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Trade Show Psychology: Know the Crowd

A person can be rational, they can be educated, intelligent, pragmatic, they can be talked to, convinced, swayed and argued with. A crowd, on the other hand, is more like a force of nature, something that you can perhaps harness, but rarely control.

Now obviously, once you’ve reeled a prospect into a trade show booth, you’re going to be talking to them one on one, but until then, they’re a part of the shapeless mass that is The Crowd. Plucking somebody out of that crowd can be difficult, so here are a few tricks to help your trade show displays stand out…

Being Authoritative

When lost in a crowd, an individual is often looking for some form of authority or leadership. Think about it, if you’re in a building that’s on fire, you’re looking for the guy with the bronze badge waving you out, right? If you’re lost in Wal-Mart, you’re looking for a guy in a blue vest to point you in the right direction. Even in smaller crowds, if you’re in a long line at the bank, you can’t see the front of the line, so you’re following that velvet rope like your life depends on it. It’s all about having that beacon, somewhere, or someone, a person in the crowd can turn to in order to figure out what’s going on, to get their bearings, or just to stay safe.

In business, this means taking the lead in your industry. At trade show booths, being an authority in a crowd situation could be as simple as providing maps of the convention or information. It could even mean giving people a break from the stress of the crowd by offering free water or coffee so they can stop and collect their thoughts. Out of thirty people who come to your booth, maybe two or three will stick around to ask what, exactly, your company does, but those numbers are better than some people see at their trade show booths for the whole event.

Low Pressure Tactics

Clearly, there’s a difference between low-pressure sales tactics and flat out ignoring your prospects. Here’s the happy medium: say hello to everyone who comes to your booth, offer some info or advice if you notice them studying your brochure intently, but don’t be pushy, and try to let them initiate dialog. The majority of people at a trade shows will make the rounds, giving each booth a quick look, before coming back to the ones that interested them. Give them the opportunity to leave and come back, don’t treat every prospect like a fish that’s trying to get away, or you may well scare them off. Being in a crowd can be stressful, and the last thing you want is to “tighten the screws”, so to speak, on a potential customer looking for respite.

Clear, Concise Booth Design

Here’s a trick to human psychology: we’re instinctively attracted to shiny objects. Scientists assume that this helped us find water back in the prehistoric days, but whatever the reason, we still like shiny things after all these years. Other than that, clear, concise, clean booth layouts will always do better than noisy, colorful, flashy and tacky booth designs. A bold banner is nice, but the human eye is actually more attracted to white space than it is to darker imagery or color. Think of Beatles album covers and you think of The White Album. It’s an iconic, clear image. “The Red, Green and Gray Album” wouldn’t have been quite so eye-catching. The human eye likes simplicity.

Other than this, just make sure that once you bring your prospects in, you have something to show them.


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Comprehensive Guideline On How To Write A Psychology Dissertation Before Deadline

If you are in a university and want to get your degree in your hands then apart from the studies, you will have to come up with a commendable thesis. It is not an overnight work; therefore, a writer has to spend a lot of time in searching for pertinent stuff.

There are some specific rules to write a psychology dissertation which a writer has to consider otherwise all his hard work goes in vain.

Original search is another key factor to devise a great thesis but that is time consuming as well. A thesis can be more complex for a writer as it involves intense knowledge and skills to understand typical human behavior.

To come up with such a thesis is difficult indeed but not impossible and we can guide you in step by step manner to write this thesis with ease.

Guidelines psychology dissertation writing:

How to decide a topic?

The first and the foremost thing is to select a topic for your thesis which can be daunting at times because you never know which topic will impress your supervisor and which will not. It is advisable not to go for a topic that is discussed thousands of time earlier.

How to conduct a search?

Search for a good amount of material on the topic you have selected over the internet but make sure whatever you are including is credible and from authentic sources because with such a heap of information on internet one cannot guarantee anything. You can use different types of primary and secondary sources to come up with good amount of data for your thesis.

Make an outline for your thesis:

Its time that you scan all the material and see which is pertinent and which is not? Exclude all those data which you think should not be included in your thesis.

This is how you will get to know how to write a psychology dissertation in no time. Outline will consist of the format through which you will write the entire thesis and all the major points you will discuss in your project.

Formulate a thesis statement:

Thesis statement is a backbone of your thesis, this is why; it is always given the utmost importance. Therefore, you must encapsulate the whole idea of your thesis into one single sentence. Make sure it gives the whole picture in a very concise manner and it is intriguing enough so that a reader decides to continue reading the later part of your thesis.

Decide a methodology:

There are many suggested methods for conducting research work out of which you have to decide which would better suit this one. Research methodology is based on the nature of topic you are planning to discuss.

Conduct experiments:

If there is a need to conduct experiment for your thesis then you must start performing it here in this section.

Summarize the results:

Experiments will obviously deliver you with some results. Therefore, here in this step you will summarize all the results you have found. There is a separate segment where you will discuss those results as well. The discussion should comprise of the answers to the following question:

Were you able to prove your hypothesis right?

Write the conclusion:

Wind up your work here by reconnecting the thesis statement in order to claim it right. Provide valid reasons of the results you concluded and how you were or were not able to prove your hypothesis right.

Hence, you must follow the preceding guidelines to write a psychology dissertation that will earn you appreciations from your supervisor.

Donna Santos is a professional Educational Consultant and helping the students to accomplish their educational projects for many years. She posses a vast experience in her field and is ready to share knowledge and information with this write a psychology dissertation.