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Kobe Bryant-phil Jackson ‘feud’ Just Small Bump In Lakers’ Road To Attempting To Defend Nba Title

On the other side of the country, Lakers fans are getting a taste of that dip right now. The Lakers are marred in the middle of a stretch where they’ve lost four of their last six games, punctuated by an embarrassing 104-85 loss — which could have been a lot worse — on Sunday night to a last-place Grizzlies squad. That loss was the worst of the bunch, a stretch in which the four losses have come by an average of over 17 points per contest.
To make matters worse, there appears to be a little in-house bickering between two of the league’s marquee divas — Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant.
Jackson spoke very candidly about Bryant and his style of play following the loss to the Grizzlies.
“Kobe had to screw up the game and start energizing the team by going one-on-one,” Jackson said. “That takes the rest of the guys out and as a consequence, that didn’t bring us back in.”
Well, alright.
Whether or not Jackson meant the words to cut deep, or whether he was just making an observation, the message was clear. The Lakers need to play better as a team.
But before Celtics fans go crossing off the Lakers on their list of potential roadblocks for an 18th world title, they must remember that this is just a bump in the road for the Lake Show.
The Lakers, like the Celtics, are a veteran club. They know that while it would be nice to secure things like home-court advantage (like last year’s NBA Finals), they are still dangerous enough to make noise in the playoffs just by getting there.
When it comes down to it, it’s all about weathering the storm. The Lakers know that better than anyone. There’s a reason they’ve won back-to-back NBA titles. There’s a reason they’ve been to the finals the last three years.
And there’s a reason that Jackson and Bryant are widely considered as the best or one of the best at what they do.
They both know how to win. Not only that, they’ve feuded before, and they’ve been able to put things behind them.
When the Lakers get to the playoffs, they’ll be among the favorites again. No team can match up with their playoff experience. Their offense, a grind-it-out half-court system centered around the famed triangle offense is at its best when the Lakers can wear down teams in long series.
Teams with athletic point guards will still give them fits (Rajon Rondo, anyone?), but it will be easier for the Lakers to grind out wins, utilizing the killer touch of Bryant along with one of the better frontcourts in the game.
Whether or not Celtics fans want to admit it or not, the Lakers are a lot like the C’s. They’ll go through midseason swoons, but they’ll be among the big boys standing in the end when it’s all said and done. With both teams, the peaks of success will continue to tower over the relatively meaningless valleys of failure that try and trip them up during the grind that is the NBA regular season.

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The Los Angeles Lakers Tickets : Kobe Bryant Was Awarded The Nba Most Valuable Player Award

The Los Angeles Lakers are a National Basketball Association (NBA) team based in Los Angeles, California. The Lakers play their home games at Staples Center, which they share with their fellow NBA rival, the Los Angeles Clippers, and their sister team, the Los Angeles Sparks of the WNBA.

The Lakers are the two-time reigning NBA champions after defeating the Boston Celtics in the Finals four games to three, capturing the franchise’s 16th NBA championship on the 50th anniversary of its relocation to Los Angeles. As of 2009, the Lakers are the most valuable NBA franchise.In June 2010, basketball analyst and writer John Hollinger ranked the Lakers as the greatest NBA franchise of all time.

The Lakers franchise was founded in 1946 in Detroit, Michigan before moving to Minneapolis, where the team got its official title from the state’s nickname, “Land of 10,000 Lakes.”[4] The Lakers won five championships before relocating to Los Angeles in the 1960/61 season. The Lakers lost all of their eight appearances in the NBA Finals in the 1960s, despite having help from Elgin Baylor and Jerry West.

In 1972, the Lakers won their sixth title, first in Los Angeles, under coach Bill Sharman. The Lakers’ popularity soared in the 1980s when they won five additional championships during a nine-year span with the leadership of Hall of Famers Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, James Worthy and coach Pat Riley, the franchise’s all-time leader in regular season game wins and playoff games coached and wins.

Two of those championships during that span were against their arch-rivals, the Boston Celtics. From 2000 to 2002, the Lakers won three titles consecutively with the help of Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant, and Hall of Fame coach Phil Jackson. After losing both the 2004 and 2008 NBA Finals, the Lakers captured two more championships, for a total of 16, by defeating the Orlando Magic in 2009, and the Boston Celtics in 2010.

The Lakers hold records for having (into the 2009/10 season) the most wins (3,027), the highest winning percentage (61.9%), the most NBA Finals appearances (31), the second fewest non-playoff seasons with five (San Antonio Spurs have four), and the second-most NBA championships with 16, behind the Boston Celtics’ 17.They also hold the record for compiling the longest win streak (33) in U.S. professional team sports (also an NBA record) in the 1971/72 season.

Sixteen Hall of Famers have played for the Lakers, while four Hall of Famers (John Kundla, Bill Sharman, Pat Riley and Phil Jackson) have coached the team. Four Lakers (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson, Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant) have won the NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP) award[8] for a total of 8 MVP awards.

After re-acquiring Derek Fisher, the Lakers started the 2007/08 season fairly well, supported by the flourishing Andrew Bynum. However, Bynum’s season ended to injury in January, leading the Lakers to trade Kwame Brown, Javaris Crittenton, Aaron McKie, the draft rights to Marc Gasol, and two first round draft picks to the Memphis Grizzlies for Pau Gasol and a second round draft choice.[81] After the trade, the Lakers went on to clinch the first seed in the Western Conference with a 57/25 record.

Kobe Bryant was awarded the NBA Most Valuable Player Award, becoming the first Los Angeles Lakers player to have won the award since Shaquille O’Neal won the award in 2000.The Lakers went to the playoffs and defeated the Denver Nuggets in four games, the Utah Jazz in six games, and the defending champion San Antonio Spurs in five games.They entered the NBA Finals for the first time in four years, facing their long-time rivals, the Boston Celtics, whom they had not played in the Finals in 21 years. The Lakers eventually lost the series in six games.

Basically retaining the same cast from last season (only the free-agent switch between Houston’s Ron Artest and Trevor Ariza being the key change), the Lakers finished the 2009/10 season with 57 victories, once again the West’s best record for the third straight season. They defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder in six games of the first round, then swept past the Utah Jazz in the Conference Semifinals. They defeated the Phoenix Suns in the Conference Finals, four games to two. In the 2010 NBA Finals, the Lakers once again met their old rivals, the Boston Celtics.

In a series that recalled some of the two teams’ memorable title struggles of earlier decades, the Lakers rallied from a 3-2 series disadvantage and erased a 13-point deficit in the seventh and deciding game to defeat Boston and win their sixteenth title and eleventh in Los Angeles.[93] Kobe Bryant was named the NBA Finals MVP for the second consecutive year.[94] The Lakers became the first team to repeat as champion since the Lakers themselves last did the trick in 2002.

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James or Kobe- the hatest race war in NBA which reflect little affect to their business career of Nike shoes

Just like other field, NBA is also a war place, all best skilled stars together with this place, what they do just show their skills and try their best to champion. But unlike other place, NBA is also a place which show personality, people can select the pop star they would like to supports, also the team they would like to support. It seems that not relate to stars, but really do – just like Kobe Brand and Lebron James – the popularity of basketball stars really relate to their NBA careers and also their business incomes of Nike Shoes.

It is a long period that people like Lebron James more than Kobe Brand, without reasons most of NBA fans support Lebron James. However, Kobe become the hatest NBA stars in the basketball games, not relate to his workmanship skills, not relate to his MVP and champion, people still hate him. The concern of Kobe has affected apparent during the match. Both are the best players in the NBA games, why this different happened? Before O’Neil apart from Lakers, people just compare Kobe with O’Neil for fun, finally end to O’Neal’s departure. But history performed again, the title called James as “Next O’Neil” may repeat this inconclusive war. However, really hard to make a conclusion.

Now, after LeBron’s decision and “The Decision,” more and more people dislike LeBron James. Whether they think he’s a coward, a jerk or just has a bad beard, the LeBron James train has less and less people enjoying its complimentary peanuts. And while LeBron has been busy making people angry, Kobe has been enjoying a great run that has seen him win an Olympic gold medal and two straight titles while staying out of headlines for anything bad. The tables have turned. From satistics, just a summer, Kobe has return his battlefield with popularity of NBA fans, but James is in a disadvantage statu. No matter how hard James is, the result show that Kobe is the winner in this conpetetion.

Also it is amazing that the dislike of LeBron James affect how much they like his new teammates. It may see clearly in the new NBA season. However, Kobe has changed, no matter the sales of his new Nike Zoom shoes or just his attention cause the biggest success compare with James. But this will not make difference for LeBron James. His career with Nike company still continues and his popular Nike shoes still sales well. His series Nike Air Max VII is not affect by his career. From the lastest satistics at Q Scores, Kobe’s positive score of 16 and negative score of 40 are close to LeBron’s scores of 14 and 39 — but people still dislike Kobe more than LeBron. All is right with the world and nothing has changed. May be this is the short lived dislike of James, the popularity is still higher than Kobe. This maybe the event which affect James, but as soon as he find the problems, this poblem maybe solve.

As a good player in the world, Kobe has also made a mistake in early days, the caprices he meet has finally got understand by others, also he become famous again with workmanship skills. This maybe the same problem with James, but the affect is ligher than Kobe , so it doesn’t matter for James, just like O’Neil, his best character may affect others return to his place again. From the Nike Shoes Sale satistic, a status of pop star may affect his personality, but not affect his business products – the shoe Nike product for them just a honor of basketball player, not concern about his NBA career.

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NBA Basketball – Number One – LeBron Or Kobe – Or Maybe Neither

You can’t go anywhere in the NBA without hearing the never-ending argument about who is better, LeBron James or Kobe Bryant. Yes, it’s over-hyped, although we’re happy to get into it to some extent.

The way I’ll get into it is through a little protest. Let me point out that in terms of the question “Who is better, Kobe or LeBron?” I’m not sure I necessarily agree with its limits. Is it between LeBron James of the Cavs and Kobe Bryant of the Lakers, wholly and exclusively? Are there other contenders? I felt, even before Kevin Garnett got to Boston, that he was the best all-around player in the league, and that particular thought was reinforced after putting the Celtics on his back and taking them to a title. Garnett demonstrated three things to me that were critical: (1) That he didn’t even think twice about giving something up on his personal scoring numbers in order to focus on the bigger picture, which was to win; (2) That he could, pretty much by his lonesome, create a defensive culture that was enough to win a title, keeping in mind that the other two elements of Boston’s “Big Three,” Paul Pierce and Ray Allen, had never gained a reputation as defensive “stoppers” and (3) That he was the leader, on and off the court, pure and simple.

To me, looking at pure scoring figures means very little (although, incidentally, Garnett’s career average of 20.2 ppg, with a career high of 24.2, is more than respectable enough). An NBA team is going to score X amount of points per game; who gets to score those points is dependent on a lot of different factors, including who creates the opportunity for that score, by way of a defensive play, a great pass, a screen, drawing multiple defenders, etc., or who gets the plays called for him.  Almost everyone who comes into the NBA can score points, In a sense, that is how they got there. In other words, if I was a coach, and I chose to designate one guy on my roster to be the guy who takes 30 shots in an effort to score 25 points, I am confident that I could find several players who would be able to fill that role. All they would have to do is shoot enough to get it done. It’s basically a function of how I structure the offense and who I call the plays for.

On the other hand, I can’t simply designate someone to be a guy who can stop the other team’s best scorer, could I? I couldn’t pick out any individual on my roster to trade blows with someone in the paint, to control the boards, or to make passes out of the post to open men. I could try, but they wouldn’t necessarily succeed. I know what Garnett can do defensively. Yet I have always doubted the credibility of those All-Defensive team selections which have found people like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant on them consistency, or LeBron James this year. That’s because I wondered how many times those guys were really tabbed to do battle with the other team’s top scorer, as someone like, say, Shane Battier or Bruce Bowen often are. What I found is that they often took advantage of the flexibility of being able to guard any of two or event three different positions, in order to avoid the energy they would have to expend on the defensive end against a foe’s big gun.

With Garnett, let’s face it – he usually has no choice but to guard the other team’s power forward, and as we know, there are some absolute monsters at that position. He’ll go against centers too. The Celtics, who were the second seed in the East this season, were quite obviously a much different team – a less defensive team, to be sure – as he was out of the lineup in the post-season.

I’m not drawing any conclusions here, but I would make the suggestion that from the standpoint of the total player, the argument could and should remain open, whether it’s with Garnett as a major candidate or even others.

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Kobe Bryant, Monta Ellis, Stephen Curry and more pose for NBA Basketball Media Day

The National Basketball Association (NAB) is male professional basketball league in North America. It is one of the four major North America sports leagues. Through times, the league attracts more and more interest from millions of fans around the world. And many NBA players are as famous as football players or well-known actors. Apart from playing basketball, they also film for commercials, take photo shoots and take part in many other social activities. Here are some moments of NBA players posing for the camera.

Kobe Bryant – Los Angeles Lakers guard has taken a photo in the Lakers’ media day in California.

Kobe Bryant is surrounded by reporters from the media on NBA’s opening day of training camp at their facilities in El Segundo, California

Boston Celtics forward Kevin Garnett raises his hands as he shoots for a commercial during NBA basketball media day in Waltham, Mass.

Stephen Curry of Golden State Warrriors laughs when having an interview with Charles Jerken at a social media center.

Eddy Curry from Miami Heats take photos at the team’s training camp in Miami.

San Antonio Spurs’ Matt Bonner smiles during a video session in San Antonio.

From left, Los Angeles Clippers newly-re-signed center DeAndre Jordan, forward Blake Griffin and center Chris Kaman pose for a group photo at their media day in Los Angeles.

Tristan Thompson and Kyrie Irving of Cleveland Cavaliers joke around at the team’s training camp in Independence, Ohio.

Golden State Warriors’ Monta Ellis wears a hat and glasses during a photoshoot in Oakland, California.


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John Stevens is an Internet marketer and freelance photographer.He likes collecting photographs of celebrities, posting breaking news and writing articles to comment on outstanding events in the field of entertainment.

Kobe And His Nba Basketball Skills In Lakers

Kobe and His NBA Basketball Skills in Lakers

In theory, now these Lakers are usually best groups that put on the realistic cheap basketball jerseys likely all-time, yearly five decades are tournament favorite. And yet, this formula might establish?
To begin with, Kobe continues that Kobe Bryant. Whenever Dwayne sort, James in addition to bosh joined up with in Ohio, Kobe Bryant and then the Los Angeles Lakers are usually enjoying their own title following joy. Anyone believe heat can burst east finals, they likely will face may well be seek slamming the Lakers. Bryant seems to have proved, towards the playoffs after they are still the earth best golf ball players, Bryant guided the Lakers proceed all out in order to the counseling for, complete slamming accomplishments from buying obtaining typically the major standing position. The most significant is which Bryant is the omnipotent Kobe; he is able to use many ways in order to success.
Further, three leading leaders possess ever become the core. Dwayne sort, James registered with bosh prior to their squads, the center of unpleasant first alternative. At present they each say will probably be very unselfish take up but observe once Iverson not to mention Anthony assistance between, you’re able to know, the warmth of the actual three best leaders during Sedrick Ellis black jersey to actually distribution connected with good avid gamers is brutally tough. Playing time period, many images and income reward, could be influence aspects of 3 top frontrunners play.
Third is no playoff trainer. James interviewed claimed, Eric — Erik Spoelstra continues the Ohio heat instructor next summer, but all people know, riley if you can, out as an alternative. Over moment, Erik Spoelstra a fabulous manager, but and the wonderful rich encounter and leverage versus coach, the guy also practically temperature, especially into your playoffs following heat still have trust in him? He an incorrect decision may lose religion, asks Robert brown at the knight’s placement, Erik Spoelstra definitely will know yourself future. That the heat to be able to win the championship, they ought to wear typically the authentic NBA jerseys to buy a can control the specific situation in your playoffs your boss.
Fourth will be eastern competitors motivation. Nowadays the Lakers monolith, distance west triumvirate regarding talents, the Boston Celtics unrivalled getting old, but following season they ‘s still a complex to defeat teams, they but not just experienced come July 1st, but additionally the upgrade towards squad. Magic will never stop in order to regroup team’s actions; Howard for the reason that core with the magic continues to be extremely affordable bull have also been a forgotten force, boozer’s be part of greatly advertised their power. Next year, but additionally a hawk for being overlooked possibly team, the heat will likely become the actual strongest squad, but they demand in your eastern state of the art, difficulty is really big.
Lastly is no trustworthy, experienced position guard. Check Holmes have fallen into the actual league following performance is certainly good, but he will be currently a new season-best requirements has the rather big inequality. Every one of many title division requires a great issue guard, investigate Holmes unsurprisingly not warmth championship team pg prospect. Maybe an individual said Wayne is warmth best issue guard at the choice, that the heat these kinds of transfers-will might also always be interesting market, but the actual team at all need a seasoned player, is absolutely not necessarily to be able to such beginners, but need to be some form of can supply enough program substitute. Iverson, “white chocolate” Williams perhaps is a nice choice.

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Sneakers that Kobe Rocks on NBA Court

When people are crazy and attracted by the latest Zoom Kobe VII Shoes, there are more sneakers during Kobe’s NBA career should get your attention.

The first pair of sneakers that Kobe owned on the court was named EQT 2000. At that time, adidas company was promoting his new technology of “Feet Your Wear”. There are five spots designed in the shoe outsole allowing good support and reaction. This sneaker was design in plain appearance. Thanks to this feature, people remembered the shoes of the technology but not the looking.  

The next one is EQT 2010. The EQT 2010 was designed just the same as EQT 2000, there was not much change in the shoe upper, thicker midsole was added to the shoe which makes this shoe more durable. And next is the EQ Elevation showed on the slam dunk in NBA All-Star.

Adidas KB8 was Kobe’s first signature shoes. The kicks that Kobe rocked on the court was decorated in white/black; there was Feet Your Wear technology in shoe outsole. The herringbone pattern in solid rubber outsole gave good grip on the court. Additionally, the cushioning system by Torsion system made this sneaker one of the most valuable for collecting Kobe shoes.

After that, it came to The KOBE I, and The KOBE II. These two series did not receive popularity from the public due to their crazy out-looking and lack of the features of lightweight, good cushioning and breathanility which are must- have features in basketball shoes.

Top Ten Supreme Low sneaker was the last shoes that Kobe wore during the contract with Adidas. Kobe finally dismissed the contract with Adidas because he could no longer receive the shoes that could stand for his personality.

Before he contracted with Nike company, Kobe in a certain was a free man. He changed different shoes on the court. Weapon from Converse was the first one. After breaking of the cotract with adidas, Kobe was not forbidden in new contracts with any other shoe company. However, it was a good choice for him try on different sneakers from different companies in order to choose the best one and get the suitable shoes.

After that, as Carter, Kobe chose ANDI when he had no sponsors for his shoes. Different from Converse, ANDI was a new boy; it enjoyed good popularity in the world by the contract with Garnett and Taichi shoes. However, the performance proved that the shoes were not suitable for Kobe, so he only wore it for few times.

There were also Question I, Answer IV, Answer VI, Air Force 1 High and Air Zoom Flight Turbine that Kobe wore on the court before he signed the new contract with Nike Company. The Nike Zoom Huarache 2K4 was his first sneaker with Nike. Soon later, Air Zoom Huarache 2K5 came into the public’s sight, which was the advanced model of 2K4.

Then from the Zoom Kobe 1, Kobe started to own his signature shoes with Nike company, known as Zoom Kobe Shoes to the public. Nike will not stop the talent in design of new Kobe shoes as Kobe will not end his talent on the court. Even if Kobe retires from NBA, his shoes are always one of the must- have NBA sneakers in your wardrobe.

When people are crazy and attracted by the latest Zoom Kobe VII under Kobe Shoes line, there are more sneakers during Kobe’s NBA career should get your attention.

Kobe is Best NBA Player in the Last Decade

Kobe is Best NBA Player in the Last Decade

Keywords: NBA, NBA Shoes, Kobe Bryant

It is not the secret that many players from the NBA come and go. Play a few matches, switch teams, before you know them well, they are out of the spotlight. However, they become part of history of this the most shining sports of basketball.

Some of the players of recent times make a quick jump to fame, they have skills, determination and the magic that help them earn a lot of fame and glory. No matter what they have done on the court, they one day would quit this field by this or that kind of temptation.

Only skilled and great players will be remember by the public. In the last decade, very few new players have been able to make history. Therefore, different kinds of lists of top great NBA(NBA Shoes) players in decades are suggested. These lists always highlight the best basketball players hat have stepped on the face of the planet; while some are retired and have engraved their names forever. And there are some that are still standing tall on the court and showing the world their dreams.

Among these different kinds of lists, Kobe Bryant(Kobe Bryant Shoes) is the most mentioned NBA player when people talk the best player during the recent times. About 15 years in the game, and now is still standing tall on the NBA court, Kobe is a key player for L.A Lakers as a shooting guard. This talent guy has won the NBA championship five times, most valuable player two years in a row plus being a slam-dunk competition winner.

During his ongoing basketball career, with a few ups and downs he has never left the spotlight; what’s more, he is being compared to the legend “Micheal Jordan” for the most times.


Kobe is Best NBA Player in the Last Decade

Kobe Bryant On Carmelo Anthony, Nuggets Fans And Nba Free Agency

The Nuggets host the Lakers tomorrow night at Lakers practice today at Pepsi Center, Kobe spoke to reporters about numerous topics, including his own trade demands (that he ultimately squashed):
Reporter: Thoughts on some of the Nuggets fans booing Carmelo.
Kobe: Its hard to trade him, so maybe he wont be traded, who knows. But youve got to show support. Hes still playing hard. Put yourself in his shoes. If youre teeter-tottering about going somewhere, youd be more inclined to go somewhere where theyll cheer you.
What about Denver-born, Denver-raised fans if your favorite player doesnt want to be on your team anymore
Kobe: Oh please. Dont give me that (expletive). My first game back when I demanded a trade, they booed the first game and didnt boo the rest of the way.
Why did they stop?
Kobe: Fans understood that I was going to play hard and compete every single night. They expressed their feelings in the first game and didnt hear it again.
When Melo makes shots, they dont boo, but when he misses, they sometimes boo.
Kobe: Thats (expletive). Either you ride with him or you dont.
And last night, he scored 35 points and they booed him in the postgame interview (on the court).
Kobe: Thats stupid.
Does part of you feel bad for Carmelo?
Kobe: No, because I know him. Hes strong. I dont feel bad for him. he has thick skin, hes competitive.
With LeBron and Carmelo, are we seeing the power of the NBA player them being able to control their destiny?
Kobe: How is he controlling his destiny?
Reporter: Because hes basically controlling where hes going to play.
Kobe: No, youre seeing the power of the league, controlling players who dont have the freedom to move wherever they want free agency isnt free agency anymore. Its just not. So its the reverse.
What do you mean its not the same?
Kobe: Players go other places to take significant paycuts to play someplace else and get less years (on their contracts). Shaquille was a free agent in 1996 or whenever that was. That was true free agency going to the team of your choice, have a similar contracts, similar structure. The way it is now, its not the same.
Is that because you can now get more money if you stay with your existing team?
Kobe: Right.
In 2004, did you feel it wasnt all you expected free agency to be?
Kobe: Well I kind of had the upper hand because I had a no-trade clause, so my situation was different now thats player power (grinning).
Reporter: Is there fear about the impending CBA?
Kobe: Theres concern, in terms of the amount of liberties players have to make a living in whatever city they choose. At the end of the day, its just basketball, and Im sure business folks will work out their end of the deal.
What makes Denver difficult to play against?
Kobe: We have a history with them. They play us extremely tough here. They know how we play and they give us a tough game every time.
I heard their inbound passing is much better.
Kobe: A couple years too late (with a smile).
When you look at Melos situation he likes the city of Denver, but knows that going to a bigger market could benefit him
Kobe: It has nothing to do with a bigger market. Its about winning. If you want to keep a player here, make the right decisions. Make the right choices with personnel, get a team around a guy to help you win, and there would be no problems.
They have cap space this summer, so one could argue that if he wants to be in a situation to win, then Denver would be one of the best situations.
Kobe: Then Denver will make the right decisions, bring in the right personnel and hell stick around. Its not rocket science. . I know for me, its all about winning. In my situation, we werent spending the money to get players they had me playing around with Smush Parker. Until they decided they wanted to make the necessary sacrifices financially to get a team thats competitive, I didnt want to be (with the Lakers). Its as simple as that.

2013 All-Star sneakers: LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant and more

2013 All-Star sneakers: LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant and more
LeBron James was one of many All-Stars to wear special sneakers on Sunday. (Getty Images). By Ben Golliver. Just about every color on the spectrum was represented during the 2013 All-Star Game, with players on both sides rocking special sneakers.
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