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Brine Nitrous Lacrosse Head Review

Brine Nitrous: The Brine Nitrous has been getting many mixed reviews after its release. The Nitrous is a variation of the Matrix and in my opinion does perform better than the matrix. I feel that this stick has a lot of potential to be a very good faceoff head if you tune it to how you like it. Personally I feel this faceoff head would do best with a slight pinch towards the top of the head giving it a more narrow channel. This would allow you to have more cushion as to where you set up on the line. Your head would be narrow enough that you could clamp, top and pinch all very easily. This head could give you the best of all worlds especially if you prefer a flexible lacrosse head.

This head also gives you a wide variety of ways to string your stick since the sidewall stringing holes are not spaced like a normal head and are instead one after the other for the length of the head. Having the ability to string up your Nitrous exactly how you want also makes a huge difference in winning in losing. Obviously you don’t want a tennis racket as your pocket but setting it up so you can basically have a pocket in the back of your mesh can also help you win some faceoffs. Both the Nitrous and Blade I feel can give you the best pocket within a pocket. Both have narrow channels until they reach closer to the top of the head which I feel creates a better hold on the ball when going to faceoff. They both are able to flex easily which makes the pocket very loose when facing of giving an extremely good hold on the ball as if you are able to cradle the ball with the back of your mesh. Overall I will give this lacrosse head a very good rating but needs to be tuned to your specific liking still.


Lacrosse Ball Passing

Over the years Lacrosse has been becoming an increasingly more popular sport across America. However, I feel like people aren’t getting a good understanding of the sports basics before they hit the field. So I thought I would do something about that, thus this article. I just wanted to go over some basics so people would stop making fools of them.


Lacrosse has been popular on the east coast for many years, and has slowly made its way across America and has become popular all over the states. Over the last several years there has been a huge jump in the number of people playing lacrosse. From the west to the east and everywhere in between lacrosse seems to be popping up everywhere.


Just like every other sports every person needs to have a strong understanding for the sport and all its fundamentals. Let’s start off with the real basics and that all begins with simple passing of the lacrosse ball.


Proper handling of a Lacrosse stick is the first thing that one must learn.  Watching lacrosse players play will help you understand that the throwing motion should be fluid and will often have to take place on the run.


When running you will also have to make sure that you can cradle the ball through instinct or muscle memory.  This can take some time and is definitely a skill that you will have to start cultivating.


As you hold the lacrosse stick you will want to make sure that the stick is across your body.  The pocket should be near your ear and you want to make sure that your top hand is holding the equipment right above your shoulder.


Your opposite hand will be at the bottom of the stick.  The order of your hands will depend on which hand is your dominant hand and you should be sure that you understand in what order to hold your hands.


Your feet should never be even with each other when you are throwing a lacrosse body.  You should make sure that your feet are staggered so that you are able to put more power into the throw and you are also able to have the balance that you need for the throw.


When you are throwing the ball you will have to move your body to transfer the weight from your back foot to your front.  This transition of weight and the momentum that you are using to push the ball forward will help you have a lot of force behind your throw.

Cade Lennox is a fitness and health expert who writes articles about exercise, nutrition and more. He has also authored hundreds of treadmill reviews and treadmill ratings.

Using Weight Raising Exercising To Increase Posture Stability for Lacrosse Athletes

By having a comprehension of what muscular tissue mass fight each other and what a limited muscular tissue mass is you can enhance and expand muscular tissue mass accordingly to create muscular tissue balance throughout the body.

Typical vulnerable muscle tissue is the muscle tissue of the spine, throat and hamstrings. Typical limited muscle tissue is the breasts area, and many of the muscle tissue in the body. Following the workout routines in my online workout will help coast up many of these problems.

By extending and muscle tissue balance workouts you can avoid many lacrosse accidents and actually become quite a bit more powerful. Flaws can actually become skills and aid more powerful muscle tissue to force or take more complicated because they are not dealing with each other.

Another reason your strength will improve by becoming muscularly balanced is that our body normally defends motions that include vulnerable muscle tissue.  For example a football glass pitcher may not realize his body won’t throw as hard as it could because there are vulnerable muscle tissue in the spine and spinning cuff.

By building up this muscle tissue our body will identify more of stability and recognize it is all right to place a quick message because the power of the movement will not split the spinning cuff muscle tissue of the spine and neck.

This will also happen for lacrosse sports sportsmen who want to the flat common press optimum weight. Weak spine muscles will not allow a patient to stay in the shoulder again power position necessary to keep a shorter range that helps a great common presser.

The vulnerable muscles of the spine can’t suppress the back as the breasts area forces forward and draws the hands with it.

This improves the variety and makes the body have to push the further to finish the activity. A strong spine that helps in a smaller variety is a huge factor for being a good common presser.

I have seen some of my patient client make remarkable profits in their flat common press just by developing a program that focused on the muscle tissue of the spine and nothing else. Just common demanding once regular and then concentrating twice regular on specific spine muscle tissue revealed almost a 50 lb improvement in six weeks.

I would recommend getting with someone who recognizes muscle balance and can information you on what muscle tissue are limited or vulnerable and concentrate on those areas. This advice can help a lacrosse patient reduce accidents, increase efficiency and increase their profession.

I am Alex Semenik, i have written this article about  Maximizing Lacrosse Training  that how making use of extending and remedial workouts you can avoid many accidents and actually get more powerful. Flaws can actually become skills and aid more powerful muscle tissue to force or take more complicated because they are not dealing with each other . The Fitness Training Program will help get you slimmer, fit and confident.

Detroit MI Buick LaCrosse Receives High Marks in Car and Drivers ?Car Designers Graded’

Detroit MI Buick LaCrosse is General Motors’ newly-graded, A student. In the newest issue of Car and Driver, Phil Patton, a teacher at the School of Visual Arts in New York and automobile-design writer for the New York Times, graded all of the major car designers ranging from American automakers like General Motors, Ford and Chrysler to European automakers such as Volkswagen, BMW, and Jaguar.

Top-students such as the Ferrari and Jaguar, both with A’s, were followed closely by Kia and Detroit MI automaker General Motors with their cars, including GM’s stylish Buick LaCrosse, being graded at an A-.

The designer for Buick, Ed Welburn, is said to be reviving the Buick with the LaCrosse concept. Rated above BMW, Audi and Ford—all graded with B’s—General Motors should be proud of Welburn for putting them on the map of high-class design.

It should be mentioned that carmakers who may have been considered higher on the design-pole were not called out as such this time around. Subaru’s WRX along with Porsche and its new Panamera were ranked at a B-. Porsche got this grade for the Panamera’s changed and stretched figure. It is hard to modify any part of a Porsche with such a classic and unchanging history of design.

Average students who received passing marks were Honda/Acura with a C- and Mitsubishi’s little “bean on wheels”, the i-MiEV, who took a C.

The lowest-graded kid in class this issue was Toyota/Lexus with a D+. This Japanese company’s new design campaign “Vibrant Clarity” for Toyota and “L-Finesse” for Lexus came up short with bland curves and overall dull appearance, according to Phil Patton.

This month’s report card may have been disappointing for some, but reward-worthy for others like the Buick LaCrosse who can now show off its new gold star to its proud parents in Detroit MI.

Congratulations to all high-graded students, and to those who graded less than expected, maybe it’s time for a study group.

Here at Michigan Auto Times we’re not surprised the LaCrosse received high marks in design because we named it our Top Pick for Family Sedan.

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What Lacrosse Equipment Do I Need to Play Goalie?

by urulus

What Lacrosse Equipment Do I Need to Play Goalie?

As anyone who plays lacrosse can tell you, it is a physical sport. You need protection in order to play on the field or as a goalie. The protective gear will make sure you are in the same shape at the end of the game as you were when it started.

What equipment do you need to play goalie?

Let’s start with the goalie stick. A head of a goalie’s stick is usually larger than the other players’ stick heads. This helps the goalie block other players’ shots easier. The shaft of a goalie’ stick is usually longer to give the goalie a longer reach. Goalies also wear a special type of glove that provides protection from flying balls and sticks, while still maintaining grip and flexibility.

The Head and the Upper Body

Goalies also need to wear helmets in order to prevent the ball from doing damage to the head. Most helmets come with attached face shields. Many of these helmets also come with throat protectors in place to keep the ball from striking the front of the neck. Mouth guards are standard equipment most players need to wear to prevent mouth damage.

The next layer of protection is the chest protector. A high-speed ball can do some damage to the chest unless there is some protection in the area. The protector provides a padded surface that wraps around the front of the body with straps going around the back to secure it.

The Lower Body

Most goalies also need to wear special goalie pants. These pants offer padding to the hips and upper thigh area. Some of the pants come with different layers of removable padding to allow for a comfortable fit while providing the most amount of protection.

Some goalies choose to wear kneepads to protect their knees from flying balls as well as giving them the ability to drop down to the knees to block a shot.

On the bottom of the legs, shin guards keep the lacrosse ball from leaving deep bruises.

Shin guards usually come in hard plastic with a soft interior padding. They go from just below the knees down to around the ankle area.

Some lacrosse leagues may require other equipment for goalies. When you join a league, make sure you understand all of the equipment requirements. That will allow you to play and stay protected at the same time.

If you would like to browse a credible webiste that displays dependable lacrosse goalie heads and other lacrosse equipment, visit Lax World’s website LaxWorld.com.

How to Make the Most of a Lacrosse Recruiting Camp Experience

High school lacrosse players should begin early in their lacrosse careers to think about scholarship opportunities available through college lacrosse recruiting events, such as camps and tournaments. Some preparation before you attend a lacrosse recruiting camp, plus a focused approach to selecting camps, will help to make the lacrosse recruiting camp experience the most fun and beneficial for you.

Preparation Is The Key

One of the most effective steps you can take for lacrosse college recruiting is to set up a personal webpage that offers information for which college lacrosse recruiting coaches are looking. Your contact information, as well as your lacrosse stats and academic information can all be included. You will also want to have someone take some video footage of you playing. Perhaps a coach or a parent can help in this regard, or you can hire a professional to film you and then edit the film. Putting up a full game, along with some special highlights, will enable coaches who are recruiting lacrosse players to see you quickly online at their convenience, making it more likely that they will look at your webpage.

Once you have your web page looking the way you want for lacrosse college recruiting purposes, you will want to begin sending short email messages to coaches for whom you would like to play. You can let them know which lacrosse recruiting camp or tournament you plan to attend, for example. Be sure when you sign your email to include a link to your webpage. During lacrosse recruiting camp and tournament season, coaches and their staff are very busy with every aspect of the process of recruiting lacrosse players, so anything you can do to make it easy for them to see you play is to your benefit.

Selecting the lacrosse recruiting camp that is right for you
You will want to narrow down the list of colleges where you would like to attend, and after doing that, see which ones will be offering a lacrosse recruiting camp.

This could be a good one to attend, because in addition to giving you a chance to be seen by the school’s coaches, it also gives you the opportunity to check out the campus and see how you like it.

What year you are in high school will also have a bearing on which lacrosse college recruiting camps to attend. For freshmen and sophomores, you will want to focus more on improving your skills rather than getting recruited. Older students, though, will want to spend time at events where recruiting lacrosse players is the focus.

You can make new friends, learn new skills and even earn a scholarship to the college of your choice through prepared participation at a lacrosse recruiting camp.

In this article Wayne Hemrick writes about a lacrosse recruiting camp.

Pretend Your Hot with a Lacrosse Practice Jerseys Styled

If you love the lacrosse and enjoy the sport, then you most likely have a team that you love to follow all the time. Of course, more than likely you would like to get a hold of one of the practice jersey that the team really wears, but also fairly possibly that’s a bit above your price range. However, maybe you would even be happy to go for a cheap lacrosse practice jerseys instead that will allow you to support your team. In fact, today you can get several great practice jerseys that will permit you to support your favorite sports team in style.

If the lacrosse is simply your favorite sport, then you’ll want to go with a great lacrosse practice jerseys that will be modeled off the ones that they wear. You’ll feel like to go with a professional that can make your jersey for you, giving you a big look and style without costing you a huge amount of money. Even if you don’t wish for to have the name of your favorite team member on it, you can put your name on it instead.

Even if you are not a fan of the current players out there today, usually you’ll be able to find a professional that will be able to create any number of lacrosse practice jerseys for you, even from past teams. In fact, why not make it something for your whole family of lacrosse fans, by having customized jerseys made for the whole family.

Even your baby or kid can get one customized to his size as well, so he’ll be able to help you cheer on the team on game day.

You’ll find that you can make your own jersey in just about any size, and you can pick about any color that you desire and have any number of details on it as well. Just think having the number of a player on it, the name, or maybe even just a team symbol that will let everyone know who you are rooting for this sport season.

No matter who you wish for to root for with your custom lacrosse practice jerseys, you’ll be sure to get a great look and a amazing way to support your team.

Do you know how to make your own jersey? You can get all ideas of lacrosse practice jerseys as per your requirement here.

Lacrosse Face Off Review

The brine vapor is a lacrosse head that came around a few years ago when brine introduced it around 03. As a face off head the brine vapor performed fairly well considering it had an open throat design which I feel goes against the face off man. As a face off specialist I feel that there are some changes that could be made to this head to help it fit your needs.

– Pinch the head

First thing, pinch the head, with a wide throat I always felt this hindered my face off ability because I didn’t feel like my head was ever clamping quick enough to make it clean.

– String the pocket high

Over the years, when using a stick with a wider throat I have found it easier to win when the pocket is strung higher in the head of the stick than lower. Having it strung higher allows you to make your pocket resemble a large net which will catch anything your opponent can throw at you. Say for example he tries to laser you; a high pocket will have a better chance of catching the ball than a lower pocket.

– Tune it to your liking.

After you finish both those suggestions play around with your stick and make some adjustments to find what makes it work better for you. Play around with the strings and find how pinched you prefer that head. Now go face off and show the opponent how it’s done.

Overall I would give this head an okay rating or around a 6/10. After you make some of the changes then this head will be much more effective for you. Follow my blog, post your own reviews, let me answer any of your questions come back daily to find many new things.

Have A Lacrosse?

Im not to sure about Lacrosse .. except that they play with a ball – but I do know for a fact that the Lacrosse Hubcaps are something that you dont want to play with. Have you seen how nice they look on the car?

The Lacrosse is one of the cars that Buick was experimenting with. Theyve been releasing new cars and reinventing their previous cars in order to change their image and broaden their fan base. Since the word Lacrosse is known as somewhat naughty to the French Canadians, the car has a different name : the Allure .. but I wonder if it has the same Lacrosse Hubcaps on it or if theyre Allure ones?

If you were to just sum it all up, youd find that the Lacrosse is suited as comfortable driving for people that are a little order and are a little more traditional with their driving styles.

The Lacrosse that was redesigned for 2010 is a large front or all – wheel – drive car that is supposed to ride on a more enhanced version of the Chevy Malibus platform. Youre (the consumer) supposed to view the car as the Buick that blends more modern styling and surprisingly accomplished handling with traditional Buick traits like light steering and a comfortable, relaxing ride .. so I guess they didnt change the suspension.

You can choose from three different trim levels: the CX, the CXL, or the CXS. The base LaCrosse models with the OEM Lacrosse Hubcaps (which are so much more affordable) are supposed to come standard with a power seat, full power accessories and a seven-speaker CD/MP3 audio system. I have that CD system in my car but I had to get it installed since 95 4 Runners dont come standard with that kind of stuff .. but I’m getting a sound system soon!

The more expensive models have more appealing options like adjustable shock absorbers, xenon headlamps, a head-up display, a hard-drive-based navigation system so that you wont get lost, a rearview camera, and a rear-seat entertainment system with dual headrest displays. I can see when trucks come with rearview cameras, but why does the Lacrosse need one? Its just a sedan; I can use that camera for my truck!

If youre planning to buy the sedan as a new family car, then Id say go for it – all the way. Consumer reports say that the backseat is roomy and comfortable for even full – size adults to sit in. The front seats are great too because they offer firm support that calls to mind German sedans more than American land yachts. When it comes to the dashboard, its nice and sleek and sophisticated – just like the dash on a 2010 Nissan would be. The only thing that Id probably complain about is the trunk size: its a 13-cubic-foot trunk. What can you do with 13-cubic-feet?

The main reasons why youre probably not getting this car is because youre thinking, Its a Buick! .. & I always see old people with these kinds of cars .. Trust me young one, once you drive it, youll probably fall in love with it. Not only is the dash sleek and fashionable, but so is the exterior. Have you seen the Lacrosse Hubcaps on a nice color red Buick Lacrosse?

Lacrosse – Late Knights

Nils und Etienne spielen Lacrosse. Sendung vom 05.07.07
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Lacrosse highlights from the LXM PRO event in Philadelphia, PA. This game featured Kyle Harrison, Joe Walters, Johnny Christmas, Sean Morris, Kenny Nims, and many more great players. For interviews and complete coverage of LXM 610, visit www.insidelacrosse.tv
Video Rating: 4 / 5