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MCSA Windows Server 2013 Certification Exams Guide

As you can see that there are a lot of blends of servers that are available in the market, that will definitely mean that there would be difference in the configurations of each server as well. These servers are available easily but these servers have to be handled professionally by an individual that has given a proper training so that he or she that handle the server properly. There are o lot of certifications offered by Microsoft at different levels . There are many positive prospects of each certification as well but the most important fact about these certifications is that each certification is offered for having the specified domain. Like MCSA stands for Microsft System administrator.

If a person having MCSA then it means that the person can handle the task and the responsibilities of the system administrator. MCSA Windows server 2013 is a certification that is offered by Microsoft so that the newer version of the server that is launched in 2013 can be handled professionally.

The task of the system administrator is different from that of other administrators. In this certification an individual is thought to have the responsibilities of the system administrator. There is a lot of portion that is to be covered in MCSA Windows server 2013. The basic training starts with knowing how of the servers as these servers are sensitive to be handled and it’s highly recommended that these servers should be handled after the complete training by the professionals. There are different phases of the trainings in MCSA Windows server 2013.In the early phases the trainings consists of the basic configuration including the specifications of the servers and then the recommended systems on which these servers have to be configured. The next phase involves the tool kit that requires for the configurations. There are lots of other device needs to get the servers configured. The knowledge about all these devices are given during the early phases. The next step involved in the system configurations of the servers. There are some installation  disks that are involved in the configuration as well. There are manuals that are provided during the training as well so that the individual can be trained professionals.

Then next step involves the configuration steps of the servers. The connectivity of the servers through the network is the next step. The connectivity of the server with the back end database is that kind of step that require extreme precision, as soon as the individual is tough tot have the connectivity to the back end then it comes to get the server in the domain. As a system administrator, certified professionals have to look into the domain and have to maintain the domain. There are lots of policies that are to be tough tot the professional so that using these policies professional can handle MCSA Windows server 2013 easily. It’s not all about the policies, it’s also related to the issues related to the network and the domain.


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Microsoft Office 2013: Designed to suit Windows 8 touch devices

The launch of the Microsoft Office 2013 is aimed at letting users experience the innovative changes brought into Windows 8, which is the latest operating system launched by Microsoft. However, the newly introduced Microsoft Office 2013 comes for as less as $ 100 annually. 

Many people may not feel too comfortable about spending  $ 100 for Microsoft Office 2013 while there are utilities like Google Docs and others providing similar services. But you would realize the advantages of the new Microsoft Office 2013 once you start using it. 

Why should you opt for the new MS Office 2013?

The new version of MS Office stands entirely for the convenience of the users. Microsoft has designed the software this time in a way that makes it usable on Window 8 running tablet and other devices. Moreover, this can be used for a host of productivity tools that support devices with touchscreens. Using the new MS Office 2013, users would be able to perform most of the actions with a mere tap or click.

So it has been not only streamlined to fulfill the requirements of Windows 8 running tablets and PCs but it also makes it easy for users to use their PCs with increased convenience irrespective of the hardware used with the system. So overall, the new MS Office 2013 stands for the convenience for both the desktop and touchscreen users of Windows 8 and Windows 7. You need to note that the new Office is not compatible with the earlier versions of Windows OS.

By subscribing once, you would able to install the Office 2013 on five different Windows PCs. Each of the systems would have its own customizable experience connected to the same Microsoft account. So the software works perfect for a person who uses a desktop PC at home, a laptop in office and a tablet while travelling. For all three devices only one subscription of the MS Office will be effective. On each of the devices, you get different sets of personalized Office apps and themes.

The work done by users on the PCs installed with the new Office would be attached to the Microsoft account. Since your work will be backed up on the cloud by the SkyDrive of Microsoft, you’ll be able to access it from anywhere. However, you already get 7GB of free space on SkyDrive but after subscribing to the MS Office 2013 Home Premium version, you get an additional 20GB storage for storing your important documents.

MS Office 2013 Installation

The process for installing the new MS Office is quite similar irrespective of whether you have signed up for the subscription or have bought a standalone copy. To install the software you need to visit www.Office.com. There you need to simply enter the product key which you receive from the retailer and follow the instructions provided on the website. As an outcome you will be able to download the digital copies of the software in the suite that you can use right away by storing in your hard drive.


The new Microsoft Office version seems to be more inclined to adopt the touchscreen technology used with the Windows 8 operating system. As Windows 8 enables touchscreen controls so the desktops and laptops running on Windows 8 act like tablets. Introducing the new Office 2013 version, Microsoft has attempted to deal with the challenge posed by the iPad and the Google’s Android OS used with many of the touch devices.

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David’s match: The Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone – Full Length

See what happens when David, a soccer dad, is given the Meet Your Match challenge by Ben the PC Guy. David’s challenge is to use his Android to capture a video of his soccer star better than the Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone. See which phone he decides is the better match for him. Meet yours: newwp.it Your Windows Phone has an easy-to-use, dedicated camera button that lets you take pictures and videos on the spot, even when your phone is locked. Plus, no phone posts pictures faster to Facebook, so you can share in seconds without having to jump from your camera to an app. And because every Windows Phone comes with SkyDrive built in, you don’t have to worry about losing photos if you lose your phone. Your pictures and videos are stored automatically in the cloud—no syncing, no cables, no worries.
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