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12×12 Wood Sheds Tend To Be Quite Popular

One of the things that is asked quite a bit is what shed is the most popular. While there is no statistic out there to confirm, our experience shows that one of the better selling wooden storage units is the 12 x 12 wood shed. Not only are these sold already built the 12 x 12 shed plans are a big seller as well.

So why is this particular size so popular? Well there are two specific reasons and one that just makes sense.

First of all, most back yards, unless they are really tiny, have enough room to accommodate this size out building. If you have a family of four or more, you will have a need for storage that will exceed what is available in most homes built today. If you live in an older home, you will need even more storage because most homes built prior to the 1990’s have very little closet space for anything but clothes. Many older homes that predate the 1950’s don’t even have closets in the rooms, and if they do, they are tiny. This means you need a larger storage unit than you might think.

The second reason is this size is generally large enough to store most lawn and garden items along with ample space for additional items that need to be stored when not in use in the home. Some of these will include decorations that are used during the holiday seasons in and around a home that need to be tucked away for the rest of the year. While Christmas comes to mind, Halloween is quickly becoming a holiday where these type of decorations are more and more popular and a growing family needs a place to put these items off season.

The reason that makes sense has to do with building a shed. Most contractors will tell you that building anything that is square is a little bit easier and cheaper than building another shape. This has to do with materials and cut lists as well as being able to build four walls that are essentially the same and so forth. It’s just easier to replicate and that goes from building the foundation to the walls and up to the roof.

Of course, if you have thoroughly read the above you should have noted that if your family lives in one of the older homes you might actually need more storage space than a 12 x 12 shed can give. If that is the case, don’t shy away from studying shed plans of all sizes and shapes to get an idea of what it will take to build exactly what your family needs. It’s always better the build or purchase a shed with more space than you currently need than less. Experience says you will eventually fill it up!

And don’t forget to check with your codes department and HOA (Home Owners Association) to find out if you can have a shed in your backyard. This step can save you time and effort as well as a lot of money if you find out after the fact it is not allowed where you live.

Take time to plan and get the amount of storage that you can grow into.

If you are looking to purchase or build a wood shed you are with the majority of people in the US. For those that don’t buy but choose to build, they purchase 12×12 shed plans the most as well.

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