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Super Bowl Line and Odds 2010, Superbowl Picks & Predictions

Super Bowl Line and Odds 2010, Superbowl Picks & Predictions : Wild Card upsets have created a shakeup on the NFL future odds scene, as one of the big favourites from the pre-season, and a popular choice heading into the playoffs, the Patriots were eliminated. Also exiting stage right were the Cincinnati Bengals, the Philadelphia Eagles and in the wildest of the Wild Card games, the Green Bay Packers lost in overtime.

BetRepublic previewed all the first round matchups with picks from Sonny Palermo, Greg Dempson and Jarvis Simes, all expert NFL handicappers.

NFL Future Odds:

Teams ranked in the top 4 when oddsmakers drew up the original lines had the week off as they all earned a first round bye, but performances from Dallas and Arizona have caused second thoughts for some bettors about how the playoff picture could turn out.

Super Bowl Line and Odds 2010

Dallas Cowboys

In the case of the Dallas Cowboys, despite a great December that buried the late-season curse that had haunted Jerry Jones’ team since Tony Romo took over at QB, there were still doubts. A 13-year playoff losing streak will do that to a team.

But a second-straight win over the Eagles that was even more convincing than the first (in Week 17) has demanded a respectable line of just three points at Minnesota this Sunday and chiselled the odds for Dallas to win the Super Bowl from 8-to-1 down to 10-3 (+650).

And as the book taketh, he also must giveth back, and the Minnesota Vikings price has gained 100 points to (+700).

It may seem of minor significance to some, but any bettor that has followed the NFL since September may point out that this could be the first sign of doubt involving Brett Favre’s new team since the ex-Packer UN-UN-retired during training camp. To say it is extremely rare to find a situation where the road dog is paying back less than the home favorite is an understatement of epic proportions.

Arizona Cardinals
Arizona’s record breaking overtime win against Green Bay is responsible for another big reduction at the bookmaker as the Cards went from 18-to-1 down to 12-to-1. No one is doubting that New Orleans (-7) will put up points in their playoff game against the Cardinals Saturday; but now bettors think the Cards have a shot at matching them blow for blow.

Baltimore Ravens

The prize for biggest statement game belongs to the Baltimore Ravens (16-to-1) who could be found listed as high as 28-to-1 just one week ago today. LB Ray Lewis and his merry band of defenders deserve full credit for this correction and while it would be a difficult task to take down the league’s MVP on home turf, the domination Baltimore showed over Tom Brady at Foxboro on Sunday proves that it is by no means impossible.

Here is the complete list of Super Bowl odds being offered at sportsbooks online:

Indianapolis Colts – 5/2

San Diego Chargers – 10/3

New Orleans Saints – 4/1

Dallas Cowboys – 13/2

Minnesota Vikings – 7/1

Arizona Cardinals – 12/1

Baltimore Ravens – 16/1

New York Jets – 18/1

Check BetRepublic for commentary on all this weekend’s games, plus best bets and future bets.

Enjoy the games.

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