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Spatial Thinking In The K-12 Context

An analysis of GIS as a high-tech support system for spatial thinking in K-12 education is timely because, given the increasing use of GIS in the workplace (government, industry, business, and academia), education and training in GIS is also increasingly important, especially at higher grades. Given efforts to incorporate GIS into the K-12 context (Appendix G), there are some data and experiences with which to assess GIS against the design and implementation criteria for support systems for spatial thinking.

Using the frameworks laid out in Chapter 6, this chapter addresses the question of whether GI S can provide an effective foundation for teaching and practicing spatial thinking in K-12 education. The committee appraises the current status of GIS in terms of (I) the requirements of a system for supporting spatial thinking, (2) the criteria for the design of a support system in the K-12 context. and (3) the criteria for the implementation ofa support system in the K-12 context. This assessment is based on readily available versions of GIS. Readily available versions are products that are available off the shelf, not those extended by various scripts, third-party software, or Visual Basic, Avenue, or AML programming. These off-the-shelf systems are the ones that schools and teachers are most likely to use. Software products that are commonly used in K-12 education are listed in Table 8.1.

The products of ESRI dominate the K-12 market and dominate the assessment that follows. However, the results of the committee’s analysis are reflective of the general issues of the design and implementation of a GIS for the K-I2 context. The strengths and weaknesses of ESRI products, while specific to those products, would be matched by another set of different but sometimes overlapping strengths and weaknesses reflecting the particularities of another software package. Our purpose is to illustrate the challenges and potentials of implementing GIS in K-12 education and, thus, to answer the charge posed to the committee.

Software changes rapidly, with new releases replacing prior versions and offering increased functionality, capacity, and performance. Thus, this analysis is based primarily on ESRI’sArcView 3, although the committee recognizes that subsequent releases of Arc View have addressed some of the design and implementation problems identified here. The point remains, however, that the frameworks for analysis, presented in Chapter6, are an appropriate way for analyzing any high-tech support system for spatial thinking. Moreover, the types of problems identified by the committee will probably exist until GIS is designed from scratch with students and teachers in mind.

It must be stressed that GIS was not designed with educational applications in mind. It is a working system for the handling and analysis of geospatial data, designed by and for experts. It is an “industrial-strength” system that far exceeds the needs and capabilities of most teachers and students (indeed, most users). Nevertheless, GIS has been and is being used in educational settings, and ESRI itself has been very supportive of such efforts. Thus, the committee’s analysis reflects a transitional stage in the evolution of GIS software. Just as specialized versions have been developed for specific user communities, such as business logistics or infrastructure design, the committee fully expects that versions will be developed with education in mind. These analyses are intended to aid in such development.

This chapter examines the strengths and weaknesses of currently available off-the-shelf versions of GIS as a teaming environment. In making its judgment on the capacity (Section 8.2), design (Section 8.3), and implementation (Section 8.4) of GIS as a support system for spatial thinking in the K-I 2 environment, the committee relies on primarily oral presentations and written statements from system designers, researchers, and school and university educators (Appendix B). Each section follows a similar format. In the case of system capabilities, for example, there are three requirements: the capacity to spatialize, to visualize, and to perform functions. Each requirement is analyzed, and the committee’s observations are summarized in two ways: (I) by means of a list of observations and (2) by means of an assessment table at the end of each section. Based on the results of this analysis of the current status of GIS in K-12 education, Section 8.5 examines organizational models for redesigning GIS software to fit the needs, constraints, and opportunities of the K-12 context.

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Thinking Of NASCAR From Various Ages

Do you know about NASCAR – the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing? Do you know that there are so many men consider it their favorite sport? To this date, countless men are into this car racing sport. This sport is so popular to all regardless of age – young and old participates.


For young kids, usually they start off to become followers of this racing sport because their parents or close relatives or friends are fanatic of stock cars and racing. Some parents who are huge admirer of this sport sometimes grow their young ones to become enthusiasts, too. More often than not, children are likely to be fond of the things their parents enjoy. They engage themselves with these things until adulthood which become part of their lifestyle and activities. Toy stock cars that are remote-controlled are famously played, which resembles the actual stock cars.


Usually, aside from playing the toy stock cars, kids are into the NASCAR video games as well. This renowned car racing sport works in partnership with designers and developer of video games. All through the years, we play several games on different video game platforms like PlayStation 1 and 2, Xbox, GameCube and PC.


If these kids are still fanatics when they reach 18, almost certainly, they enter schools and enroll themselves to become pro and expert in this sport. It is just like fulfilling a dream which they can’t reach because they were young then. They only aspire to become a racer which they channel to toys and video games. But, when they reach the age of majority, they enliven this dream and choose a school to study this sport. In the country, there are NASCARschools that offer classes which cover a number of car and racing matters such as aerodynamics, auto body repair, car technology, racing and car concepts, and many others.


As students, they learn how to function as mechanics, drivers and even pit crew workers among others under the supervision of experts on this field. Students and aspirants need to have a sustaining passion. Desire wouldn’t be enough to become successful in this area of motorsport. You must always love every aspect of this for you to last long in this field.


These are the reasons why a great number of people of varying age are into this motorsport. Others would even consider this as their profession and not just a mere game or sport. Surely, this can give an inspiration, and for most enthusiasts, this sport is part of their lives already.

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Getting Blanked – Kevin Youkilis Trades Sox, Trevor Bauer Has Arrived, & What Was Terry Collins Thinking?

Well, we hope you had a great weekend! We’re back into the thick of the baseball action today to take on such controversial and interesting topics as Kevin Youkilis’ trade to the ChiSox, Trevor Bauer’s call up to the D-Backs, Cliff Lee’s ongoing not goodness, and Interleague wrap–up. Then we’ll rip Terry Collins a new one for his part in The Awful Thing the Manager Did. Keep in touch with Getting Blanked all the time – Getting Blanked Blog: blogs.thescore.com Getting Blanked Podcast: thesco.re Like us on Facebook: facebook.com Follow us on twitter: twitter.com twitter.com twitter.com twitter.com
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