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Plenty To Talk About Following Super Bowl Xlv

The story lines stemming from Super Bowl XLV had students buzzing at colleges and universities on Monday.

Aside from being treated to a good game the Green Bay Packers defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers 31-25 there were a host of other hot topics that flooded internet chatrooms and media outlets.

Students who are receiving their college education in marketing and advertising fields recapped the Super Bowl’s lineup of commercials. Students at Northwestern University compiled a list of the best and worst ads, ranking Volkswagen’s Darth Vader spot as the top spot of the night.

Individuals who are taking their college classes in performing arts or music theory likely debated the quality of the Super Bowl halftime show, which starred the Black Eyed Peas with a special appearance from Guns ‘N Roses guitarist Slash and pop singer Usher. Although some fans were impressed by the choreography and visual aspects of the concert, other critics were not so kind.

“The whole endless Peas medley was so bad, the producers reportedly spent the last 10 minutes trying to get Paul McCartney on the phone so he could come back and sing A Hard Days Night with [FOX football analyst] Terry Bradshaw,” said Rob Sheffield of Rolling Stone Magazine.

The Black Eyed Peas are fielding mixed reviews, but they certainly had a better day than Christina Aguilera, who made an epic flub while singing the Star Spangled Banner. She messed up several lyrics while crooning, which has prompted an outpouring of criticism as well as sympathy.

Some have argued that there is no excuse for messing up the national anthem, while others have come to her defense, saying that the song is difficult to sing. ESPN.com published a list of notable anthem blunders, including an archived quote from a music legend:

It is “a terrible piece of music. If you took a poll among singers, it would lose a hundred to nothing,” said Frank Sinatra, quoted by the media outlet.

Political science and journalism students debated the much-hyped live interview between FOX News host Bill O-Reilly and President Barack Obama, which aired during FOX’s pregame show. O’Reilly pressed Obama on some heavy topics, including the unrest in Egypt and his controversial healthcare law.

Hal Boedeker , a TV critic for the Orlando Sentinel, said that O’Reilly came across like a “cantankerous uncle” by repeatedly interrupting the leader of the free world and trying to stir an emotional response from Obama. At one point, the conservative talk show host asked what the President thought about being “hated,” then interrupted Obama again to say: “They hate you.”

“President Barack Obama, in the role of understanding nephew, smiled broadly, laughed heartily and said nice things to his elder,” Boedeker wrote.

Guy is a Connecticut-based writer who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in new media from Fairfield University. Following graduation, he was a freelance reporter for several web-based music and news organizations. Guy is particularly interested in the advancement of online education. He is currently taking college courses at New York University (NYU) and pursuing a second degree in education.

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