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Show Your Love For Basketball

So, you love basketball? You are an avid basketball fan who tries to catch all your favorite team games and enjoy having a dribble every once in a while. But what happens when shooting a few hoops just isn’t enough? How else can you let people know how passionately you feel about basketball?

After being relegated to the back of your dresser drawer, cufflinks are making a comeback. Worn with formal attire as well as some casual outfits, cufflinks can be a great addition to your wardrobe and can make you stand out from the crowd, for all the right reasons.

In addition to the more traditional and conservative steel, gold and silver cufflinks, novelty and signature cufflinks are proving to be very popular. These cufflinks allow you to support your favorite basketball team or sport and can be a great icebreaker at cocktail parties or other social events.

There are those that are avid cufflink collectors who seek to have every basketball team’s cufflinks, the more obvious being the Chicago Bulls, La Lakers, the Knicks, Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics. Smaller basketball teams have begun the trend of giving cufflinks to team members as mementos and a great way of showing team unity. Many teams are required to dress formally when attending away fixtures, often wearing smart suits with their own team cufflinks.

Apart from logos, basketball cufflinks do come in other designs, some featuring silver basketballs, basketball courts and hoops all of which are great ways to show your support of the game. Following on from this tradition has shown that many universities will design cufflinks for their alumni, like the famous Harvard sweatshirt, signature cufflinks will often be passed onto family members as keepsakes and a memory of good times had.

When a student has settled on which university they intend to attend, a cufflink with the university motif or logo is a great way to congratulate them and wish them the best, a great memento to be given at a high school graduation.

The Kansas Jayhawks basketball team won the 2008 National Championships and like many other university basketball teams they have designed their own logo cufflinks which are a great way of actively supporting your favorite team.

Worn with French cuff sleeve shirts novelty, signature cufflinks are best worn with casual outfits. Although it should also be noted that many basketball team members when suited and booted for official formal events will often wear their team’s cufflinks.

It should be noted that basketball cufflinks are not best suited to business attire unless you are directly involved with the profession. When you are at the office or attending a business meeting it is best to opt for plain cufflinks, however there are certain basketball designs that just feature stamped initials or a simple engraving.

If you are not sure that you can carry off the formal look, try wearing them with a smart casual outfit. A great combination could be a smartly pressed shirt with smart jeans, a tank top and neat tie. You will quite literally be wearing your heart on your sleeve.

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Trade Show Banners and Displays

There are many different Trade Banners and exhibition displays. Most people think of a vinyl banner easy, but can be much more complex. For example, it is: a pop-up displays, monitors, a tabletop display, banner display stand, cleaning screens and electronic displays.

Trade Banners and displays are made with different materials. Such as vinyl, plastic, steel, glass and fabric. They can be made to hang in front of a table or wall. A screen can be hung from the ceiling and down in a state. The stand can be a full screen wall panels. There are digital screens that can be programmed according to various information about your business.

So as you can see, there are many options when ordering Trade Banners show or display. It ‘better to find out what works for your business. Remember how much you want to spend as well. Some of the displays and banner displays can be run in the thousands. The choice of banner or display is often determined by those who actually visit your business at the fair this year.

If your company participates in fairs and exhibitions on a regular basis, so you might want to raise it a bit and move away from just a single color vinyl banners hung in front of your table stand. Studies have shown that more extensive and colorful your booth is critical to how much traffic you receive. Participants at the fair walk in the door and see hundreds of companies wishing to sell their product or service, think about how you can set your company apart from the crowd.

Once you have determined how often you use your banner or display. Determine how much you will pay and what type of screen or banner you buy. Do some research? Check several companies that manufacture these items show business. Find out how long it will take for your order is complete. You do not want to miss any shows coming up, while you wait. Get the exact price of shipping cost. Depending on the type of display or banner you order, they can be more boxes, your shipping cost will be higher than you might think.

They have an exhibition stand or banner is your introduction to potential customers. Your thoughts are making a sale, your thoughts are of this type of company that I subject being treated. They are based on what your position looks. Make your first impression memorable.

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Exhibition Contractor Role in Trade Show

Exhibition Contractors plays a crucial role in integrating various parameters required to ensure proper execution of Exhibition Stands. Exhibition Stands as a whole comprises of various elements that forms an integral part of the company image for their participation in Trade Shows. Exhibition contractor role starts from initial stages of understanding client objective to final execution of exhibition stands and maintaining them through out the exhibition.

Exhibition Contractor have various phases to be executed as to ensure the objective is sustained at each phases. The key role of exhibition contractors are as below

1. Understanding Client Objective

Understand the client objective is the most important phase of all in order to execute the exhibition stalls in a required fashion. The core objective is set based on meeting with the clientelle and understanding

What is the purpose of participation? 
What is the expectation for exhibition stall? 
What are the elements emphasized on?

Once the Objective is set, it is analyzed for various options suitable and the best options that will meet client objective

2. Analysing Client Objective

Based on Objective the contractor sets the most suitable options for exhibition stall execution

* Popup Stands are highly effective medium for clients with multiple exhibition requirements, can be easily carried to locations, Minimum Setup and Dismantling time, One time investment for various exhibitions 
* Custom Fabricated stall gives unique brand visibility in the exhibitions, due to various options execution in terms of structure, prints, paneling, display, branding etc. Custom Fabricated stalls gives all the desired elements a highly effective medium for execution of Exhibition Stand- High Branding Structure for visibility all around, Vibrant look, Designer Display etc 
* Exhibition Portable Stands structure like Banner Stands, Catalogue Stands, Display Counters etc are another common elements for exhibition for fast setup and cost effective proposition.

2. Designing Stall Design Layout

Exhibition Stall Designing involves understanding the intricacies in the execution and designing based on various element sorted out for final execution. Desigining layout require proper positioning of elements and setting the branding to desired level based on the objective.

3. Printing the panels

Prints are an important part of exhibition stands and needs to be taken seriously. Design Artworks need to be based on understanding the concepts for exhibition stand execution, client’s Products/Services, Branding etc. A good catchy artwork gives the crowd feel of the company and attract more ppl to the stall. Printing materials needs to be decided based on client Budget, Effective Branding requirement, attractive artwork etc.

4. Executing the Exhibition Stands

The day has come to execute the design elements and to ensure right procedures are followed and placed for what is approved by the clients. Ensure all the structures are set in desired fashion and finishing is upto the standard. Prints are placed in a desired fashion and visible at an eye level, display is set for products in a highly effective manner and design is executed to the core.

Exhibition Contractor plays a crucial role for company brand image and choosing the right contractor for exhibition stall is the most important part for the company.

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We provide the highest level of personalised customer service. Our technical team undergoes continuous technical training to ensure that your decisions best suit your needs. You can depend on us to assist you before, during and after every project or product purchase. We also offer additional creative services to complement the trade show exhibit design, such as print advertising design, brochures, and web site design, all which help round out an effective marketing program that is both visually appealing and effective.

Trade Show Booth Rental Essentials

A trade show presence is crucial for any firm that wishes to make an impact on customers, rivals, and industry observers alike. However, if your firm has not been participating in trade shows because an exhibit purchase is prohibitively expensive, consider renting a booth to help your marketing campaign and boost your corporate image. Many companies taking part in important trade fairs have trade show booth rentals right at the top of their lists of ‘things to do’.

Booth rental basics

Spend some time doing a little research before renting a stunning, high-end booth as you need to be familiar with several basic facts: 

The rental booth must be eye-catching and suit the service or product being promoted.
Find out from the trade fair organizers about any kind of floor space, height and other restrictions as you will need to fit your booth into these limits.
Once that is taken care of and you have chosen an appropriate size for your rented booth, you then have to examine the products, signage and other accessories that have to be accommodated in the booth. You might wish to use all the available wall space or alternatively make do with just a table-top display. Think about how you will display any products or equipment.  Alternatively, if you are a service oriented firm, perhaps you only need a literature rack to hold the flyers that you plan to hand out.
Your corporate requirements will influence both the format as well as size of the booth you rent. Remember the larger the display and space, the more expensive it will be.
Now all that is left is to identify a reliable company that is experienced in trade show booth rentals and can offer competitive rates. Don’t automatically go for the lowest quote.  Some suppliers undercut rates but provide low quality booths.  Before signing the agreement, ensure you read the small print, looking out for ambiguous wording, loopholes, and hidden charges.

Booth rentals offer flexibility

Trade expos within an industry often carry different standards as to what is popular and appropriate at a specific show. Renting a booth will offer you a degree of flexibility that others who have purchased booths will not enjoy. If it is your first time around, ask experienced hands who are not your direct competitors for tips.

Assembling the booth and display

Make special note of whether the rental rate is inclusive of set-up assistance at the event venue. If it is not, it may be a good idea to go in for a booth with a design that is simple to set up. Be sure to get familiar with how the booth and the display are correctly assembled.  

Making a great initial impression with participants and visitors alike at trade shows and similar business events is essential and trade show booth rentals help you achieve just that. You will not realize when a prospective big customer or potential business partner is passing by your booth. For this reason you must look for a rented booth display that is stunning yet cost-effective.

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Xpress Yourself with Trade Show Displays

Xpressions, the ultimate in frame-graphic technology, is one of the hottest new display options on the market! Twelve frame options, integrated graphics, and infinite configurations, offer you a playground to create dramatic effects with endless design possibilities! The portable, lightweight frame is shipped with the fabric graphic skins fully attached making your trade show displays a breeze to set up. No tools or event labor required. A surface to set the frame on; a two-handed grasp and a few tugs is all it takes. Strong magnetic connectors lock the frame with a ‘snap’.

These versatile displays can be used for innumerous events – showrooms, fundraisers, lobbies, meetings, presentations, retail locations, and sporting events-in addition to the tradeshow floor. Alone or in conjunction with your existing Trade Show Display, they can certainly create a buzz on a tradeshow floor though.

For further proof why you should choose an Xpressions Hop Up Display, let’s take a closer look at the graphic characteristics and possibilities of this unit:

* 3-D Capability – The frame is constructed so the graphic panels can twist/weave between two separate planes creating a strong visual impact.

*Changeable- The graphic fabric skins have grommets that simply attach to nipples on the frame; allowing for quick, easy and cost effective transformation of your exhibit from venue to venue. Additional graphic panels in different sizes for optional configuration(s) can be purchased initially or at a later date.

*Durable – The fabric does not scratch or dent and is machine washable.

*Quality – Permanent dye sublimation prints on flame-retardant, stretch fabric generate excellent color saturation and life-like skin tones.

*Image Options – The small size of the fabric skins removes many limitations of large-scale artwork.

Believe it or not, accessories are available for Xpression Pop Ups, including shelving, lights and counters. ExhibitTrader.com carries a full line of these versatile marketing tools, starting at just $ 522.00. The model designations imply the number of graphic panels on each unit, i.e., a ‘4 X 4’ would have 4 columns/ rows with 4 graphic skin panels each, for a total of 16. A picture is worth a thousand words in explaining the frame options and graphic-configuration possibilities of these units.

Please visit our website, www.exhibittrader2.com and using the navigation drop down feature; select fabric display-Xpressions. You can view all the models we offer; options available; configurations possible for each unit; as well as a short (very short) video on the ease of setting up this display.

The Xpressions 3-D capability and fabric size options create truly unique trade show displays that will make a lasting ‘Xpression’. Two planes for integrating your graphics with multiple configurations offer a limitless canvas to create dramatic effects. Packing into a lightweight portable nylon case that can be self-transported (airline friendly); you can eliminate the exorbitant shipping cost incurred with traditional trade show displays.

Trade Show Psychology: Know the Crowd

A person can be rational, they can be educated, intelligent, pragmatic, they can be talked to, convinced, swayed and argued with. A crowd, on the other hand, is more like a force of nature, something that you can perhaps harness, but rarely control.

Now obviously, once you’ve reeled a prospect into a trade show booth, you’re going to be talking to them one on one, but until then, they’re a part of the shapeless mass that is The Crowd. Plucking somebody out of that crowd can be difficult, so here are a few tricks to help your trade show displays stand out…

Being Authoritative

When lost in a crowd, an individual is often looking for some form of authority or leadership. Think about it, if you’re in a building that’s on fire, you’re looking for the guy with the bronze badge waving you out, right? If you’re lost in Wal-Mart, you’re looking for a guy in a blue vest to point you in the right direction. Even in smaller crowds, if you’re in a long line at the bank, you can’t see the front of the line, so you’re following that velvet rope like your life depends on it. It’s all about having that beacon, somewhere, or someone, a person in the crowd can turn to in order to figure out what’s going on, to get their bearings, or just to stay safe.

In business, this means taking the lead in your industry. At trade show booths, being an authority in a crowd situation could be as simple as providing maps of the convention or information. It could even mean giving people a break from the stress of the crowd by offering free water or coffee so they can stop and collect their thoughts. Out of thirty people who come to your booth, maybe two or three will stick around to ask what, exactly, your company does, but those numbers are better than some people see at their trade show booths for the whole event.

Low Pressure Tactics

Clearly, there’s a difference between low-pressure sales tactics and flat out ignoring your prospects. Here’s the happy medium: say hello to everyone who comes to your booth, offer some info or advice if you notice them studying your brochure intently, but don’t be pushy, and try to let them initiate dialog. The majority of people at a trade shows will make the rounds, giving each booth a quick look, before coming back to the ones that interested them. Give them the opportunity to leave and come back, don’t treat every prospect like a fish that’s trying to get away, or you may well scare them off. Being in a crowd can be stressful, and the last thing you want is to “tighten the screws”, so to speak, on a potential customer looking for respite.

Clear, Concise Booth Design

Here’s a trick to human psychology: we’re instinctively attracted to shiny objects. Scientists assume that this helped us find water back in the prehistoric days, but whatever the reason, we still like shiny things after all these years. Other than that, clear, concise, clean booth layouts will always do better than noisy, colorful, flashy and tacky booth designs. A bold banner is nice, but the human eye is actually more attracted to white space than it is to darker imagery or color. Think of Beatles album covers and you think of The White Album. It’s an iconic, clear image. “The Red, Green and Gray Album” wouldn’t have been quite so eye-catching. The human eye likes simplicity.

Other than this, just make sure that once you bring your prospects in, you have something to show them.


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Trade Show Exhibits Fundamentals

You can maximize the impact of your trade show exhibits by ensuring the graphics and designs meet your company’s marketing and budget needs. Learn how to effectively create unique and specific ideas for your exhibit and configure all graphics and designs to fit your booth. Whether you are experienced in shows or a novice, there are four guideline fundamentals that are imperative in order to make your event a fabulous success:

Know the reason that you are in the show, be aware of the attendees at the show, and understand how to attract the attention of prospects to your booth.
Know exactly how to generate sales once your prospects are visiting your booth
These fundamentals are the most sensible and effective ways to make your booth work.

Once you have clarity on why you are exhibiting in a show and what the companies objectives are, then you can move forward. That is when you can gather your team member’s together and set goals for the trade show exhibits as well as setting up the graphics and maintaining the level of attraction you need to bring the most attention to your exhibit.

When you are gathering members to help you in the booth, make sure they are qualified, well trained, and educated. Once people are inside your booth, and then give hands-on descriptions and presentations of your company’s products. This will make a lasting impression on your potential prospects.

With trade show exhibits your main objective is to attract key prospects to your booth that will turn into revenue for your company. There are a variety of ways to do this. Coordinating your message, logo, and graphics in your advertising, signage, and displays brands your company and helps establish credibility before you say a word.

You can send out fliers or emails to your potential consumers and fill them in on the date, time, and location of the event. This is an inexpensive element that will certainly pay for itself. You also can grab everyone’s attention with bold event display graphics in your banners and a sign that are dramatic and have a focused message that creates instant attention.

Modern technologies can dramatically help your trade show exhibits with an interactive website, 3D video imagery, holographic displays, and more. Retractable banners also help to delineate your area. Another good idea to draw prospective clients to your booth is planning a giveaway or door prize; this would be effective in keeping the potential customers inside your booth longer as well.

Trade show exhibits are becoming more and more popular every year. These shows help consumers find contacts and perhaps even new vendors, and having an effective booth may help you become one too. You also want to be sure you have specific strategies in closing sales with these prospects.

This is a key element in addition to gaining their attention and luring them to your booth. It wouldn’t hurt for you and your team members to practice this when the time is closer to the events opening. Implementing these fundamentals with a professional and courteous attitude is going to be the key to a successful and prosperous exhibit.

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Trade Show Display Choices

Before you can set up your trade show display, you have to actually pick out a trade show booth. There are a lot of different types of trade show booths to pick from and dozens of accessories, of course, so the following guide should help you to narrow it down to the type of booth you’re after and the accessories that you need to put on a great display at the next trade show.


Every trade show display starts with a table. Whether you choose to go with a canopy to throw over it or a literature rack to put on top of it or a banner to drape across it, it all starts with the table. When selecting a table, you have to take a moment to consider size, portability and stability.

Look for a lightweight table that will be easy to lift and move around. If you can’t lift it yourself in the store, then you won’t be able to lift it yourself at the trade show. Try to find a foldable table. Some tables boast of being “pop-up”, others fold into surprisingly tiny sizes, but if you can’t fold it up and throw it in the back of a truck, a van or on top of a car, then it won’t do you much good. Finally, stability is key, but how much stability you demand depends on what you’re selling. If you’re showing off some cast iron skillets, you’re going to need a tougher table than if you’re at a comic convention. Just check the maximum load the table can bear before making a purchase.

Banners and Signs

When it comes to banners and signs, you’re really better off having them professionally printed, even with the extra dollar or two that costs. Hand painted signs scream: I’m not very serious about this stuff! If you want to look professional, be professional at your trade show booth. Throwing together a hand painted sign just looks sloppy and amateurish.

That said, don’t be too ambitious: black on white really does tend to get the job done. If you’re worried that that lacks “pizazz”, not so. In truth, the reflective nature of a white banner attracts the eye, while the black text offers clarity, meaning that black on white is a lot more enticing than a fancier, multi-colored banner.

Canopies and Tarps

If you’re setting up a booth outdoors, then a canopy or a tarp is a must. Besides the fact that you need to protect your products, samples and literature from the elements, people will be wanting to spend time in the shade. Next time you’re at a trade show, take notice: the people who offer buyers shelter from the wind and sun with tarps tend to bring in a lot more business just because they offer a more pleasant environment.

When setting up indoors, a tarp or canopy can offer a sense of professionalism to your trade show booth, but this might wind up being a bit of a marginal difference. Still, if you have a tarp, you may as well use it.


One of the most effective accessories, and one of the cheapest, is really the literature rack. By propping your brochures up, you wind up looking a lot more professional, your brochures are visible from several yards away and people will be walking over from nearby booths just to make out the title on the brochure. Compared to stacking them up on your table, there’s a clear advantage here.

Beyond that, just make sure you have a comfortable chair to sit in and plenty of pens handy.

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Truss Trade Show Booths

Truss booths are a great solution for exhibitors who want a trade show display that is sturdy enough to hold product, yet light weight and modular enough to break down quickly for shipping and storage. Truss Exhibits provide a large area for graphic presentation and give a high tech or industrial look to Trade Show Booths. Whether you need a preconfigured display that is ready to set-up right out of the box, or you are looking for a custom design to fit specific requirements; we offer several sizes and styles of truss displays fitting a wide range of needs. Today, lets take a quick look at three different 10 foot, truss exhibits that are available from ExhibitTrader.com. These units require no tools to set up; and typically, can be set by customers without union labor. They are lightweight and can be packed in cases that are Fed-Ex/UPS capable. Being highly reconfigurable, they can be expanded with addition of more truss components; or broken all the way down to a table top exhibit. Their sturdy construction allows support of large LDC monitors up to 50, customer product, etc.

Our Pluto model- made by Orbus- is a good, economical model that will still lend that flair needed for Trade Show Booths. Priced at $ 4,616.00, it is made in the USA and comes with a (5) year warranty. It is a 6 box truss construction of (4) 36 truss lengths and (9) 46 truss lengths. Eight (8), six-way junctions and a full set of quick lock connectors make easy work of setting up this display (between one-two hours). It comes with one (1) adjustable tabletop; two (2) 50 watt spotlights; one (1) OCF shipping case and dye sub graphics. You can upgrade to inkjet graphics for an additional $ 220.00. Accessories available for this model include a case to counter kit (a hard case with wheels that converts to a presentation podium). This is an ideal model in which to incorporate one or two banner stands. The lead time on this display is only 5-10 days.

In the flat truss category, for our exhibitors needing audio visual presentations incorporated into their trade show booths, the Gallaga model made by Trussworks is a great choice. In addition to the truss frame and dye sub fabric graphics; this exhibit includes one (1) LCD mount and one (1) plasma monitor mount. An accessory table and four (4) 75 watt halogen lights are also part of the package, priced at $ 7,113.00. The shipping weight on this trade show booth is 230 pounds and packs into two (2) shipping cases. With a limited lifetime warranty and a set-up time between two-three hours, this made in the USA display might be just what you are looking for. A small banner stand atop the accessory table- with coordinating graphics- is a nice and very economical addition to this model. Please take advantage of our Quick Nav feature on our homepage, to look at the possibilities of adding a specialty banner stand to this model at a later date. Some of our clients have done this after two or three uses, lending a new look to their trade show booths.

Moving on to our modular Trade Show Booths that are constructed of 12 collapsible aluminum frames- a more substantial structure, we turn to the Jet model. A convenient choice for clients desiring storage space for printed material due to the eight (8) literature racks incorporated into the design. Dye sub graphics attach to the back wall truss frame and are included in the selling price of $ 7,897.00; an upgrade to inkjet graphics is available for an additional charge. Four (4) 200 watt halogen lights quickly attach to the top frame tubing to illuminate your graphics. It is often more comfortable for clients to approach vendors who incorporate free-standing counters into their trade show exhibits. Your team members can stand behind this podium type structure (included in this model) to create personal space between vendor and client. It can be centered or off-set along the 10 foot backwall. Four shipping cases are included and the total shipping weight is 410 pounds. This is one of our made in the USA models as well; and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

ExhibitTrader.com offers one of the largest inventories of all types of modular displays and accessories on the web for all of your tradeshow needs. Falling within a large wide price range, our display representatives will be happy to assist in finding the right trade show booth within budget for you.

Trade Show: A Hit

Promotion is a business need. There is no gainsaying that without promotion, advertising, marketing- no business lives long. One has to adopt various techniques in order to make ones bizz a hit. More the popularity is, more are the customers are. Its a cycle- once you have attained a name in the market, customers will come to you. But to establish your business that way, one has to do extensive marketing.

With ever growing competition and choosy customers, its very difficult to hook people to your store. With this competitive market, arise even a dire need to get on with the marketing process and never stop it. It takes years to establish a business and have a good customer base. No business owner would ever want to lose customers anyway. So why not take part in events where you have open opportunity to promote your store/product/service. No matter what you deal into, there are thousands of avenues like industry related trade shows and exhibitions where you can increase your popularity and hence selling prospects.

But nothing comes easy. So is participation in these events. This proven tool of promotion – trade shows involve a number of tiring arrangements- small and even big. Small-small details regarding your stall, space available, display and light arrangements, setting up a booth, and what not? For sure it needs a lot of planning and preparations. Here are some tips that can be of some help-
Make sure that you utilize the available space as wisely as you can. Dont waste space, as you already have it limited.

Set up counters and tables in such a manner that all your products especially the unique ones get a good display. The entire setting should be very well-organized and every corner should look spic-and-span.

Get your counter customized with your logo on it. Keep brochures and other literature handy so that people can approach it easily.

Good display solutions are need of the hour. Many classy and outstanding pop-up displays are available in the market. Even there are pop-up booths that can get you rid of setting up your booth. These awesome displays are very attractive and are easily portable.

Graphics and visuals have an important part to play. A huge Pop Up Display with an eye-catching visual is just impossible to miss.

Glow and glory comes along. You set up the booth beautifully but poor lighting makes it dull and unnoticeable. Make your sure booth is well-lit and looks best among others.

Pop Up Display