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Take Advantage Of The Turkish Automotive Conference

If you want to learn more about the Turkish automotive conference, then the place in which to do so is online.  This is where you will discover more about Auto Turkey which will help you build relationships and forge partnerships which are essential to the success of your business.  This is for those who want to position their business as an automotive leader and become a preferred supplier to the automotive industry. 

Those who are looking for the best Turkish automotive conference information can find out everything that they want to know when visiting our website.  This will get you started when it comes to Auto Turkey and help you build the essential automotive relationships in Turkey which will ensure your business thrives. If you are looking to develop your business and become a preferred supplier to leading Turkish OEMs, the best way to discover how is at this conference. The leading OEMs will all be attending and  revealing their expectations for supplier relationships.

Getting information on auto turkey is the best way to learn what your company needs to do to get on a preferred supplier list.  Anyone who wants to network with OEMs and tier 1 suppliers need to go to this Turkish automotive conference. This is a conference that is held for those in the industry who can contribute to the 2023 economic vision of Turkey including Western European’s who may hold the key to the increased export levels which will determine if these goals can be realised.

Once you understand about how you can get information on developing your automotive business in Turkey, you can better work in Turkey.  If you are looking to supply to the OEMs in Turkey, then it is important for you to discover all of the information that is out there.  This is the type of information that you can get when you go to this Turkish automotive conference. 

When it comes to automotive production, you need to keep on top of developments in the industry.  If you want to get on preferred supplier lists, then one way is to build relationships at auto Turkey, the leading Turkish automotive conference.  If you are in the business, then you will enjoy networking at the conference, learning as much as you can about OEM needs and benchmarking against your competitors.

When it comes to auto Turkey, you can learn much about the latest innovations when you go to a conference. To find out more about the Turkish Automotive conference, go to WB Research.

Nfl Picks Of The Week – NFL Weekly Picks Favorites Take a Punch in Week One

Nfl Picks Of The Week

The first football Sunday is in the books and if your NFL weekly picks didn’t quite go as planned, you have a lot of company. And if you think you’re feeling out of sorts, imagine how the Colts and 49ers must feel.

It’s not uncommon for the Colts to go down to Houston and take a punch in the mouth. The difference has always been that Indy has found a way to get off the mat and go Rocky Balboa on the Texans. Not this time. The Colts defense made a Week One star out of Houston running back Arian Foster, who ran for 231 yards and a pair of touchdowns in the Texans’ 34-24 win.

Lest ye think Peyton Manning was merely mortal on Sunday, ye would be mistaken. Ye Olde Sheriff was on point, throwing for 433 yards with 3 touchdowns and no interceptions. But he could have used a little more help from his deputies. Some key drops by Pierre Garcon and a fumble by Austin Collie inside the Texans’ 10-yard line helped corral a couple of Colts drives.

The loss reaffirmed suspicions that the Colts may not be able to walk over the AFC South as in years past. The Titans and Jaguars have shown an increased ability to compete and if Indianapolis’ defensive failures were more flaws than flukes, the Colts could be in for a season-long dogfight. Nfl Picks Of The Week

Meanwhile, a lot of NFL weekly picks came in on the side of the San Francisco 49ers. While no one considered them a true Super Bowl contender, they certainly seemed to be the best team in a bad division – and definitely good enough to take care of the Seattle Seahawks in Week One, right?


In maybe the most disappointing single team performance on Sunday, the 49ers were dazed on defense and confused on offense during their 28-6 blowout loss to the ‘Hawks. San Francisco marched deep into the red zone on three first-half possessions and tallied just two field goals and a failed fourth-down attempt.

The Niners couldn’t even work together in the locker room after the game. Head coach Mike Singletary said the offensive confusion and burning of timeouts was the fault of headset communications problems. But quarterback Alex Smith said the issue was the coaches’ inability to signal in plays in a timely fashion.

After one week, there’s no hard evidence that the 49ers can’t still win what is a definitely a weak division. But the on- and off-field performances on Sunday showed that the Boys from The Bay still have a lot of work to do. Nfl Picks Of The Week

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Syvret’s NHL Career Will Hopefully Take Flight With Ducks

Danny Syvret played in the Ontario Hockey League from 2001-02 to 2004-05, although his first season had him see only one game. His entire Ontario Hockey League career was played with the London Knights, culminating in a season 99.999% of us could only imagine in our wildest dreams.

In his final season in the OHL, Syvret scored 23 goals and added 46 assists for 69 points in 62 games on the blueline for the Knights. The Knights, of course, won the Robertson Cup as playoff champion in the Ontario Hockey League and won the Memorial Cup on home ice at the Labatt Centre in London.

He was a part of Canada’s gold medal winning team at the 2005 IIHF World Junior Hockey Championships when Canada downed Russia easily, 6-1, in the final played at Grand Forks, North Dakota. That was just the beginning.

Syvret was awarded the Max Kaminsky Trophy as the OHL’s most outstanding defenseman. A fine stepping stone to being selected the Canadian Hockey League’s Defenseman of the Year. Danny’s +70 was the league’s best plus/minus. He was also a Canadian Hockey League and Memorial Cup tournament all-star.

Despite this amazing success, Syvret was not picked until the third round of the 2005 NHL draft by the Edmonton Oilers, 81st overall. Danny saw 26 games with the Oilers over his first two seasons. The rest of his time was spent in the American Hockey League with the Hamilton Bulldogs and Grand Rapids Griffins.

2007-08 was a step back as Syvret didn’t appear in any NHL games and split his season with the AHL’s Springfield Falcons and Hershey Bears.

The past two seasons, Danny has been in the Philadelphia Flyers organization. He appeared in 23 NHL games with the Flyers over the two seasons and spent the rest of his time with their AHL affiliate, the Philadelphia / Adirondack Phantoms.

Syvret has been picked up by the Anaheim Ducks organization for the 2010-11 season. It would be nice to see Danny become a regular with the NHL team but there’s a good chance he’ll play a portion of his games in Syracuse with the AHL Crunch. His entire Ontario Hockey League career was played with the London Knights, culminating in a season 99.999% of us could only imagine in our wildest dreams.

Nfl – New Orleans Saints Take On Pittsburgh Steelers

Ok, so lets talk about the New Orleans Saints. Whats going on with the defending Super Bowl Champions, huh? Ok, so lets go back for a second. Sure, the Saints were known nationally as the New Orleans Aints, because for too long they had not made it to the Playoffs, then they didnt win in the Playoffs and then the 2009 regular season kicked in and quarterback Drew Brees and Co. went on to put and end to the hegemony of the traditional big teams in football. They had a fabulous season, and they were bombproof in the postseason.
But heck, its about time that the Saints get out of the Super Bowl hangover, get their act together and start playing some real football. Sure, there is no need to panic. The Saints are in a much more comfortable place then, lets say the Dallas Cowboys or the San Francisco 49ers, but heck, one cant help but to notice that the Saints have lost their last two games in a row, including a noticeable upset against the Cleveland Browns on Sunday.
So yeah, they managed to defeat the Carolina Panthers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers but they failed to crush the Arizona Diamond Backs and the Cleveland Browns by not making the field goal at the end of the game. I mean, they almost won, but almost wont cut it if this guys really want to make it into the postseason and then have a shot at the Super Bowl.
Drew Brees is not at his finest. He has had 7 interceptions in his last 2 games and defensively, things are not looking that much brighter. The Saints have lost two games against rookie quarterbacks, and thats never a good sign. Particularly considering that this weekend they have to face no other then the Pittsburgh Steelers who are coming in with Ben Roethlisberger, who despite not at his best shape ever, is certainly more experienced and a more precise quarterback then what the Saints have been dealing with lately.
At a -1 points favorite on the spread, and playing at home, the Saints are expected to make an effort and secure this win at home. The Steelers on the other hand have won 4 games in the road, and are looking strong. Its going to get weird and funky this Halloween Sunday at the Big Easy.

Stephen Lars is a prominent sports blogger and currently covers NFL Football, previews and handicaps for the BetIAS’ Sports Betting Blog . You may reprint this article in its full content, please note no modifications to it are accepted.

Take the Browns to the Super Bowl: Tandem Warner & Tebow “Save” the Browns Gm. 1 (Madden 13)

Take the Browns to the Super Bowl: Tandem Warner & Tebow

New Year Starts New Franchise with Tim Tebow and Kurt Warner. See Tebow and Warner in Action for the first time in their attempt to “save” the Browns and take them to the Superbowl (Pun intended). Take the Browns to the Super Bowl: Tandem Warner & Tebow “Save” the Browns Gm. 1 (Madden 13) Kurt Warner and Tim Tebow Can Save the Browns: Get all the best Free Agents First, 1 Year Simulation (Madden 13) www.youtube.com MUT 13 Legendary In Every Pro Pack Christmas Eve Holiday Special!! 80K Coins Spent tons of Legs: Rare Silvers ? Join our Madden 13 Online CCM League message stephenthabeast_ and mypotsgone to set up a time to play them in a game. DIRECTOR’S CHANNEL: www.youtube.com wwnw.youtbe.com DIRECTOR’S Twitter twitter.com twitter.com lx1FaMoUsxl What to expect 1. Drafting 2. Cleveland Browns start up franchise 3. Free agency tips 4. madden 13, ps3, online, Cleveland browns, browns, kurt warner, tim tebow, draft help, draft tips, tips tricks, free agency, team building, joe gibbs, john madden, hd, commentary, amazing plays, top plays, option offense, Carolina offense, defense, touchdown, superbow, tandem QB’s