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The new network, Shenzhen, Guangdong Dec. 7 (Xinhua Tsun-Sheng Huang) was first held in Guangzhou in China to participate in the U17 football match in the Australian Football Australian Northern nsw, 6, smooth entry via Soccer Jersey Huanggang.

16 pm on December 6 pm, Arrival Hall Huanggang influx of a special group of foreign visitors. Is in front of the Huanggang Checkpoint guided seven teams immediately went up before the police asked Oscar. It turned out that they are from Australia, Northern nsw soccer team. Further communication and understanding by police that thai soccer jerseys Oscar, Northern nsw soccer team is a U17 team, the players aged between 15-17 years of age. Northern nsw soccer team this entry from Hong Kong via Huanggang come prepared to participate in Guangzhou, China is held in the Australian U17 football match. In addition to Northern nsw soccer team, also includes U17 soccer team in Guangzhou. For the football match in Australia, Norhern nsw soccer very seriously, sent a team of 32 players, five coaches and five staff members of a large team.

Huanggang Checkpoint opened specifically for the football team dedicated channel, select business skill, foreign language communication japan jersey soccer skills, strong police and efficient immigration clearance for the football team.

16:16 minutes, a line of Australia’s Northern nsw soccer team completed all 42 entry procedures. Border police on duty to provide quality and efficient customs clearance service to the team manager, Mr. Smith is very moving. He said that although the team visited the UK, Germany and many European countries, but the Chinese border police first-class level of service in no way inferior to those developed countries. For the border service, Smith used three consecutive Mr. “Excellent” to evaluate.

Getting Blanked – April 16 2012 – Maybe in Japan or Something

Getting Blanked - April 16 2012 - Maybe in Japan or Something

On this Monday edition, we’re gonna talk about Jackie Robinson Day, Bobby Valentine vs. Kevin Youkilis, and the extremely odd Dodgers triple play from yesterday’s game. Also, in our feature, Narrative vs. Numbers, we’ll talk about the teams who have lost their closers.
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