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Motorola BACKFLIP – Super Mobile Phone

“Motorola BACKFLIP” as the names suggests its is a reverse flip opening handset that offers touch accessibility and 3G facility along with upgradeable Android OS and Qualcomm processor. It caries few more names as Motorola Enzo, Motorola Motus and Motorola MB300.  

More you will know about this gadget and more you will fall in love with it so just read out its following features:

•Beautiful creation could be found in 108 x 53 x 15.3 mm Platinum Silver casing that weighs only 133 grams. Its 3.1 inches TFT capacitive touchscreen will drag you into the world of 256K colors that are resolved at 320 x 480 pixels.

•You would not like to stop operating Motorola BACKFLIP as it also feels your presence through accelerometer and proximity sensors for UI auto-rotation and auto turn-off respectively.

•And the main attraction of the device is its reverse flip opening QWERTY keyboard & BACKTRACK touch panel and MOTOBLUR UI with Live Widgets makes it more interesting.  

•Users can easily take calls at noisy places because it offers Noise cancellation feature with dedicated microphone.

•Motorola BACKFLIP is excellent for social networking as users can access their Facebook, MySpace and Twitter friends anytime. Moreover, they can upload stuff on Photobucket and Picasa directly from this handset.

•It will prove to be a best navigator in various situations by offering you Digital compass, Google Maps with Street View and A-GPS supported GPS facility.   

•Now forget to carry laptop for few silly documents as Motorola BACKFLIP has got a document viewer tool for this purpose.

•Make the best use of having a device like this that sports all connectivity facilities like 3G HSDPA, WLAN Wi-Fi, GPRS and EDGE. Apart from that, it will never deny to show any detail as it has got HTML web browser.  

•You will find an amazing 5 MP camera also there with lots of features that has been teamed up by a music player and a video player. While 3.5 mm audio jack, Bluetooth and USB all are very supportive tools of Motorola BACKFLIP.

•Its internal storage space is as 256MB RAM and 512MB ROM including a 2GB memory card while externally you can extend the limit up to 32GB.  

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Super Mario In Every Heart

Mentioning super mario, I am sure that nearly all people are familiar with it. Super Mario could just make us remind of beautiful memories in the childhood.
Super Mario is a famous game of Nintendo, and it was put forward on FC at the beginning, and there were many subsequent works after that. Up to now, Super Mario has broken through forty million in sales volume, and its leading role Mario has become a classic character in the hearts of all people.
This year is the 25th anniversary of the birth of Super Mario, and it is still very classic and fresh in the hearts of people. Therefore, Dealextreme.com just put forward dolls series of Super Mario in order to celebrate Super Marios 25th birthday in the hearts of people, making people hardly tear themselves away from them, and people could not help reminding of beautiful memories in the childhood.
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Since Super Mario dolls series were put forward on the dealextreme.com, they just became the hottest products on the internet, attracting many people who are fans of Super Mario. People could not wait to get one home from dealextreme.com, and then they could remind of their beautiful childhoods.
Duo to the 25th anniversary of the birth of Super Mario, dealextreme.com will also offer a discount on all Super Mario dolls series. In this way, people could buy their dreaming Super Mario dolls series with less money.
In every heart, Super Mario has become a classic character, and it just left us many beautiful memories in childhood. Maybe thanks to Super Mario, all people could have an unforgettable childhood.
With the development of years, we have not played Super Mario any more, but now it is time for us to get our beautiful memories back, and dealextreme.com could satisfy us completely. Just lets visit dealextreme.com, and we could see many familiar Super Mario there, and then we could flash many beautiful things in child hood in our minds immediately.
Everybody has a Super Mario in the deep heart, and it is Super Mario that accompanied us to spend so many beautiful days, making us have so much fun in the childhood.
Now you have a chance to have a Super Mario doll, and you should not miss this chance.

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Super X Ped Sugar Shane Mosley

I grew up in a household where both my mom and dad smoked. My dad halted smoking whenever I was very young, though, and he then instigated “chewing.” Thankfully, that phase didn’t last! My mom, on the other hand, continued to smoke in all probability until I used to be a freshman in high school. She’d on occasions succumb to Dad’s strain and give up every once in a while, but it by no means truly caught until then. I can even keep in mind Mother posting me into the neighborhood promote to pick up a pack whenever I used to be as young as 8 or 9 (in the late ’70′s). I might march as much as the cashier with cash wadded up in my hand and tell him or her simply what Mom had instructed: “One pack of Carlton Menthol Light 100′s, please.” We’d make the trade of foreign money for cigarettes, I’d take their particular needs out to Mom, who was waiting in the car; then, she’d crack open the window, light just one up, and off we’d go. It all seemed very common to me, no varied than if she’d enquired me to run in for a loaf of bread or a quart of milk. No just one ever refused, threw me out of the store, or snickered as they inquired me for identification. How times have changed!

The scooters make available a remarkable mile variety in financial system mode with no compromises on performance. They are equipped with sturdy and well confirmed motors that are classed as capable of making high power, giving innovative velocity and offering thrilling acceleration. Because of the renowned folding nature they’re portable and now have a first-rate design.

Arctic: Based on the Arctic sets. It’s once more an island, using a mountain that you might go internal of, a beached tanker, an ice maze, an iced over lake with diverse big holes in it, and a number of other bases. It persistantly snows here. The boss is the Berg, an ice monster that runs instead of drives. The Berg can easily activate a dime and makes icicles sprout from wherever he walks. Even though they cannot harm you, they slow you down tremendously. He has a grip tremendous upgrade in the form of tires. Different racers are Pippen Reed, Cunningham, and Cassiopeia. Golden bricks may be located in the plane, the doctor’s office, and the trapped boat. Shortcut: the Berg’s cave.

To play devil’s advocate, a lot of people thought he misplaced the rematch against De La Hoya, this publisher included.? Also, his two wins over Vargas have been a bit underwhelming as a result of the fact that Vargas was regarded as a comparatively shot fighter by the point of the Mosley fights. Furthermore, it was reported that Mosley tested positive for effectiveness enhancing drugs(PED’s) following the 2003 rematch against De La Hoya. Despite the fact that Mosley claims he ingested or took these PED’s unknowingly, it certain hasn’t helped his legacy as a great fighter.

There are three classes of upgrades available: Grip, which improves how well your auto turns and the way a lot your vehicle slides; Power, which controls how fast your vehicle goes and how a lot climbing power your motor vehicle has; and Shield, which controls the amount damage your vehicle may take before disappearing.

What the CDC and who will tell you is that a pandemic is only a matter of when, not if — and the earthquake advisors in Golden, Colorado will inform you the same with earthquakes, so too while using the earth annhilating asteroid. Its just the fact that the “when clock ” is set on diverse time intervals — years, decades, centuries. So, in the event you choose to be paranoid, apocalyptic and overwhelmingly ocd, you can be in an overarching state of fear about one thing actually all the time.

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Top 5 Super Stylish Bikes

Super stylish bikes are the way of life these days for most adventure-friendly youngsters. These bikes are specially meant for those who prefer a solid doze of adrenaline rush occasionally. A stylish super fast sports bike is a dream for almost every man on earth.

Here is a list of the top ten most stylish and “top of the line” bikes which is present in the wish-list of every man that I know of:

Suzuki Hayabusa 1340: costing at around $ 13,199 the Suzuki hayabusa is a darling to behold. It comes with a 4 stroke engine and 4 cylinders each comprising of 4 valves which makes the total number of valves 16 in number. Each valves configuration is DOHC.  It has a liquid cooling and the compression ratio is 12.5:1. Perched on a hayabusa you are sure to get glances.
Suzuki GSX-R 600: this bike is all about speed with comfort. It has a tag price of $ 10,399 dollar. The 4 stroke horizontal in-line engine provides it with all the horse power it needs. It has 16 valves 4 valves per cylinder. It has the same compression ratio as that of the Hayabusa which is 12.5:1. With killer designs and contemporary looks this bike is a sure shot head turner.
Kawasaki Ninja 250R: the Ninja is an excellent machine among various automotive resources, when it comes to looks and performance. This one is for the novice in sports biking. It is priced at an affordable $ 3,999 which makes it a best buy. It has a parallel twin 4 stroke engine. 2 cylinders with 4 valve each having a configuration of DOHC. The compression ratio is 11.6:1.
Blue Firebolt XB12R: the pocket pinch for this bike is $ 9,995. It has a V twin engine. The engine stroke comes down to 4. It has 2 cylinders with 2 valves per cylinder. The valve configuration is OVH – Pushrod and the compression ratio is 10.0:1.
Harley Davidson VRSC V-Rod Muscle: some muscle this bike has. It is a completely power-packed stunner. It costs around $ 17,199 which is likely to burn out a big hole in your pocket, but this bike promises you value for every single penny that you shell out. It has a 4 stroke V twin engine, 2 cylinders with 4 valves each. It has a compression ratio of 11.5:1 with a DOHC valve configuration.

These stylish super fast sports bike is a dream for almost every man on earth. For more information on these bikes refer auto blogs.


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Vitamin D – The Newest Super Nutrient

At one of my last endocrinologist visits, the doctor suggested I have my Vitamin D levels tested, stating that Vitamin D deficiency is nearly universal these days. What!? This is not Seattle and I dont just live in the Sunshine State. I play tennis, golf, run, walk the dogs, and swim, all in our super-strenght UV rays. I couldnt possibly be deficient in the so-called sunshine vitamin. Wrong!

Apparently Im quite deficient. Im supposed to take 2,000 IU of D3 until I get my stored levels back up to at least 20 ng/mL. Simple enough right, especially given I just buy the 2,000 IU capsules, which translates into exactly 1 capsule/day – not a big deal. Oh but it is!!!

Im lucky if I remember to pop those capsules twice-a-week. When I do, I try to make up for missed days in one quick series of swallows – 4 or even 5 capsules with breakfast. The doctor said I can safely double or triple my serving size to make up for my vitamin pill-popping negligence. I had nearly concluded that its hopeless however, that I am a complete failure at popping vitamins on a regular basis, the only way they do their intended job. And then the news.

One study (summarized here) conducted by a team of English and Canadian scientists, revealed a detailed map of the molecular interactions between vitamin D and certain genes. The map showed extensive connections between the vitamin and certain genes associated with cancer and autoimmune diseases. Genes involved in autoimmune disease and cancer were regulated by vitamin D, study author Dr. Sreeram Ramagopalan of Oxford University told WebMD.

In another study, women with plasma concentrations of vitamin D less than 20 ng/mL were eight times more likely to be diagnosed with regional or distant spread of cancer when compared with women who had sufficient levels of the vitamin, after statistical adjustments, according to Susan Steck, PhD, MPH, of the University of South Carolina in Columbia. Read more about it here.

Back in February of 2010, it was reported that vitamin D can actually kill human cancer cells. Watch vitamin D kill human breast cancer cells in a petri dish here. JoEllen Welsh treated human (not rodent) breast cancer cells with a potent form of vitamin D and reports that within a few days of doing so, half the cancer cells shrivel up and die. Welsh says the vitamin has the same effect as drugs such as Tamoxifen, a chemotherapy drug used to treat breast cancer.

As for rodents, the vitamins effects were even more dramatic on their breast cancer cells. After several weeks of treatment, the tumors in the mice shrank by an average of more than 50 percent, and some tumors even disappeared.

Dr. Richard Besser, ABC News senior health and medical editor cautions that people shouldnt read too much into these laboratory studies and points out the positive effects in a petri dish or in mice may not translate into similar results in humans.

So here I am, a previvor from 3 generations of breast cancer, having gone to drastic and bold lengths to reduce my risk of breast and ovarian cancer. Hopeful? Extremely. Confused and skeptacle?

Initially, upon reading about the above studies, I was seeing the $ $ $ $ , thinking this was just one more opportunity for some dietary supplement or pharmaceutical company to profit, but I kept reading

Among so-called vitamins, vitamin D is said to be in a class by itself in that it behaves more like a hormone. After being made in the skin, it travels through our bloodstream, into the liver and kidney, where it is activated as a key steroid hormone called Calcitrol. From there, it goes to the intestines, bones and other tissues. Vitamin Ds active form is thought to interact with almost every cell in the body directly or indirectly, targeting up to two thousand genes, or about 6 percent of the human genome. Apparently, almost every cell and tissue in our body has vitamin D receptors, which tells me this is one important nutrient.

So I m turning a new leaf. As of today, Im not neglecting those 1 per day capsules. My doc says I only need to take them until I get my stored levels back up to at least 20ng/mL. After that, Ill be making a conscious effort to get consistent, safe sun exposure, which at our latitude and with my love of outdoor sports shouldnt be too difficult.

As for food sources of vitamin D? My doctor told me Id need to drink about 40 glasses of milk/day to get my 2,000 daily IUs. I think I read that one spoonful of cod liver oil supplies about 400 IUs, enough to prevent rickets, so Id be looking at 5 spoonfuls of cod liver oil per day. Anyone else gagging at the thought? Or maybe 20 glasses of milk with 2.5 spoonfuls of cod liver oil blended in? What if I add in some UV rays? Then what?

Like everything from wine to salt, from fats to sugar, to time in front of my computer screen, to time in the sun, the key is moderation. Ill make a conscious effort to get as much sun as I safely can, consume vitamin D foods as consistently as I can, take my supplements until my stored levels are up, and then ask the doc to monitor my levels from time-to-time. What about you?

Susan Beausang, President, 4Women.com


I am the President of 4Women.com and designer of the newly patented BeauBeauR head scarf, a fashionable scarf specifically designed for women and girls. The Beaubeau unites the world of fashion with medical hair loss. 4Women.com’s mission is to help women and girls cope with the emotional upheaval of medical hair loss with dignity and confidence and to advocate for greater understanding of the emotional impacts of medical hair loss among medical professionals and the public.

Laptops Versus Super Computors

It can seem difficult to come up with a real specific definition associated with high performance computing. Many individuals sense that it solely is available for large mainframe computers which often have proven to be typically the scale of one or two refrigerators. This is no longer authentic. Plenty use processing groups in exchange for some single super-fast system. Many of the best supercomputers that are operating on the planet are actually comprised of various computers.

Computer system groups incorporate hundreds of frequently used off-the-shelf computing devices. These can have a ton of performance with regard to how much of a lower cost they are versus what may generally be more of a individual machine. Consumers whose work can potentially be computed by using each other’s system can be ideal for clusters. Those who have work which in turn relies with the information in an alternative region of the group definitely will produce slower ability considering the fact that not all of the files throughout the cluster could be looked at, at the same instance.

Some of those who need to receive computing outcomes in a timely manner are typically the people who would certainly be suitable individuals to high performance computing. For example, an institution that sometimes needs to be able to operate simulations that take various hours would be most benefited in considering this solution. A federal government firm would have to control numerous more can become complicated.

These types of organizations that will require this solution seem to be numerous. Federal government, colleges, preliminary research departments, biomedical firms, film studios, and economic firms are all usual users.

Computer systems appear to be surprisingly fast nowadays. Nowadays it normally requires a surprisingly modest amount of energy to be able to pull up a internet browser or word processor. Speeds have evolved ever since the period when a word processor platform had to be transferred by a floppy disk. However, the main amount of files that exists is a ton bigger compared with before. As hard drives and optical discs such as DVDs have grown, firms have noticed techniques to fill them by using extra data files.

If calculations have to be performed on a large set of information, it will be able to take a lot of energy to finish the computing job. This is when high performance computing solutions come in. If a computing job which often takes twenty four hours needs to be accomplished in a couple, the work needs to be divided up into numerous elements and operated on many different computers in a processing group. On the other hand, the identical job could be managed upon one quick computer, but the expense of an single fast supercomputer could be much higher compared to a cluster solution.

Generally there are two ways with regard to high performance processing systems to be run. If it is on one single system, there is likely a exclusive performing system which is used to power the entire computer.

A high performance computing solution utilizing a computer system cluster of hundreds or thousands of computers functions by using a program library for parallel operating that allows a good software professional to divide the work into several parallel portions. This software programs basically works on top of a typical operating system such as Linux.

Bill Edwards works with large corporations and sets them up with HPC software. This software is designed to operate on any type of computer ranging from desktops to laptops and it provides numerous benefits to the organization.

Michael Jackson: My Super Hero


When michael jackson is mentioned, not a single person could remain untouched. His songs, his dancing and his smiles are embedded in minds of countless people and remain there as a permanent part of memory. “That’s it” – the biographical short film looks back upon the path Michael had walked all along. To commemorate the death of Michael and leave it to his fans as a gift, the film really swept across the world and became an immediate riot among his fans.
Despite his later scandals, Michael is always a figure only next to god in the eyes of his fans. And the mourning over his death will be witnessed every year. They are willing to collect everything about Michael to put him in the bottom of their hearts forever. Dealextreme.com, an online cool gadgets store, recently came up with cute Michael-themed gadgets. Michael’s fans surely should go and have a look.
These gadgets include compact name card style USB 2.0 flash drive with Michael Jackson figure pattern, unique novelty photo holder in Michael Jackson figure and rechargeable MP3 player with Michael Jackson figure pattern and other cute widgets.
In the pattern of Michael Jackson in black, this USB 2.0 flash drive always let us to take one more look just because Michael is always in our heart. Holding it in hands, one tends to be nostalgic and lost in the memory of Michael’s heyday. Besides, the USB flash drive is also convenient in using. Its size is cute enough to be put in pocket without causing any discomfort. And given its storage capacity of as large as 4 GB, it really worth the money you pay.
And the novelty photo holder is also nice and desirable. You could simply insert a photo into the slot on the top of the stand which is in the shape of Michael himself. So when you back off and gaze at it, it simply seems that you are just Michael Jackson. I wonder have you ever dreamed of becoming Michael, at least I had. So just imagine how wonderful it is to have such a photo holder! It can be a very good gift for someone who is a stout advocate of Michael Jackson.
That’s it! Michael passed away, but he never really left. He is there in our hearts forever. And these cool gadgets will remind us Michael does stay with us for every moment.

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Where to Buy Super Juicer Online?

Bringing home the actual Super Juicer would certainly be excellent idea in case you really like clean, wholesome as well ashealthy homemade fruit juices. Wearing a fashionable appearance, this juicer is a have to have for almost all who value the many advantages of genuinely pure, unadulterated, sugars absolutely free fruit juices which can make up to get the health insufficiencies of your typical dishes. Vanished are the days in cases where the thought of making home made fruit juices seemed troublesome.

Even along with the arrival of regular juicers, the actual process hardly got any less complicated. A person required
to slice as well as peel off the actual fruit efficiently into the littlest pieces feasible, with regard to the juicer to press all the liquid out. This, would certainly take up quite a lot of your time period. An additional hinderance might possibly be de-seeding and pulling the fresh fruits, which usually is an similarly time eating process. Also, ripping fruit remove the nourishment worth from the fruit juices and many fruits are conned of the majority of of their ownmineral and vitamin supplements.

This specific juicer is provided along with a wide mouthed eating tube, which usually will take whole fruits. A person may put an whole apple or pear in to the actual juicer and the device might extract the actual liquid in little time. A carrier requirements to be positionedbelow the twin placement securing spout, to be able to acquire the juices.

A razor-sharp steel metal knife and a micro filtration help make juicing all the more effortless. The edge shreds the fresh fruit fibres by using dexterity as well as the mini filtration catches the actual pulp, permitting out simply genuine pure fruit juice. The pulp is consequently accumulated in an large pulp collector, and is multiple-use. As an alternative of simply getting rid of the pulp, a person can easily use it for fertilizer. Better still, the fruit pulp can also beutilised for makingsalsas, salsa and soups. A person may additionally add it to your cake mixture for increased flavour.Hence, the actual Super Juicer furthermore works as a food processor in a particular way. It assists you in forming revolutionary formulations, besides
providing you with relaxing juices any time during the day.

This particular appliance is outfitted with a potent 700w generator, that bears out all the features very easily. Nevertheless, unlike additional food processors and juicers, this particular one is a
noiseless operator. Remarkably, a motor as effective as this works noiselessly! This signifies
that a person may utilize it as and whenever you would like without having making any disturbance for others. The
juicer additionally has a security securing bar that fastens all the elements safely whenever being used. Without having this function, the components may dislodge during utilization, needing you to reassemble them over and over again.

Post utilization cleansing is additionally not a problem at all, with this specific model. All the elements are dishwashing machine secure and you may thoroughly clean the equipment along with simplicity. In spite of all its elaborate functions, the Super Juicer is a relatively easy device. The stainless steel appearance offers it a elegant edge over others. Very easily, a top end juicer this kind as this can jazz up any kitchen platform. If you have a loved ones complete of health freaks, getting one of these types of could be very crucial for you. You could be organizing many healthy combos of juices for
all of them.

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Michelle Wie Is a Super Girl

Nationality: United States

Date of Birth: October 11, 1989

Turned pro: 2003

The latest world ranking: 15

Results: champion of 2009 Olympic Jaya Invitational


When Michelle Wie was 4 years old, she hit the first shot – 100 yards. When she was 5 years old, she played golf in the Olomana seaside course. When she way Seven years old, her get the 14 score. When she is 10 years old, she won five games of this year’s seven games. When she is 11 years old, she won the Jennie K Invitational. When she is 12 years old, she got into the U.S. Amateur Women’s Open tournament semifinals. When she is 13 years old, she beat 49 men players at the Sony Open. In this champion, she shot 73, one over par, ranked 47. She is a good lady golfer, Isn’t she? If you want to swing as a golf pro, you may choose the best golf Fairway Wood.


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Michelle Wie, 14-year-old took part in the Sony Open, a challenge to the fourth LPGA Tour Women. Wie was born in 1989, since she was 4 years old; she started to play golf follow her father – a Korean-American University of Hawaii professor. Her mother is a real estate business. And compared to their peers, Wie was precocious athlete has the standard build: 180 meters tall, tall long legs, such as rubber hip generally tough, solid and flexible shoulder width, hold the arms of infinite power. Before she learned form a golf pro, she has accumulated a solid technical foundation, while Gilchrist made her proposal is just a handful of amendments to grip posture, the right to “release” of the wrist to make the shot strength and accuracy brought into fuller play out, one shot 260 to 280 meters for Michelle Wie is already a common occurrence.


It is no doubt that Wie has spirituality and amazing talent. All of us may know this while seeing her first play at the beginning, it has been demonstrated exhaustive. When she is 11 years old, she became the Women’s Amateur Championship in Hawaii the youngest winner in history, she has promoted the following year the U.S. Women’s Golf Association (LPGA) and TAKEFuJI Classic Amateur, the first is the taste of professional competition. And Tiger – her idol was already 16 years old when he joined in the vocational race.


Of course, Wie was a PGA Challenge Tour’s fourth women’s player, and then she became a famous lady golfer. Therefore, everyone believed that the Korean girl would get good golf scores in the future. At the same time, she has a dream of all girls nickname: Super girl!

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Self Managed Super Funds

Self managed super funds (also sometimes referred to as DIY super funds, or self managed superannuation funds), is a fund that you manage yourself granting the user more control and flexibility than the alternatives such as using an independently managed superannuation fund. There are several points that must be met for these funds. First of all the trust deed must meet the requirements of one ‘Superannuation Industry Supervision Act’ which was set up in 1993 (sometimes referred to as a SIS act). It must have four or less members, and each member of the fund must be a trustee. Another rule here is that no members of the fund must be employed by other members of the fund (with an exception for those members who are also related), and none of those trustees must receive any financial reward for their services towards the fund.

These self managed funds will otherwise perform the same role as the independently managed funds. Here by investing contributions the members make them available to the fund – of course as there are multiple investors this creates more capital for the group than one individual could obtain on their own meaning greater returns. The money donated into the group is then returned to the members upon their retirement along with the interest made on their investments. What is different however is that the members here are also the trustees and can then control where the money is invested and how it is increased. This has many benefits for those who are happy to put in the extra time and effort. For example it means that the trustees can feel safe in the knowledge that they are investing the cash themselves – that way they have full control and they can feel as though their profits are in their hands. This way they don’t have to worry that their money will be invested poorly without their consultation and end up lost as a result. This also gives the trustees more flexibility – as they are running the fund they can decide on how much and when they contribute etc, as well as the nature of the industries they invest in. Finally some people will also actually enjoy having this kind of involvement in their finances, and can also feel a sense of satisfaction from it.

However there are is also a lot more responsibility on the part of the trustees. For example they must ensure to invest the money wisely, and each of them will be responsible for the success of everyone’s investments. At the same time they will have to ensure the fund complies with the law, keep their records at all times in case these need to be checked over, ensuring the funds are in the correct names and informing the authorities of any changes, working together as a group.

This all makes these funds particularly suited to particular groups. For example younger individuals whose balance will likely be slightly lower, those who are over seven years away from retiring and those who are a little closer to retirement (but no less than three years). This opens the super funds up to a large number of people who can benefit from all of the flexibility and security, but also the education gained from self managed funds.

Many people prefer to use a self managed super funds rather than trust a managed fund provider. It is best to use a program to help you with it, preferably one that has a technical analysis component, to help find value investments.