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Newest Styling On 2013 Ford Mustangs

Ford Mustang, a perennial auto dress-up doll, has received its newest round of styling and horsepower adjustments from Jack Roush and his team at Roush Performance.
Stage 1 mainly is an exterior look package, adding the sixth-generation Roush “R6” aerobody package. Using a high-flow lower grille, corner fascia aero pockets with driving lamps, a custom hood scoop and a front chin splitter, the look from the front is absolutely aggressive. Revised rocker panels, rear fascia side splitters and a three-piece rear decklid spoiler continue the “R6” effect to the tail, where a rear aero valance with race-inspired diffusers resides. Dual chambered, chrome exhaust tips finish the look.
To make sure the public at large understands your pony is no mail-order boulevard queen, Roush qualifications are omnipresent: R fender badges adorn the sides, Stage 1 badging is current front and rear, and the R-badged faux gas cap is finished with Jack Roush’s signature graphic. Inside, embroidered floor mats, a Roush center console button, a Stage 1 dash medallion, and a graphic of Jack Roush’s signature on the dash serve as continuous reminders of what you paid for. Did we mention the windshield banner?
Stage 2 puts a supercharged 5.0-liter V-8 rated for 565 hp and 505 lb-ft of torque below the hood. The forced induction comes courtesy of an R2300 supercharger featuring Eaton’s TVS patented technology. Regular components inside the Stage 3 consist of a specialized gauge cluster, a Stage 3 dash medallion and Jack Roush’s signature graphic on the dash. A serialized Stage 3 plaque and a chassis build plaque reside under the hood.
Stage 3 alternatives include two 20-inch wheels options — chrome or hyper black, a trunk-mounted tool kit, four different brake packages (red two-piston sport, black four-piston performance, red four-piston performance, or six-piston competition), a Roush dual-chamber “off-road” exhaust system and Roush laser cut hood struts. Even though the tuner market for Mustangs will be around at least as long as Ford’s pony stays in production, one may ask what effect factory models like the brilliant Boss 302 will have on their bottom line. Not to mention the Shelby GT500, which beats Roush on horsepower, if not on the sheer amount of namesake emblems and badging.
For Stage 3, Roush’s team arrived at deep into its magic bag of Mustang parts and created an assortment of suspension pieces targeted at elevating the pony car’s handling to a level befitting that of the intense exterior mods. Twin-tube shocks with distinctive valve rates; a larger, stiffer front anti-roll bar; and increased spring rates all conspire to improve the Stang’s handling prowess. Roush says its chassis engineers spent thousands of hours in development and testing: particular attention was paid to the suspension bushings, which are optimized for more compliance over low-speed bumps; the jounce bumpers are designed to act as a spring assist. Finally, the Stage 3 handling package involves a set of 18- by 10-inch cast aluminum, five-spoke wheels shod with Cooper RS3 ultra-high-performance summer tires that were co-developed by Cooper Tire and Performance.

The 2013 Ford Mustangs is stunning for its high-end car parts. You will have a comfortable driving experience own to the amazing car suspension.

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