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What Lacrosse Equipment Do I Need to Play Midfielder?

Midfielders in lacrosse move up and down the field. They play both offense and defense. This means they need equipment that protects them while they are moving the ball up and down the field. Having the right equipment can make a difference between having fun or getting hurt.

What Equipment Does a Midfielder Need to Play Lacrosse?

All lacrosse players need a good pair of gloves. A midfielder needs a pair of gloves that protect their hands with padding, but offers them good grip protection at the same time. You want a pair that requires no break in time.

All lacrosse teams require players to wear helmets. Helmets offer head and face protection. The helmet has a face cage on the front that prevents the lacrosse ball from hitting the face. The face cage is full face so there is no impediment to the vision.

Many teams require midfielders to wear shoulder pads. Most shoulder pad sets offer hard-shell protection with a soft comfortable lining to protect the underside. Some offer some chest protection as well with padding around the chest where it buckles down.

Arm pads are another piece of essential equipment for midfielders. Arm pads offer protection from the upper arm to down over the elbow. It prevents a stray stick from doing permanent damage.

Rib pads provide protection below where the shoulder pads ride. They give the midfielder protection against blocks or stray sticks. It also prevents bruising from a fastball into the side.

Lacrosse shoes resemble regular tennis shoes. However, they provide optimal support for the moves a midfielder makes in a normal game. Some come with cleats while others do not.

The Stick Makes a Big Difference

No midfielder would be complete without the right lacrosse stick in hand. A midfielder stick head is smaller than that held by a goalie stick. The head is wide at the top and becomes narrower as it goes down. The idea is to capture the ball and keep it in the ball where you want it. The shaft of a midfielder’s stick is also shorter than that of a goalie. An attacker shaft needs to be light and flexible to allow for the most force. A defender shaft offers more control and a tighter grip.

With this equipment in place, you are ready to suit up to be a midfielder.


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