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Slam Dunk Supertramp Style – Faceteam Basketball

This video features the Hungary Acrobatic Sport team, Faceteam! They are awesome! www.facebook.com www.thefaceteam.com Check them out in the links above! Music was done by my awesome friends Scott and Brendo, featuring Peter Hollens!!! Make sure to download the song on iTunes in the link below! It’s called “Higher”. Download itunes.apple.com Facebook: facebook.com Peter Hollens who was featured singing in the video has an awesome youtube channel! Check it out in the link below! www.youtube.com Film was done by Devin Graham and Lindsey Stirling. We spent two days in Budapest filming. Editing was by Lindsey Stirling and Devin Graham as well. Lindsey also has an awesome youtube channel! Check it out in the link below! www.youtube.com And last but not least, make sure to follow me on twitter and facebook, it’s the cool thing to do these days 🙂 www.facebook.com twitter.com For business esquires ONLY, contact me here: devinsupertramp@gmail.com For more info on Booking Faceteam, you can contact them in the link below! Booking: Balazs Doborhegyi – manager Phone: +36-30-647-53-15 Mail: show@thefaceteam.com Also, because so many people have asked! As far as technical details go….. This was shot mostly on a Canon 5D Mark III, at 24fps(1080p), and all the slow motion was done at 60fps(720p). For all the static shots, those were shot with a Canon 5D Mark II. There was one POV shot in the video, that was done with a GoPro2, at 60fps. The lenses used were a Canon 16-35mm F/2.8L, and

When you watch the 4th Grader known as “Mike Mike” for the Texas Titans, you catch yourself in disbelief. At this age a majority of players are learning the fundamentals of the game, and how to use them. Not Mike Mike, he flys down the court single handily breaking the press, euro steps and gets the and1. If anything he’s just fun to watch, sit back and enjoy.
Video Rating: 4 / 5