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Michael Jackson: My Super Hero


When michael jackson is mentioned, not a single person could remain untouched. His songs, his dancing and his smiles are embedded in minds of countless people and remain there as a permanent part of memory. “That’s it” – the biographical short film looks back upon the path Michael had walked all along. To commemorate the death of Michael and leave it to his fans as a gift, the film really swept across the world and became an immediate riot among his fans.
Despite his later scandals, Michael is always a figure only next to god in the eyes of his fans. And the mourning over his death will be witnessed every year. They are willing to collect everything about Michael to put him in the bottom of their hearts forever. Dealextreme.com, an online cool gadgets store, recently came up with cute Michael-themed gadgets. Michael’s fans surely should go and have a look.
These gadgets include compact name card style USB 2.0 flash drive with Michael Jackson figure pattern, unique novelty photo holder in Michael Jackson figure and rechargeable MP3 player with Michael Jackson figure pattern and other cute widgets.
In the pattern of Michael Jackson in black, this USB 2.0 flash drive always let us to take one more look just because Michael is always in our heart. Holding it in hands, one tends to be nostalgic and lost in the memory of Michael’s heyday. Besides, the USB flash drive is also convenient in using. Its size is cute enough to be put in pocket without causing any discomfort. And given its storage capacity of as large as 4 GB, it really worth the money you pay.
And the novelty photo holder is also nice and desirable. You could simply insert a photo into the slot on the top of the stand which is in the shape of Michael himself. So when you back off and gaze at it, it simply seems that you are just Michael Jackson. I wonder have you ever dreamed of becoming Michael, at least I had. So just imagine how wonderful it is to have such a photo holder! It can be a very good gift for someone who is a stout advocate of Michael Jackson.
That’s it! Michael passed away, but he never really left. He is there in our hearts forever. And these cool gadgets will remind us Michael does stay with us for every moment.

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Michael Jackson, Super Culturist !

Michael Jackson’s passing has changed our world forever. He took all of the insanity of the world – the phony, the commercial – and distilled it. He strove to embody our nation’s, nay our world’s, sense of beauty. He personified all the trash that we swallow daily and gave us a target to mock. Now that he has gone, we are alone, profoundly alone.

The world no longer has hope. Around the world, the one thing all humans shared was a love for Michael. He was popular in Korea, Nigeria and India. Now that he is gone, nothing positive can unite us. The world is forever splintered. If the people of Iran wanted us to understand them, they’d suspend the protests for a day in honor of Michael. As it is there is no hope of world unity now. In despair, I keep expecting him to reappear in the sky as our redeemer. This is existentialism.

Farrah Fawcett died of anal cancer. Flesh destroyed her. Michael transcended flesh. He incarnated and morphed into a surreal sense of beauty. Farrah, God bless her, was an icon that became human. Her tragic downfall brought her down to earth. Michael was an icon that became more of an icon. He was not humanized. Lisa Presley once said, “Michael is an artist. He changes his face for us everyday.” Michael was a great artist. He embodied our dreams. He died for our sins.

Some people will say that his wonderland ranch represented predation. To me, his ranch represented our collective sense of innocence in a violent, sexualized world. It was the silhouette of our existence. We asked for a priest; we basked in his faithfulness to Bubbles. We asked him to not grow up. He gave us our childhood back. He tried to restore our innocence.

The world is in denial. The BBC, CNN, nor MTV will admit just how crappy his post – Jackson Five music was. That would reveal that all of us who drink the cool-aid of pop culture are insane. Michael Jackson was a prophet. He revealed our generation to us as John Lennon had reflected the prior generation. And, so he is gone. We have a big hole where he revenged himself by gouging at our collective hearts. We could laugh at his insanity. But we no longer have anywhere to listen to our tears.

RIP Michael Jackson. RIP Farrah Fawcett.

John Press is the author of Culturism: A Word, A Value, Our Future. He is a doctoral student at New York University. http://www.culturism.us has more information about culturism.

Michael Jordan To Work Problematic Within NFL Offeseason



Immediately following Bernie Bickerstaff coached the man’s remaining online game for a Charlotte now Bobcats, the dog was probably privileged by means of the Bobcats as well as factor homeowner Michael Jordan thanked him or her by way of a video video tape. It was not obvious irrespective of whether The nike jordan what food was in the dwelling .Bickerstaff sharp for that suit or joked that many possibly Jordan is required to be a slave to tobacco use a stogie.This is certainly Jordan’s fresh of your Bobcats when he has never been experienced among the people and therefore press.


Even so, along with larger a final declare within topics relating to field hockey and there’s no uncertainty he’ll be get an quite chaotic winter this year.The air jordan will likely have utilize a new discipline and thus, he will make sure to re-sign Bobcats’ directing scorer Gerald Wallace. Your man be also seeking to enlist Emeka Okafur around a post paid addition while continuing to keep along free specialist He Carroll relating to the business. All the Bobcats possess several very attack automatically chooses, including a lotto decide upon, so they receive the almost all finances to blow relating to free of cost elements.


This really is a very important offseason for the Bobcats 3 12 background Jordan will attempt and also result in consumers with the aid of they upon fails in his last act having a squad throughout New york.Bickerstaff asserted a new Bobcats need to have to an extravagance . might most likely make the group correct succeeding party.Younger than Bickerstaff’s tutelage, the particular Bobcats were raising persistently by way of 15 captures so that you can 26 captures numbers as well as 33 right now. But bear in mind, that they are playoff challengers, the greater part seller Chelsea Jackson can have put in some huge cash and that may include doubling it can be $ 41 thousand thousand payroll, which probably actively could be the inexpensive through the NBA.Charlotte now spent time on Wallace throughout the improvement draw. Before this unique your boyfriend would be benchwarmer at Sacramento. With the Bobcats brand-new areas such as started anf the is averaging 19.One facts as well as 1.2 . 5 gets back this coming year.


She is at the same time foremost the group inside bargains equipped with 144. He had in all likelihood want beyond it’s 2 year contract will probably be infinite completely free specialist. He made $ 5.Five different huge number of this holiday season although a complimentary expert he’ll instantly receive $ 10 m or longer.Likely be operational all of the Bobcats will show a new teach decorations these write down choices come from promptly June. Yet receiving 9 on their past 11th gaming applications do any harm their particular lotto the likelihoods. With regards to the tiebreaker among Sacramento and consequently Chi town, which has All new York’s decide, the exact Bobcats often come with sole between a 0.A person as well as 2.Actions % chances to finding the Hardly any. A person pick out.The nike jordan has a lot of be effective get rid of him or her, 4 years as a result of basically dismissed being the Wizards’ ceo.


Michael Jordan To Work Problematic Within NFL Offeseason

Michael Jordan Leads NBA First Team of Recent 30 Years


Center: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Though might not be domineering, he is impeccably the first center in the past 30 years, in terms of technical maturity, level of physical health, and dominant lasting time. He won six regular season MVPs, six championship rings and playoff final MVP twice through his career. Also, it seems that his scoring title of all time is not going to be renamed soon.

Power Forward: Tim Duncan

By known as the most powerful man at his position, he also had the most extremely perfect specialties, impressed on people with his steady performance at crucial moment and enduring, constant dominant in his games, and opened up Spurs a Black-White dynasty. He is a perfect man who has inflected a generation.

Small forward: Larry Bird

Many people ignore that Bird sent more than six assists averagely every game through his career and only see honors he achieved. Averaging 24 points and 10 rebounds per game, he deserves high praise. In his 12 years of career, he was named to 12 times All-Stars and 9 times NBA first team, won 2 times playoff MVPs, 3 times regular season MVPs and 3 playoff championships. He is still top of the list at his position.

Shooting Guard: Michael Jordan

It is unnecessary to list Michael Jordan’s long list of victories for a 1000th time for he was, is, and will be the greatest basketball player on this planet, and he is born to be the only man playing basketball in the air. He is born to be raised and worshiped. He shamed anyone else on the court.

Point Guard: Magic Johnson

AIDS does not cripple the evaluation on him, and he is still the best PG in the history. As a player, he got everything, such as incredible omnipotence, forceful will to win, numerous honors, brilliant basketball IQ. He can be described as perfect without a flaw.


Center: Shaquille O’Neal

Shaquille proved one thing in his prime that no one could stop this greatly gifted monster. He established his time by strong body and changed the concept to basketball.

Power Forward: Karl Malone

Without Tim Duncan, Karl is bound to be the best PF in NBA history. His achievement was shortened for the blank in his final championship list and his defection at the last minute. There is no doubt about his strength as he historically scored the second most points and was one of Michael Jordan’s most important opponents.

Small Forward: LeBron James

After breaking numerous records and winning two regular season MVPs, a top scorer title since his debut, the 26-year-old star has demonstrated his first-ever physical strength and increasingly improved skills, and needs to overcome psychological problems before the showdowns.

Shooting Guard: Kobe Bryant

The Mr. 81 is an unstoppable scoring machine and the most successful basketball player in this century. As a player who has won almost any title he could have, Kobe continues his insane performance.

Point Guard: John – Stockton

Assists the first person in history to make his teammates and his co-operation become more excellent, and his scoring ability and physical fitness in the face of his strong will to win, also appears not so important.


Center: Hakeem Olajuwon

Hakeem Olajuwon is another representative of the skilled centers in NBA history. He dominated the games at the top of his time and put Shaq in the shade.

Small Forwards: Scottie Pippen

Pippen may not be the second best SF in history, but assisted Air Jordan the best. His tenacious defense and overall skills made him a greatest NBA player beyond all question.

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Basketball NBA history with a unique elegant interpretation of a miracle – Jordan – Michael Jordan, NBA-sports and leisure industry

“Night” Jordan?? A set of elegance, power, Arts , Improvisational ability in an outstanding athlete, he redefined the meaning of NBA superstar, he is recognized as the world’s greatest basketball player, not only in the era he lived in the entire NBA history, Jordan is the best of.

Jordan unexpected before the 1993-1994 season, announced his retirement, playing in minor league baseball after a year, he brought his amazing skills intact back to the Bulls. 95-96 season, he won a record eighth scoring first, and led the Bulls to their fourth 90 championship, and again in the 1996-1997 season the two had a progressive record of the .

Jordan’s popularity from playing NCAA (National University Basketball League) when established. In 1982, he was only 19 years old, on behalf of the University of North Carolina participated in the NCAA finals. During the race to 32 seconds before the whistle when the University of North Carolina down one?? Jordan’s winning goal to the University of North Carolina took out the championship trophy success, while the Americans are aware of this “total The young man put out his tongue. “

1984, the Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls were selected. The unique insight Nike signed Michael Jordan, who for his design of the “Air Jordan shoes air.” Shoes for this shot Advertisement In Jordan in order to slow Shot Will buckle into the blue basket basketball, advertising commentary is: “Who says he is not flying!” The ad for the Jordan establish a “night” of the title.

Since “night” word around the globe. In the 1984-1985 season, Jordan averaged 28.2 points in the performance was named NBA Rookie of the Year.

1986-1987 season, Jordan began his NBA record of the impact of a long course of that year he average 37.1 points per game, began his season with a season scoring seven consecutive record high.

Into the 90’s, with the “magic coach” Phil – Jackson’s arrival, skills matured Jordan led the Bulls began to enter the “Bulls dynasty.” Jordan and the Bulls won six NBA in eight years championship, created the myth of the two three consecutive (1990-91 season and the season 1992 and 1991 to-92-93-96 seasons from 1995 to 1996 and the season-97 season, 1997 – 98 season). Jordan received a total of 6 Finals MVP title, 10-time NBA NBA “best team”, 5 times won the NBA regular season “the most valuable player,” the title of his total points, total rebounds, assists, steals, the number of participating field , shooting, free throw number, history of the Chicago Bulls were out the first one.

1993 7 23, Jordan’s father was murdered, deep guilt of the “night” in the first three in a row after the Bulls made the decision to retire, the same year, Jordan announced its withdrawal from basketball in October. But for basketball and students can not do without Michael Jordan is basketball, playing baseball, a season after the March 19, 1995, left the basketball court for 17 months, Jordan was part of his back Stage .

The next three seasons, Jordan led the Bulls to three championship again. One in 1996, the Chicago Bulls to 70 wins and 12 losses in the record breaking NBA history, and Jordan himself king of the 8th receive points title, and will be the regular season MVP, All-Star Game MVP, Finals MVP all include pregnant in. In 1998, the last moment in the Finals, Jordan in the final 5.2 seconds, from the backcourt steals, out of defense, jump into basket?? The Bulls won three consecutive second time they won in 8 years, 6 championships It is also unique in NBA history.

1999 1 14, as with the Bulls Management Layer does not and the Bulls once again announced his retirement and said he may not return to 99.9%, and the same year at the end, he was well-known U.S. sports magazine ESPN as “the century of the 20th century athletes.” But in September 2001, Jordan once again to the Washington Wizards shareholder return in the team, but Jordan did not make belly young Wizards team shine miracle.

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Stars Surveillance: Mike Tyson, Apolo Ohno, Michael Phelps and Rob Lowe

Michael Phelps
Michael Phelps
Image by The Wolf
Michael Phelps, start 200m butterfly semis.

Stars Surveillance: Mike Tyson, Apolo Ohno, Michael Phelps and Rob Lowe
Boxing legend and Las Vegas resident Mike Tyson attended “American Idol” Season 5 winner Taylor Hicks' show at Napoleon's in the Paris and posed for photos backstage after the show. Taylor won a Grammy Award on Sunday for his work on Jimmy …
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VIDEO: Sneak Peek – Golf Channel's THE HANEY PROJECT with MICHAEL

VIDEO: Sneak Peek – Golf Channel's THE HANEY PROJECT with MICHAEL
… Haney, Phelps will work on his golf game, travel to some of the world's finest courses, and see how far his athletic prowess can take him on dry land. The Haney Project Michael Phelps will premiere in February 2013, only on Golf Channel …
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Super Bowl 2013: Michael Phelps cheers on Ray Lewis, Ravens

Super Bowl 2013: Michael Phelps cheers on Ray Lewis, Ravens
Michael Phelps, the Olympic gold-medal-winning swimmer, was thrilled to see his hometown team win the Super Bowl. “It was unbelievable,” Phelps said in a Comcast SportsNet interview in the Superdome. “My mom and I were literally up in the stands crying …
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