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2016-17 Big12 Conference Football Pump Up – “Victory”

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0:00 San Holo – Victory (Bass-Boosted): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNTUSqxPYMY

1:35 Take/Five – Requiem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-1csddl0VU

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Super Model Prays For The Tom Brady?s Super Bowl Victory

Gisele Bundchen is the highest-paid model, but now she has got her eye on the something special, Tom Brady’s victory in the super bowl game between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots, she asked her friends and family to pray for her husband’s big game on Sunday, February 5th.

According to the Associated Press, The New York Post published what they called a “disgustingly sappy” and a personal email written by Bundchen which read, “I feel Tommy really needs our prayer, our support and love at this time… So I kindly ask all of you to join me on this positive chain and pray for him, so he can feel confident, healthy and strong. Envision him happy and fulfilled experiencing with his team a victory this Sunday.” It was a private email only sent to closed friends and the family members, said Bundchen “I am surprised that you received this e-mail; it was a private note only sent to close friends and family.” Her representative had no yet any immediate comments on the report.

Brady told the Associated Press, “I don’t know anything about that, so I don’t know what it is.” Brady is a three time winner super bowl champion, also has earned two MVP trophies and has a contract of $ 72 million.

When asked at Tuesday’s media day whether his supermodel wife had given him any advice he answered, “Throw the ball quickly. She doesn’t like it when I get hit very often. My guys up front do a great job of protecting me.” Brady’s super model wife, last time known as “Boond’Shen” is said to be the highest-paid model in the world with estimated annual earnings of some $ 45 million, according to Forbes’ annual list.

Bundchen made headlines last year when she told the UK edition of Harper’s Bazaar magazine that mothers should be required by law to breastfeed their babies rather than use formula. She and Brady welcomed a son, Benjamin, in December 2009. The two superstars were married in February 2009.

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Are the Giants Able to Repeat a 2007 Super Bowl Victory Performance in 2009?

There are few teams are able to generate the level of enthusiasm of the famed New York Giants football team when exciting sports play is coming up. The fans for this squad have a strong belief in the strength of their NFL dynasty , and all of the home games are played before packed stands. There has been high demand for New York Giants tickets, and support for the franchise has existed even during the team’s earliest years that began in the Roaring Twenties.

Tim Mara Steps into History with a New Football Franchise

The franchise for the New York Giants was bought by Tim Mara in 1925 for the princely sum of $ 500. In just the first year he had to spend $ 25 thousand dollars for the team to remain a viable sports entity. The Giants team was considered crucial if the NFL was to gain fans and national media attention. New York Giants tickets were sell outs when the big day approached for the team to compete against the Chicago Bears. The Bears had just contracted Red Grange to play for them and were thought to be the sure winners of the match. When the Giants won the fans went wild for their home team.

Hall of Fame Spotlight

The New York Giants Football team is legendary and for good reason. The football squad can trace its beginnings back to the 1920s, and many Hall of Fame members once played for this northern sports dynasty. Alphonse Leemans, Roosevelt Brown, Morris Badgro, Lawrence Taylor and Tom Landry are only a few of the names that have been enshrined at the Football Hall of Fame.

New York Giants Highlight Moments

The New York Giants completed their first season with a record of 11-1-1 with Steve Owen in control. They capped the 1927 by winning the NFL championship title over the Bears 13-7. This game is still a huge highlight in Giants’ history.

The New York Giants have always been run as a family business and the team has continued to rack up impressive wins through the many decades of play. Once division play began in 1933 this NY team won 8 division titles. The New York Giants clinched the NFL championship in both 1934 and 1938. The Giants also laid claim to a 1956 NFL title and would add six NFL East Championships to their record books between the years 1956 and 1963. More division triumphs for this sports powerhouse came in 1986, 1989 and 1990.

The Glory of a Super Bowl Win

The New York Giants were able to bring home the elusive Super Bowl Championship in 2007 to the delight of their fans. This Super Bowl win was especially meaningful because it was over the formerly unbeaten New England Pats. The success of the football team made the demand for New York Giants tickets go through the roof. It seemed as though almost everyone in New York was suddenly trying to find tickets for the next Giants’ football game. The 2009 season should be another time for the team to shine and already fans have locked in the best seats they can find as they anticipate a stellar team performance.

The New York Jets are Ready to Soar Over the Competition in 09

The New York Jets share the Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey with the New York Giants. Today the Jets belong to the Eastern division of the AFC and they train at their Florham Park, New Jersey facility. In 2010 the new Meadowlands Stadium will be open and this will become the new home for the players. The team is a favorite of fans who search for New York Jets tickets before the spring training is even underway. The Jets have become a big draw for sports lovers in the New York area.

Franchise Tidbits

In 1960 the New York Jets were a charter member in the American Football League although they then played under the name New York Titans. When new owners purchased the team franchise in 1963 they changed the name of the team to the Jets. The New York Jets were the first American Football League team to mark a victory over a National Football League team during a Championship title match. This occurred when the NY team beat the Baltimore Colts for the crown in the 3rd Super Bowl.

Jets Quiet the NewYork Jets Games

When the New York Titans played home games at Polo Grounds fans showed up in less than overwhelming numbers. The team was bringing in some respectable wins but they just did not have the appeal to attract a large fan base. The Titans were sold to a group of businessmen who renamed them and relocated the team to Shea Stadium. Fans who attended the early Jets games still talk of how the sound of overhead jets at LaGuardia would often drown attempts at any conversation in the stadium.

The Appearance of “Broadway Joe”

The mid sixties were an impressive time for the New York Jets when they acquired a new quarterback from Alabama. Once “Broadway Joe” Namath came to the team’s ranks there was an immediate surge in requests for New York Jets tickets. Namath proved to be a stellar player and in 1967 he became the first pro quarterback to pass for more than 4000 yards in a single season. He also led the team to an 8-5-1 season. The Jets won the AFL championship on Dec 29th of 1969 when they defeated the Oakland Raiders team.

A Promise Delivered

This signified that the American Football League was a definite threat in the football world dominated by the more popular NFL teams. Prior to taking the field against the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III Namath made the prediction that his team would win, in fact he guaranteed fans of a win. Joe Namath delivered on this promise and the Jets chalked up a 16-7 win over the heavily favored Colts. There could have been many more amazing years for the Jets with Namath as quarterback but his knees would fail him early and prevent him from repeating his outstanding performances of the past.

Favre Adds Fuel to the Jets Defense

The following years were full of down periods for the Jets but in 2008 they traded with the Packers for Brett Favre. The Jets had decided to release their own quarterback in order to use Favre’s talents. They had planned to select the quarterback during the NFL draft in 1991 but he was chosen before the Jets had a chance to close the deal.

Favre had some stunning moments including a game against the Cardinals where he completed 6 touchdown passes. As Brett Favre continued to help the team post wins the fans pushed New York Jets ticket sales higher. The Jets were only able to manage a 9-7 record for 2008 and this was not enough to put them into the playoffs. The 2009 season for this football team could end with them as one of the contenders for the Super Bowl crown.

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Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl Victory Song – RAVENS STATE OF MIND

Ravens State Of Mind (Empire State of Mind Parody) No Copyright Infringement intended. Daddy and his girls back with a Super Bowl Victory Song for the team they love so much! (Lyrics below) Ravens State of Mind Yeah we hail from BMORE and as a matter of fact. We are Ravens Nation and we Bleed Purple and Black. Yeah they had some business goin’ down in N’Orleans. Super Bowl champs man Purple Reign’s Pourin’. They said it wasn’t happenin’, the season it was ruined. Every playoff game the analysts would always pick us losin’. But ya’ll know how our boys do, relish being underdogs. Hyped when they runnin’ through the tunnel comin’ out the fog. Always in the post season simply cause the plays tight. Fans singin’ Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes. Season after Season #winning like we Charlie Sheen. How is it you live in Maryland, and like another team. Hard for me to figure out Harder to imagine. Livin’ in a place that didn’t have the purple passion. Thank you Mr. Modell, hoping that you Rest In Peace. Lookin’ down from up above. Smilin’ and proud of your team in… In BMORE. Welcome to the Home of the Ravens. You’re in Purple Nation. Yes you’re in BMORE. If you don’t know then we’re gonna tell. We’re Kings of the NFL. Yes you’re in BMORE BMORE BMORE. So let me start with Flacco. Joe has been under some heat. Answering his critics on his way to becoming elite. The kid is always tested yet he’s breaking records. I’m thinking that the time has come for him to get respected
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Ravens Parade Baltimore Fans Celebrate Super Bowl Victory

Ravens Parade Baltimore Fans Celebrate Super Bowl Victory The Baltimore Ravens’ players, coach and owner are thanking thousands of fans who packed the team’s stadium to celebrate the Super Bowl victory. The stadium was filled Tuesday to capacity Tuesday, and late-arriving fans were turned away. Retiring linebacker Ray Lewis emerged from a tunnel onto the field, handed off the Lombardi trophy and did his signature dance, “The Squirrel.” He thanked fans for their love of the team and said he wanted to win the Super Bowl to repay Baltimore for everything it’s done for him. Safety Ed Reed told the crowd that quarterback Joe Flacco is talking about a repeat Super Bowl victory. As the team left the stage, “We Are the Champions” played on the stadium sound system, and Lewis conducted the crowd in singing along.

Cowboys vs. Giants 2012, NFL Week 1 – Romo Headlines Dallas Victory

Check out SB Nation NFL’s coverage of the game: sbn.to The 2012 NFL season is under way, and QB Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys have become the first team since 1999 to defeat a defending Super Bowl champion in their opening game, taking down Super Bowl XLVI MVP QB Eli Manning and the New York Giants, 24-17. A masterful performance from Romo (22/29, 307 YDS, 3 TD, 1 INT) and a stunning night from WR Kevin Ogletree (8 REC, 114 YDS, 2 TD) resulted in the Cowboys getting an all-important NFC East road win. Amy K. Nelson recaps all the action and storylines from the game. Photo Credits: Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images Sport
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The Basketball Jones – Ep. 863: The Human Victory Blunt

On today’s “Fix,” The Jones list their NBA winners and losers of the weekend. Thumbs up for the New York Knicks, Rasheed “Scalabrine” Wallace, Brandon Jennings’ game-winner, and a classy and apologetic Zach Randolph. Thumbs down for the Nets new mascot, Monty Williams, Rodney Stuckey, and cameramen with legs. All that, plus the Melbourne Tigers, Kyle Lowry, milk, Andris Biedrins, and a recap of Leigh’s Kate scale. Keep in touch with TBJ all the time – TBJ Blog: www.thebasketballjones.com Subscribe to us on ITunes thesco.re Like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com Follow us on Twitter: www.twitter.com twitter.com twitter.com
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Owls gain second victory in A-10 men's soccer

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Owls gain second victory in A-10 men's soccer
The Temple men's soccer team improved to 2-0 in the Atlantic Ten with a 2-1 win over visiting Duquesne on Sunday. Jake Lister (West Chester Henderson) and Jared Martinelli each had a goal and an assist. St. Bonaventure netted two late goals to defeat St.
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