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Dog Food Bowl- Which Material To Pick?

So, you are not being able to decide upon the right kind of food and water bowl for your cat or dog. Well, it happens with most of the pet owners as the huge variety of cat or dog food bowl and water bowl, leaves them perplexed and confused. As soon as you visit an online pet supply store, you get bombarded with numerous choices including steel bowls, ceramic bowls, plastic bowls and many more. Finally, it becomes very difficult for you to choose the right one for your cat or dog.

The bowl chosen by you should be made up of such a material, which is capable of withstanding high temperatures inside the dishwasher, so as to kill germs and bacteria. Keeping this parameter in mind, you can go for some common materials such as:
Plastic: The durability of the material encourages a large number of pet parents to go for plastic cat or dog water bowls and food bowls. In case you are a part of green movement, then you might steer clear of such bowls as most of them are made using non-biodegradable and non-renewable resources. However, you can go for feeders or bowls made up of recycled plastic. If so, then avoid bowls that are light in weight as they can be easily moved as well as chewed.
Ceramic (Stoneware or Porcelain): Ceramic bowls are often favored by those who simply love to microwave the food of their pet. Some pet parents are after aesthetic appeal, bold designs, mesmerizing colors and the glazed finish of the ceramic bowls. Sometimes, the manufacturers add lead to the glaze and that might not be healthy for your pet. So it is better to go for lead-free bowls.

Stainless steel: Most veterinarians recommend the use of stainless steel dog or cat water bowl and food bowl. Being non-porous in nature, these bowls eliminate the risk of building up harmful bacteria. Stainless steel is extremely durable and hence bowl made up of such material can not be broken or chewed by your dog.
Whatever material you choose, just make sure that the size of the bowl should match with the needs and requirements of your pet.

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