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Super Bowl Week, Monday media Conferences: And So It Begins

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Unless you are just outside of your coma or are actually residing within a cave in Pakistan, you have probably noticed that it is extremely Bowl week. In fact, NFL Network has promised 55 evenings of protection among now and kickoff. it is all particular to become compelling, no doubt.

In any event, both teams arrived in Tampa earlier Monday, as well as they are witout a question holding media conferences. appropriate after the jump, some regarding the choicest nuggets. Mike Tomlin (when NBCSports.com’s Tom Curran requested “where he arrives down on Hines Ward’s model of play” and if there can be situations “he pushes the borders regarding the envelope”): “I don’t [think he pushes the borders regarding the envelope]. …

I don’t subscribe to some regarding the tips you have out there. he’s merely a actual sports participant who performs the video gambling the way in which it is designed to become played. he’s a sports participant first, a wide receiver second…” Ben Roethlisberger (on his connection with Ken Whisenhunt, which has previously been described as rocky): “You know what, Coach Whis was awesome for me, whether it have been regarding the golf training course or regarding the sports area or even the getting together with rooms. A remarkably good mentor for me.

really help me come the participant that i am today … and i am really pleased and proud that he’s right here and arrive at perform versus him.” Hines Ward (talking about his injured knee, actively playing versus their previous coach): “[My knee is] much better — 10 situations better. I recognized I wasn’t really steering to make an effort to do remarkably much final 1 week so there wasn’t even any need for me to test out to practice… I don’t have a really brace on, i am jogging near to okay … but I haven’t cut, I haven’t really [run], so I really cannot notify you … I probably won’t uncover that out till Wednesday or Thursday…

[Re: facing Whisenhunt] “It even now arrives down to the players. You seem back but again at [last year’s Steelers-Ravens] game, they had a tremendous punt come back for just about any touchdown. That had virtually nothing to make an effort to do with Whis… it is good that he appreciates the players, but we know him, too.” Troy Polamalu (on in-game trash-talking): “We do have lots of [trash-talkers] on our defense, for one. also it is cool, though… Pittsburgh has commonly had that nasty mentality on our defense. Yeah, we’ve lots of talkers on our team.

I don’t get pleasure from performing it; many situations i am so fatigued I don’t even is hoping for to connect a phone because I don’t is hoping for to yell because I get so fatigued (laughing). which happens to be probably the principal thing. at situations it is challenging to feel how remarkably much men can basically talk while in the video gambling while their running and sprinting. Larry Fitzgerald (on the inevitable queries about Anquan Boldin): Coach [Haley] is a really fiery guy — he adores his occupation … there may be many emotion regarding the sidelines and sometimes, you know, problems are not handled the very ideal way … We manage everything internally … and there is virtually nothing unfavorable pointed out appropriate after the video gambling … we hugged and kissed within the locker area and we obtained prepared to come [to Tampa]. … Coach Haley is an in-your-face model of coach.

he’s steering to push you all the time and, you know, I get pleasure from his coaching style. He receives the very ideal outside of me each sole day. Anquan Boldin (on his promotion to the Cardinals organization before he was drafted by way of the group in 2003): “Living in Florida, you really don’t get Cardinals’ games, you really don’t pay identification to them being an organization or as a team. I really failed to have an impression steering in.” And that, in 31 words, embodies the Arizona Cardinals franchise. Come Sunday night, that could all change.

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Custom Zombies – Monday Night Football!!!…er, ZOMBIES!!!

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