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The Secrets to a Successful Web Conference


A web conference is one of the most powerful solutions a business can have at its disposal, so it is essential to make each individual conference count to ensure the best return on your investment. That being said, here are a few key tips on how to make your web conferencing a more rewarding experience for both you and your participants:

Make it as user-friendly as possible – the easier it is for your participants to attend and join in the collaboration, the more likely they will be to return and participate in your subsequent conferences. Select a provider that offers Outlook integration and a comprehensive list of easy-to-use features and interface
Lighten the load – on your computer that is; shut off any unnecessary programs that are running that could be consuming your bandwidth; these could potentially cause hang-ups, lags, and other service disruptions (plus it will help you stay focused on the subject matter)

If your web conference involves more than a handful of people, turn the sound prompts off. While it might not be bothersome to hear them every once in a while, in a meeting with hundreds – or even thousands – of participants, hearing an alert each time someone enters or exits the conference can become very distracting, if not annoying

If you can avoid it, don’t go wireless – utilizing a wired connection will increase your odds of a smoother meeting, and lessens the chance of a lost signal, which can be disruptive to a web conference and leave you unable to pick up where you last left off

Turn off your call waiting – do not assume you’re the only one who can hear that beep from the caller on the other line, your attendees can too. Avoiding these small miss-haps that chip away at your performance will keep all participants focused, and improve your professional appearance

Avoid placing your line on hold – unless you know your audience loves your “on-hold” music selection, it’s best to steer clear of pushing that button. If it is absolutely necessary, consider customizing your music selections to entertain your participants while they wait rather than put them to sleep with the same old elevator music

And lastly, mute your participant’s lines – especially when conferencing with large numbers of attendees. At the beginning of your conference, announce that you will be placing all lines on hold to eliminate any unwanted background noise and that you will be addressing any questions or comments at a specified time either during an intermission or at the end of your meeting


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Stock Trading Secrets

There are many experts and books telling you how to pick stocks. You can turn on the TV and you are going to get a stock recommendation if you watch financial news. But most people never tell you when to buy or sell.

You see you have to do more than just get an idea from TV or read about a hot stock in a magazine to make money. You have to know basic trading tactics and fundamentals and put them to use. That is where understanding price action and stock charts comes in.

There are three principles to technical analysis. First is that market action discounts everything. In other words all of the known information is already factored in price. Knowing information won’t give you an edge, because the price already has it factored in.

The second principle is that prices move in trends. There are predictable trends that repeat over and over again that you can take advantage of. The trader’s mantra is “the trend is your friend.”

The third principle of technical analysis is that patterns happen over and over again. Traders and investors tend to move in herds and do the same thing over again, because people don’t change. This enables the technician to profit from the behavior of the crowd in the market.

The key is to distinguish important trends from meaningless short-term fluctuations in the stock market. That is why you want to combine some sort of fundamental analysis with technical analysis. You want to use price charts as a tool.

This requires a degree of skill, judgment, and interpretation. Mechanical trading systems attempt to do away with subjectivity by basing investment decisions on mathematical indicators calculated with the variables of price and volume.

Money doesn’t fall from the sky. Making money in the stock market requires guts, grits, and tough work. You need to educate yourself on technical analysis in order to use stock charts and make money off of price action in the stock market.

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Farmville Super Secrets

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In this exclusive and detailed guides (PDF format) I lay out all the farming secrets I’ve discovered in my entire time playing FarmVille.

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The Trading Secrets

Have you ever heard that “the best place to hide a secret is where everyone can see it”? Why? It is because if everyone can see secret, then they do not think it is a secret. This is also true of the trading secrets.

You will see, in the following, that you all know what they are the trading secrets well, but perhaps you do not realize their importance.

The trading secrets

Secret 1 : Cut your losses

The first thing that the new traders must learn in the trading business is to cut losses. It seems easy but believe me, it is harder to accomplish than it seems. Usually, new traders tend to hold the losing trades and exit from the winning trade.

Secret 2 : Let your profit run

In addition to cut your losses when it is time, you also have to let your profits run. If you make plenty of good trades but you exit from the trade too early, you are cutting your profits. To make profits in trading, besides trying to make winning trade as much as you can, you also have to maximize your profits for each winning trades.

Secret 3 : Trade selectivity

You have to learn how to pick only the trade that offers a great opportunity. This takes time since you have got to find the right trading approach for yourself and you have got to narrow your focus on the market.

To do this, you have to decide your methodology and concentrate on what you need. Then you have to become an expert in its application.

Secret 4 : Trade with the trend

Trade with the trend relates to the decision of how to initiate trades. It means you should always trade in the direction of recent price movement.

Trading with the trend is a hard one to do because a stop losses point will be farther away, potentially causing a larger loss if you are wrong. This is why so few traders are successful. They cannot bring themselves to trade in a psychologically difficult way.

That’s it! The secrets in trading success. Too simple? By just following the four basic rules which are the trading secret you will find yourself gaining more profits in trading.

Although they are just the basic rules, it is hard to follow. In order to apply them into your trading, you will need to develop mental discipline and patience to follow.

Taro is an experience trader who trades in stocks, futures, forex. He strongly focuses on technical analysis, trading systems and money management.

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