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Benefits of Trade mark Registration

One of the benefits, predominantly cited, for Trade mark Registration is protection from competitors. However, it is often misconstrued since it is still subject to limitations. A competitor can still sue the Company for infringement unless the Company acquires an incontestability status. This means that no other entity can argue in court that the defendant’s mark is confusingly similar to that of the plaintiff.

However, even this status cannot be acquired if the mark is generic, seems scandalous or violates anti-trust laws etc. Then again, another benefit of registration is that one can use the symbol ‘®’ in the trademark which he/she cannot use otherwise. This will in turn mean that the trademark is the exclusive right of its owner and the owner values his/her intellectual property and will not tolerate any infringement. Trade mark Registration also acts a deterrent from allowing others to use the same trademark for their goods and services. This gives the trademark owner the sole monopoly over the use of the trademark. This means that if one Company registers a trademark comprising of a smiley face, no other Company use the same smiley face, even in different colours, for their trademarks.

Trade mark Registration also allows for assistance from the Customs Service against counterfeiting of goods and services. The same product and services can only be produced under a different mark. It will also effectively deter cybersquatters from using your mark as their domain name. Moreover, registration of a trademark gives an extra edge in the courtroom over an opponent whose trademark is not registered. The judge will be more inclined to listen to you than to the other party because his/her case is already weakened by the fact that his trademark has got no statutory protection. Even if it’s a case of the plaintiff prosecuting a business for trademark infringement, if the business has got it registered, it has got legal backing and so will pose a strong case.

Registration makes it easier to prove that the trademark used is valid and that it belongs to the owner and so is not in violation of any trademark law. Trade mark Registration also allows to recover damages in case of infringement and the most egregious of violations can actually allow a business to recover huge amounts in damages. The attorney’s fees can also be recovered from the infringer and this adds to the advantage.

Since a trademark is an intangible asset, it is often the most invaluable plus point that a Company can ever have. The intangible assets, many a times, form a great portion of balance sheets of Companies and so Companies have to be extra cautious to protect their most precious resources. Registering a trademark also allows for the avoidance of hassle caused by being on vigil if any other Company uses a similar trademark. The United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office will automatically refuse registration, without bothering the original owner of the trademark. So the trademark owner can simply sit back and relax, leaving the task of vigilance to UKIPO.

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UAE Free Zone Trade Mark Registrations

A trademark is a form of intellectual property that is valuable. Trademarks are unique indicators that all businesses or legal entities require to make their consumers identify their products or services. A trademark enables a company to distinguish its specific products or services from others. It may contain a word, a name, phrase, logo, design, symbol, image or a combination of two of these components or more.

Trademarks are important because they provide exclusive right to the owner to use, promote their products and services while distinguishing their products from others in the market. The owner can also authorize another business to use the trademark in return for payment. Trademarks can become a very effective and efficient marketing tool for new entrepreneurs who wish to make their presence in the market and establish themselves as a highly regarded company. Moreover, trademarks can help you increase your publicity in the marketplace and set you apart among your competitors. If you have registered your trademark, you can track any trademark infringement which means you can sue the company that uses your trademark logo or any component without authorized permission. Lastly, trademarks are intangible assets that can tremendously increase the value of your business in case of resale at a later point of time.

When you register your trademark in the UAE, you have to register it in all the seven states of Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain.

The procedure to register your trademark

Jumeira consultants specialize in fulfilling all the legal requisites related to UAE business formation. Our in-house legal experts and business consulting professionals have the adequate level of expertise to execute the trademark registration process accurately and to ensure clients get the best possible results.

1. Jumeira consultants conduct comprehensive research to make sure that there is no conflict associated with your proposed trademark. We use the best approach to register your trademark to increase the chance of a successful implementation of your trademark.

2. Jumeira works closely with every client and the UAE Trademarks Office, to ensure your trademark is registered accurately, reflecting the nature of goods and services you offer to customers. We ensure you apply for the correct trademark category and your trademark represents the category specific goods or services. You may have to pay a certain amount towards application and registration process to the concerned authorities.

3. Once your application is submitted, your trademark will be advertised in official trademark journals by the UAE Trade mark authority. You must have paid your publication fees prior to this. According to the revised new rules, applicants will have a 30 day period to pay publication fees and if they fail to do so, the trademark application will become invalid.

4. The registration process will begin if there are no objections raised after the publication. On an average it takes 18-24 months to complete the trademark registration process. The registration is valid ten years. Beyond that, it may be renewed for a subsequent ten years.

Jumeira Consultants is able to offer clients assistance with all aspects of offshore company formation, business setup in dubai, business setup in uae free zones.

UAE free zone

NFL ? Mark Sanchez will play against Chicago on Sunday

The quarterback from the NY Jets, Mark Sanchez, has announced that he will play for the playoffs berth even if his shoulder is not at its best, for he understand the kind of pressure set upon the team to make it into the playoffs.  Sanchez was a bit limited on practice this Wednesday, but there are rumors that it is just a matter of time before he can be back in top shape for this game.

The New York Jets would be able to clinch a playoff berth if the team can manage to defeat the Chicago Bears. Right now, the Jets are 10-4 for the season, the same exact season record that the Jets hold. If the Jets win, they could link their second consecutive playoffs berth under head coach Rex Ryan.

Sanchez underwent an MRI exam on his shoulder after the game. The test revealed no serious injury, but his complains where enough to keep the offensive team on hold earlier this week. The second-year quarterback is keeping things under the radar during the season. He was part of all the running plays, just to make sure he knows exactly where to go during the game, but he didn’t throw much during the week, giving rest to his shoulder. The team doctors expect Sanchez to complete a full training before the game, and although the injury could worsen during the week, the team remains positive.

As of press time, the Bears are a -1 point favorite on the spread. The Jets are going to have to put on an impressive game at Soldier Field Stadium, when Mark Sanchez and Company make it to Chicago. The Jets are 10-4 for the season and 8-6-0 against the spread. Now, 5 of the last 8 games, the Jets have not been able to cover their spread.

The Chicago Bears on the other hand, are also 10-4, and sit 7-6-1 Against the spread. The Bears have had a decent performance when playing against the spread. Out of the last ten games of the season, the Chicago Bears have covered the spread in 5, have failed to do so in 4 and have pushed 1. The last four games they have played, have stayed over the opening line total.

The Bears linked 5 consecutive wins before stumbling upon the New England Patriots two weeks ago. Tom Brady and the Patriots outplayed the Bears and defeated them by 7-36. Then it was payback time. With the legendary Brett Favre out of the game, the Vikings had very little chance to win, and the Bears crushed Minnesota by 40-14.

The Jets panic alarm went off when they played at New England. Again it was tom Brady who kept punishing the Jets on the air and kept them off the radar in the Patriots 3-45 whooping of the Jets. The Jets then failed to win their next game against the Miami Dolphins. A very important win against the Steelers kept the Jets’ chances to make it into the playoffs open.  There is a lot at stake for this game, so stay tuned and don’t miss the best NFL betting action at Betias.com


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Justin Timberlake – Little Pusher Lover Girl (Performing @ Mark Cuban’s Super Bowl Party!) HD

Justin Timberlake burning the stage DOWN in New Orleans at Mark Cuban’s Superbowl party. This is truly incredible! Real musicianship and showmanship in action.. -@TheTitustucker Justin Timberlake performs Little Pusher Lover Girl @ Mark Cuban’s Super Bowl Party Justin Timberlake performs Little Pusher Lover Girl @ Mark Cuban’s Super Bowl Party Justin Timberlake performs Little Pusher Lover Girl @ Mark Cuban’s Super Bowl Party Justin Timberlake performs Little Pusher Lover Girl @ Mark Cuban’s Super Bowl Party
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Life on the Road – “Make Your Mark” Episode 9

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