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Microsoft Office 2013: Designed to suit Windows 8 touch devices

The launch of the Microsoft Office 2013 is aimed at letting users experience the innovative changes brought into Windows 8, which is the latest operating system launched by Microsoft. However, the newly introduced Microsoft Office 2013 comes for as less as $ 100 annually. 

Many people may not feel too comfortable about spending  $ 100 for Microsoft Office 2013 while there are utilities like Google Docs and others providing similar services. But you would realize the advantages of the new Microsoft Office 2013 once you start using it. 

Why should you opt for the new MS Office 2013?

The new version of MS Office stands entirely for the convenience of the users. Microsoft has designed the software this time in a way that makes it usable on Window 8 running tablet and other devices. Moreover, this can be used for a host of productivity tools that support devices with touchscreens. Using the new MS Office 2013, users would be able to perform most of the actions with a mere tap or click.

So it has been not only streamlined to fulfill the requirements of Windows 8 running tablets and PCs but it also makes it easy for users to use their PCs with increased convenience irrespective of the hardware used with the system. So overall, the new MS Office 2013 stands for the convenience for both the desktop and touchscreen users of Windows 8 and Windows 7. You need to note that the new Office is not compatible with the earlier versions of Windows OS.

By subscribing once, you would able to install the Office 2013 on five different Windows PCs. Each of the systems would have its own customizable experience connected to the same Microsoft account. So the software works perfect for a person who uses a desktop PC at home, a laptop in office and a tablet while travelling. For all three devices only one subscription of the MS Office will be effective. On each of the devices, you get different sets of personalized Office apps and themes.

The work done by users on the PCs installed with the new Office would be attached to the Microsoft account. Since your work will be backed up on the cloud by the SkyDrive of Microsoft, you’ll be able to access it from anywhere. However, you already get 7GB of free space on SkyDrive but after subscribing to the MS Office 2013 Home Premium version, you get an additional 20GB storage for storing your important documents.

MS Office 2013 Installation

The process for installing the new MS Office is quite similar irrespective of whether you have signed up for the subscription or have bought a standalone copy. To install the software you need to visit www.Office.com. There you need to simply enter the product key which you receive from the retailer and follow the instructions provided on the website. As an outcome you will be able to download the digital copies of the software in the suite that you can use right away by storing in your hard drive.


The new Microsoft Office version seems to be more inclined to adopt the touchscreen technology used with the Windows 8 operating system. As Windows 8 enables touchscreen controls so the desktops and laptops running on Windows 8 act like tablets. Introducing the new Office 2013 version, Microsoft has attempted to deal with the challenge posed by the iPad and the Google’s Android OS used with many of the touch devices.

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Will Office 2013 be more attractive to companies than individuals?

So, an interesting question regarding the future Office 2013 release is if Microsoft will manage to keep happy both sides of the consumer market. On one hand, the companies are looking for software which can be used at a large scale, on multiple computers inside a network, or even in multiple interconnected networks.

On the other hand, when it comes to consumers, they are larger in number, but also their needs are more specific than those of large companies. What is Microsoft looking after to do when it comes to manipulating the characteristics of Office 2013? Does it tend towards a stronger relationship with the corporate side or a defined nice connection with the individual consumer?

Of course that, anytime a Microsoft employee would be asked, he or she would strongly mention the fact that Microsoft works on both sides, providing the best experience both for the individual consumer market as for companies.

However, what are the advantages and disadvantages that Office 2013 might provide after its official launch? Firstly we need to think about the interface. As seen in the leaked screenshot from Microsoft, it seems that Microsoft Office 2013 will have a Metro-like interface. This might be good for the average person using the office suite to type documents in Word or to create graphs in Excel, but it might an inconvenient part for large work groups as inside companies.

Workers may find the Metro-like interface as being an element which slows them down, and if Microsoft does not provide an option to revert to the original standard Microsoft office Interface, then there might be problems with the usage of the software. It is also possible than the average consumer to do not get used with the Metro interface (even though by then Windows 8 will be released and Windows 9 will be in developer-preview stage).

Even so, when it comes to the new functions of the Office 2013 suite, it seems that things will get better as for individuals but also for companies. A few months ago, Microsoft leaked information regarding new app development software like HTML5 coder and JavaScript to be bundled along with Microsoft Office. This means that developers (either working inside a company or as freelance) won’t need to use third party applications along the office suite.

Finally, to conclude, it must be said that there is still time to wait before anyone can make a statement regarding the fact that one side of the targeted market of Office 2013 will be more advantaged than the other one when it comes to performance and usability. 

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Office 2013 helps coders and designers?

Many people asked why Microsoft waited for so long before launching Office 15. Did the process of development take so long that Microsoft’s engineers failed to provide a developer version or even a beta version in almost two and a half years? This is something hard to believe.

It is rather easy to think about business reasons, like the supposed marketing strategy of launching only one big product every year, so people need to buy the previous versions and then do an update. However, this is not to be discussed in the wide world, as the main problem of the future consumers of Office 2013 is: what will the suite be able to do? How will it be different from the other previous Office suites? And finally, does it worth upgrading?

We should start by saying that, if most of the rumors regarding the office suite may be true, then the problem isn’t if the upgrade worth’s, but how can you do it sooner and faster. This means that Office 15 will come with a series of enhancements which weren’t available in any form under Office 2010 or 2007.

So, what is it going to be? A new application bundled along the lasting Word, Excel, and PowerPoint? Well, it won’t be just one application. Rumors suggests that the release of Office 2013 will come together wind bundled applications for developers like web-designers and coders.

To be more precise, it is thought that Office 2013 might support JavaScript and also HTML5. Microsoft would insert a few applications which will help developers to create applications for the Windows Operating System without using third party applications, but by using Office 2013 suite.

Some might say that even Word 2007 had an option for HTML.

Well, HTML5 means something totally different, as there is no longer the need for flash, and guess who won’t see this to well? If Microsoft bundles an app that can create HTML5 (aka flash-free) web content, how will the usage of Adobe Flash Player perform? We will have to wait and see what is going to happen.

However, rumors haven’t always become true, so we should expect anything from Microsoft when launching the first developer version of Office 15. After all, taking almost 4 years to design and improve a piece of software should provide great results, not to mention that the stake is very high, when competitors like Adobe are worried about the possible result.

So, will Office 2013 be better than Office 2010? There is nothing certain, but rumors tend to answer yes. Might it worth upgrading from Office 2007 or 2010 to Office 2013? As well, based on rumors, it should.

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