on the fact that this kind of sport must have an authority that would control and set the conditions for the events in line with it. But one thing is for sure: there will never be a limit to how fast you want to go, how great a driver you want to be, or how profitable you want this activity to turn out for you.

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World Cup Soccer (Football)

Soccer, the world game, is most commonly known as ‘football’ in most countries. The world tournament is run every four years and is officially known as the FIFA World Cup. The Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) is the world football governing body.

The 2010 FIFA World Cup will be held in South Africa on Friday June 11 to Sunday July 11, 2010. The opening match will be held in Johannesburg with South Africa playing Mexico.

There will be 32 countries representing 6 soccer confederations in this 2010 year final. Countries in the World Cup divided into groups are: Group A – South Africa, Mexico, Uruguay, and France; Group B – Argentina, Nigeria, Korea Republic, and Greece; Group C – England, United States, Algeria, and Slovenia; Group D – Germany, Australia, Serbia, and Ghana; Group E – Netherlands, Denmark, Japan, and Cameroon; Group F – Italy, Paraguay, New Zealand, and Slovakia; Group G – Brazil, Korean DPR, Cote d’Ivoire, and Portugal; Group H – Spain, Switzerland, Honduras, and Chile.

The teams in each group play one another, with the top two teams from each group proceeding to the final 16 knockout phase to determine the finalists. Games are played over 10 venues in 9 cities being Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein, Polokwane, Nelspruit, and Rustenburg. This is the first time the tournament is held in the African continent after South Africa beat Morocco and Egypt in the bid to host the 2010 World Cup.

The official mascot of the 2010 cup is Zakumi, a leopard with green hair and wearing green and yellow, the national colours of South Africa. The ball manufactured by Adidas and used in this tournament is called “Jabulani”, meaning ‘joy to everyone’ in Zulu.

Italy won the last FIFA tournament in 1996. Who do you think will win 2010 FIFA World Cup?

Further information and schedule of games on the 2010 FIFA World Cup may be obtained from:


World Super Rich People’s Cars

If you become a billionaire, what will you do with a huge amount of  money? As for some richest men in the world, owning luxury goods and real estates is one effective way they show their properties. However, other richest ones seem to be modest when using normal items instead. Here is the list of some cars that belong to the world’s super rich people.


Warren Buffett (Wealth: US$ 49.9 billion)

Warren Buffett, the investment King of United States, is the world’s third richest man but he only has got a 2001 Lincoln Town Car due to his economical lifestyle. Actually, Buffett sold the car through eBay for US$ 73.2 thousand in 2007, which helped him receive US$ 11 thousand interest. The money then was donated to charity.

Warren Buffett and his car, 2001 Lincoln Town Car


Mukesh Ambani (Wealth: US$ 30.6 billion)

Ambani, a petrochemical and oil businessman, is the richest man in India and very famous for his luxury lifestyle. The owner of Reliance Group possesses one private house like a tower with 60 floors in the heart of Mumbai and parking space for 168 cars. He also has a Mercedes Maybach 62, a Mercedes S Class and Mercedes SL500.

Mukesh Ambani and his car, a Mercedes Maybach 62

Mercedes SL500


Mercedes S-Class


Lawrence Ellison (Wealth: US$ 29.8 billion)

The founder of Oracle software, Larry Ellison, may be the most eccentric and extravagant rich man. He now owns a Russian-made MiG jet fighter planes, a luxury sailboat and an expensive 2006 Bentley Continental Flying Spur for the air, sea and ground transportation. His four-door sedan is one of the world’s fastest cars and can be driven up to 320 km per hour.

Lawrence Ellison and his car, 2006 Bentley Continental Flying Spur


Eike Batista (Wealth: US$ 29 billion)

Like Larry Ellison both in terms of wealth and lifestyle, the Brazilian mining and oil businessman Eike Batista has a private jet Embraer Legacy 600 that is priced at US$ 26 million, the Pershing 115 luxury yacht worth of US$ 19 million and a US$ 1.7 million racing boat. Besides, he possesses a U.S.$ 500 thousand Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren that is parked in his living room in Rio de Janeiro.

Eike Batista and his car, Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren


Ingvar Kamprad (Wealth: US$ 23 billion)

Swedish IKEA Furniture Entrepreneur, Ingvar Kamprad, is even much more efficient than Warren Buffett when he only has an old Volvo, 240 GL.

Ingvar Kamprad and his old car, Volvo 240 GL



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Six Super Cars in the World

With the development of science and technology, people in the world now have more chances to get in touch with all kinds of high-tech and advanced things. With the improvement of our daily life, more and more people choose to buy luxurious cars in order to show their taste and position.

As we all know, advanced cars are always made of high technology. In this case, it is not strange for you to hear about the turbocharger because it is a very important part of the modern cars. Next, I would like to introduce you six fantastic and luxurious cars in the world.

The first famous diesel turbocharger car is known as Bugatti Veyron. Actually, the car is not as famous as Ferrari. However, this car has set the new record in the car industry. That is the car can reach 407km per hour and have the price of 1.2 million dollars. What is more, it has a long history, so more and more people turn to this car.

The second famous car is known as Koenigsegg CCR. Though this car has no limitation for the speed, it can still control the speed. In addition, it has luxurious appearance. Besides, you need to take some different steps before you drive the car. And then, you can hear the special sounds of this special car. In a word, the sound is rather good.

The third luxurious car is called as Ferrari California. As a new member of Ferrari, this car is rather outstanding. It has the technology of turbocharger. You can not only treat it as a racing car, but also a sports car. With the help of the turbocharger technology, the car can reach the highest speed within several seconds. In this case, you can enjoy the amazing speed of this car.

The fourth famous car is called as Pagani Zonda S. As we all know, every engine turbocharger car in the Modena can make the car fans crazy because of their functions and designs. It seems that every racing car here has a soul. This car is made here. By enjoying the fantastic car, you will think that the world is so fantastic.

The fifth famous car is known as Versace Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640. This car has luxurious sheepskin seats. In this case, you can feel very comfortable when you drive this car. What is more, it has fantastic design, so you can enjoy the fantastic fashion.

The sixth luxurious car is called as SLR Mclaren. This car is known as the F1in the road. When you see this car, you can feel the perfect combination of Mclaren’s activity and experience. The special design makes this car rather smart. In this case, it is really a very good choice for car fans.

In a word, there are all kinds of good cars in the world. You can really find a lot of luxurious ones besides the mentioned six cars.

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NFL Football Are so Popular all over the World

Today, considering the development with dwelling typical, individuals put progressively more great importance for you to healthy and balanced. To further improve health and wellbeing, sports undoubtedly are a crucial way. Consequently, today there are several consumers are outdoors regarding sports. Players often wear wholesale nfl jerseys in the training. Within the various other counties, when talk about for you to NFL, simply no physique would not find out this. However, throughout China, simply a virtually no individuals possess ever heard this.

Somebody possibly includes under no circumstances discovered this ahead of. Words and phrases are not able to express how personally I think which the questionable line does said Troy Cruz last. When our innovator reduces, you’re feeling some sort of hopelessness regarding what on earth is transpiring, although most of us were required to maintain driving. It will be easier with the 49ers when compared with it truly is for State of Arizona. A new excursion into your Cardinals; locker area may be a excursion with introspection. The good news is bunch much more analysis to look for this. Hence, uh, including, including when I said, I do think, seeing that I’m ready sick with burning off Breaston said. Here, When i said I’d personally definitely not declare, although my own head wanders rather than I will including since I’m below and also When i don possess under no circumstances already been component of like. Today this contact person can be planning for you to switch the case.

Today many people are trying to populace within the college students. It turned out upon night time with the two-time defending NFC Western world fields. It turned out this sort of year, way too. Many people made this 49ers mimic contenders. Obviously, the entire Matt Leinart Alternate jerseys Western world team qualifies from your win as one. 49ers might get for you to 7-9 and also yes yourself a decent shot with the split concept by means of winning the final games next to NFC Western world opposing team: as opposed to. Seattle (Week 14), St. Louis (No. 17) as Cardinals take a look at Candlestick. Numerous institution possibly presented completions for NFL.

Type this earlier mentioned; we could catch the attention of a new summary this there are several diverse reasons why you are this scenario. However, the main cause of NFL are not able to populace throughout China is just not this Offshore loathe sports, although mainly because they do not put adequate importance to the situation. Today acknowledging this matter, they have to be capable to fix this within the not too distant future.

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World Rankings Of Nfl Football Players

NFL is the abbreviation of National Football League. It is a hot-debated topic that the ranking of the NFL football players. You might think out there are many ways that include check any sports magazines, ask some people who are football fans, or loose time waiting for your nearby news or another sort of station broadcasting sports activities highlights to help you verify your results.
Those people who wear fashionable custom basketball jerseys might know something more than you. However if your NFL football game that you’re debating were held many years ago, it seems that the ways as listed above could not assist you to get the result. Hence you may have reliable results as a results via the Internet, researchers as well as anyone needing home elevators a specific subject that include . According to the internet, you could browse the records of each player on the numerous websites. The only thing you should do is that choose some simply sites from the numerous websites to obtain the several other information that could get when it comes to you acquiring the scores that you require. From these sites, you could draw your own personal conclusions by way of results and records you have looked for. You could still find out the players personal biased feedback. Such as, what is color of the players and what is the their team logo or anything else.
The popularity of NFL football has many reasons. The most import is that men enjoy the actual FA Cup relates to how your competition is performed. Unlike shining football in the USA, the FA Pot features has over 100 teams that will be paired pertaining to competition about the random structure. A team by using a worse history can in the end eliminate a new team that features a top listing. The opposition is recognized appropriately in the form of knockout opposition. Since its popularity, more and more people love the football and become the fans. These fanatic pursuers concern about the rankings of the NFL football players.
From all the sports sites, you are able to find some various other interesting information on the football teams aside from the Cup rankings, such for the longest unbeaten beginning a period, at best sequence and not using a win, record category championship, the transformation in the Steelers football jerseys and additionally league tournament triple operates.

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Soccer And Authentic Soccer Jerseys Are In The Heart Of World

There are many people like to wear the authentic soccer jerseys to play soccer with their family and friend. And in the western countries, the little children are taught to play the soccer with their fathers. Some people would say that the soccer is like a kind of fashionable product. It has blown all over the world and there is a fever of soccer is coming and never fads away.
The soccer Fever is coming. Huge Event with lots of celebrations and will give us a new world champion. It will take place in picturesque country of South Africa and the first game for the Soccer World Cup in South Africa had been played on 11 June 2010. The games will be played at Cape Town, Rustenburg, Johannesburg, Durban, Bloemfontein, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth, Polokwane and Nelspruit. Many football fans will wear the discount soccer jerseys to watch all these games all over the world.
Beside world cup soccer is played all over the world in club form. Club players are selected from all over the world in the basis of their performance. Despite the region, age groups and gender, this game has its fans everywhere. People not only love to play soccer, but also watching the soccer match has become one of the major excitements among the soccer lovers. This craze of soccer can be seen everywhere, whether it is in schools, colleges, in a local soccer club or national and international tournaments. Taking advantage of this growing soccer lovers; community, different companies have started offering various soccer attractions to them. This includes a variety of soccer equipments like soccer balls, colorfully and sophisticatedly designed, soccer uniform consisting of soccer shirts, soccer shorts, steelers authentic jerseys , socks, caps and different bed sheets and curtains with soccer related prints and the list goes on and on. Sometimes there comes out a real fight in between fans of two clubs.
Initially soccer jerseys were worn only by soccer players. But with the passage of time as the admirers of soccer increased, the companies started designing uniforms for soccer fans as well. Now it has become a full time business. Many colorful, bright and trendy soccer shirts, jerseys, shorts are designed for the fans who happily wear these uniforms to support their teams and proclaim their loyalty and admiration. Also the soccer players in the field get encouraged when they see their cheering supporters, shouting for them in their colorful uniforms.
No matter where you are and what you want to do, the soccer is over there to be closer to you, and you can enjoy the soccer jerseys with many people.
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The Chicago Bulls Tickets : The Bulls Helped Spread The Popularity Of The Nba Around The World

The Chicago Bulls are an American professional basketball team based in Chicago, Illinois, playing in the Central Division of the Eastern Conference in the National Basketball Association (NBA). The team was founded in 1966. They play their home games at the United Center. The team is well known for having one of the greatest dynasties in NBA and sports history during the 1990s, winning six championships in 8 years with two three-peats.

All six of those championship teams were led by Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and coach Phil Jackson.The first three championship teams included the likes of Bill Cartwright, Horace Grant, John Paxson and B.J. Armstrong, while the latter three championship teams had Luc Longley, Steve Kerr, Ron Harper, Toni Kukoc and Dennis Rodman on the roster.

The Bulls won an NBA record 72 games during the 1995/96 NBA season and are the only team in NBA history to win at least 70 games in a single season. During the 1990s, the Bulls helped spread the popularity of the NBA around the world. The 1998 NBA Finals, the Bulls’ most recent championship appearance, was the most watched championship series in NBA history.

he Bulls have three different uniforms: a white home uniform, a red road uniform, and a black alternate road uniform. The design of the white and red sets are nearly identical, with the team name featured on the front over the number, and the player’s last name over the number on the back and under the Bulls’ logo. The shorts have the Bulls logo in a diamond shaped design on the sides of the legs.

The red and white uniforms have remained mostly unchanged since 1966, with minor modifications from off-centered numbers to a cursive “Chicago” lettering on the road uniforms.

The less-often used black uniform (often used 10 times per season) shares the same design as the white and the red ones, except that “Bulls” is replaced with “Chicago” on the front of the jersey. It was first introduced during Chicago’s 72 win run in the 1995/96 NBA season, in which it shared a similar design to the Bulls’ regular road and home uniforms except that it featured pinstripes and a diamond that is not featured around the Bulls’ logo in the shorts.

This design was resurrected as part of the NBA Hardwood Classics Nights program, as well as NBA Heritage Week presentations (Dec. 7/14, 2007) throughout the 2007/08 season.

In the 1999/2000 season, the pinstripes were removed and “Chicago” replaced “Bulls” above the number in the jersey front. Beginning in the 2006-07 NBA Season, the player’s name on the back of the alternate jersey changed its color to white from the red/white combination, and the red diamond was added to surround the logo in the sides of the shorts. The player’s name was reverted back to the red/white combo in the 2007/08 NBA season.

The Bulls wear white shoes during the regular season, but black shoes during the playoffs. This unofficial tradition goes back to the Jordan era. The Bulls also wear only their red uniform on the road during the playoffs. During the 2008/09 season and first three games of the playoffs, however, the Bulls wore black sneakers on away games only while wearing white sneakers on home games.

In 2006 the Bulls were one of three teams to take part in the NBA’s first ever St. Patrick’s Day uniform program (with the Boston Celtics and the New York Knicks). The program consisted of the teams wearing specially designed green uniforms. For the program The Bulls’ changed their red road uniforms to green while maintaining the traditional red and black bull’s head on the shorts and the back of the jersey as well as the wording of “Bulls” on the front remaining black.

The Bulls wore these uniforms on March 18 against the Miami Heat.The following year the Bulls once again participated in the St. Patrick’s Day uniform program altering their road jerseys in the same way as before. This time the special edition uniforms were worn twice by the Bulls: once on March 13 at home against the Celtics and then again on March 17 in Memphis versus the Grizzlies.

In the 2007/08 season they wore them on March 17, 2008 (at New Orleans) and March 18, 2008 (vs. New Jersey). In the 2008/09 season, they wore the uniforms on March 17, 2009 against Boston.

The Bulls also participated in the NBA’s “Noche Latina” celebrations throughout March, beginning in 2009. They used a slightly altered version of their regular red road uniforms, with the wording “Los Bulls” to honor Hispanics throughout Chicago.
During the NBA’s “Green Week” celebrations, the Bulls also wore green uniforms, but a slightly darker shade from their St. Patrick’s Day counterparts and they used their black alternate uniforms as its template. They donned the uniforms in a game against the Philadelphia 76ers on April 9, 2009.

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Hone your skills to become the next successful entrepreneur of the world! NBA Group of Institutions

The world of business and entrepreneurship has witnessed unprecedented growth over the past years. This highly challenging and competitive field demands immense hard work, commitment and determination. Only one with such qualities is capable of handling a commercial enterprise. There is no doubt in saying that a businessman can earn a lot of money if he plans every step and takes right decisions at the right time. This understanding of doing intelligent business however comes with studying the subject intensely. To build a thriving career in the business sector, one must undergo holistic training provided to students opting for various study programs for acquiring business degrees.

As the commercial sector keeps growing, the demand for qualified professionals keeps increasing. This broadening gap between the need and supply can be fulfilled by ambitious business graduates who have acquired comprehensive knowledge and skills needed for sustainment in the challenging field. With reputed multinationals establishing themselves across several countries of the globe and corporate culture coming into existence, professional business skills have now become a requisite for all fields. Being a highly practical subject, studying business would mean updating one’s knowledge of latest advancements and market trends.

Considering the need and importance of business skills across various sectors, NBA school of Business is focused to provide holistic training and understanding of the flourishing business sector though its range of enrich study programs. Since a few years now, NBA has been committed to its purpose of nurturing unique corporate talent by inculcating the qualities of a successful entrepreneur in ambitious students dreaming of making it BIG in the thriving business sector. The institute facilitates development of honed professionals by working towards improving conceptual and analytical skills of its students thus making them confident personalities and valuable professionals preparing them to enter the challenging world of entrepreneurship.

The enriching curriculum is designed by industry experts keeping into consideration the ever-changing market demands and latest developments in the business world. A student of NBA business school is thus well versed with market trends and current happenings of the commercial sector which is an essential for making a lucrative career in the corporate field. A blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills makes studying at NBA a holistic experience for aspiring students. A faculty of learned members teaches basic concepts of business management on real-life business models thus giving students hands on experience of the industry.  Learn the dos and don’ts of managing a commercial organization and be prepared to exhibit your exceptional business talent to the outside world!

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Survey says? In world of predictions, GMs don’t know it all

It isn’t easy being a general manager in the NBA. You must draft the right player, trade for the right player, hire the right coach and, especially, ace the NBA.com preseason GM survey. You know, to prove you know what you’re doing. where to buy cheap NBA Jerseys?ujersy is a good choice.

Meanwhile, you’re being second-guessed by millions of fans because it’s not their jobs or reputations on the line. Plus, they have the power of hindsight. This all brings us back to the survey.

We never disclose who voted which way, just how the group voted collectively. That’s for the protection of the individuals. So without further hesitation, we revisit a handful of the questions we posed last fall, and how the GMs voted, and compare their answer to reality, eight months later:

Eastern Conference winner: Miami (70 percent of the vote) — The GMs were smitten by Miami’s offseason — just like a number of folks. But apparently the regular-season dynasty will have to wait. The Heat lost any chance at a conference title when they tripped over themselves in starting the season 8-7 and also when they lost five straight in early March, causing folks in the basketball world to lose their minds in the process. The Heat never really had Udonis Haslem and Mike Miller on the floor at the same time, which didn’t help. Still, give credit to the Bulls, who did clinch the East. From an injury standpoint (losing Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah at times), Chicago overcame more than Miami.

Western Conference winner: Lakers (63 percent) — The Spurs put this contest away early, going 13-1 and then 25-3 to sprint past the pack. The Spurs avoided injury and successfully navigated the Tony Parker-Eva Longoria TMZ turbulence to keep their season mostly stress-free. Even better, the smooth run allowed Tim Duncan to hibernate; nobody does auto-pilot like he does. He’s rested and ready for the postseason. So winning the West served two purposes, then. The bad news: Only once, in the strike-shortened 1998-99 season, did the Spurs win the West outright and also the NBA title. The Lakers blew a shot at the conference title with a sloppy finish, but that’s not the title they’re chasing.

MVP: Kevin Durant (66.7 percent) — Derrick Rose, a strong candidate, didn’t get a single preseason vote. That tells you he caught even the talent experts by surprise. It happens; Back in 2004-05, Steve Nash went from very good to great and won his first of back-to-back MVPs. Durant was the popular preseason candidate mostly because of the momentum he carried into the season. The way he and the Thunder made the Lakers sweat in the 2010 playoffs was still fresh on the minds of the voters. Also, he did set a blistering scoring pace for himself the last three seasons — therefore, much was expected. Circumstances ultimately hurt Durant and helped Rose. Durant was “punished” for having All-Star Russell Westbrook as a teammate, while Rose was “rewarded” when Boozer and Noah were hurt.

Breakout season: Blake Griffin and Russell Westbrook (14.8 percent) — No love for Kevin Love, who didn’t get any votes, and yet will win the rebounding title in a surprise. The other preseason favorites turned out fine, just not very consistent: the Pacers’ Darren Collison and the Wizards’ JaVale McGee. recommend directory: Dennis Rodman #91 Chicago Bulls white NBA  Jersey.

Best point guard: Deron Williams (50 percent) — Once again, Rose didn’t fetch any confidence from the GMs in what admittedly is a tough category to score. There are at least a half-dozen solid point guards in circulation right now (with Chris Paul foremost among them). While on the subject of point guards, chew on this: Jason Kidd has averaged at least 8.0 apg in 17 of his 18 seasons.

Rookie of the year: John Wall (67.9 percent) — Once Blake Griffin became a fixture on YouTube, this contest was over. The sad truth, however, is neither player was good enough to lead his team anywhere. What Griffin and Wall need is to be joined by next season’s Rookie of the Year winner, a tougher task for Griffin, since the Cavs own the Clippers’ lottery pick from the Baron Davis trade.

Rookie sleeper: Luke Harangody and Patrick Patterson (11 percent) — Buried in Boston, then traded to the Cavs, Harangody never really made his sneakers squeak. Patterson, at least, has become a role-playing reserve in Houston. Knicks rookie Landry Fields was completely snubbed by GMs, which makes sense given that they let him slip to the No. 39 overall pick.

Best defensive team: Celtics (75 percent) — It’ll be the Celtics by a nose hair over the Bulls, curiously coached by Tom Thibodeau, who helped Doc Rivers get the Celtics’ defense on track.

Underrated off-season addition: Al Jefferson (21.4 percent) — Not so sure Jefferson was under the radar, but whatever. No mention of Tyson Chandler, who has done wonders for Dallas’ defense after arriving from Charlotte, or Kyle Korver, part of a solid Bulls’ bench.

Most improved team: Heat (39.3 percent) — Well, we sort of saw this coming, but in terms of unexpected improvement, Miami has nothing on the Sixers, who have already upped their win total by 14 from 2009-10. The Heat, thus far, have only improved by 10 wins.

Most surprising offseason move: LeBron James signing with the Heat (67.3 percent) — The real surprise was Wesley Matthews’ contract with Blazers placed second. Apparently, the only GM who thought the Blazers were getting a good deal was Rich Cho.

Best head coach: Phil Jackson (39.3 percent) — You’ll get a kick out of this: the runner-ups were Jerry Sloan and Larry Brown, both gone before the All-Star break.

Which coach runs the best offense: Jerry Sloan (35.7 percent) — Deron Williams didn’t get to vote. recommend directory: Joakim Noah #13 Chicago Bulls NBA Jersey.

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