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Bowl Seems More Convenient Secondary Pollution Widespread Worries – Bowl, Secondary Pollution –

Bowl everywhere, seems to indicate that it has completely acceptable to the public. However, it seems convenient bowl, is not as safe as people think. “Disposable tableware is a common phenomenon in secondary pollution.” Calls the reader familiar with the matter have said, many processing plants, also a bowl with the recovery of recycled paper. Small workshops using inexpensive toxic industrial adhesives stick bowl, and, in the printing ink on paper tableware is not “food grade” ink, but the industrial inks easily penetrate into the inner wall utensils, hazardous to health … …

More the industry said the bowl can be filled with water the reason why is because a layer of polyethylene confining wall coating film, but not good if the materials used or technology, however, this substance is likely to be oxidized to carbonyl compounds. Carbonyl compounds likely to be volatile after the heat, people smell the scent of stocks, and long-term intake of this substance is very hazardous, especially in some small plants are still explicitly prohibited the use of renewable impermeable polyethylene membrane.

“Home near my home have to do this bowl of small factories, I know the inside story, so never use.” An enthusiastic reader told reporters, some paper towels looked clean and white, because of an fluorescent brighteners reasons, some bowls, and even touch the talcum powder, these things are harmful.

It is understood that earlier, Wuhan City, CDC has conducted a survey about the health situation in tableware, results showed that disposable tableware hygiene compliance rate is relatively low, some samples were also found to have exceeded by the fluorescence. Allegedly excessive paper tableware Fluorescence is most likely out of waste paper as raw materials. After the waste paper pulp labeled yellow, fortune teller poor, to improve the finish, manufacturers use only a large number of phosphor.

Not only that, after the State Environmental Protection Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center issued a “one-off tableware, food packaging bags / film product reports on the situation,” also said that the health properties of one-off tableware, both performance and degradation there big problem. “Bowl will cause a huge consumption of resources and a heavy burden on the environment.” Wuhan an industry that many small factories producing paper tableware is difficult to degrade, the production of pulp pollution of the environment itself, while the convenience of paper towels develop a lot of people walking and eating bad habit of throwing side, not only affects the public image, but also to sanitation tremendous work pressure. “In the past really do not understand why the iron bowl with a charm of sight! Read newspapers to know the reason, that really is the little miss a bowl!” Yesterday, the reporter began to receive the telephone number of readers, many people said, I hope the relevant authorities to take seriously the problem, disposable tableware to enhance the production, sale and use of part of the inspection and supervision, and look forward to more choice with breakfast.

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Super Ball Piston Motor; Potentially Fuel-Less and Pollution Free

Some concepts reviewed at the Online Think Tank are way out there, yet some indeed have merit. Take for instance a recent brilliant idea, which Richard Walker came up with; A Super Ball Piston Motor that would infact be Fuel-Less and Pollution Free.

Worried about Global Warming? Don’t be, all be right back after these messages to explain the whole thing. Thank you for listening and Yes, I like the super ball piston idea, I can imagine it perfectly actually. Sounds very cool. The Super Balls will be the pistons, and once started they will continue to bounce inside, probably fired by air is that correct?

“Yes, this is one way the system can fire itself up”

Now in your super ball piston, as I understand the super ball it gets its elastiticity from sending its energy all the way thru, like a golf ball elongates when you hit it? But if you put a crankshaft thru the center, the balls elastic energy would hit the center where the crank shaft was. So instead the crank shaft would have to attach to the edge of the ball on each side or something.

“Indeed, this is one possibility and there are others of course, the possibilities are endless”

Well, I guess it would depend on how many cylinders, it could operate as one. Could just be two and then the cam shaft or crank shaft would attach on the side of the super balls and run between them. If they operated together with a bar between then the crack shaft could be on the bar or the bar itself right?

Or with a one cylinder super ball model the camshaft could be a “U” like bicycle forks where the cylinder was in the center. All this is in fact possible isn’t it Mr. Walker?

“Indeed it is and the sooner we build these pollution free motors the better, as the applications for such a motor are truly endless”

I certainly hope this article is of interest and that is has propelled thought. The goal is simple; to help you in your quest to be the best in 2007. I thank you for reading my many articles on diverse subjects, which interest you.

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