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How To Pair Up Your Compatible Phone With The 2013 Lexus GS 350 Via Bluetooth

Xenon headlights, a power tilt-and-scoping steering wheel and a power-closing trunk are just part of the standard features of the 2013 Lexus GS 350. However, unless the buyer of such a beauty is technologically savvy, he or she might easily be overwhelmed with the electronic features of the high-end sedan. Such features include an iPod interface, Bluetooth phone and audio connectivity and a 12-speaker Mark Levinson premium surround sound audio system, adaptive cruise control, heated rear seats and ventilated front seats, and a night vision camera. Topping all the technological hype is the Remote Touch multimedia controller. This is devise that looks like a computer mouse, which is right next to the gear selector and controls menus on the mounted screen. This latest addition requires some getting used to but once learned, it actually functions quite well. Individuals who have tested the GS touch screeninitially found it a little awkward but eventually adapted and actually likedthe Remote Touch controller better.

Thumbing through the car’s manuals looking for specific instructions on how to control all these features is itself a daunting task. To address the immediate issues such as the basic functions of the Bluetooth technology and others, here’s a quick guide to speed you through it.

Before anything else, you have to be sure your phone is compatible with the car’s system. If it is, read on.

Ensure that the car is on.
Activate the Bluetooth feature on your phone.
Press the vehicle menu button on the Remote Touch Multimedia controller (that’s control to the right of the gear stick).
Select Setup.
Select Bluetooth.
Select Connect Phone.
Assuming this is your first time, you will only see two buttons on the upper right hand corner of the display. The first is the Back button and below that is the Add New button. Select Add New.

You would need to wait a few moments while the car’s system attempts to connect to your phone. Once it’s found it, a passcode will be generated and displayed on screen for you to use on the phone if necessary. Input the code on your phone if required.  Pairing should take less than a minute. In that time, your phone book will also be transferred to the car’s system.

Once everything’s completed successfully, you can now use the Off Hook button on your steering wheel to talk on the phone hands-free.

There are many other features in the 2013 Lexus GS 350 and all of them have been designed to make your driving experience as easy, fun ad stress-free as possible. However, it is strongly recommended that you refrain from manipulating the Remote Touch Multimedia controller while you’re driving. It would be for everyone’s benefit if you would spend some time going through the car’s safety instruction in Navigation Manual. Again, don’t drive while you’re at it. When you do have to drive while on the phone, move to the slow lane if it’s available. 

Happy driving!

The new face of the 2013 Lexus RX will make you smile

Lexus chose the Geneva International Auto Show to unveil updates to its leading seller, the RX350 luxury utility vehicle featuring its new “spindle grill.” As part of its effort to inject more pizazz into the looks of its cars and crossovers, Lexus has redesigned the front end treatment of its vehicles. The look was first revealed on its most disappointing seller, the GS350 sport sedan. Launched just recently, the newly styled Lexus sedan’s sales have skyrocketed, increasing over 500% this past February vs. the same period last year. The car would seem to be an unqualified success for Lexus.

This success must have come as a relief to Lexus management as they unveil their breadwinner, the RX model line, and its new bold look. The RX accounts for a very large portion of Lexus sales and it outsells their second most popular model, the ES350, by a ratio of 2 to 1. The spindle grill harkens back to Toyota’s past as a company that made equipment for the textile industry. None of its customers will see the grill and think that, but they may like what they see. The look adds a more aggressive look to the line and the grill treatment is expected to roll out through all model lines as Lexus updates the fleet.

Changes like this can be risky for car manufacturers. Acura tried a grill treatment referred to as the “shield” look that did not win over new buyers in the way the company had hoped (to put it mildly).

Like every luxury car has done, the new RX will have LED lights up front now. Other exterior treatments include more bling in the form of added chrome in an optional appearance package.

Lexus has also made some non-cosmetic changes to the RX line.

The RX450h hybrid will now have a sport mode. Having recently tested the RX hybrid we will say this is a wise decision. We have driven the CT200h hybrid by Lexus and the sport mode is a feature we like. The CVT transmission takes some of the punch out of the 3.5 liter V6 in the RX450h and a sport mode might restore a bit of the fun that can be felt in the non-hybrid version of that drivetrain. A very positive change to the drivetrain in last year’s model continues. That is the switch to 87 octane fuel. That change alone increased the RX’ fuel economy by about 10%.

Lexus’ new spindle grill now added to the 2013 RX350 has improved the looks of its vehicles, and judging by the huge sales increase in GS, will continue to help the manufacture put smiles on shopper’s faces.

It certainly isn’t the sexiest car to debut here at the Geneva Motor Show, but let’s be honest: the Lexus RX crossover is hugely important, especially in the U.S. market. And while the 2013 model you see here isn’t an all-new model, it gets a host of upgrades that will make it a fresher, more attractive offering in the luxury CUV segment.

Up front, the 2013 RX now wears its own version of Lexus’ new corporate face, including the spindle grille that we now see on the GS, LX and CT, complete with LED running lamps. On top of that, there’s a new F Sport model for 2013, incorporating smoked out headlamps and taillamps, darker wheels, and a bolder, sportier front fascia.

The RX 350 and RX 450h models will carry over with largely unchanged powertrains, the former available with a 270-horsepower V6 and the latter with a 295-hp electrically assisted V6. Both models can be had with either front- or all-wheel drive.

Inside, there’s a modestly updated interior with a new steering wheel and IP cluster, as well as a refreshed center stack. Of course, there’s a smattering of luxury options available including a Mark Levinson premium audio system, a HDD navigation unit and Lexus Enform. Hit the jump for the full details and click through our high-res image galleries to see the new RX for yourself.
Overall, the LED lights are widely used for automotive lighting, and will come out with even more innovation in the future.

Lexus 2013 LX 570 bring new look and features to showrooms next month

The Lexus entry in the big and heavy segment of the SUV market, the LX570, will roll into showrooms in February sporting a new look both inside and out, along with improved off-road abilities.

“With all of the enhanced features, the LX 570 offers perhaps the most exciting combination of luxury, on-road smoothness and off-road performance of any vehicle in its segment,” said Mark Templin, group vice president and general manager, Lexus Division.

The LX 570 is powered by an advanced 5.7-liter V8, four cams, and four valves per cylinder engine with dual Variable Valve Timing with intelligence (VVT-i), 383 horsepower and 403 lb.-ft. of torque.

The LX receives an updated Crawl Control feature which provides optimum throttle and brake modulation when maneuvering over rough, uneven or difficult surfaces. The new Turn Assist feature tightens turning circles by adding more brake force to the inside rear wheel. The new Multi-terrain Select also allows the driver to optimize performance by choosing from five types of terrain settings.

The new look is highlighted by the Lexus spindle grille, new LED daytime running lights complement and an updated headlamp design with new larger fog lamp bezels. Taillamps are also updated, while the rear license plate surround gets a revised look and the tow hitch cover is more integrated. Both front and rear bumpers are refreshed, with the rear bumper protector enhanced by a chrome accent. Turn signals have been integrated into the side mirrors, and wider bodyside moldings sport a new appearance.

The LX interior receives a new multimedia system (with available next-generation Lexus Enform®), a color TFT multi-information display, improved front seat cooling, easy access for the driver’s seat, a power outlet for the middle row and unique trims and accents.

With the standard navigation system, LX owners can enjoy a high-resolution multi-media display. The high-resolution screen supports an enhanced map display, with audio, climate and other vehicle information. The navigation system will also have access to the next-generation Lexus Enform® Application Suite, the system that leverages the customers’ mobile phone technology to provide a new level of connectivity and information management. Users can conduct local searches through Bing, utilize voice-enabled apps to make restaurant reservations through OpenTable, purchase movie tickets via MovieTickets.com or tap into internet radio services, including Pandora® or iHeartRadio.

Lexus Enform® also gives LX owners the ability to check-in on Facebook, and search for various restaurant and business reviews on Yelp. SiriusXM data services offer information on stocks, traffic, weather, sports and fuel prices. Enform® is supported on iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

The LX offers an optional Luxury Package priced at $ 1,510 that includes a cool box for beverages, semi-aniline leather-trimmed upholstery with new contrast stitching, a heated steering wheel, new mahogany wood-trimmed door switch plates, a rear-center armrest cover, heated and ventilated front seats, heated second-row seats (outboard position only) and Smart Access card key.

In addition to the Luxury Package, the new LX 570 features an available dual screen rear-seat entertainment system with wireless headphones and three-prong electrical outlet, priced at $ 2,005. This system allows two video sources to be viewed at the same time – for instance, one can be used as a DVD player while the other as a game console or audio player.

The LX will carry an MSRP of $ 80,930, an increase of 1.9 percent or $ 1,475. The MSRP does not include a delivery, processing and handling fee of $ 875.


Overall, the LED lights are widely used for automotive lighting, and will come out with even more innovation in the future.

The 2013 Lexus LX 570 emerges more refined than ever

Arriving at local dealerships early next month, the 2013 Lexus LX 570 wears its makeover well with greatly improved styling, a carefully enhanced interior, state-of-the-art technology and unexpected off-road versatility.

“With all of the enhanced features, the LX 570 offers perhaps the most exciting combination of luxury, on-road smoothness and off-road performance of any vehicle in its segment,” said Mark Templin, group vice president and general manager, Lexus Division.

The smarter look comes partly from fresh LED daytime lights accenting a new headlamp treatment with larger fog lamp bezels. The rear lighting cluster has also been updated, along with the license plate surround while the hitch has been better integrated into the overall appearance. Front and rear bumpers have a new chrome accent and turn signals were added to the sideview mirrors.

The LX 570 comes with a bodacious, load-hauling 5.7-liter V8, quad cam, 32-valve engine with dual (VVT-i). At 383 horsepower and 403 lb.-ft. of torque it will perform demanding tasks in the lap of luxury.

The new Crawl Control provides unexcelled throttle and brake modification when negotiating rough, convoluted surfaces. A fresh Turn Assist tightens cornering by adding brakes to the inside rear wheel, while an added Multi-terrain selector also allows drivers to customize performance to the terrain before them.

The 2013 Lexus LX 570 gets the greatly improved Lexus Enform, a color TFT display, improved seat cooling up front, a new power outlet in the second row plus new trims and accents, of course.

The navigator is displayed on a new high-resolution display with resident apps, providing mobile phone connectivity to a new level of information and entertainment management.

Owners can access Bing and other voice-activated apps to make reservations with OpenTable, schedule movie outings via MovieTickets.com or surf radio services with Pandora or iHeartRadio.

LX owners can also check-in on Facebook and look for restaurant or business reviews on Yelp. With SiriusXM data services, you can get updates on stocks, traffic, weather, sports and fuel prices. Enform works with iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

The optional Luxury Package ($ 1,510) includes a cooler box, semi-aniline leather-upholstery, contrasting stitching, heated steering wheel, mahogany-trimmed door switch plates, center armrest cover, climate controlled front seats and heated second-row window seats.

The new LX 570 also provides an available rear-seat entertainment system with two display screens, wireless headphones and a three-pronged electrical outlet for $ 2,005. This allows two input sources to be used simultaneously, for example, one for a DVD player with the other running a game or audio player.

For that amount of cash, you gain a revamped exterior, which includes Lexus’ new corporate grille, revised headlamps with LED daytime running lights, updated taillights, and side mirrors with integrated turn signals. The 5.7-liter V-8 carries over from last year’s model, and still offers the same 383 hp and 403 lb-ft of torque. Lexus did, however, update the Crawl Control feature, which is intended to provide optimum throttle and brake modulation over rough, uneven surfaces. A new Multi-Terrain Select feature allows drivers to choose between five terrain settings, while the new Turn Assist function can tighten the vehicle’s turning circle by increasing brake force on the inside rear wheel.

Also included is a new multimedia system, available with Lexus’ Enform Application Suite. Drivers can connect their mobile phone to Enform to search the web, make restaurant reservations by voice command, check-in on Facebook, or purchase movie tickets online. Internet radio services like Pandora and iHeartRadio are also accessible through Enform.

An optional Luxury package is available for the LX, and is priced at $ 1510. The package includes a cool box for beverages, semi-aniline leather-trimmed upholstery, mahogany door trim, heated and ventilated front seats, heated front seats, a heated steering wheel, and a Smart Access card key. A dual screen rear-seat entertainment system is also available, which costs $ 2005, and comes with wireless headphones, rear three-prong electrical outlet, and dual-source playback capability.



Lexus Debuts 2013 RX 350 F Sport


The Lexus RX 450h F Sport shown in Geneva seemed to lack the traditional F Sport suspension upgrades, and it appeared to be little more than an appearance package with unique wheels, black chrome trim and a restyled front end. Last month, Lexus launched the all-new RX collection at the Geneva Motor Show. Right at that moment, the high-class automaker introduced a new RX 450h hybrid and a new RX 350. It also released the RX 450h F Sport, debuting the F Sport logo on a hybrid for the very first time.
Now the 2013 Lexus is supported with the New York Auto Show launch of the RX 350 F Sport, which it guarantees will be more than just a trim package. While output continues to be the same 270 horsepower found in other RX 350 models, the RX 350 F Sport benefits from a full suspension retuning that promises to deliver superior handling.
All RX 350 F Sport models will attribute all-wheel-drive; an F Sport tuned suspension; an eight-speed transmission with paddle shifters; a distinctive front bumper and grille; 19-inch wheels completed in Dark Graphite and interior advancements to distinguish F Sport models.
The F Sport suspension package contains stiffer springs and firmer shocks, with what Lexus expenses as a “distinctive lateral performance damper system.”  This creates a more linear steering feel and greater ride comfort, but still allows for improved handling compared to standard RX 350 models.
Inside, F Sport designs get perforated black leather seats with different white stitching and white perforations. White stitching is used to highlight the the center console and door armrests, and Ebony Bird’s Eye Maple provides an upscale touch. The leather-wrapped steering wheel gets an “F” logo, and aluminum pedals round out the sporty look.
As with other RX versions, the F Sport receives Bluetooth audio streaming, Sirius XM satellite radio and a USB port and auxiliary in jack. A voice-controlled, hard drive dependent navigation system is an available option, and the Lexus Remote Touch Interface has been enhanced for easier control of climate, phone or navigation systems, audio.
Lexus’ Enform infotainment system is readily available as well, and facilitates the use of iPhone, Blackberry devices or Android. Enform customers can check out business evaluations, make reservations, obtain the newest weather and traffic and stream internet radio by way of Pandora or iHeartRadio. Look for the RX 350 F Sport to hit Lexus dealers this summer, with pricing to be announced closer to launch.

Want more breaking news and images from New York? You’ll find them on our dedicated auto shows pages. For more information about aftermarket car parts including suspension and transmission, you can refer to carpart4u.Honda Accessories