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Stock trading and trend indicators

Trading in financial markets has never been easier and committing even a small mistake can result in loss of your money. Hence it is important for any person to be knowledgeable in trading activities.

You might have heard about many people who have successful in trading but for you to declare victory, you have to learn winning strategies in first place. To start with there are many strategies and techniques, people use in trading. But in this article we will limit ourselves to trend indicators.

By using trend indicators one can know how to trade stocks. It is a strategy that will help you assess the performance of the stock based on how it has performed in the past and how it will do in the future as well.

It is basically a way of following the markets and analyzes to invest. There are many types of trend indicators. In this article we will know what the different types of trend indicators are and how they are useful.

Moving average indicator: it provides a trend direction usually by smoothing price data. It is normally calculated based on the closing price of the stock. The time frame of the moving average can be shorter as well as longer. The shorter term moving averages are more sensitive and at the same time identify new trends quickly but also give more false alarms. Longer term moving averages are more reliable compared to shorter term moving averages but are less responsive.
MACD indicator: it is basically an enhancement of the moving average indicator. It helps the trader by measuring the distance between the two moving average lines. This indicator signals are used when MACD crosses its signal line and calculated as a 9 day exponential moving average of MACD.
MACD histogram: with MACD indicators, the signals tend to lag the price movements. To overcome this problem, MACD histogram is used to signal trend changes well in advance. But they are less reliable and should be confirmed by other indicators.
TRIX indicator: it is basically designed as an oscillator for trading trends. It provides you trends that are shorter or equal to window period.
Smoothed rate of change: it performs similar to momentum and rate of change indicators but at the same time it overcome some of the weakness like it is less erratic and gives fewer false signals and it ensure that the indicator will only bark once.
 Price envelops: this indicators are triggered when set percentage is above or below the moving average. They are used to determine the overbought and oversold levels.
Bollinger Bands: this indicator is used to confirm trading signals to indicate the overbought and oversold levels relative to moving average.
Directional movement: it helps you to analyze the ability of bulls or bears to move price outside the previous day trading range.
Parabolic SAR: when it is employed in trending market, it provides entry and exit points of the stock under observation.
Commodity channel index: it helps you to measure the position of the price in relation to its moving average. It is used to signal the overbought or oversold position of the market or to signal when the market is weakening.

Please note that this article is for educational purposes only and should not be considered financial advice.

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Counter Trend Trading System – Trend Trading or Counter Trend Trading

Counter Trend Trading System

When I first starting designing and testing trading systems, back in the early days of personal computers and trading software, I immediately gravitated toward counter trend trading. I would put up a stochastic, before I even knew what it was measuring, and my eye went right to all the divergences. A divergence is a basic counter trend pattern, where the price makes a new high, for example, and the indicator makes a corresponding lower high, thus forming a divergence with the price. The idea is that the new price high was not confirmed by momentum, which in this case was losing strength. When this pattern is seen, it is thought the market might have put in a high for the move, and it might turn around and go in the other direction. Counter Trend Trading System

I liked the idea of picking tops and bottoms. I was getting really good at it, at least on paper. I thought I had found the Holy Grail of trading. It all looked so easy. Almost every new high or new low on the chart was accompanied by a very clear divergence pattern. These patterns just jumped off the charts, screaming at me. I thought I had found the key to my trading plan, and it was going to be to be able to pick the point of a trend change. In other words, I was going to become an expert at picking tops and bottoms.

Then I started trying to trade all these easy patterns with real money. For some reason, whenever I would take a trade on one of these patterns the market didn’t know it was supposed to reverse. It would just keep going in the direction it had been going. I would get several divergences and the results would be the same. That is, of course, until I got so burned out trying to catch the reversal and I would give up. Then, like magic, the perfect divergence pattern would appear, but I would not be in the trade.

I would caution anyone who thinks that they can pick the spot, with any accuracy, of a top or bottom in the market. I know many gurus and market timers claim to be able to do it. It can be quite gratifying to pick the top of a market, especially when all the media and analyst are on one side of the market, and you go the other direction and win. It gives you a very brief sense of superiority. You could see something that nobody else could, and you made a profit with this knowledge. However, after engaging in this activity for any length of time, one should review the account statements to really see if this has been a profitable way to trade.

It is remarkable how the eye can pick out major highs and lows on a chart, and to see many reasons why the top or bottom was so obvious. Maybe there was a classic three drives to a high pattern, or a head and shoulders pattern, along with diverging momentum or volume. It makes picking tops and bottoms look so easy. But if you analyze the chart more carefully, you’ll probably find two or three times as many set-ups that fail. The mind somehow glosses over the failed set-ups and goes right to the successful patterns. Counter Trend Trading System

After many frustrating attempts unsuccessfully using the stochastic indicator, I decided to study with the person who developed the indicator. I flew to Chicago to study with George Lane. Here was the guy who developed the indicator that almost everyone at that time was using to spot divergence patterns, and he talked me out of trading divergences, except in rare case. He only used the stochastic as a confirmation if many other conditions of trend change were present. I still like that indicator, but I use it in an entirely different way now. The time spent studying with him probably saved me years of frustration and a lot of money avoiding losses.

When thinking about trend change there are some things to keep in mind. First, trends tend to persist; often longer than you think is logical. When trends are up they often climb that wall of worry. Worry that the market will collapse without warning and take away your profit. Worry that the fundamentals don’t justify the prices being traded. Logic might dictate taking profits, but there is worry of leaving money on the table. Uptrends tend to end more leisurely, at least in the stock market. For the public, it is easier to decide to enter a market or take profits in the calm of rising prices, where only greed is the factor. In down markets, traders often panic, and margin calls with fears of losing your home are often a motivator that results in more urgency. Therefore, bottoms can form quickly and sharply. Futures markets seem to be a bit more even regarding uptrends and downtrends, due to the nature of the mix of traders involved. A sideways trending market, or a market with a perceived lack of trend, will often lull traders into complacency, and with attention elsewhere, breakouts into a trend can be missed.

To summarize, I find the best strategy is to find the main, confirmed trend, whatever indicator or method used to determine that trend. Then trade only in the direction of that confirmed trend. Trading pullbacks, such as flag patterns, will usually offer the safest entry points. Trends have smaller cycles within the larger cycle. There are usually pullbacks within the longer term trend. One can still trade turning points of these smaller cycles, as long as they are in the direction of the longer-term trend. I will accept kicking myself for the few times I see major tops or bottoms that I will most certainly miss. This is a small price to pay for missing many losing trades resulting from trying to buck the trend. There are always trends somewhere, and in some timeframe. Going against the trend is like jumping into a river flowing rapidly in one direction, and trying to swim in the opposite direction. It is difficult and exhausting to do. It’s much easier to float down the river in the direction that the current wants to go. The ego is more gratified in going the opposite way. The ego is also one of the most difficult aspects of trading to overcome. Counter Trend Trading System

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What is Trend Trading?

A simple definition of trend trading is to trade with the trends. But, a beginner will need to know what trends are and how they are followed.

Whenever we are trading (buying/selling) any type of security, we take advantage of technical analysis, which is a study of how the value of securities change over time. When we talk about a bull market, the trends are up, like the horns of a bull. When we talk about a bear market, the trends are down, like the paws of a bear.

During any trading day, there are often many peaks and valleys. Trend analysis looks at the bottom of the valleys over a specific period of time.

Analysts plot the low values over that period of time on a graph. Or, they may use available software to plot them. If the lowest values continue to increase, over time, then there is an upward trend.

Analyzing or identifying trends can be used to decide when to enter a market or when to leave it. Trend analysis is used by short and long-term traders, but long-term traders rely on the trends, more than any other analytical tool.

Historically, stock market investments have been safe, when held for 20 or 30 years. During the last three years, we have experienced a bear market. The trend is down.

Even though some investors lost money in recent years, they may have still had a net gain, depending on when they entered the market. Some investors were able to identify the new trend, the change from bull to bear, and exit the market with maximum profits.

When upward trends are experienced consistently for weeks, months or years, then the valleys seem to flatten out, many investors choose to sell at that time. They believe that the flat-line is a pre-cursor to a downward trend. Sometimes, they’re right, but not always. Trend trading over short periods of time is akin to gambling. Sometimes, you win. Sometimes, you lose.

Advanced software has made it easier for investors to use trends and other analytical tools themselves. In years past, we had to rely on market analysts or investment advisors, who spent practically every hour of every day watching the market.

The definition of trend trading is simple. Learning how to spot the trends and take advantage of them can be difficult. But, at least it’s getting easier.

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Forex Trend Trading

The Forex market is the currency market where all of the currencies of the world are traded. This market is unique for a variety of reasons primary among them the fact that it is open 24 hours a day. Since people are constantly spending and making money the value of the different currencies is constantly moving up and down. This market is a place where investors can lay their bets as to where the price of any particular currency is about to go.

How Can I Make Money In This Market?

The primary way that you can make money in this market is through using a combination of different strategies that work for you. You don’t want to box yourself into any one way of thinking when it comes to Forex investing. Instead you should try things such as Forex trend trading to help make your portfolio some gains.

What Is Forex Trend Trading?

Well Forex trend trading is exactly as the name sounds. It is the process by which you trade your currencies according to the trends of the market. There is an actual science to this where market watchers compile the data on what kind of trades the traders are making and they conclude what is “hot or not” in the market. Basically, Forex trend trading involves the process of going with or against the crowd on the trades that they have been making. If there is a sudden flood into one particular currency for example, then there must be a reason for this right? That is the logic of Forex trend trading anyway.

Are There Flaws To Doing This?

Naturally there are some flaws to doing Forex trend trading. For one thing, the public could be dead wrong! They could be piling into the wrong currency at exactly the wrong time. The main other thing that you could find problems with the Forex trend trading strategy is that you could follow the crowd and end up getting in at the currency at exactly the wrong moment. You could end up buying at the very high price right before the price falls dramatically. Then you are the bubble that got burst and you are going to lose a lot of money. The best way to find out if you want to use this strategy yourself is to just start doing it. You will learn from both your mistakes and your successes.

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Forex Trend Trading

Forex trend trading can be one of the most profitable ways of trading forex. We always heard people saying that “trend is always your friend” or “never ever trade against the trend”. I can tell you that it is very true. Please let me explain more.


When a currency is trending, the price goes in one direction most of the time. If you are able to catch the trend, you can easily predict the movement and catch the starting point of the price movement. If you are good in trend trading method using with just one or two simple indicators or even none of them, you can purely predict a price movement from the chart and actually making profitable trades.


When a currency is trending, the price does not always move in favor of the trend although it does most of the time. There are times where the price will retrace a little once a while to get some momentum before carry on trending. Never ever trade with these little retrace periods as you are putting yourselves in a dangerous spot. These periods are hard to predict and you also will not gain that much as compared to trading along side with the trend. Never be greedy and attempt to trade these retraces just because you don’t want to miss any chance. You are just taking in more risks and could lose whatever amount you have won. That is why we call this method forex trend trading. Trade with the trend, not against it.


Forex trend trading is a very popular method used by many professionals, intermediates and even novice traders. It is because this method is simple to pick up and use. Another reason is that most of the time currencies are trending, you will have lots of trading chances which in turn you will have more profits.


Quite a few professionals and intermediate traders using this forex trend trading methods, has being modifying this strategy to work best for them. They add in some indicators to their charts to filter out the noises s that their trades can be made more accurately.


If you are starting to learn trading in forex, forex trend trading can be the most suitable and easiest method to pick up and learn. You will not need to learn complicated chart readings and indicators reading to start. That is the main advantage over to most of the strategies.

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Fashion changes every season! May be that’s why it is said that fashion fades while style is eternal. But no matter how many new trends appear and fades away, shopping enthusiasm of women’s attire by ladies will remain unchanged. Fashion in women’s wear stays on the top of the mind of designers while preparing their collection for a new season. So, this season – Spring/Summer 2013 – one can find the presence of colors, prints and patterns.

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Women’s attire will look incomplete without colors. If you love to experiment with colors, start your celebration because this season is all yours! Pastels, pop of neon, bold and loud hues are going to be big this season. So bid a goodbye to dull grays and blacks of your winter fashion and get ready to inject some colors to your summer wardrobe. No matter what the occasion is, colors are a must to add life to your entire look.

This season celebrates colors and monochromatic hues like black and white simultaneously. If you’re bowled over by the chic checkered patterns, get hold of yourself because sassy stripes are here! Orange, pink, black, navy, kelly green…and every possible colored stripes you can imagine are in vogue. Colorful striped skinny pants are the new addition in women’s wear range, this season. Wear your pink and crème striped shirt blouse with high waist trouser to make a style statement. While you can pick some bright colored stripe fitted skirt with graphic printed blouse with balloon sleeves, for a girl’s hang out party.

Next in the trend list is the cool, casual yet stylish graphic printed women’s wear dresses and tops. Shirts, tees, skirts, and even sarees…women’s clothing holds endless options. This season women’s attire will witness a wide range of prints and patterns. From graphic, floral, oriental to geometric and animal prints, Spring/Summer 2013 is all about going bright and colorful with prints. Wear your checkered cigarette pants with vintage pink ruffled shirt and get ready to sizzle.

For the ultra feminine side, get ready to seduce yourself with romantic ruffles. Wear dresses and shirt blouses with statement frills and ruffles to make a big statement. While revamping your summer wardrobe, pick bright colored ruffled dresses from women’s clothing section and get ready to bask in the limelight.

When the subject of discussion is Spring-Summer trend, you can leave behind white clothing. This season is no exception. But what’s new is that this season goes bold with this pristine shade and designers advice to wear white on white. Don’t shy away from experimenting. Pick a women’s wear over-sized white shirt and team it up with white front slit skirt or hot pants. As said earlier, women’s attire looks half-made without colors, so when you’ll be embracing yourself in all-white clothing, add a pop of color in the form of accessories.

So get ready to inject a refreshing air into your wardrobe with these lively and current trends. Shop online and get access to amazing women’s wear selections at incredible price range.

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