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Video Conference Uses In Government Sector

Video Conferencing and Telepresence systems are transforming the way Central and State Government agencies communicate. Government agencies of all kinds are using this most advanced technology to increase productivity, reduce travel cost, and fulfill eco-friendly initiatives. These systems create virtual meeting experiences so realistic, makes the participants feel as if they are in the same room, even though they are located in different geographic areas, far away miles apart from each location.

The need to come at a meeting place from different geographic locations in not required, if these agencies use the most advanced video communication technologies. The need for government workers to travel for meeting is reduced, and helps in saving time and travel cost, hotel expenses, and in carbon dioxide emissions.

Central & State level Government Communication: The Video Conferencing or Telepresence system empowers agencies to function more efficiently helps to improve readiness and response, deliver timely, make quick decisions, and reduce costs using real-time collaboration. This all will help to increase the productivity and graph rise in growth and development. The Administration, Training and Defense departments of Central, State and Local Government can make use these technologies every day for countless applications. This will help to exchange information fast and make well informed decisions in timely manner.

Judicial & Corrections: The judicial process can get faster, improved and secured with Video communication system. It helps to reduce the transportation cost and security risks of inmates and security persons. It helps to in fast judgments and also makes ways to resolves the pending cases too.

Enhance Agency Relationships: The solutions help to improve coordination, create familiarity and develop trust in relationships between agencies with face-to-face communications, make the conversation more interactive. Provide opportunities for people to direct interact with the government officer/s to gain more knowledge.

Inter / Intra-Agency Communication: The video communication solutions can help agencies who are spread out in different location across the country. The following are some of the few important points that can be done fast and easily through video conference.

Joint Planning

Multi-Organization coordination and collaboration

Training and Education

Operations continuity

Secure and Fast communications

Programs to outreach citizens and communities

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Importance of Web Video Conference

Advancements in science and technology in the last century have eliminated the need of meeting people in person to conduct official seminars or meetings. Owing to web video conference, it is now possible for professionals to conduct real time meetings in spite of the geographical differences between them. This technology offers potent benefits as an effective and cost effective mode of conducting business communication. There is an urgent need of faster and seamless communication in a country like Hong Kong, which is home to various small, medium and large sized firms.

Online conferencing offers various benefits over conventional conferencing, such as flexibility and scalability. Though such conferences do not serve the purpose when professionals working in the same city meet, these prove beneficial for holding long distance meetings. The selection of appropriate web conferencing software depends upon the scale of the communication infrastructure required by a particular company. The software enables companies to streamline their communication process and lower the associated costs.

Web video conference does not have high set up or operating costs and can be deployed in a firm without any hassles. On the contrary, the solutions used in conferencing are quite easy to install and can even be accessed from a browser window, without any additional downloads. Furthermore, technological advancements have enhanced picture and sound clarity delivered by the conferencing solutions. Therefore, users based in Hong Kong can, now, expect fault free service with zero fluctuation. It is also possible to conduct webinars, host webasts, carry out online presentations and share files over the Internet by including powerful web conferencing software in their communication set-up.

Along with big corporate brands, Hong Kong is home to many medium and small scale enterprises. Until a few years ago, video conferencing used to be an expensive affair, which was only accessible to large firms. However, falling broadband prices and advancements in technology have cut down the costs related to the service significantly. So, low operational costs have made it possible for them to use the services in order to facilitate a smooth and faster business communication. Web video conference is preferred by Hong Kong based firms of all sizes as these pave the way to conduct visual meetings without the hassles involved.

In Hong Kong, arranging an in-person meeting or seminar requires the participants to travel long distances. However, opting for online conferences removes the hassles and costs involved in travelling. An additional advantage offered by web video conference is that lateness and absenteeism of the participants is also substantially reduced. People find it convenient and quicker to go online for a meeting instead of travelling long distances. Effective web conferencing software can also record the whole conversation, which can be later on reviewed gain relevant insight and feedback.

Events like trainings, product launches and seminars can prove to be expensive if held conventionally. Beside the costs, a lot of time and energy on the part of employees, which can be utilised in other productive tasks, is also used in arranging these events. Online conferencing facilitates greater participation by the participants and, consequently, decision-making process is streamlined, thus providing business owners with valuable competitive advantage.

Owing to the comprehensive nature of the service and list of benefits offered, this can be a perfect solution for a seamless business communication. An effective webcasting solution can successfully conduct everything from company announcements to product launches and from brainstorming sessions to seminars online.


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