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NASCAR Makes Smart Move on Restart Policy

NASCAR has announced a new policy on how race restarts will be handled. Instead of going with the lead lap cars on the outside row and lapped cars on the bottom row, the lapped cars will go to the back. This is a very smart move by NASCAR.

Fans have long been frustrated by the restart policy in NASCAR. The same situation arises time and again. The green flag waves and the first place car takes off to a huge lead. Why? The cars behind him have to thrash around trying to pass back markers who are in the bottom lane.

In theory, this approach is designed to allow the lapped cars to have a chance to get in front of the first place car and back on the lead lap. In reality, it almost never happens. There is, after all, a reason those cars are a lap down!

The recent All Star race was a big eye opener. The lead cars restarted in two rows and the racing was wild. Cars were driving into the gap between the rows. Frankly, it produced the best racing we’ve seen in NASCAR in a very long time. Shockingly, NASCAR appeared to agree and has made the change.

So, how does the new policy work? It is pretty simple. The lead lap cars will line up in two rows at the front of the field. The odd position cars [3rd, 5th, etc.] will be lined up on the bottom row with the even positioned cars on the top. To make the first position valuable, the leading car will be able to choose whether he wants the top or bottom row with the second place car taking the other position.

The new policy is a winner for a couple of reasons. First, it is going to make for far more exciting racing than we currently see. This will be particularly true for restarts near the end of the race. Instead of watching the second place car struggle to drive around the outside of a lapped car, we’ll actually see all the top cars going at it. It will be great!

You should be happy with this change even if you don’t like the new policy. Why? NASCAR is taking action. Television ratings are down over ten percent and anyone watching a race can see all the empty seats in the stands. The only way to rectify this is to make the racing exciting again. This is a big step in that direction and we can expect to see other changes as well. Making wins more valuable from a points perspective would be a logical next step.

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NASCAR Race Drivers – How They Get Started

by cproof

I got to wondering what is all involved to become a NASCAR Race Driver.  Some of the big names in racing today started as young as four years old!  A young child interested in becoming a NASCAR Race Driver may want to start young in the carting in your local area to get practice handling a vehicle, and get their name out there.  Some tracks that run open wheel Midgets and Sprints do allow drivers before they are of legal driving age on the tracks.  Some people suggest getting a “pit pass” to get in and talk to some officials and drivers. 

In reading up on this, I found out that someone’s physical condition can actually affect his or her ability to become a successful NASCAR Race Driver.  Physical health can affect their ability to tolerate the heat and intensity of the racing experience.  The weight of the driver can also be important, because every pound affects the car’s performance and speed.  A good education is a good thing to have to be a race driver because if someone would want to get a good sponsor, that sponsor needs to know they will be represented by a quality individual.  That means speaking well for the camera and also knowing more and more about the technology and new innovations with the race cars.

There are some other factors that I’ve never thought about drivers learning before becoming a NASCAR Race Driver.  For one, the development of hand-eye coordination is surely incredibly important.  I also found out that there are some driving courses and schools out there that prospective race drivers can attend to learn specific driving skills for this type of racing.  Learning about cars, everything about cars, is imperative to this arena.  The drivers must understand everything imaginable about a race car so that when it’s time to go, they can talk to their crew knowledgeably. 

It sounds like just about anyone could join the NASCAR race drivers if they have the drive (no pun intended), the dream, the determination, and the persistence.  Perhaps some natural talent for being behind the wheel is helpful too but, it can take years of training in other classes and a good stroke of luck to catch the eye of one of the big NASCAR teams. Even then, very few race drivers ever get the chance to hit it big in NASCAR.

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Jeff Gordon – A NASCAR Superstar and Humanitarian

Granted Jeff Gordon hasn’t always been one of the fans favorite drivers. He has passed the late legendary Dale Earnhardt Sr. in wins and he is still racing, much to the dismay of diehard Dale Sr. fans. Who knows how many races the man may end up winning before he decides to retire from Nascar Sprint Cup Racing. He just turned 38 this month (August 4th, 2009).

The man has won 82 Cup races in his career and 4 Championships in the Nascar Series. He has had 257 top fives and 351 top ten finishes in his career so far. So far. Including a second place finish today in the race at Michigan International Speedway. Not bad for a 38 year old man. He was the first driver to win over $ 1 million dollars in race winnings. That does not include his salary or his sponsor deals. When a Nascar driver wins a race, he personally does not get to keep all of the purse winnings. He gets a percentage depending on his contract with his team owner. The purse money is split between the driver, the team, and the owner. I have heard that some of the top named drivers receive up to 35% of the purse. But in racing, it really is all about the trophy and not so much the money, at least not in the Cup Series.

Jeff started his foundations; The Jeff Gordon Foundation in 1999. Jeff was driven to start his organization when he watched his former crew chief and friend, Ray Evernham, go through many years of treatment of cancer on his young son, Ray J. That experience helped convince Jeff Gordon to make it his personal mission to provide support for children facing cancer. Over the years his foundation has raised over $ 7 million for charities benefiting children. All of this started because of one child.

Since then Jeff and his wife Ingrid have had a daughter of their own, Ella Sophia. She has come to the racetrack numerous times and has even been to Victory Lane with her dad. Jeff Gordon is also slated to receive this year The Silver Buffalo Award, the Boy Scouts highest award for his work as a Boy Scout Recruiter and for his humanitarian work. Jeff’s foundation lends support to The Jeff Gordon Children’s Hospital which is located in Concord, North Carolina.

Even though I don’t cheer for Jeff Gordon on race day, I still admire the man for all that he has accomplished and continues to do for kids. Plus, he is a pretty darn good racecar driver, smart, precise and fast. OK, maybe I do root for him sometimes, after all he does do a lot for childrens charities.

For more interesting information and some insight to Jeff Gordon please read http://hubpages.com/hub/Jeff-Gordon-Not-Just-a-Nascar-Drivers.

Buy Nascar Tickets For An Exhilarating Nascar Experience

NASCAR is an acronym for National Association for Stock Car Racing Incorporated. It is a business of governing multiple auto racing sports events. NASCAR is founded by Bill France Sr., the grandfather of the current CEO of the said association, Brian France.

NASCAR or the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing Inc. is a business about auto racing sports events. Bill France Sr. founded the said sport which is currently under the management of his grandson Brian France. NASCAR sanctions three large racing series. These are the Sprint Cup Series, Nationwide Series and the Camping World Truck Series.

Watching car racing or any other sports in television is not as exciting as watching it at the venue. Seeing the green flag as it drops and waiting for the waving of the checkered flag have incomparable values that is why many car racing enthusiast are going crazy just to have their NASCAR tickets.

There are various ways to have NASCAR tickets but the safest and cheapest way is by calling the track ticket office. Ask if there are still available tickets in their office. If you are not so familiar with the track, request for some tips like hotel information and best ways in getting in and out of the track.

If you have enough money and you can afford a tour that can bring you to the track, then go and give yourself the most comfortable break. Always bear in mind that in a tour, you have companions. Your delay is their delay too. You must be aware of the tour’s itinerary or else all your companions will be mad at you, or worse, the tour’s service will leave you. So, stay alert!

There are many risks associated with purchasing NASCAR tickets. Some ill-minded persons want to benefit something from others especially on those eager to have NASCAR tickets. They find these persons avenue for their plans. The tickets offered by some ticket vendors, especially those who are selling outside the venue and just before the start of the event, are sometimes outdated and fake. Persons who went to the event without tickets and even those who are first timers in watching NASCAR events are usually the victims of these pranks.

Double check the tickets, they may offer you fake or outdated stubs. Do not appear lost, be brave. Make sure to be smart all the way.

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Nascar Schedule: A Friendly Guide To Knowing NASCAR Events

There are various means with which you could ensure that you will enjoy every bit of the stock car racing events and every betting activity you participate in. However, the usage of a Nascar schedule that will bring you up-to-date and relevant details about the race is considered to be an effective means of doing so. This being stated, other necessary factors come into light and add up to the essence of setting your goals high.

In any game, schedules are arranged such that all participants will be able to attend the games and arrive there on time. Even without being an actual racer in the event, you should know that it is still important that you are updated with the schedule and you should “be there” when the games happen. To “bet there” means you should be aware of its occurrence, in all the possible means.

Stock car racing has been popular for one main reason: it combines a person’s appreciation for a healthy sports competition and the wonderful cars that everyone would love to own. Other forms of racing may be all about speed, but with stock car racing, speed is just a single factor among the plurality of this great sport.

When you go to online sites, you would see the  Nascar Schedule that is posted and regularly updated to make bettors like you informed about the matter. If you plan ahead of time using this schedule, you would easily identify which wagers to place and which ones to avoid. A proactive participation is then established as you make your decisions adapt and adjust as variable circumstances arise.

Learning the workings of handicapping for use in betting could prove to be really rewarding. With your initial investment on the line, you must do everything you can to gain profit instead of lose the money you used to place your bets. As you continue to patronize the betting system, you will be able to familiarize yourself and become skillful in identifying opportunities and avoiding pitfalls.

The Nascar Schedule will be a way to help you set your goals properly in order to achieve the outcomes that you expected. A predetermined set of objectives that you need to fulfill should be carefully assessed so that you will not miss out on any chances of making yourself benefit from these dealings. Aiming to properly execute these objectives rather than just setting them should be the ultimate achievement of any bettor like you.

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Finding Authentic Nascar Tickets

One of the biggest races of all time, the Nascar Daytona 500, doesn’t come cheap. Fans scrimp and scrounge for months in order to be able to save up enough to buy these hard to get seats.  But in all the effort of actually saving up money to buy the tickets, fans tend to forget to actually lock in their tickets in advance. The key to finding good Daytona 500 tickets is buy tickets at the right time. If you now have the money and want to buy the tickets, here are some ways of going about.

No better place to begin with than the Nascar track itself.  Call the Daytona International Speedway and speak to the ticketing agents there. You may actually be lucky enough to find that there are tickets still available. Be sure to purchase them immediately. The advantage of Nascar Daytona 500 tickets being bought at the source are that they are the genuine and authentic. If you happen to be new to the area, let the ticketing agent know and he will also send along some maps with directions, details on official accommodations in the area as well as any other activities you can do when you are there. All it takes is a request and smile while on the phone.

Keep in mind there is a strong chance that the ticketing office is out of tickets, especially for a race of this level. This does not mean you lose your chance to go. There are several other ways of getting yourself some fantastic seats. To start with, get online and get a list of all the Nascar approved organizations that are selling the tickets. Approach each one of them and you will be surprised at the number of genuine tickets you will be able to find. Should this be another dead end, then scout around forums to see if there are fans out there who have extra tickets.

There are strong chances that some fans will have tickets they need to sell simply because a friend or relative couldn’t make it. Try and find someone in your vicinity whom you can visit and pick up the tickets from, just to make sure you are not being duped. The problem with such popular sporting events is that they are like a magnet for fraudsters who try and make a quick buck.

The final option is to wait outside the track on the day of the race. If your patience pays off, you will find someone with an extra Nascar tickets just waiting to get their investment back. Miss one or two laps and you will get tickets for less than the printed price. No matter which way you look at it, you are sure to get able to watch the Daytona 500 in style on a perfect day in February in North Florida.

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Be Richer When You Bet On Nascar

Have you ever found it confusing to  bet on Nascar? Did you ever worry about not making the right wagers at the right time and wondered if there is a way for you to do so? If you have answered “yes” to these questions, then you are in the right place.

If you are feeling lucky, you can make wagers that are more than the amount that you usually make, but be sure to consult first your trusted guide so you will have better chances of earning from your bet. Decide upon the amount of your wager by checking the betting line, which shows the corresponding amount and multiple of the winnings.

Keep everything on the right track, whether literally or figuratively; that is, either check to see if the racer you are rooting for is most likely to keep a high level of performance while racing on the tracks, or keep all the game information that you have in place as an easy reference for you to have when you need to make a decision.

See to it that you do not miss the updates. Since the developments of the racing series happen continuously, you should aim to be able to get such updates as immediately as possible, so that when you bet on Nascar, it would not be too late that you have already lost huge sums of money. Understanding the modes with which you could win better prices can also be of great help.

On the other hand, if you want to get into the action intensely by following multiple events, then you should properly take note of the wagers you make, avoiding pitfalls that might be incurred due to misappropriation of your wagers.

The best thing about these modes is that although there might be variations on the gameplay, the combinations that you can make are very interesting and these bets pose a great potential that you would be rewarded in your betting attempts. Even so, you must ensure that when you bet on Nascar, you deal with it carefully and critically. With great opportunities and a little bit of luck, betting in stock car racing events by Nascar would really open new doors for you to take your gaming experience into a new light.

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Winning In Nascar Racing

For years, the stock car racing community has been blessed with the great array of competitions that truly make every stock car racing fanatic have his ultimate rush of excitement and adventure with Nascar racing. It cannot be denied that without these wonderful events that the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing has conjured for all enthusiasts out there, the sport would not be as interesting as it is today.

Starting out as an exhibition of the skills of the racers, Nascar has developed into a great venue for racers all over the world to show what they have got when it comes to speed and racing abilities. The three main divisions of the racing events of this association provide the chance for different kinds of drivers to participate in a truly prestigious event like no other.

With the first ever race held in Daytona Beach, the racing events have taken the world by storm with its numerous race tracks distributed in many parts of the country and in some other countries as well. This shows how people really appreciate the performance of talented racers who rely purely on their capabilities to drive and overcome the limitations of the vehicles that they use.

There are a number of events that are held by the Nascar, which includes the Nationwide Series, the Camping World Truck Series, the Sprint Cup, among others. These races are conducted all throughout the year, giving its viewers supreme entertainment the whole year round. In each competition, the racers make it a point to improve themselves in all racing aspects to ensure their success and win the games.

In the years of experience of the members of the association, they have brought us delightful racing competitions that capture everyone’s attention and give a unique kind of experience. Since hosting such events require a great sense of management and implementation skills, the association is deemed to be the leading authority in stock car racing.

People say that when prestige comes into light, the performance of a certain entity tends to decrease as the assurance that everything will fall in their right places is unquestionable. But with Nascar Racing, it can be observed that no matter how great the association has been in many years, it still strives to promote excellence and maintains the level of quality that its events have been known for.

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Research Before You Bet On Nascar

by Umpqua

Watching the different stock car racing events by Nascar could not be even more satisfying than adding another factor in your experience, and that can be achieved if you  bet on Nascar. This way, you get to see your favorite racers and at the same time get monetary benefits along the way.

Likewise, it would be very helpful if you could learn more about how to place your Nascar bets so that in the end, you will have no regrets about having laid a bet on a particular item. You may start by simply getting information about how every game has been played; thereby, giving you a scheme on how you can successfully place a bet on Nascar.

The races by Nascar now have betting games that are based on the outcomes of the actual races held by the said association. This gives its viewers the chance to somehow participate in the game itself, putting them right at the center of the action. And so, if you  bet on Nascar
, you would be able to feel the excitement of stock car racing in a truly different level.

As you make your bets, you can try to figure out which kinds of races could give you the best odds of winning each wager you make. Remember that there are various kind and combinations of wagers that can multiply your earnings from your wagers a hundredfold, so learn to identify which of these kinds would bring you the most favorable outcomes.

Really, if there is one thing considered best thing about keeping such sports journal that would have to be that of being able to keep track of your bets and the various races you have laid your bets on. In fact, they will serve as your footnotes

Since you would Bet On Nascar some money that you would not want lose that easily, you have to make sure that you are making the right decision. Analyzing the probable outcomes would really be a good start. 

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The Essence Of Nascar Picks

Making bets on stock car races is one of the other ways to enjoy the sport. In which case, being a handicapper is an advantage because it enables you to “see” through the future and predict the outcomes of the game. With  Nascar Picks, you will surely not have a hard time in achieving this goal.

To start with, you can check out the various sites that offer such picks. In these sites, you will be able to see the predictions of various handicappers that gauge the current state of the games being played and the races that are about to occur. This will give you an idea of how you would either divide your wagers into various modes of betting.

Keep in mind that before you can actually make your predictions as to who could possibly win in a particular race; make sure to use the strategy of handicapping. That way, you will be able to effectively make a decision as to which  Nascar Picks are proposed to win.

These picks make you more capable of identifying which races to place your bets on or which players you would want to choose to turn your betting activities into a success. Even certified professional handicappers themselves claim that they started to practice their skills with the help of such picks. This is because as you go along the way, you will have the chance to practice your skills and eventually learn the techniques on your own.

These experts have closely analyzed and evaluated the performance of the players and the teams in the games, and from which they make their judgment as to who will be at an advantage over the others at the races.

It is integral that you know how to make the best bet possible in every game you participate it, otherwise you would have to face unfavorable consequences (which is, primarily, losing the money you have invested). Be sure to check out the picks often so that you will never have to face the drawbacks of the bets you make. 

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