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China’s Industrial Fastener Demand In 2013 Will Exceed 74.2 Billion In – China Sodium

According to the U.S. Freedonia Group’s Beijing office to a new research shows that due to the rapid growth of manufacturing production, especially industrial machinery and motor vehicles, the Chinese demand for industrial fasteners is expected to grow 10.7% annually rate increase and in 2013 reached 74.2 billion. Although the period from 1998 to 2008 the growth of electrical and electronic products announced a very small number, but its production has also led to an increase in demand for industrial fasteners. While the growth in demand for high quality industrial fasteners fastener market prices will also push the overall rise. However, the new materials and new means of processing applications in a variety of durable goods to some extent inhibited sales of industrial fasteners.
Standard fasteners, internal and external thread and non-threaded fasteners of China’s industrial demand accounts for 98%. External thread fasteners standard fasteners in China, accounted for the largest share of total demand in 2008 of its demand for the 3 / 5. However, self-adhesives, and other optional connection technology, external threaded fasteners growth will slow. Shrinkage of the construction industry also within the screw-type fastener to 2013 below the average annual growth rate, the lowest annual growth rate of non-screw type, only 9.9% annual rate. Airline Fasteners sales to 2013 will exceed the standard parts, with an annual growth rate of 13.4%. The Government continues to infrastructure, the aviation industry and defense aerospace fasteners and other important markets, investment will stimulate China’s fastener demand.
According to forecasts, by 2013 OEM (original equipment manufacturers) and construction market right fastener demand will exceed the new MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) market. OEM fasteners in China will maintain its leading position in market demand, accounting for 75% of the total demand fasteners, coupled with industrial machinery, motor vehicles, electrical, electronics and other products to stimulate market demand, sales of fasteners will also appear new growth. Due to the large-scale infrastructure facilities, as well as the construction of residential buildings and construction of Central Africa the demand for high-quality fasteners, will also boost the growth of demand for fasteners in the construction industry.

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Aarkstore Enterprise Global Industrial Ethernet Equipment Market 2009 2013

Industrial Ethernet Equipment is made of industrial-grade components that enable the Industrial Ethernet equipment to handle harsh industrial environments, such as extreme temperatures, vibrations, shocks etc. This equipment has fault-tolerant features, such as unlimited power supplies, so that they can be used in various factory floors with varied requirements. Industrial Ethernet equipment is being preferred over the Ethernet equipment as the former can work efficiently in hazardous industrial conditions. Ethernet equipment has helped improve processes, increase productivity, and integrate business and manufacturing networks. Thus, manufacturing companies and industries around the world have been increasingly adopting this equipment.

Online data management capability provided by Ethernet networks has increased industrial efficiency as it assists in managing diverse process steps across multiple locations. Industrial grade Ethernet tools and equipment can be reused to minimize introduction and running costs, which has driven the market for Industrial Ethernet equipment. Moreover, standards like EC 61158 and IEC 61784 have made Ethernet networking solutions more suitable for adoption by global enterprises and businesses, leading to growth of this market. Due to its ability to work in harsh environments, a number of industries are adopting industrial Ethernet networks and equipment. Such industries include Chemical, Automobile and Shipbuilding. Specialized Ethernet equipment is being developed to cater for specific industries; for example, Fireproof Ethernet equipment was designed for the Oil and Gas sector. Additionally, shock and vibration proof industrial Ethernet equipment is developed for the Mining industry.

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