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Villa Signed A Joint Strategic Tycoon Nba

Barcelona, striker David Villa with the Cheap England Football Shirts signed a global strategic partnership agreement. Villa is currently the best striker in world football, was in Spain Sporting de Gijon, Real Zaragoza, Valencia and team effectiveness, and the campaign for the team on behalf of the breakdown of Valencia in which he played 166 times scoring 108 goals and therefore, firmly secured the position of the major Spanish national team striker. Compared with other talented strikers, Villa’s talent is not exceptional, but only becomes a rare international country club, the national team around earnings double murderer at all levels, both in the European Cup or World Cup 2008 2010, Villa are the team to victory in the history of Spanish scorer in the Spanish national team with the Spanish League Football Shirts, scoring 44 goals is to keep the record of the legendary superstar Raul. Villa murderers as almighty, that is everywhere QSL to promote the spirit of representatives of sport, sports leagues QSL also decided to establish itself as a movement across multiple areas of well-known marks to attract more people like sports healthy and happy.
Villa scored in the soil not only the achievements of many is undeniable, and the picture of health in the presence of sports leagues can see QSL: born into a poor mining family in town, but later moved to the production of Stars – QSL hope through the history of the town and to encourage more children to join the love of sports dreams. To encourage these children, Villa I fully participate in sports leagues QSL to promote public welfare, in addition to his Chinese fans for the love of blogging, Villa personally record video, to foster a love for sports people never give up. QSL try Liga Deportiva Villa with the Barcelona Football Tops in the offseason invited to visit China to grant a scholarship Juei phase.
In the past, the awards ceremony of the FIFA in 2010, Villa and the two stars Lionel Messi, C. What year was named the best in the world before the team candidates? Now, the fans, sign QSL.cn are able to see the best striker in the world signed his stuff, he was out of the sand of the latest trends, participate in various interactive activities exclusive access Grant David Villa Preciosa. QSL this and the cooperation of the fans and for fans of the Village and China offer an understanding of idols more rapid and complete platform. And to achieve global cooperation in the Village, the average international QSL sports leagues, the brand has been further implementation of the policy, also marks the QSL stars with the Barcelona Shirt approached by a number of follow-up fans in China will start here.

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