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Baseball Drills – A Conversation With Myself

I haven’t exactly done the proper research to call this a FAQ, but they certainly are questions…that are asked..quite a bit..I think. Okay, it’s time to stop stumbling around an introductory sentence and get to the good stuff. Questions about baseball and baseball drills. This is a conversation I had with myself in my head, if it helps you follow along I asked the questions in my normal, Midwestern United States accent (I’m from Kansas) and answered them in a deep southern accent, a VERY bad southern southern accent.

Q: Is baseball our greatest American pastime?
A: Well, I reckon (sorry, I couldn’t resist) it probably should be. It is certainly our most timeless and precious pastime, but I would probably say that tailgating and NASCAR are our favorite pastimes.

Q: How can I become a better hitter?
A: Drills, Drills, Drills. There is only one way to become a better baseball player and that is to practice. It’s not enough just to practice though, you have to get make sure you get proper instruction and practice the right way. That way you don’t ever have to UNlearn anything.

Q: What are the best baseball drills to do to become a better hitter?
A: There are a ton of different baseball drills you can do to become a better hitter. The best drills are going to be the ones that provide a cure for your particular ailment. If you’re struggling with your step and your load, try soft toss to get the timing within your swing back, if you’re struggling keeping your head down and keeping your eye on the ball, try doing some tracking the ball drills to make sure you track the ball all the way into the catcher’s mitt, and if you want to improve bat speed, try the quick toss drill which is very similar to soft toss but the ball’s come in rapid succession.

Q: So this is all I have to do to become a better hitter?
A: Not exactly, there are a ton of different baseball drills that people use to make themselves a better hitter, and remember, there’s more to the game than just hitting.

Q: I have one more quick question, did you lose your southern accent halfway through our discussion. A: Well, I’ll be, it looks like I did fall out of character *sneeze* oh boy, looks like I’m getting a code. Anyways, get out there and study hitting, become a better student of the game and experiment with different drills and see which baseball drills work best for you. This is a great place to start it helped me a lot:
baseball drills
Now I’ve got to go to bed…I’m tarred

How Can I Practice Lacrosse by Myself?

While Lacrosse is by no means an individual sport, there are many times when a player will want to do some individual practice. Whether these drills are done as part of singles practice with a team or done completely alone from home, the equipment that they’ll require is very much the same.

Lacrosse Rebounders

Similar in concept to office putting machines, lacrosse rebounders throw back any goals that are made on them. These are perfect for practicing rebounds off of a goaltender or an opposing defense. The best part is that because the device is causing the rebounds, it requires no additional personnel.

Cone Drills

A simple set of cones can be used for countless types of drills. They’re perhaps the most cost effective piece of training equipment. Perhaps one can be set to run through them with the ball, practicing how to maneuver through a defensive pattern. The slalom patterns can be varied, and one can organize numerous exercises with them to build other movement skills.

Ball Wall Drills

Running a drill with a ball wall will cut down on time looking for balls that otherwise would have gone behind the net. Since it keeps the ball from going any further, the wall will keep any errant shots from going far behind the net. This gives players more time to keep up a genuine practice. After all, time spent looking for lost balls is time that’s been wasted.

Buying Your Own Goal

If one wants the most authentic experience they can get, then any sports supplier that regularly would sell a goal set to a team would generally be more than happy to provide one for an individual. Though it may cost a lot, a lacrosse goal used for practice will certainly be worth it. After all, what’s being bought is the real thing. It doesn’t differ at all from a real lacrosse goal, because it is a real lacrosse goal.

Practicing With a Shot Trainer or Goal Targets

These devices allow one to better get the feel for where the ball should be ideally placed. They can be used to correct mistakes that are consistently made when taking shots. However, they’re ideally used right from the start to keep a player from ever falling into the traps that would need correcting at a later date.

Lacrosse Training DVDs

Since practicing without the rest of the team means there’s no way to see an accurate demonstration from another living soul, Lacrosse training DVDs can pick up the slack. Taught by professionals with years of experience, these DVDs can impart knowledge at any time.

To discover more ways to practice lacrosse by yourself, visit LaxWorld.com to see their lacrosse rebounder and lacrosse equipment.  Lax World carries excellent products.


Gotham City Impostors – Story Time! How I Hit Myself In The Head With A Baseball Bat LOL!

Gotham City Impostors - Story Time! How I Hit Myself In The Head With A Baseball Bat LOL!

Running through an old story of the first of MANY concussions I’ve suffered in my life! Pretty funny story though! Wish I had it on video but video cameras weren’t common then 🙁 Follow me!!! twitter.com www.facebook.com in this gotham city impostors online multiplayer gameplay commentary on the game mode team death match not bounty hunter i am using the burly custom character body type loadout with a partisan 3 round burst semi automatic assault rifle with reflex sight weapon modification attachment persuader pump action 12 gauge shotgun with penetration slug ammo modification batman grappling hook mobility gadget ammo and health carepackage support gadget horse healthy fun fact 1 kinda bulletproof fun fact 2 on the gci beta map crime alley bucaneer silenced dawn patrol muzzle brake chaperone penetrator mags legend of zelda loadout bearstalker bow and arrow boomerang falcon blade
Video Rating: 4 / 5