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Kobe Bryant-phil Jackson ‘feud’ Just Small Bump In Lakers’ Road To Attempting To Defend Nba Title

On the other side of the country, Lakers fans are getting a taste of that dip right now. The Lakers are marred in the middle of a stretch where they’ve lost four of their last six games, punctuated by an embarrassing 104-85 loss — which could have been a lot worse — on Sunday night to a last-place Grizzlies squad. That loss was the worst of the bunch, a stretch in which the four losses have come by an average of over 17 points per contest.
To make matters worse, there appears to be a little in-house bickering between two of the league’s marquee divas — Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant.
Jackson spoke very candidly about Bryant and his style of play following the loss to the Grizzlies.
“Kobe had to screw up the game and start energizing the team by going one-on-one,” Jackson said. “That takes the rest of the guys out and as a consequence, that didn’t bring us back in.”
Well, alright.
Whether or not Jackson meant the words to cut deep, or whether he was just making an observation, the message was clear. The Lakers need to play better as a team.
But before Celtics fans go crossing off the Lakers on their list of potential roadblocks for an 18th world title, they must remember that this is just a bump in the road for the Lake Show.
The Lakers, like the Celtics, are a veteran club. They know that while it would be nice to secure things like home-court advantage (like last year’s NBA Finals), they are still dangerous enough to make noise in the playoffs just by getting there.
When it comes down to it, it’s all about weathering the storm. The Lakers know that better than anyone. There’s a reason they’ve won back-to-back NBA titles. There’s a reason they’ve been to the finals the last three years.
And there’s a reason that Jackson and Bryant are widely considered as the best or one of the best at what they do.
They both know how to win. Not only that, they’ve feuded before, and they’ve been able to put things behind them.
When the Lakers get to the playoffs, they’ll be among the favorites again. No team can match up with their playoff experience. Their offense, a grind-it-out half-court system centered around the famed triangle offense is at its best when the Lakers can wear down teams in long series.
Teams with athletic point guards will still give them fits (Rajon Rondo, anyone?), but it will be easier for the Lakers to grind out wins, utilizing the killer touch of Bryant along with one of the better frontcourts in the game.
Whether or not Celtics fans want to admit it or not, the Lakers are a lot like the C’s. They’ll go through midseason swoons, but they’ll be among the big boys standing in the end when it’s all said and done. With both teams, the peaks of success will continue to tower over the relatively meaningless valleys of failure that try and trip them up during the grind that is the NBA regular season.

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Denver Broncos – A Third Super Bowl Title in 2009?

Football fans across the country are creating an early demand for any available Denver Broncos tickets that can be “begged, bummed, or borrowed”. With the return of some great 2008 starters and the addition of some top free agent selections there is already and electricity in the air about the chances for a strong run at the 2009 title by the Broncos. This team has one of the strongest fan bases and enjoys support not only in the Western legions Rocky Mountain region, but all across the United States. Historically when this football team has been in a runner up position in the division race the next season sees the players explode onto the field and fans expect no less in the 2009 fall season.

Fans Throw Their Weight Behind The Broncos

The Denver Broncos were one of the charter members of the American Football League. Beginning with the 1970 merger of the AFL and NFL divisions they have consistently been one of the leading franchises both on and off the field. With an impressive record of a half dozen AFC championships in 1977, 1986, 1987, 1989, 1997 and again in 1998 it is easy to see why their enthusiastic fans eagerly snap up Denver Broncos tickets early in the year.

There are more than 74,000 Denver Broncos tickets available annually and season seats have been sellouts every year with tens of thousands more hopeful fans placing their names on a waiting list. The Denver Broncos 31-24 dominance of Green Bay during Super Bowl XXXII is still a much-heralded event and a source of great pride for players, owners, and their fans. The Denver team added another championship the very next year by clinching this title once again in Super Bowl XXXIII and this back-to-back feat is something that only 5 other football teams have ever managed to accomplish.

History and Highlights of the Denver Bronco Franchise

The Denver Bronco AFL charter was awarded in 1959 to Bob Howsam who owned a minor league baseball team and built the 1940s Stadium for the Chicago Bears. With limited funds, the first team took to the field with old used uniforms and socks that had vertical stripes. After 2 years, Jack Faulkner was brought in as the head coach and general manager. He began the work of taking the team from laughing stock to a respected sports entity, and he gave their much-ridiculed socks the boot in a public ceremony that gave the fans the opportunity to see them go up in flames. Although there was not a lot of happiness during the first decade of the Denver Broncos franchise they did have their moments.

– 1st AFL game win was 13-10 in August, 1960, against the Boston Patriots.

– In August, 1967, the team recorded the 1st AFL win ever over an NFL rival with a 13-7 victory over the Detroit Lions.

– However, the team’s dismal 39-97-4 record for the first ten years put them at the bottom of the 8 AFL teams at the time.

A “Hail Mary” Saves the Denver Broncos from Being Sold

It was in 1965 that the team’s fortunes took a turn for the better when the move to allow Atlanta to buy the Broncos was stymied. At the zero hour, it was Gerald and Allan Phipps who put up the millions to purchase the team and the stadium. The excitement of the fans was unprecedented and they showed their thanks by buying over 22,000 season Denver Broncos tickets. In 1964, not even 8000 Denver Broncos tickets had been purchased which made this event even more staggering in scope. The city of Denver took over ownership of the old Bears Stadium in 1968 and gave it the new name of the Mile High.

From The Bottom All the Way to Mile High

Almost 20,000 additional seats were added as the Mile High was expanded to hold 51,706 screaming viewers, and supporters. In 1976 the stadium’s capacity was increased to 63, 532 and then to 75, 100 by 1977. With every increase in seating fans were quick to increase their demand for Denver Broncos tickets. Ever since these early years loyal supporters have made sure that there are no Denver Broncos season tickets lying about unsold. In the early years, the Denver Broncos were the butt of jokes and laughter as the AFL tried to establish itself as a viable contender in the football world. Until 2001, when they opened the season on the world-class INVESCO Football Field at their own Mile High Stadium, they had to play on the same field that the 1960s franchise used.

Records and Achievements of the Denver Bronco Team

The rich history of the Denver Broncos team is marked by appearances in playoffs or championship games in 1977, 1978, and 1979. Football fans now had plenty of additional reasons to stand in long lines if there was any chance to snag one of those coveted Denver Broncos tickets. This AFL powerhouse has fallen shy of the .500 benchmark less than 5 times since 1965 and they amassed 7 AFC division titles and championships in a short 14 year period from 1977 to 1991. In 91, they had a shot at the Super Bowl XXIV title but fell to the San Francisco 49ers. Denver is a team that demands the best from their players and the Denver Broncos followed this championship effort up by making it back to the division playoffs in 1992, 1996 and 1997.

Denver Bronco tickets continued to be one of the hottest items on the sports market though during both 1997 and 1998 when the team dominated all comers and brought the ultimate Super Bowl title home twice. In 1997, they blasted the famed Packers and in 98, they destroyed the Atlanta Falcons. 2000, 2003, 2004 and 2005 were again playoff years for the Colorado team. In 2008, they had a .500 season as the team posted a Win-Loss record of 8-8, which led them to a second place division finish just behind San Diego. While the past 3 seasons have not seen the teams as one of the players on the field at the annual Big Game, the team is busy regrouping and readying the stage for a 2009 season that may be one of their best ever.

Fast Forward Check of the 2009 Season

Fans welcomed the news of the signing of some exciting new free agents to the Denver Broncos roster that included the name of quarterback Chris Simms. This is the son of football great, Phil Simms, who as a former quarterback led his team to victory and earned a Super Bowl ring. The fans are well aware of the incredible potential that Chris holds and they are hoping that their Denver Broncos tickets will be used to watch their team go all the way in 2009.

As the backup to the Tennessee Titans’ Kerry Collins and Vince Young, it seems as though the younger Simms has not been able to showcase the extent of his playing ability, but this may be his breakout year. The other names that are setting Denver abuzz are those of receiving threat JJ Arrington and LaMont Jordan. Both of these players have earned recognition as superior ball carriers.

Arrington is already the third running back that the Denver Bronco organization has signed which seems a clear signal of where this season’s emphasis will be placed. The past 4 years Arrington has been with the Arizona Cardinals and was active in 14 of the team’s 2008 games. His stats include 183 carries for a total of 654 yards and an impressive 91 game catches that gave him two touchdowns and almost 700 yards.

For Broncos fans, the 2009 football season cannot make it here fast enough. The depth charts have not yet been announced; but already the eager and the hopeful are planning for some “wild and wooly” victory celebrations at the fabled Mile High football field.

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Nba Tickets – Nba Title Contenders

Here are the teams I feel have a legitimate shot at winning the NBA title heading into the 2010-11 season:

Los Angeles Lakers: The Lakers are the two-time defending champs and have been to the NBA Finals in each of the last three seasons. They’re the favorite entering the 2010-11 season, but could get off to a slow start. Kobe is still on his way back to 100 percent after undergoing offseason knee surgery, so expect to see heavy doses of Pau Gasol early on. Gasol doesn’t sell NBA tickets as Kobe does, but he’s an integral part of the team’s success. If Bryant can return to form by midseason and stave off the aging process a bit, there’s no reason to think the Lakers won’t be representing the Western Conference in the NBA Finals this season. They’ve got size, a primetime clutch player and the best coach in the history of the NBA. It’s hard to bet against them.

Boston Celtics: The Celtics came within just one game of winning the title last season, despite the fact that everyone thought they were done going into the 2010 postseason. Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce are all a year older, but we saw that this team is capable of cruising through the regular season and turning it on in the playoffs. However, it’s risky to do that. The Celtics shored up their dearth of size on the inside by signing both Shaq and Jermaine O’Neal, a pair of veterans that will play in the middle until Kendrick Perkins returns. Having said all that, I still believe that this team can only go as far as point guard Rajon Rondo takes them. Rondo elevated himself into the conversation of best point guard in the league in the playoffs last season, but can he sustain that level of play for an entire season? If so, you might see the Celtics hoisting another championship trophy this June.

Miami Heat: The Heat had one heck of a summer, we all know that. Obviously the ultimate goal in Miami is to win a title, but I’m dubious of whether or not it can happen this year. I think the Heat will go through an adjustment period early in the season and could have some people pressing the panic button. They’re bound to figure it out, though, and should be a serious contender by the end of the season. However, it’s not going to be easy to overcome their lack of interior size, especially against big teams like the Orlando Magic and Boston Celtics. If LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh can stay healthy, they’re going to be tough to take down, but just how tough is really hard to figure at this point.

Orlando Magic: Believe it or not, I’m picking the Magic to win the title this season. I think they match up very well against the Heat, thanks to Dwight Howard in the middle and their outside shooting. They’re going to have trouble with Boston if they have to face them in the postseason, but I think Dwight Howard is ready to make a run at the MVP this season, which would put them over the top. I do think he’ll come up short of winning that award, but his offensive game could finally be coming around after working with Hakeem Olajuwon in the offseason. If Jameer Nelson can stay healthy and Rashard Lewis can have a bounce-back year, I think the Magic could end up not only being the best team in Florida, but in the entire league.

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Aaron Rodgers: King of Title Town

Aaron Rodgers: King of Title Town

This video follows the story of Rodgers as he climbs to the top of the NFL, escaping the shadow of Favre and making a name for himself as one of, if not the very best QB in the league. www.youtube.com – Ray Lewis www.youtube.com – Adrian Peterson www.youtube.com – Peyton Manning www.youtube.com – Drew Brees www.youtube.com – Michael Jordan www.youtube.com – Tiger Woods www.youtube.com – Jeremy Lin www.youtube.com – Tom Brady youtu.be – Lebron James www.youtube.com – Hard Knocks www.youtube.com – Tim Tebow www.youtube.com – Rob Gronkowski
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OKC Thunder Still NBA Title Contenders for 2012-2013? Did the Lakers Jump Ahead of Them Out West?

Twitter: twitter.com FaceBook: on.fb.me Everyone is talking about the Los Angeles Lakers and their additions of Dwight Howard and Steve Nash! Meanwhile, the Oklahoma City Thunder team that went to last years NBA Finals returns intact, if not stronger! Do the Thunder still have a big shot at going back to the Finals?JRSportBrief covers the latest sports news, game highlights, and athletes of professional sports. JR gives his opinions on all sports: Basketball, Baseball, Football, Hockey, Boxing, MMA and all the major leagues. Whether it’s the NBA Finals, the MLB World Series, or the NFL Superbowl, JRʼs got his own opinions and he wants to hear yours! New Episodes all week long. Email: JRSportBrief@gmail.com

NFL Playoffs 2013 – NFC Title – San Francisco 49ers vs Atlanta Falcons – 1st Qrt – Madden ’13 – HD

Which team will represent the NFC in the Super Bowl for the first time in over a decade? All-Madden CPU Simulation + Game Preview In Description Preview and Link; www.rantsports.com Atlanta Falcons future Hall of Fame Tight End Tony Gonzalez has done many things in his playing career. However, until around 15 minutes ago, he never won an NFL playoff game. While it looked like the Falcons had this game won. However, the Seattle Seahawks came roaring back and took the lead with around a minute left in the game. Ironically enough, Falcons’ quarterback Matt Ryan (who also hasn’t won a playoff game) hit Gonzalez to set-up the winning 49-yard field goal Matt Bryant. This sets up an interesting match-up next weekend as the San Francisco 49ers will invade Atlanta in what should be a fun contest. Last night, Colin Kaepernick put on a show against the Green Bay Packers. The Falcons had an opportunity to see a mobile quarterback in a similar mold to Kaepernick in Russell Wilson. It put a lot of pressure on the Falcons’ defense, and Wilson nearly got the last laugh. Do the Falcons have the playoff monkey off their backs? Will the 49ers continue to exploit the weakness of the Dirty Birds? But here’s what we know. If next week’s game is anything like this game, we’re all in for a heck of a NFC Championship Game. Fox Television will have this game at 3 PM EST next Sunday. There’s no telling where the line will be set on this game, but if I had to guess, I’ll open this game as a pick’em

The Basketball Jones – TBJ Ep. 769: Title Fights

On today’s live episode of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas discuss the Sixers’ horrific fourth-quarter offense, Spencer Hawes impact, Russell Westbrook’s offensive rebounding, Royal Ivey (with cheese!), D’Antoni and Lin, Novak’s Intercontinental Championship celebration, Rose’s acrobatic layups, #DengBang vs. #Dengers, and Joakim Noah’s excellent defense on Tim Duncan. All that, plus an obvious “Wanker of the Week,” a little #SkeetsStat (sorry, Schuhmann!), and a final look at February’s Book-Off battle.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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