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Traditional NBA Team Los Angeles Lakers Past

The Los Angeles Lakers are a National Basketball Association (NBA) team based in Los Angeles , almost be the strongest Western League team. For the second round playoffs are coming, you may want to know more about the Lakers. I will show you the past 5 seasons.

2006-2007, at the time that season began, Lakers record very well, and later suffered from injuries. Odom and Walton are serious injured. So after that, Lakers played so bad that they almost can not enter the playoffs. But they were easily defended by Suns, stopped at the first round.

2007-2008, this is an amazing season for Lakers for they make an intelligent transaction with Brown and Mark Gasol, that is all-Star players – Paul Gasol. Together with progress of the young Center Andrew Bynum, Bryant headed the team performance and stability. The second key player Lamar Odom, they can play for the championship once again. After the Regular season, Kobe was named as the regular season MVP. In the playoffs, the Lakers all the way to impact, 4-0 sweep with the “Golden Spear” in Denver. 4-2 beat the Jazz which was leaded by Deron Williams and Boozer. 4:1 victory over last champion Spurs, and go smooth to the Finals. This time they was defeated by the historical enemy by 2:4, with the “Big Three” in the Celtics, with many experts were optimistic about the situation.

In 2008- 2009 season, all the team members played well and make the performance of 65 wins and 17 lose. In the All-Star contest, “OK” is elected as the MVP. For another time, they defeated Jazz with 4-1, but tried to beat Rockets. In the Western Finals, they beat Nuggets and went ahead for final games. Finally beat Magic with 4-1, get the 15th championship, Kobe also get his first Finals MVP trophy.

2009-2010, Ron Artest joined Lakers, this greatly strengthen the small forward.

They get 57 wins in the regular season, be first in Western League, third in the entire league. Faced with the Oklahoma City Thunder led by Durant, they were defeated by Thunder in the 4th game. This is a good lesson, and they finally determine the result by Gasol’s lore. In the second round of playoffs, they defeated Jazz by 4-0. In the Western final, they meet the traditional enemy Suns, and finally beat them with Artest’s lore. Entered Finals to face the Boston Celtics, this is the 12 times for this two teams meet in the finals in the historical battle. Just because of being defeated by Celtics two years ago, they only win 2 times in all the 11 games. Faced the old enemy, led by Kobe Bryant and finally won 4 to 3 Boston Celtics in the 7 battle games. In this year, they get the 16th championship, Kobe also get his second Finals MVP trophy.

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How to String the Classic Traditional Lacrosse Pocket

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