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NHL Power Poll

NHL Power Poll

1. Detroit Red Wings (4): Mike Modano credits his recent success to getting in shape. He said looming thoughts of retirement last season didn’t lead to his best conditioning.

2. Philadelphia Flyers (3): On Wednesday, the Flyers begin a stretch of nine games that includes three teams with a winning record. It’s a huge opportunity to pile up points.

3. Washington Capitals (1): More alarming than any postgame conversation with Ilya Kovalchuk is that Alex Ovechkin entered Wednesday’s game against Carolina with one goal in six games, where to buy Washington Capitals Jerseys? ujersy.

4. Montreal Canadiens (5): A write-in campaign isn’t easy, so credit Habs fans for giving Carey Price the early lead in All-Star voting for goalies.

5. Pittsburgh Penguins (12): No coincidence that Pittsburgh’s surge coincides with Sidney Crosby’s offensive production. He has 20 points in his past nine games.

6. Los Angeles Kings (2):
Justin Williams is showing how productive he can be when healthy.

7. Phoenix Coyotes (20): After a slow start, Ray Whitney is coming on. He has 10 points in his past six games.

8. Columbus Blue Jackets (16): Yep, that’s Rostislav Klesla atop the NHL’s plus/minus leaders at plus-17.

9. St. Louis Blues (6): The Blues have solved their issue of winning at home. Now, if they could just address their 3-5-2 road record, Recommend directory: St. Louis Blues Jerseys.

10. Tampa Bay Lightning (19): Nearly a quarter (24.7) of Steve Stamkos’ shots become goals. Unreal.

11. Colorado Avalanche (14):
A good battle for playing time in goal between Peter Budaj and Craig Anderson.

12. Boston Bruins (8): Not many contenders get a midseason boost like the one 100-point scorer Marc Savard will soon provide.

13. New York Rangers (11): Goalie Martin Biron has quietly become one of the offseason’s best free-agent signings.

14. Vancouver Canucks (7): Roberto Luongo’s .907 save percentage would be his lowest since playing for the Islanders, but it’s still higher than his two Team Canada Olympic teammates.

15. Anaheim Ducks (9): Nothing like losing to the hapless Oilers and then having five days to think about it.

16. San Jose Sharks (10): San Jose Mercury News columnist Mark Purdy points out that the Sharks have been shut out four times. Their total all of last season? Two.

17. Chicago Blackhawks (13): Looks like Joel Quenneville is easing up on Duncan Keith’s ice time.

18. Minnesota Wild (17): Not much risk in adding Patrick O’Sullivan, who has a two-way deal. His days in Carolina were numbered when Jeff Skinner made the team, Go to buy Minnesota Wild Jerseys on ujersy.

19. Dallas Stars (18): Stars fans are already tiring of the Brad Richards trade rumors — and it’s November. It’s only going to get worse.

20. Carolina Hurricanes (22): In Ryan Carter, the Hurricanes add playoff experience and someone who can win faceoffs and kill penalties.

21. Nashville Predators (23): It will be hard to evaluate this team until everybody gets healthy. Example: Matthew Lombardi could be a major difference-maker.

22. Ottawa Senators (15): We’re starting to see hiccups in Erik Karlsson’s rise to stardom.

23. Atlanta Thrashers (24): The Thrashers have a .300 winning percentage when they score first. Their winning percentage when allowing the first goal? .545.

24. Buffalo Sabres (21): Good to see the well-traveled Colin Stuart back in the NHL.

25. Toronto Maple Leafs (25): The Brad Richards trade talk is fun, but does it really make any sense for Toronto to peddle young assets when serious contention isn’t close?

26. Florida Panthers (27): David Booth’s lack of scoring isn’t from lack of trying. He leads the team with 81 shots but has one goal in November.

27. Calgary Flames (26): Sportsnet’s Roger Millions said he’s hearing the team is already disappointed in recently acquired Anton Babchuk. That didn’t take long.

28. New Jersey Devils (30): On the bright side, half of Ilya Kovalchuk’s four goals have been overtime game-winners.

29. Edmonton Oilers (29): Frustration is setting in for Tom Renney, who ripped the team after a loss to Phoenix: “I’m not happy, flat out, not happy. It’s a joke.”

30. New York Islanders (28): A wakeup call for Josh Bailey, who was loaned to AHL Bridgeport to rediscover his game.

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Nhl Power Rankings

Power Rankings for this week.  A special thanks to, BlueJacketsHockey

1. San Jose Sharks (26-4-3) 55 points

Yes, I know they lost twice this week and once to the Blue Jackets, but as of now I still think, by a slight edge they are the best in the NHL right now.

2. Detroit Red Wings (22-6-4) 48 points

Yea, they were one of the teams that beat the sharks last week and I know I’ll have some angry Bruins fans, but they beat the best team in the NHL, they gotta be here.

3. Boston Bruins (24-5-4) 52 points

Don’t get me wrong Bruins, I think you are a great team and that you will someday be 1 or 2, but the Wings beat the Sharks last week and I don’t think it’s fair to make the Sharks move from 1 to 3 when right now, they are still the best team in the leauge, but I think that the Bruins may be number 1 in a few weeks to come.

4. Chicago Blackhawks (18-6-7) 43 points

Can you say on fire? I’m not sure the Blackhawks can’t beat anyone right now there on a 7 game win streak right now, and I don’t care who you beat 7 games in the NHL is impressive, and Toews and Kane are two guys that can make things like that happen for you, also great goaltending by Nikolai Kabibulin, and Cristobal Huet.  That’s the game to watch this week friday night, Flyers and Hawks.

5. New York Rangers (22-12-2) 46 points

They look solid as always, and yes I am taking into account that they have played alot more games than every one, but even if you let people catch up they are still doing just about as good as the Flyers or Caps. Even without Jaramir Jagr they have been able to consistantly put up points and that is the key to success.

6. Philadelphia Flyers (18-8-7) 43 points

With an impressive 7-1 win against the Caps this saturday I think they Flyers have hit a hot streak and they are still without Breiere.  I think when he comes back, you will see an extremly effective offense and an underrated goaltender blosum in Antero Nittymaki.

7. New Jersey Devils (19-9-3) 41 points

Speaking of hot, is there anyone who can beat the Devils? (BlackHawks) This team is 7-1-1 this month and they can prove there selfs this week if they can beat the Bruins, Pens, and Rangers.  I think if they can take 2 of those 3 then more people will start to notice the Devils are for real, even without Brodeur.

8. Washington Capitals (20-11-3) 43 points

They are playing good hockey right now, problem is alot of teams are playing better hockey, they need to start getting a little more effective in the defensive end, especially in the slot area, and I still think it’s a misstery why they sent down Simeon Varlamov, he was 2-0 with a GAA of 1.50 and a save % of .953. Also known as alot better than Jose Theodore, but hey, maybe that’s why I’m here doing this and I’m not in the front office.

9. Montreal Canadians (18-9-6) 42 points

After being cold for a while, a win against a solid Sabres team has put them back on track, If there injuries heal up any time soon they could make a run and get in good playoff position by the break.

10. Pittsburgh Penguins (17-11-4) 38 points

They have been playing sub-par latley, and just got thromped by a not so impressive Maple Leafs team.  Malkin keeps puttin up points, but what does it matter if your falling out of the playoff picture.

11. Calgary Flames

12. Vancouver Canucks

13. Anaheim Ducks

14. Buffalo Sabres

15. Carolina Hurricanes

16. Phoenix Coyotes

17. Minnesota Wild

18. Nashville Predators

19. Florida Panthers

20. Toronto Maple Leafs

21. Colorado Avalanche

22. Columbus Blue Jackets (14-15-4)  32 points

The Columbus Blue Jackets had a overtime win over the previously only 5 time beaten, San Jose Sharks 2-1 in OT. On the very next night they played the Dallas Stars and put in their goalie that just came off the injury list, Pascal LeClarie. He gave up 5 goals in the 3 periods though the Blue Jackets also answered with 5 goals. In the shootout stars won 2-0. CBJ this week, 1-2

23. Edmonton Oilers

24. Ottawa Senators

25. Los Angeles Kings

26. Dallas Stars

27. Atlanta Thrashers

28. St. Louis Blues

29. Tampa Bay Lightining

30. New York Islanders

My Top 3 Contendors for MVP

1.Evgeni Malkin- He has been so efficent on the powre play this year at the point and it seems that when ever I see the Pens on a power play on TV they score and if it’s an assist or a goal he is always in on it, and he is similar to last years MVP (Alex Ovechkin) In that he bring alot of energy to the team, and who wouldn’t love to play with that

2. Alex Ovechkin- He had an average week, but week in and week out Malkin always has great weeks, Ovechkin has been a goal scoring machine latley, but not so much this week, I think he should get right back into the swing of things against the Rangers.

3. Jeff Carter- He has been great this year, and I’m not sure anyone could have called this season, he is first in the NHL in goals (25) and 6th in points (39) he also plays great Defense and forces alot of turnovers, and most importantly his team is successful right now.  If the Flyers keep winning, and he keeps putting pucks in the back of the net, I think he might stay on this list, and even climb up it.

My Top 3 Contendors for Defensiveman of the year

1. Dion Phaneuf- The guy just continues to play physical hockey and never let’s so much as a pop corn vendor go by him, he is also contributing on the offensive end with 20 assists.  i think it will be a while before someone knockes him of this list.

2. Zdeno Chara- He plays the boards so well and now in the NHL it is hard to cut threw teams so when you have a big body like him who understands his size, and what his limitations are, you have an unstoppable force on defense, which creates a good offense.  And that’s why the Bruins are playing so well right now.

3. Mike Green- Skates like a center, toe drags like a winger and hits like a Defensman.  If he had the smart of the two guys above him, and didn’t have the injury problems, he might be first on this list, he throws tuns of open ice checks, which you don’t get from D guys as much these days.  I think if he can stay health he might go up this list.

My Top 3 Contendors for goaile of the year

1. Henrick Lundqvist- He is playing great hockey right now with a record of 18-10-2 with a stagering save % of .913 just a little bit better defense and that record might look a lot better and there power ranking might go up a little bit too.

2. Evgeni Nabokov- He hasn’t played as many games as he’s liked this year because of injury, but he’s 18-3-2.  it’s hard to argue that, if he gets healthy he might be number one and the Sharks might beat everyone they play.

3. Roberto Luongo- He’s still hurt and I think this might be his last week on this list for a while.  He has 5 shut outs and his defense is not all that great he’s 11-5-2, and it would be better if he was a bruin, or a shark.  I hope he can get healthy so he can keep making great saves, and giving offenses fits.

Ovechkin8peterson28 originally published this article at rootzoo.com. Besides writing articles, he’s often found making his nfl picks. He’s also an expert when it comes to ncaa basketball picks. Keep an eye out for his fantasy basketball rankings.

How To Increase Your Power For Basketball

Everyone who is trying to make it to fame in the NBA knows that power is a requirement not to be underestimated. Jumping as high as possible and sprinting as fast as possible is very much needed when it comes to playing professional basketball.
There is a formula to increase your athletic power:
Power = (Force x Distance) / Time
Force x Distance is also equal to work. Therefore, to increase your power you must do the MOST work in the LEAST time! Lets go into this idea in more depth.
1. Increase Force = Since strength and force are directly proportional this means that the stronger you get the more force you can apply to a specific sport movement. Therefore, the more strength you have, meaning the more power you can apply, the greater athletic power you have. In my opinion, the best way to improve your strength is with HIIT training, High Intensity Interval Training. Search it up on google you won’t be at a loss for information on HIIT training believe me! A great way to build strength is putting stress on your muscles for 1 to 2 minutes straight. Thats it for force. On to Distance next.
2. Increase Distance = To do this you need to make yourself more flexible, therefore increase the amount of movement you have when doing exercises. So once you get more flexible you can cover a great distance and therefore your power will increase! An example of this is increasing lower back, hip and shoulder flexibility to consent for a greater range of motion when your swinging a golf club. The further back you can pull the golf club the more power you can generate with the club and exert on the ball. Thats it for distance, its that simple! Next onto Time.
3. Less Time = Reducing the time to do a movement means you will be doing it faster and therefore that translates to more athletic power. The best way to get faster at specific skills is to do them time after time. Keep doing it for hours a day and you will inevitably get faster at it if nothing else. The more you perform a specific skill the easier it will to be do it during your match or wherever it is you want to do it. A good idea is to get someone to video tape you doing the skill, analyse it and do it better next time.
Another thing you can do to improve your athletic power is to lose body fat. If you have a lot of body fat it can stop you from being as flexible as you can be.
So thats it guys, take in all the information in this article, go out and train real hard and be the best you can be in your sport!

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Nissan Altima 3.5 SL 2013: An Automobile with Power and Innovation

There are some people who live to ride. The reason is their passion and craze towards automobiles that make them do so. I am also the person which such a belief as my obsession towards automobiles is not new. It started when I was a kid and my dad used to gift me toy cars on my birthdays. I made my own world with them where only I and my cars were there talking to each other about life without cars. This craze for the cars kept on increasing and now I own my own information portal. There, I make people aware about the latest cars and unbelievable technologies introduced in them. One most recent release by the Nissan is its new Nissan Altima 3.5 SL.

The Nissan Altima 3.5 SL is the hottest creation by the brand that has stunned everyone with its beauty and performance. Those who all have to do with performance of this vehicle will be happy to know that this four-door sedan delivers small-car fuel efficiency. It does not compromise with the performance. You can get down the highway at 31mpg and get around town on 22 mpg. It possesses V6 engine with 270 horsepower 3.5 liter offering excellent efficiency and lifelong value that a true car enthusiast be worthy of. It has incredible gas mileage with smooth and strong power deliverance which is a true winning mishmash of features. It is equipped with paddle shifters allowing manual control at your fingertips.

New Nissan Altima is featured with Xtronic Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) which offers you a chance to say valediction to fixed gear ratios and greet fresh CVT technology. The new version of this CVT has abridged the friction up to 40%. This trait has resulted in increased the ratio coverage to more than 8-speed automatics. The feature that is present only in the Altima 2013 is the Active Understeer Control which offers smooth, controlled and comfortable ride. The system installed in the vehicle automatically senses oversteer and understeer, and hence delicately applies brakes offering a jagged handling in all types of conditions.

A wonderful aerodynamics that this vehicle is outfitted with provides people with a new experience in driving. There are muscular lines and chiseled curves that reduce the drag making this vehicle the most aerodynamic sedans ever. The real beauty of this vehicle is associated with Nissan headlights. Altima 3.5 SL is equipped with HID Xenon headlights that illuminate the roads from front providing brighter view than the conventional light forms. The tail lights that this vehicle possesses are based on LED technology have integrated and stylish designing providing far-fetched visibility and protection from the rear end. There is an intelligent Key control engine smart system in this automobile. This facilitates an individual to hit the button on the door trunk or handle and lock it without any keys. Even starting a car is possible from 100 feet using the Remote Engine Start System. It is a suitable solution to heat up or cool down the internal environment of the Altima before getting inside it.

Driving this automobile will be a real fun for those who are car fanatical like me. This new Nissan Altima 2013 has so many new things to offer that will surely provide a delightful combination of class, beauty, safety and innovativeness.

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Nfl Tickets – Week 11 Power Rankings

Week 10 of the NFL’s regular season was perhaps the most newsworthy yet, with several teams causing shakeups in the league. Week 10 was full of surprises, from the Philadelphia Eagles routing the Washington Redskins to the New England Patriots soundly thumping the Pittsburgh Steelers and even the Dallas Cowboys posting a big win against the New York Giants. Here’s how teams stack up after the chaos of Week 10.

1. New England Patriots. Tom Brady and the New England Patriots are really starting to look like the Super Bowl contenders they were before Brady’s 2008 knee injury, and that means the rest of the league should take them very seriously. The Pats tore apart a very decent Steelers team in Week 10, and their 7-2 record puts them at the top of the rankings.

2. Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons have been legit competitors so far this season, and a big win over the Ravens in Week 10 helped boost their status. The Falcons are for real, and if wins over the Saints, Bengals, Bucs and Browns don’t prove it, a solid W against Baltimore certainly should.

3. New York Jets. As much as everyone loves to hate the Jets, Rex Ryan’s crew is still hanging tough in the top echelon of the NFL. When Mark Sanchez is on target, the J-E-T-S are H-O-T. Their 7-2 record has them in a tie for the top of the AFC East with the Patriots, though they’ll have to continue dominating to stay afloat.

4. Philadelphia Eagles. With football fans rallying for Michael Vick to take the league MVP award, the Eagles are exactly where they want to be at this point in the season. They tie the New York Giants for first place in the NFC East, and a big win over the Indianapolis Colts in Week 9 still has the Eagles soaring high going into Week 11.

5. Indianapolis Colts. The Indianapolis Colts are top sellers of NFL tickets each and every year, and they’ll continue to remain in headlines as long as Peyton Manning is the team’s quarterback. The mounting injuries for the Colts (especially on offense) have knocked the team down a few pegs this week, but the team’s solid 6-3 record should continue to be good enough to survive until Indy’s top players return to the field.

6. Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens continue to stay in the Top 10 of the power rankings, but a Week 10 loss to the Atlanta Falcons puts them in mid-range instead of at the top, where they’ve been over the last few weeks.

7. Pittsburgh Steelers. Pittsburgh opened the season with a bang, but have they lost the momentum? The Steelers lost a big one to the Patriots in Week 10 and are 1-2 in their last three games, moving them steadily down in rank.

8. New Orleans Saints. With Reggie Bush back in the lineup, the Saints should get a big boost in Week 11. In a division as tough as the NFC South, however, the Saints need to step it up a notch if they want to be considered for the postseason.

9. Chicago Bears. The Bears are quietly waging war, and they’re definite Top 10 contenders. If Jay Cutler continues improving, this Chicago crew could make a steady run for the playoffs.

10. New York Giants. Eli Manning and the Giants are still in it to win it, but they drop in rankings after losing to the struggling Cowboys in Week 10.

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Nfl Tickets – Top 10 Power Rankings

Here is how I see the Top 10 teams in the NFL heading into Week 8 of the 2010 season:

1. Pittsburgh Steelers: The Steelers probably got away with one against Miami, but I can’t drop them for getting lucky. The Steelers can be beat, but they seem like the best, most balanced team in the NFL right now. With Big Ben back, the Steelers’ passing game has looked great.

2. New York Jets: The Jets didn’t lose any ground during their bye week. This team is really close to being undefeated, and perhaps only has one loss because they waited a week to unleash Mark Sanchez. Sanchez struggled heading into the bye, but he seems to have made a lot of progress in the offseason.

3. New England Patriots: The Patriots don’t look great on paper and they don’t overwhelm you when you watch them play, but they find ways to win. The passing game is not what it used to be, but their defense has improved enough to hold opponents in check. I have to think this team has been getting a little lucky, though.

4. Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens escaped the Bills this weekend, which would have been an embarrassing loss. The Baltimore secondary was exposed by Ryan Fitzpatrick and Lee Evans; the team will have to fix their issues if they’re going to remain in the Top 5.

5. Indianapolis Colts: The Colts don’t lose any ground this week, as they were on a bye, and I think they could actually be the third best team in the league. We’ll find out when they face Houston on Monday Night Football.

6. Atlanta Falcons: The Falcons looked like a Top 5 team in the first half against the Bengals, but allowed Cincinnati to come back. This defense is not an elite unit, though the offense has its fair share of playmakers. Roddy White is definitely a guy worth getting NFL tickets to see play.

7. New York Giants: I am just about ready to go all in on the Giants, and I think they could very well be the best team in the NFC. Their pass-rush has returned and they’ve got a very good offense. If Eli Manning can limit his turnovers, I think they can go to the Super Bowl.

8. Tennessee Titans: The Titans made a statement in beating a solid Eagles team in Week 7. They’ve got one of the better defenses in the league and their offense is becoming more and more balanced as the weeks go by. I think they can succeed with either Vince Young or Kerry Collins at this point. This looks like a playoff team.

9. Green Bay Packers: The Packers are going to struggle to overcome their injuries, but they still seem like one of the better teams in a shaky NFC. Aaron Rodgers won’t give up on the season.

10. Houston Texans: The Texans could be great if they could stop anyone. They’ve got one of the worst secondaries in the league and opposing passing games are feasting on them. They’ve got to outshoot teams to beat them, though they often can thanks to their high-powered offense.

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Nfl Tickets – Week 7 Power Rankings

While players’ extra-curricular habits seem to be the talk of the league going into Week 7 of the NFL’s regular season (Pat McAfee, we’re looking at you), there has also been an uproar concerning the midseason power rankings. Last year’s dominant teams have mostly been forgotten as new powerhouses emerge, and here is a list of the top 10 teams in the league going into Week 7 play.

1. New York Jets. Boasting the best record in the NFL after Week 6, the 5-1 Jets have earned their place at the top. Darrelle Revis played through injury and Mark Sanchez kept his calm in the Jets’ Week 6 matchup against the Broncos, and they head into a bye week as the top dogs in the league.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers. It was no fluke the Steelers played very solid football even without Ben Roethlisberger at the helm, but now that he’s back Pittsburgh looks tough on both sides of the ball. The Steelers are certainly the team to beat this year.

3. Indianapolis Colts. Peyton Manning is still Peyton Manning, and that’s reason enough for the Colts to make the Top 10 of the power rankings. Even with a number of injuries on the defense, the Colts still manage to win ball games and sell lots of NFL tickets while they’re at it. We’ll credit some of that to the Colts offense — Pierre Garcon and that beautiful one-handed catch, anyone?

4. New England Patriots. The Patriots swapped Randy Moss for Deion Branch, and so far it looks like a good move in New England. Branch stepped up big in the Pats’ Week 6 win over the Baltimore Ravens, further proving that it’s never a good idea to count the Patriots out of contention.

5. Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens suffered a heartbreaking loss to the Patriots on the road in Week 6, but Joe Flacco and Co. still deserve to be a Top Five team. Baltimore’s 4-2 record is no testament to how good this team really is, and if they get their running game going any opponent is in trouble.

6. Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons fell to the Eagles in Week 6, but they’ve still put up more than a few convincing games so far this season. A big win over the Saints in Week 3 proved the Falcons have fight in them, but they’ll really have to keep the momentum going to stay afloat.

7. Houston Texans. The Texans are shaping up to be the solid team they were hailed as early on in the season. Although their secondary leaves something to be desired, Matt Shaub and Co. have come up with some pretty huge wins this season, including a big one over the Indianapolis Colts.

8. Philadelphia Eagles. For a team still making quarterback changes, the Eagles are in very good shape. They’ve proved they can win with either Kevin Kolb or Michael Vick at the helm, and they come off a huge Week 6 victory against the Atlanta Falcons.

9. New Orleans Saints. The Saints certainly don’t look like last year’s undefeated team, but they are still ferocious on the football field. Sean Payton’s Saints lost an embarrassing game against the Cardinals in Week 5, but they look to be back on track heading into the middle part of the season.

10. New York Giants. The 4-2 Giants are sneaking into the top part of the power rankings thanks to Eli Manning’s covert but consistently solid throwing. The Giants have had some ups and downs already this season but have ultimately powered through with their offense, giving them some hope to get back to the top.

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Nfl Tickets – Week 3 Power Rankings

With the first two weeks of the NFL’s regular season under way, things are starting to shape up for teams around the league. Here are the top teams taking the early lead going into Week 3.

1. New Orleans Saints. The 2010 Saints don’t look as powerful as the 2009 Saints at first glance, but they’re still a solid team that has beaten two very tough teams so far in the Minnesota Vikings and San Francisco Giants. With Reggie Bush out the Saints could be in trouble, but we’ll see what Sean Payton has cooking for the Saints to replace their do-it-all running back.

2. Indianapolis Colts. What Super Bowl hangover? After a rocky start in a Week 1 loss to the Houston Texans, the Indianapolis Colts are back at the top after a convincing win against the New York Giants in Week 2. Peyton Manning looked every part of a league MVP as he went 20 of 26 with 255 yards and three touchdowns against brother Eli and the Giants, and it’s comforting to know the Colts can get by just fine without Bob Sanders on defense. Running backs Joseph Addai and Donald Brown combined for a run attack we usually don’t see from the Colts offense, but with a plethora of receiving talent in the lineup as well, this Indianapolis team already looks destined to go to another Super Bowl this year.

3. Green Bay Packers. The Packers suffered a minor setback with the loss of running back Ryan Grant for the year, but Brandon Jackson looks to be a solid option in his place. Aaron Rodgers is quickly becoming one of the best quarterbacks in the league, and he continues posting stellar performances that only help his case as an NFL elite.

4. Houston Texans. It could be considered a fluke when the Texans beat the Colts in Week 1, but their big win over the Redskins in Week 2 is undeniable (we’ll let Matt Schaub’s 497 yards passing speak for itself). It’s true; the Texans are a legit team this year, and while perhaps a bit overhyped they’re still a team most NFL analysts are jazzed on so far this season. Are the Texans good enough to beat the Colts out for the AFC South title? So far, so good for Matt Schaub and Co.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers are 2-0 already this season and Ben Roethlisberger hasn’t even thrown a toss yet. Once he’s back from a league suspension, Roethlisberger should be able to make the Steelers an even stronger team.

6. New York Jets. The Jets have already had some heavy highs and lows this season – and it’s only Week 3! After getting beat by the Baltimore Ravens in Week 1, the Jets came back with a vengeance in Week 2 and beat the Patriots with a steady offense and signature hold-’em defense. Most spectacularly, they did it largely without the help of Darrelle Revis, signifying that Mark Sanchez and the Jets could really be as great as Rex Ryan proclaimed them to be once they connect.

7. Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins are cruising atop the AFC East after Week 2, and they still haven’t played to their full potential. With upcoming games against the Jets and Patriots, though, the Dolphins could either soar or sink over the next couple weeks.

8. New England Patriots. The Patriots will always be a team that sells tons of NFL tickets, and Tom Brady’s legacy in the league is still as strong as ever. Brady and the Patriots got beat by the Jets in Week 2 when they showed some big weaknesses, but what we’ve learned from Bill Belichick over the last several years is to never – never – underestimate this New England team.

9. Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals D shut down the Ravens in Week 2, and once the T.Ochocinco show gets rolling the Bengals could be unstoppable. The problem is keeping consistent, and Carson Palmer needs to step up if the Bengals want to be legitimate postseason contenders again this year.

10. Baltimore Ravens. Joe Flacco’s Ravens are tough again this year, but with an average of 10 points per game the Ravens need to kick it up a notch if they want to continue winning ball games. The Ravens should be higher than this on the rankings, but they haven’t yet earned a Top 5 place.

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Week 15, NFL Power Rankings

1– New England Patriots (12-2): It wasn’t the Pats’ prettiest win, and they didn’t dominate for the first time since Thanksgiving, but they got the W.

2– Atlanta Falcons (12-2): Home against New Orleans next week should be a real test for Atlanta, where to buy Cheap NFL Jerseys? maybe ujersy is a good choice.

3– Philadelphia Eagles (10-4): Wow.

4 – Chicago Bears (10-4): It may be getting to the point where we have to give the Bears respect. Thus their #4 ranking.

5 – Pittsburgh Steelers (10-4): Even with the loss to the Jets, the Steelers remain on top of the NFC North.

6– Baltimore Ravens (10-4): Big win for Baltimore over the Super Bowl champs.

7– New Orleans Saints (10-4): Like I said last week, the Saints haven’t beat a team with a winning record since Pittsburgh in week 8.

8– New York Jets (10-4): The Jets needed that win to get some of their confidence back.

9– Kansas City Chiefs (9-5): Amazing what a difference Matt Cassel makes. He doesn’t make mistakes and the Chiefs have one of the best running games in football. Good playoff formula.

10– New York Giants (9-5): I would hate to be a Giants fan right now.

11– Indianapolis Colts (8-6): Until the playoffs start and Manning isn’t present, I’m betting on Manning to be there.

12– San Diego Chargers (8-6): They may have waited one week too long to make they’re annual playoff run.

13– Jacksonville Jaguars (8-6): The Jags still can’t seem to win the big games.

14– Green Bay Packers (8-6): Thy played hard, but in the end, the Patriots are just too good.

15– Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8-6): It has been a feel good season for Tampa Bay, they should have some confidence moving forward.

16– Oakland Raiders (7-7): They’ve had a much improved season, but still have a lot of voids to fill.

17– Miami Dolphins (7-7): Dolphins have a lot of holes to fill to be a viable team again. With the Jets and Patriots on the up and up, it won’t be easy, if you want to buy Indianapolis Colts #92 Jerseys, go to ujersy.

18– St. Louis Rams (6-8): The NFC West went 0-4 in week 15 for the third time this year. No other division in NFL history accomplished such feat twice.

19– Seattle Seahawks (6-8): The NFC West went 0-4 in week 15 for the third time this year. No other division in NFL history accomplished such feat twice.

20– San Francisco 49ers (6-8): The NFC West went 0-4 in week 15 for the third time this year. No other division in NFL history accomplished such feat twice.

21– Tennessee Titans (6-8): Where did that come from? Is Houston’s D just that bad?

22– Dallas Cowboys (5-9): Most talented 5-9 team I’ve ever seen. Even without their starting quarterback.

23– Houston Texans (5-9): Again, is the Texans’ D really that bad? I think it is.

24– Cleveland Browns …

More information please views: Week 15, NFL Power Rankings

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Nfl Tickets – A New Look At The Power Rankings

With the NFL regular season finally ready to kick off, here’s a look at the teams that seem to have all the pieces to compete for a title this year.

1. Indianapolis Colts:
The Colts have the right pedigree to win in the NFL. Led by Peyton Manning, the Colts have a proficient pass-first offense and still have Dwight Freeney to get after the quarterback on the other side of the ball. It will be tough to get back to the Super Bowl this year, but the Colts are the most steady and complete team in the league.

2. Green Bay Packers:
What people tend to forget is that the Packers actually had one of the best defenses in the league last season. As long as their defensive unit remains in the top 10, quarterback Aaron Rodgers is playing at a level that has them in the conversation of Super Bowl contenders. This is going to be one of the most fun teams in the league to watch. And fantasy football fans who have Packers players should circle their Week 2 home matchup against the Bills.

3. Dallas Cowboys:
There is simply too much talent on both sides of the ball to overlook. With his most weapons ever, quarterback Tony Romo looks to be in position to put up the type of statistical season that gets him mentioned as one of the elite signal callers in the league. This is a team good enough to go deep in the playoffs.

4. New Orleans Saints:
There’s a reason why teams don’t repeat as Super Bowl champions very often. With the Atlanta Falcons potentially pushing them in the division, the Saints aren’t even a guarantee to win the NFC South, let alone another title. But they still have Drew Brees, so I’m saying there’s a chance.

5. Baltimore Ravens:
The main problem for the Ravens is in the secondary, as they are already suffering from a plethora of important injuries. Even with secondary issues, however, they still have lots of defensive talent and now have an impressive offense littered with playmakers that will help sell NFL tickets. With a solid running game led by Ray Rice, a steady young quarterback in Joe Flacco and a trio of good wideouts led by Anquan Boldin, the Ravens could be for real in 2010.

6. Atlanta Falcons:
The last time Michael Turner was healthy, the Falcons won 11 games – and that was when Matt Ryan was a rookie quarterback. In his third season, Ryan should be able to take a step forward in his development, which should have the Falcons in the playoff hunt.

7. Minnesota Vikings:
In a league in which you have to throw the football, the Vikings’ passing attack is a big question mark. With Sidney Rice out for a majority of the season, the Vikings will have to rely on Bernard Berrian and a banged up Percy Harvin, not to mention aging quarterback Brett Favre. Favre may have had a great season last year but now he’ll have to do it on a questionable ankle and without his number one target.

8. New England Patriots:
The Patriots may not be able to stop anybody this year, but they also may not have to. Tom Brady appears poised for a huge season, as does his go-to guy Randy Moss. The Jets have been getting most of the publicity in the division but the Pats still have the best quarterback and coach in the AFC East.

9. San Diego Chargers:
With wideout Vincent Jackson and left tackle Marcus McNeill on the field, the Chargers should be one of the best teams in the league. Without them, the Chargers will have to try to replace two Pro Bowl offensive players, which is definitely a lot to ask. They still have Philip Rivers and a weak division, but it’s hard to be too high on the Chargers right now.

10. New York Jets:
I’m tempted to put either the Bengals or the Texans in the top five over the Jets because the Jets are still relying on second year quarterback Mark Sanchez, who had a fairly atrocious rookie year. The Jets are also a run-first team in a league that no longer requires you to run the ball effectively to be elite. If Sanchez can improve, the Jets could challenge for the division and make a playoff run due to their top-tier defense and offensive line, but they’re mostly hype until that happens.

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