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Start your career with Core Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013

Currently the scenario is totally different. Trends are changing quickly. The demand of IT certifications is increasing day by day. Microsoft certifications are best certification in IT field which has great demand at international level too. These are prestigious certifications which are recognized at international level. These certifications are very helpful for your bright future career that helps to polish your abilities and internal skills.

Microsoft 70-331 exam certification is one of the best Microsoft certification which is also known as Core Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013. This certification is available in two different languages like English and Japanese. This certification is specially designed for IT professionals who take interest in setting up, establishing, implementing, and handling SharePoint Server 2013 set ups in either the information center or in the cloud.

It is necessary for the individual to have advanced knowledge and skills about the certification in which he take interest. It will help him to understand the terminologies of the certifications. Candidates must have at least four years  of hands-on experience planning and maintaining SharePoint and other core technologies upon which SharePoint depends, including Windows Server 2008 R2 or later, Internet Information Services (IIS), Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 or later, Active Directory, and networking infrastructure services.

Core Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 is one of the best certification which is very helpful to built up your future career. It enables the candidate to succeed in his Professional career. Once you achieved this certification the organization will surely trust and give you more value because they know that you can provide the best solutions. This certification has great name in IT world and is one of the best leading certifications in this field. It plays an important role to enhance the internal skills and capabilities of an individual.

Every certification needs efforts, latest knowledge and information to pass the exam in first attempt. In big organizations there is a strong competition. Their HR department just hires certified IT professionals who have good experience and knowledge for the required field. Certifications show the eligibility of an individual for the field.

To win a certification is not an easy task. It helps to boost up you future career and keep the status of the individual up to dated according to the new trends in the IT field. It helps to improve the IT proficiency of an individual. You can get good job easily and get on your path for success.


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How To Make Your Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Upgrade Transition A Smooth One

Microsoft SharePoint’s latest version is now available, and there are many new features to definitely look forward to. From its new cross-platform technologies including OAuth, REST API, JavaScript, and HMTL5 to its existing user-friendly features – what’s there not to like about Microsoft SharePoint 2013?

But, as attractive as this platform might be – going for an upgrade requires careful consideration and planning. To help keep you on the right track as you upgrade, here are some useful tips to make your life easier:

1. Use Claims-Based Authentication
Everyone is moving toward the cloud, and so should your platform be. The Managed Services Architecture, that supports Office 365, has been launched by Microsoft – so this should be a good new for you. When you upgrade to Microsoft SharePoint 2013, you should seriously consider using Office 365 over on-premises SharePoint.

Many organisations consider on-premises SharePoint and still have to work out on how to make them cloud-ready. Claims-based authentication is the most practical choice for any organisation – as the traditional active directory-based forests can not be scaled into Internet ready. Through the untamperable attributes of the claims-based authentication, users or systems can easily authenticate themselves. This provides a more secure, more flexible, and cloud-ready compared to the traditional password-based strategies.

There are a couple of things that won’t work in Microsoft SharePoint 2013, without the claims. So, it’s best that you migrate SharePoint 2010 with it. Also, getting at least Service Pack 2 or later would be a good choice for your SharePoint 2010 environment – as an upgrade preparation.

2. Adopt The Applications Model

Apps work as independent software that has a unique function, and have different set of permissions as granted by the user. With the new Microsoft SharePoint 2013, the apps are brought into business. Having a cross-platform development system that is future proof – is all possible with the apps. When doing the upgrade, whenever possible – you give converting custom code to apps a consideration. If you think apps are not the mechanism for you, you can always go for solutions packages in Microsoft SharePoint 2013.

3. Avoid Major Upgrades

The best part about Microsoft SharePoint 2013 is that your SharePoint 2010 site would still work just fine on it. This is another good news for you. Administrators also have the option to do some experiments and assessments before applying the new upgraded Microsoft SharePoint 2013 platform for the users. The entire transition is easily manageable for administrators as there are queues built in to the upgrade, as well. No more phone calls from confused users who can’t work their way into the new upgraded Microsoft SharePoint interface. This latest version of Microsoft SharePoint gives the IT administrators an easier way to do upgrades – and prevent users from confusions at the same time.

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What?s new in SharePoint 2013?

The new update of SharePoint 2013 is out in the market and if you haven’t got a chance to get some hands-on experience on the same, then it is time to start. The SharePoint 2013 has improved some old features and introduced some features as well. This article will explore some of the new features introduced.

The Authentication

Microsoft has said that the SharePoint 2013 Preview version has been improved for creating claims-based on the authentication process, which is easier to use. It extends support for application authentication via Open Authorization, which is a server-to-server authentication. Users will grant apps within the SharePoint store and catalog access to bound resources and information. Server-to-server security tokens that contain user identity claims modify cross-server genuine access between the SharePoint 2013 Preview and Exchange 2013 Preview versions.

The eDiscovery

Showcasing SharePoint’s increasing presence within the world of proceeding, eDiscovery enhancements are sadly enough required in the area unit in all probability. They embrace a replacement website template, the eDiscovery Center that creates a portal for managing cases – you will access cases to find out, hold content, and export content.

Microsoft has further made enhancements to in-place holds, together with site-level preservation; the flexibility for users to figure with content that is preserved; and therefore the ability to outline the scope of preservation via a question filter.

You can conjointly take the results of your eDiscovery search – including documents, the wiki pages, Exchange email messages, and tasks, and export them into a review tool.

Compliance and Management Records

It may reflect a scarcity of additional options, however the space SharePoint 2010’s records management options had improved from SharePoint 2007’s, you will find that SharePoint 2013 Preview has increased compliance just by extending retention policies to SharePoint sites.

This conjointly applies to any Exchange Server 2013 Preview team mailboxes related to those sites.

The Social Platform

It’s no surprise that Microsoft needed to support the social computing options in the SharePoint, and it also required some options in the SharePoint 2013 Preview, it’s on target for doing therefore. Basically, it’s increased the administration and user expertise, and gave some additional ways that for enterprise users to collaborate a lot of absolutely and naturally using some of the social media options.

One way is by enhancing the flexibility and creating discussions is through 2 new templates known as Community website and Community Portal. Microsoft additionally redesigned the UI for MySites, and added another Microblog and Newsfeeds options, and improved options users want around to save, synchronize share, and move their content.

Because of the new MySites options, you may additionally notice Microsoft created many changes to the User Profile service application settings in Central Administration around configuring permissions, privacy, micro-blogging and newsfeeds, and more.

These are a few of the features found in SharePoint 2013. You can upgrade for the new version and explore yourself. Try SharePoint 2013 to explore the features and benefits of this new version of SharePoint.

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The Benefits of Sharepoint 2013

Achieving success for every technology product is not easy; to gain success you have to prove in the market that your product has more of productivity and investment perspective. We usually notice that businesses are rushing to update the infrastructure or technology deployments without weighing the benefits of the product. If you are the decision maker of your organization, then you need to evaluate the benefits of the product that you want to invest in and check the disadvantages as well before you jump to a conclusion of buying the product, just because it is gaining popularity over the internet.

With sharepoint 2013 release, there are speculations about this update. Let’s check some of the benefits of this software:

Managing Documents

With the previous versions, uploading any new documents online meant that the user would have to go through a lengthy process of clicking. Also, one other way of sharing the documents in the previous version was through Sharepoint workspace, but this method was not reliable and had several limitations. The new option that Sharepoint introduces of drag-and-drop is a way of uploading your documents even when offline through SkyDrive Pro. The users can easily sync these documents with the sync button.


This version of Sharepoint has really taken the efforts for improvising the sharing feature. The organization can simply choose two or more people and share the important documents with them. The user can also get a detailed log of who is using the website and how many people have been granted access to view it.

Managing the Metadata

The services offered by Sharepoint 2013 for managing metadata are considered as extremely helpful to let the users freely tag the complex terms as well. There are several improvements offered in this upgrade and these upgrades are considered very helpful when look from the social media perspective. Moreover, there is another addition in this feature that allows the users to add properties that are associated with the terms, which were introduced during the navigation drive.

Managing the Web Content

One of the key improvements that a user would notice in Sharepoint 2013 is the operating the internet facing sites. There are numerous improvements that allow the users to embed the video directly on the pages, shorter URL, and it offers a multi-device and multi-lingual support. Apart from the external sites, the internal sites can also use the benefits of this feature.

The Applications

The new upgrade has also introduced a flexible application model that is much different as compared to the traditional looking model. The marketplace is growing exponentially and it can benefit the users in the future.

When you look at these features closely, it is definitely worth a try to upgrade to the new Sharepoint 2013.