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Wide Range Of Entrance Exams In India, In MBA & In Medical, In 2013 Could Herald A New Career

Going to schools, studying different subjects and then passing the tests in the board exams or 10th class could seem a challenging proposition of the millions of students admitted in schools. But the real fortune is when they pass out through their college days and are appearing in different exams for entering into professional studies. Due to the wide scale competition among the students, the entrance exams in India have become a norm in almost all the courses. Be it the management education or the defence services, in India, students need to enter into a course only after passing the hurdle of a written exam.

Even the trend of entrances has touched the admissions into general streams such as arts and commerce, whereby many of the colleges are selecting the students by holding qualifying exams. The basic feature of most of these exams, and which will also hold true for the entrance exams 2013, will be that these exams are based on written questions, whose patterns might vary. There are a large number of applicants for the exams, and from the results of these entrance exams, the students are selected for taking admissions. This suggests that the results which are published are more than or equal to the number of seats that are found.

Entrance exams 2013 will be conducted in plenty of courses. As and when the dates will be published in the newspapers or internet, people will have to apply for the entrance. Competition will be tough because the concept of gaining success in the exams has already set in among the student communities. Those, who are aiming at these professional courses with seriousness, will be prepared meticulously for the upcoming exams and therefore the level of competition is sure to increase. Aspirants, for the entrance exams 2013, therefore need to be fully prepared for the stiff competition that they might be facing from their fellow mates.

In India, a large number of exams are being conducted for admissions into different colleges and universities. But from among these, the most popular are the exams for medical and management seats. The large number of exams that have been conducted for these courses has enamoured a huge database of aspirants. Since many years, medical exams were conducted at different states and national levels, giving the students an opportunity to study in the national level colleges and state level universities. There were national exams like AIIMS, AIPMT, JIPMER, Manipal, and some others.
Almost all the states in India were having their own entrances for admissions into medical colleges in MBBS and BDS courses. Medical exams 2013 are also going to be held for the medical aspirants, but the proposals have been there for the conduct of a single exam for admissions into all the medical colleges in the participating states. But in case of MBA exams, there are a number of options, still open in 2013 for the aspirants. These exams will be in the same line as in the previous years’ MBA exams and MBA exam 2013 will also see a huge turnout.

Some of the popular exams for management admissions are CAT, MAT, and other entrances conducted by the individual colleges. Options are many for those who are interested for the professional course. It only requires a timely knowledge of the entrance exams 2013 so that the students can put in their applications. With some amount of hard work, these exams can be cleared and the path to prosperous professional courses is conquered.

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Trying For A Successful Career: Brace Up For The Engineering, MBA Or Medical Exams 2013

The psychological and mental preparation for choosing a professional course is imbibed in the students from a very early phase in their life. With exposure to instant news and information through internet and televisions, people are aware from their school days that they have to go for professional courses such as engineering, medical or management from as early as possible.

It is a norm for students with science backgrounds to sit for the entrance exams for medical and engineering entrance exams after their 10+2 exam. MBA courses are to be studied after graduation degrees usually, but with the introduction of the BBA courses, people can go for studying business administration also after their 12th standard. Every year millions of students pass out of schools and colleges with their 12th results and with plenty of dreams to make it big as doctors or engineers. Some of them also want to go into other professions such as in defence, military, computer science and related topics, and some others.

But among the Indian social set up, the engineering and medical entrance exams are most sought after. As the trend speaks, people are interested for other courses, only after trying the medical and engineering entrances. In short, these exams are therefore of special significance for the students of the country. As per the present status, people have a number of entrance exams being conducted for studying in medical colleges and engineering colleges.

The exams for engineering that are presently being conducted in India can be divided into two categories, the ones which are at the national level and those at the state levels. At the national levels are exams such as the AIEEE for entry into the various government colleges throughout the country and the IIT JEE which is meant to admit students into the Indian Institutes of Technology. The engineering exams 2013 are proposed to be merged into one common test of ISEET which is Indian Science Engineering Exam Test.

It has also been asked of the states in India to participate in this single test of ISEET and bring all the engineering exams 2013 under one umbrella, so that the candidates are benefited. The states were conducting their own entrance exam for admitting students into the institutes in their state only and most of these states named these as the CET, such as MHT CET, AP CET, etc. Some of the states that conducted the common merit test had also merged the medical admissions into one, so that the groups of students interested for medical admissions had to appear biology separately and engineering aspirants had to sit for the mathematics paper, with physics and chemistry remaining the same.

Medical exams 2013 are also supposed to be merged into one single test called as NEET UG or PG test. This would lead to no multiple medical exams 2013 such as AIPMT, AIIMS or any state level medical entrance exams. There are also many MBA exams 2013 which are yet to be merged and therefore there is high probability of all the exams to be held as they were. To get admissions into the management institutes in India, people have a number of options such as MAT, CAT for IIMs, XAT, etc.

The exam patterns are being proposed to be united because there are many benefits to the cause of the students as well as the conducting authorities. Whatever be the format of the exams in 2013, people still have to study as they were doing for the previous years because the competition for securing admissions into these professional courses is never going to be over.

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NBA- Nurturing a League of Modern Medical Practitioners

Not very long ago, India was low on competency and effectiveness of the healthcare services it provided to its citizens. Over a span of just a few years, the nation has gained popularity all over the world for the remarkable efficiency and growth of its Medical sector. Gone are the days when new born infants, expecting mothers and aging people lost their lives because of lack of sophisticated medical assistance. Today, the longevity has increased and the mortality rate has reduced to a certain extent in India. The reasons for the exponential growth and development in the healthcare sector of India are many. These include efficient researches and inventions of new treatments, league of competent and skilled medical practitioners and not to forget the government’s support in encouraging development of improved therapeutic treatments.

In India, today there are treatments for almost all diseases and ailments. If detected at an early stage even deadly diseases like Cancer can be cured. These services and treatments are now in a common man’s reach thanks to the impressive government initiatives that have led to the spread of new and advanced medical treatments even in the remotest corner of the country. The Medical Tourism Industry in India on the other hand is booming at a rapid pace. The reasonable charges of treatments and efficiency of the practicing physicians and doctors attract several patients from across the globe who get themselves treated in India. Healthcare management has evolved into a dynamic and complex field with an ability to churn various employment opportunities as the industry continues to grow.

There is a constant need for skilled and qualified practitioners with comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the modern techniques and treatments introduced in the industry.

NBA School of Healthcare Management focuses on imparting holistic and relevant education of the Healthcare industry to the ambitious students of today. The enriching curriculum emphasizes on providing academic knowledge and practical training of skills and techniques that are latest in the industry. The course content is regularly updated to keep pace with the modern systems adopted by the developing healthcare sector. The faculty comprises of proficient individuals with holistic understanding and experience of their concerned fields of interests. They guide students on their path of becoming qualified professional experts and contribute to the growth of medical sector through efficient services and intensive researches.


Health care Management:We at NBA, have a firm believe that the difference between a mountain and a molehill is our aim. We, believe in offering professional skills with that extra perspective. The Institute believes in empowering young budding professionals to be winners and achievers.

Offshore Medical Transcription Firms Maintain The Given Deadlines

Among many other industries which are on a constant rise is the health care and medical industry. There has been a major boom in this sector and they are leaving no stone unturned to provide and deliver the best to the patients. They are making use of the best technology to help patients and the patients who are used to quality are not willing to compromise whatsoever, increasing the pressure on medical institutions to perform better.

In such cases, where the medical institution is under pressure to provide the best to the clients, they can use a smart method of outsourcing particular tasks to different groups and firms. This will ensure that quality is maintained and the patient is satisfied. As far as transcription is concerned, one can outsource the projects to Offshore medical transcription firms and get the best services possible. There are a number of benefits of outsourcing to Offshore Medical Transcription firms. Primarily, it is very affordable and easily fits into your budget. Their motto and aim is to provide the clients with the best services. This ensures that they use machines and equipments which are made using the latest technology to prevent errors.

Offshore Medical Transcription firms have a team of professionals who ensure that your transcription project is exactly how you want it to be. There is a regular training session too which trains the labor force and educates them to use the machines well and see to it that the transcription projects are done just right.

Medical transcription firms in India have great infrastructure and provide the best transcription projects too. This is particularly why even big firms in the U.S of A, outsource their projects to firms in India. Offshore Medical Transcription companies realize that the quality of their project is what will talk for them and take the company forward. This is why they believe in surpassing the expectations of the clients more often than not.

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Medical transcription companies maintain deadlines

The advancement and betterment of the medical institutes has seen an increasing demand and rise in the Medical transcription companies.

These transcription companies have benefitted and aided the medical institutes in a number of ways. It has taken a huge load off the medical professionals and these professionals can now dedicate more time to proper healthcare of their patients and not worry about maintaining proper records as it is something that is done by these transcription firms and done efficiently. This means that you needn’t worry about your projects being recorded right once you hand it over to a transcription company. They will ensure that you have the best results without worrying at all.

Medical transcription companies are the perfect choice for you since they are extremely affordable. This is because there is so much of competition in this field that transcription companies realize that hiking up their rates will result in losing out on potential clients who can easily and simply opt for the same services provided by another transcription firm.

Medical transcription companies in India have a great infrastructure and have well trained professionals who carefully go through each project carefully. They also have a team of well trained people who are able and efficient when it comes to handling the software’s and equipments that are used for transcription. They ensure that the transcriptions are almost error free. Compromising on quality is not acceptable at all to these transcription firms. Due to this quality a large number of firms abroad outsource their work to transcription firms in India. Apart from getting good quality, they also benefit a great deal since they have to pay a very minimal amount due to the huge difference between the currency rates of the countries.

Medical transcription companies are extremely particular about maintaining deadlines. They understand the value and importance of time and realize that if they do not submit the projects on time to their clients, they will lose out on clients. No transcription company wants this to happen and thus they ensure that they send the project to the client well in advance so that they receive the same by the deadline.

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Medical transcription services maintain deadlines

What is medical transcription?

Medical transcription is the process of converting the spoken word of a physician into a text format. It is also known as MT and is an allied health profession. These spoken words are usually the recorded reports of the physicians. A medical transcriptionist converts the most recent and confidential information of the patient into text format.

MT process:

When a patient meets a doctor and explains him about his ailments, etc, the doctor records the detailed case history in a cassette or a voice recorder for easy remembrance. This recorded report is then used by the transcriptionist who transcribes the spoken word in the written document which can be used as the patient’s chart when he visits the doctor again.

Medical transcriptionist:

A medical transcriptionist is a person who is employed in the profession of MT. he or she may be employed by the hospital for the rendering of the services. These medical transcriptionists can also work from home as hospital employees through electronic communication.

The patient information is usually stored electronically.

Medical transcription service companies:

MT service companies usually outsource medical transcriptionist to the hospitals.  These companies provide video and audio transcription services. The skills that these companies look for in people to be hired as MTs are:

Know-how of medical terms
Knowledge of records maintenance
Ability to verify and check numbers
Adept at eye-hand coordination
Skilled in following verbal and written instructions

Medical Transcription services available for:

There are a variety of fields in medicine where MT services are required.

Some require them on a very large scale and some do not. But today MT services have become very prevalent. The various fields are:
Orthopedic transcriptions
Cardiology transcriptions and reports
Oncology centers
Radiology reports

Medical transcription services are provided to:

Hospitals, practicing doctors, individual doctors and physicians usually avail transcription services. MT service companies usually provide services at very effective and competitive rates in a specified time. Medical transcription services are available in all the fields like gynecology, surgery, psychology, neurology and dermatology.

Due to the advancement of technology, MT services are undergoing a change. This is because till now there were not many rules regarding the work of MTs.

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Medical transcription companies maintain deadlines

There is an increase in the demand for maintaining accurate patient’s files; therefore the number of medical transcription companies that offer reliable and cost-effective medical transcription services has also increased drastically. These medical transcription companies are of great use as these companies can help you right from the time the dictation capture is done up to the proper document distribution.

Hiring the support of the Medical transcription companies helps you a great deal as these company deals with providing you the digitalized documentation with zero errors that is they provide you with the accurate results. There are other benefits such as saving the money that you have to spend on the daily transcribing needs. You can even eliminate the overhead expenses such as paying for the extra labor that you would have to pay for if you started with an in-house medical transcription. There are various other factors such as your time consumption reduces and you can focus more on the key elements that you are required to deliver as a healthcare organization-efficiency in patients care.

Most of the Medical transcription companies are known to deliver their work that is superior in quality as well as accurate. You can know of these companies by removing an overview of their background form the market itself. This helps in enhancing your reputation as a health-care institute because if you rely on these medical transcription companies and they fail to support you then you can be in a mess whereas if you have good support from them then automatically your image gets enhanced.

The Medical transcription companies have a team that is specialized in all sorts of these works therefore if you are able to hire a good team then automatically you can be sure of getting a good work done that is of higher quality and therefore be sure of providing your patients what they require from you as well.

The expert team that is there with these medical transcription companies are well-versed with the latest technology and soft ware’s and they are even familiar with the medical terminologies.

There are many reliable and cost-effective medical transcription companies that undertake the transcription of various medical reports and give accurate data. They provide reports that are related to operation, cardiology or a patient’s discharge summary is also prepared by them. History of the patient and their physical examination reports, medical evaluations and other reports are provided by the companies.

There are other services as well that is provided by the Medical transcription companies that are:

99% accuracy of the reports.
There are 3 levels of quality assurance.
They have an automatic electronic report distribution.
24 X 7 customer service is provided.
There is confidentiality of data.

These are just some of the services that are offered by the company. It becomes very tough for a healthcare institute to select on a Medical transcription companies but the best way is to see the years of experience that they have.

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