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Nba High-5: Lebron James Takes His Villain Persona To Twitter, Piling On His Former Team

The 5 a lot of absorbing stories, rumors and addendum in the NBA:
1. The atramentous hat applicable just fine: Afterwards he denticulate 44 credibility to bore the Blazers at the Rose Garden on Sunday, LeBron James sat in foreground his locker at the Rose Garden and talked about all-embracing the role of the guy who gets booed everywhere he goes.
“I’m actual comfortable,” James said. “I’ve affectionate of accustomed this affectionate of villain role that anybody has placed on me, and I’m OK with it.”
James didn’t beachcomber his accoutrements broadly like a pro angry villain, but just said those words matter-of-factly, as if he was talking about addition business venture. And in a way, he was.
The Heat-as-villains affair has done wonders for added teams as any amphitheatre Miami visits is about affirmed to get a addition in attendance. It’s beeline out of Pro Angry 101 — a bad guy to abhorrence alone helps the home favorite.
James added to his villain ambience Tuesday on Twitter as he acutely accumulated assimilate his above team, the Cavaliers, who suffered a crushing 112-57 to the Lakers. Just afterwards the adventurous ended, James beatific out this tweet:
“Crazy. Karma is a b****.. Gets you every time. Its not acceptable to ambition bad on anybody. God sees everything!”
It was broadly affected that James was speaking about the Cavaliers’ loss. Afterwards on ESPN’s “NBA Fastbreak” show, James’ above Cleveland coach, Mike Brown, was asked if he anticipation James was talking about the Cavs. Brown said he didn’t know.
Guess what? James tweeted on that, too:
“Ok Drillmaster Brown. Looking acceptable on NBA Fast Break. U attending abundant bigger on the sidelines though. Abundant coach, abundant man. He’ll be back!”
James isn’t just communicating with a agglomeration of top academy buddies if he tweets. He has 1,236,696 followers and absolutely has to apperceive that his tweets are broadly apprehend and dissected.
Many accept the “karma” adduce was directed at Cavaliers buyer Dan Gilbert, who afterwards James appear his accommodation to assurance with Miami, wrote a abuse of a letter in which he ripped his above brilliant and promised the Cavs would win a appellation afore James did.
James’ cheep elicited some anticipated acrimony in Cleveland, but if you apprehend through the comments on the account about the cheep on the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s website, you’ll see the acknowledgment is split, with abounding aiming their acrimony at Gilbert, not James.
Guess that’s what happens if your aggregation is 8-30 and acutely as far abroad as accessible from accomplishing the owner’s affiance of a championship. The bearings is summed up in addition tweet, this one by Cleveland bouncer Mo Williams, who writes:
“This [expletive] is embarrassing. I feel like I can’t even appearance my face in Cleve”
2. No LaLa involvement: Carmelo Anthony assuredly fabricated a strong, absolute account Tuesday apropos all the barter rumors involving him in the endure few days, saying: “You all put this in adventurous words, LaLa has annihilation to do with anything.”
The advertence had annihilation to do with the Teletubbies (if you had adolescent accouchement 10 years ago, you apperceive what I mean), but rather, Anthony’s wife, Alani “LaLa” Vazquez, a TV personality. There had been allocution that Vazquez would adopt her bedmate go to a bigger-market team, but Anthony absolutely denied that.
“Whatever is my decision, she’s traveling to abutment me,” Anthony said. “She has annihilation to do with me blockage actuality or me abrogation or nothing. So amuse accumulate her out of it.”
Chatter about Anthony traveling to New Jersey as allotment of a three-team, 15-player accord continues, and has even sucked in the Blazers. The key component, however, still seems to be Anthony’s alertness to assurance an addendum with the Nets, and according to ESPN’s Chris Broussard, that’s still an unknown.
Anthony allegedly would adopt to go to the Knicks — who looked acceptable in assault Portland endure night — and New York brilliant Amare Stoudemire allegedly is accomplishing his part, sending texts to Anthony auspicious him to abide a barter to New Jersey and accompany him in Manhattan, Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski reports.
Meanwhile, the Nuggets were aback on the cloister endure night and played absolutely well, assault the visiting Suns 132-98. The admirers who booed Anthony aboriginal in the adventurous animated him afterwards as he had 28 credibility and 10 rebounds.
3. Setting Suns: The visiting locker allowance in Denver was not a blessed abode afterwards the Suns suffered the base defeat. And it came afterwards Phoenix jumped out to a 32-20 advance afterwards the aboriginal quarter.
Phoenix (15-21) is now 2-9 aback affairs the activate on a six-player barter with Orlando on Dec. 18 and is biconcave bound in the Western Conference, accepting collapsed 3.5 amateur abaft eighth-place Portland, which will be at Phoenix on Friday.
It’s a boxy time for point bouncer Steve Nash, the team’s acknowledged leader, who said: “If we accumulate talking, I anticipate that lends itself to stupidity. We’ve got to go out there and accept anniversary of us appeal added of ourselves and go out there and play harder and try to win even if it’s not pretty.”
The Arizona Republic’s Paul Coro offers this glimpse of how bound the adventurous turned: “Steve Nash played the absolute aboriginal division if the Suns led 32-20. If he alternate beneath than six account later, they were down 41-39.”
4. Not acceptable adjoin bad: As the Suns accept collapsed back, it seemed Memphis ability be the aggregation to accomplish the arch run at the Blazers for the final playoff spot.
But afterwards an absorbing run of wins over the Lakers, Thunder and Jazz, the Grizzlies (17-21) accept absent two in a row, including Monday’s black 96-82 accident at Charlotte.
It connected what has become a trend for Memphis — accepting up to action top-tier teams and absolution down adjoin bottom foes, the Commercial Appeal’s Ronald Tillery writes.
“Thats something we dont understand. We charge to accept that we are a aggregation that needs to be scrappy,: point bouncer Mike Conley tells Tillery. “We havent becoming annihilation yet. We havent been to the playoffs so were still angry our way up and we accept to act like it every game.”
Memphis and Portland accept breach their two amateur this season, and the third and final antagonism comes backward in the season, on April 12 at the Rose Garden.
5. Won’t play the game: Monta Ellis is accepting a heck of a division for Golden State, averaging 25.2 credibility per game. But he allegedly is authoritative little consequence nationally and ability be larboard out of the All-Star Game.
The San Francisco Chronicle’s Rusty Simmons, in an accomplished story, data some of the reasons. Ellis, it turns out, won’t play the accessible relations game, abnegation to do interviews afore amateur or afterwards practices. Simmons had requested a one-on-one account with Ellis during training camp, and Ellis waited until endure anniversary to accord it.
Simmons aswell data added incidents, such as Ellis’ abortion to acknowledgment a alarm from Aggregation USA arch Jerry Colangelo, consistent in Ellis not getting included in the agenda of players who had a attempt at the 2008 Olympic team. There aswell was the moped abrasion he suffered one off-season that he approved to canyon off as a auto adventurous injury.
Interesting case. Ellis, as anyone who watched him abort the Blazers for 39 credibility on Christmas Day could see, is an accomplished amateur who can absolutely play the adventurous — but just won’t play the game.

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Illinois Takes On Baylor In Texas Bowl


Texas Bowl Preview

Baylor vs Illinois

The beauty of bowl games is the fact that they often match teams that would never see each other during the regular season. The Houston Bowl is another example of this as 6-6 Illinois takes on 7-5 Baylor in the Bears home state of Texas at 6pm on December 29th.

Who wants it more?

It is flawed thinking to assume a team playing in its home state is automatically more focused. Sure there is often a crowd edge but when playing a university with a large alumni population, such as, Illinois, it is normally neutralized. Baylor is the smaller school with more to prove. So their motivation is a given. Illinois should be excited to complete a comeback season in fine style but after playing the Big names of the Big Ten all year, Baylor may not be looked at as a challenge.

When Illinois has the ball:
Illinois is not fancy. They run the read option with a physical offensive line that will pound you into submission if you cannot man up. According to CFBStats.com, Baylor has given up 4.2 yards per carry this year but seem to struggle late in games against the stronger teams in the Big 12. Illinois will no doubt have success on the ground with QB Scheelhaase and QB Leshoure but will they score touchdowns? I think they will.
Edge Illinois

When Baylor has the ball:
Baylors offensive line really struggled in pass protection against the better Big 12 Teams. Illinois has a strong defensive front featuring DT Cory Liuget who did not receive enough attention when handing out trophies at the end of year. However, Illinois can be vulnerable against the pass since its secondary is still not where coach Zook would like it to be. The Bears feature a lot of quick outs and bubble screens. Illinois will have some trouble matching up against this spread attack even though Illinois did have success against Northwestern who was minus QB Persa. Baylors Rober Griffin will poise a greater challenge. With plenty of time to prepare, the Bear offense can either lose its crispness or have a new gameplan that totally confuses Illinois. Illinois DC Vic Koenning is too good to be caught with his pants down. I expect Illinois to corral the spread attack of Baylor by dominating the line of scrimmage.
No Edge

Special Teams:
Illinois kicking game has been solid all year. They led the Big Ten in punting average and made 21-26 field goals. I give them a small edge but with a long layoff, return coverage can often be a wildcard.

Big Ten Analyst-Jim Fahs

Justin Bieber takes his gorgeous white Lamborghini out for a night with friends (February 2013)

“Boyfriend” hitmaker Justin Bieber was photographed stepping out in Beverly Hills, California on Saturday night (February 2, 2013). Taking a break from “Wizards of Waverly Place” actress Selena Gomez, the 18-year-old sensation opted for a night with his boys. Justin Bieber was seen leaving Crustacean restaurant after having dinner with a group of friends including rapper Lil Twist. 22-year-old rapper Tyga, who is most famous for his song “Rack City,” was also present for the visit to the seafood eatery. Justin Bieber was dressed casually in ripped jeans worn low on his hips while he made his way back to his fancy white Lamborghini. The “As Long As You Love Me” singer combined his ensemble with a black leather jacket and a matching baseball cap. Selena Gomez’s ex-boyfriend completed his appearance with gold jewelry around his wrist and neck, looking handsome as he took his gorgeous white Lamborghini out for the night. Before going out with his pals, Justin Bieber spent quality time with his former lady love Selena Gomez on Friday (February 2, 2013). The “Spring Breakers” actress was seen leaving his house in a yellow cardigan, black hat and pink sneakers after the pair stayed the night together.

Justin Bieber was spotted stepping out with his pals at Crustacean restaurant in Beverly Hills, California on Saturday night (February 2, 2013).

Justin Bieber wore a black baseball cap and a matching leather jacket for the outing on February 2, 2013.

The “Nothing Like Us” singer was joined by his friends including rappers Lil Twist and Tyga for dinner.

Justin Bieber wore gold jewelry around his wrist and neck to complete his look for the outing on Saturday, February 2, 2013.

Justin Bieber jumped into his white Lamborghini after getting the car from the valet.

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2 & Some Change – 8/16/11 (NHL player Rick Rypien takes his own life) Sports

www.youtube.com Click here to watch 2 & Some Change 8/15/11 (NFL Week 1 Reactions- Patriots, Ravens, Eagles, Chargers, Broncos) Sports! 2 & Some Change 8/16/11 (NHL player Rick Rypien takes his own life) Sports (S01E59) “2 & Some Change” is a brand new show here on Machinima Sports where two hosts are put up against each other to discuss, debate, and argue the latest in the world of sports. Tragically Rick Rypien, a forward for the Winnipeg Jets, has reportedly taken his own life at the age of 27. OGConstant and Optic Diesel discuss Rick’s career in the NHL and how there should be more studies done in collision sports to see what the long term effect injuries in the sport has on the players. Watch this video and then give us your predictions in the comments below. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – This Sports video teaches you: how to score how to play hockey how to take health precautions in collision sports – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Like Machinima Sports on Facebook! facebook.com Prove your gaming skills on the Respawn Army app therespawnarmy.com FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO www.youtube.com FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: www.youtube.com FOR MORE SPORTS GAMEPLAY, GO TO: www.youtube.com FOR MORE TRAILERS, GO TO: www.youtube.com FOR MORE MMO & RPG GAMEPLAY, GO TO: www.youtube.com TAGS: Machinima Sports Constant Replay twitter facebook 2011 yt:quality=high “2 & Some Change” 2&SC “how to” “Optic

Lacrosse: Cardinal hosts Stars and Stripes event, takes on Team USA

Lacrosse: Cardinal hosts Stars and Stripes event, takes on Team USA
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