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Siplistic Audio and Conference server

The Siplistic Audio and Conference server is a feature packed audio conference solution, boasting a fully expandable and wide range of incredibly useful functions. Owing to the fact that voice conference calling is an ever important part of corporate routines, features such as a PIN protection system that forces a user to input a security code will be a widely welcomed implementation and ensure that the risk of corporate espionage or unscrupulous intent is kept to a minimum.

Similar in function to an online chat room, each conference has the ability to be moderated. This is achieved through an easily navigable user interface using your chosen web browser, easily understood by the layman without any technical jargon that only serves to confuse. This as well as the aforementioned PIN protection system can be configured by an administrator in a manner similar to an online chat room. Users can be kicked, conference calls locked from any further interruptions and conversations recorded to a wav audio file for later scrutiny. That’s not to say that the users are completely stripped of any functionality though. Options such as muting your call and volume controls are available to users should the need arise. By no means do these extra functions mean that it is in any way related to the rudimentary nature of an online chat room, much more in the direction of a fully formed and sophisticated secure means of communication between clients and employees. However, various security features such as the abovementioned PIN protection system can be disabled to allow a more seamless experience and less forgotten passwords.

As a product, the Siplistic Audio and Conference server comes as a rack-mountable 19” 1U appliance. Siplistic provides their SIP setup as a service on your phone line to get your service going as soon as possible. All that is required is that you physically install the appliance and they’ll take care of the rest. Their basic package comes with a 24-port conference port configuration to allow up to 24 different conference calls to take place. If you are a Shoretel user, this is however provided that you have a Shoretel SIP trunk licence for each conference port that you wish to use.

The Siplistic Audio and Conference Server provide a viable and user friendly solution to providing a secure and highly moderated environment for conference calls where strict monitoring and reliability is of vital importance. Given the security of allowing the inclusion of PIN protection and strict control over users joining and the ability to lock conversations, the Siplistic Audio and Conference Server is definitely an option in an otherwise saturated voice conferencing market.

The audio feature solution adds to the business communication and also to Business VoIP Solutions.VoIP Phone Systems are leading rest of the market and more and more people are switch to these solutions. If you’re thinking off switching to one of VoIP Telephone Systems, gather maximum information to make a perfect decision once for all. You can also share your thoughts about Siplistic Audio and Conference server solution.

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