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Youth Baseball Fundraising Ideas

You can have the best youth baseball league in theory, but unless you can translate this theory into practice, then all your efforts have been wasted. Once you have your winter or pre-season youth league meeting, designate the coaches and have the league administration in place, you need to set up a fundraising committee.

If you are the league director, the obligation of funding your youth baseball league falls squarely upon your shoulders. Once you have set up a fundraising committee, figure out your expenses and your income for the upcoming campaign. Once you have done that, you will know how much money you need for the upcoming season.

Here are some simple youth baseball fundraising ideas that can help your league have a successful campaign:

– Team Sponsors – This is the best and most efficient of the youth baseball fundraising ideas to get the bulk of your expenditures paid for. Have the fundraising committee canvas the town and seek out businesses that would like to sponsor one of the teams by donating the funds for the team uniforms for the players. Invite the sponsor to have input into the design of the uniforms, and have a brief get-together between the sponsors and their respective players and their families. They probably know each other already if they live in a small town. Remind sponsors that your organization is a non-profit entity and, as such, their donation is tax deductible.

– Raffle – A league raffle is another one of the youth baseball fundraising ideas that should be put in place at the time you hold your winter meeting. Have your fundraising committee check out printers in town, and see if any of them are willing to defray all or part of the cost of printing up raffle books as a charitable donation. Then your fundraising committee must seek good donations for prizes. These donations must have sufficient value so that people will be willing to take a chance on the raffle. The donations could include a weekend at a resort, a tool box, money, or a combination of prizes. Allow your committee to be inventive, and you’ll be surprised what they might come back with.

– Fundraising Scratch Card – This is currently one of the more popular youth baseball fundraising ideas, and it is simple to organize. There are companies that furnish fundraising scratch cards that contain discounts from major manufacturers. The card contains 50 dots. The person you are seeking the donation from rubs two of the dots on the card. These will indicate money totals, such as $ 1 or $ 10. This is their donation amount for the card. Usually, your profit margin will be 70%.

– Develop an Internet Presence – People donate money and time to a youth baseball league because they appreciate the experience and its effects on kids, families and the community as a whole. To aid your baseball fundraising efforts, the more you can share those memories and involved everyone in those experiences better. A baseball team and league web site where everyone can upload and share photos, communicate schedules and engage in discussions, parent coordination and the like is an extremely valuable way to both engage sponsors and make those involved more able to coordinate fundraising and donate. You can build one for free at some sites like Weplay.

There are many tried and true methods to raise funds for youth leagues, but don’t be afraid to think out-of-the-box for your youth baseball fundraising ideas. Remember to appeal to people’s emotional connection to sports and to kids so that we all remember that this is time and money well spent. Looking back at our own lives, we all know that it is.

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NASCAR Birthday Party Ideas

Racing is something many kids and adults love. It is one of the reasons why NASCAR is popular across the United States. Fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, all like to go check out NASCAR from time to time.

Some kids are so into NASCAR that they will want to have a NASCAR themed birthday party. When your kids ask you for this type of birthday party, all you need to do is follow these party ideas, and the birthday is bound to be a success.

Helmets for Everyone

Since it is NASCAR, everyone is going to need to have a helmet on. You can ask the kids to bring their own, or you can supply some for everyone. This is a bit more expensive but it is a great way to get the kids into the mood for some racing. Let the kids decorate their helmets so that they can personalize them. These also make great party favors.

Speedway Living Room

If you are having a NASCAR themed birthday party, then you will need to get the kids in a NASCAR frame of mind. To do this, just decorate the entire room in NASCAR themes. Put up NASCAR posters, put up some NASCAR flags and also put up some racing flag strings. You can also get some NASCAR colors into the living room to make it look like a speedway. If you want, you can lay down a sheet and color it so it looks like a road so it seems like the track goes right through the living room.

Running Race

If you have a large enough back yard, why not have a race? All you have to do is get the kids to a starting point and have them run on a predesigned track. Whoever wins gets a prize. You can have several races so that everyone gets a prize.

NASCAR has been around for decades and millions of fans across the United States like to watch NASCAR. Your kids may also like NASCAR, and that can mean they will want a NASCAR themed birthday party. Luckily this is easy to accomplish with some help from these birthday party ideas.

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Fundraising Ideas For AAU Basketball


As the head coach and founder of the Tri-City Thunder AAU basketball team, I want to be able to offer our brand of basketball to as many kids as possible, and keep expenses down for the families involved in the program. Anyone involved with AAU basketball knows, there are many expenses a club incurs over the course of a typical season including practice facility expenses, tournament fees, equipment costs, etc. And the more fundraising you can perform, the less money your club’s families will have to chip in during the season. Here are some of the best fundraising ideas for AAU basketball that we have put into place for our club team.


First of all, ESPN The Magazine offers a great fundraising program for AAU basketball teams. For $ 40, a donor receives a two-year subscription to ESPN The Magazine (52 issues). The best part is that of the $ 40 contribution, $ 30 goes directly into your AAU program, and that is money in hand! As a team, we set a goal for each player to try and sell three to five subscriptions, if possible, and the result is a nice chuck of change that can be used for gym fees, uniforms, and equipment! If you set a deadline of a good two weeks, you can literally fund your program for the next few months with some diligent work on your contributor’s behalf.



Next up, every team benefits from spirit wear! Not only does it look good on families who come out to support the team, it also helps get your brand name out there. Believe me, when you are at a tournament, and wearing sharp looking team apparel, people notice. In this method of fundraising, you can go to one of numerous websites that allow you to design a custom t-shirt or other type of clothing. In the case of the Thunder, we created a basic t-shirt design with our team colors, name, and logo. Then you can sell each shirt for $ 20, with $ 8-9 from each shirt sale, going into the team’s coffers. Again, getting each player to sell at least five shirts, goes a long way towards building a nice fundraising account for your club.


Another easy fundraising idea for AAU basketball is to partner with some local restaurants in your community for fundraising nights. Many local businesses offer programs that allow you to earn 10-15% of all proceeds for customers you can bring into the restaurant on a given evening. Not only is this easy money for your program, but it’s also a nice way to spend an evening bonding with other families that are a part of your program.




These are just a few of the numerous ways we have been able to raise funds for our AAU basketball team. By staggering out the fundraisers over the course of the season, and getting all the players and families involved in working together for the benefit of the club, you can create some truly spectacular results for your program. For more information about building an AAU basketball program, please visit Star Potential Sports.


Anthony is the founder and creator of Star Potential Sports Training (www.starpotentialsports.com), a sport-specific training portal. He is a certified personal trainer with an emphasis on youth sports training, and the head-coach and founder of the Tri-City Thunder Basketball Club.

Dribbling in Soccer ? Soccer Dribbling Ideas You Have to Know

Dribbling a soccer ball requires quite a lot of finesse, it isn’t something you are actually going to have the ability to put into follow for two weeks and get it perfected. The true specialists at dribbling in soccer are the players who have devoted months, if not years of practice. Numerous players are so good at dribbling that they make it seem as if the ball is attached to their foot, or they’ve a magnet which pulls in the soccer ball. Would not we all really get pleasure from that?

With that said, once you actually put within the effort it’s potential to change into a far higher dribbler.

To start with, start with the fundamentals. Each time dribbling, a soccer participant primarily pushes the ball ahead making use of their shoelaces. You should observe pushing the ball ahead utilizing your laces and pulling it again with the only real of your foot. Remember to make this occur with both your left and right foot and undertake it frequently. Start off slowly and steadily, then when you get your self a feel for the soccer ball, then advance onto speedier movements, and time and observe how many you should purchase in a certain period of time. This might look like a straightforward enough process, but it’s this easy ability that may provide help to with dribbling in soccer. Attempt to keep in mind, even the most complicated soccer moves could be broken down into one thing simple, and with repetition, might be learned. Sooner or later, this will doubtless become second nature.

To advance utilizing this primary transfer, rehearse carrying it out when running. That is definitely rather more ‘sport-like’. You need to be trying to push the ball a most of a foot ahead of you with each touch. Within the event you push it even further forward of you, a speedier opponent might be capable of reach the ball sooner, and you shed possession of the ball. Everytime you observe professional soccer gamers dribble, their touch is extraordinarily mild, they barely touch it, and it isn’t going to go very far in entrance of them at all. They’re actually comfy dribbling in soccer, and can execute it at very high-speed.

The sooner you possibly can truly dribble with the ball, and if you’re in a position to retain the soccer ball, the larger asset you’ll end up on your team. Large gamers are more likely to be the players who need to dribble the most incessantly all through a sport of soccer, nevertheless attacking midfielders also might want to have the ability to dribble at a high level.

Counter attacking soccer utilizes fast break-aways which incessantly include pacey gamers, or with swift passes. Think about you are defending a corner, and you get away from your fastest players greater up the field. Using a defensive headed clearance, the ball breaks to a kind of players nevertheless they merely cannot dribble proficiently and then the defensive group are put below pressure as soon as more. Imagine that state of affairs again, however this time round utilizing a participant who is ready to dribble. They break quickly, and supply their defenders a break. However they aren’t solely retaining possession of the ball, they’re making attacking opportunities. On the other hand, if it’s in the course of the ultimate couple of minutes of a recreation, and the workforce that are successful want to hold the ball for as long as potential, they may usually make an effort to dribble it to the far nook of the field – this consumes valuable time as well as runs down the clock – a team would struggle to make this occur with gamers who were not capable of dribble.

Michelle Trnka is a Sports News Broadcaster, she works for TBS sport news based in London, UK

Best Forex Trading Software Ideas 2013

There are many forex applications and trading systems available these days and so many forex traders using them. It is obvious that you will not become the best forex trader if you will be using the same trading methods. When a new trading system or technique is created and posted online, hundreds of thousands traders start using it and mostly all of them do not even change the default settings. All of them would not be profitable, this just does not make sense. So in other words if any trading system is profitable, it is profitable because very few people are using it. You need to stand out from the crowd and have unique trading method, have your very own trading system which should be a secret to others. This is the first step to becoming successful forex trader. Do what others do not want to do or do not have enough knowledge to do.

So where to search for the ideas and how to test them. Best forex traders use trading software that has a lot of possibilities and a lot of settings, that makes those programs to be very flexible. They use programs, that can offer hundreds of unique setup combinations. Those are worth to be called best forex trading software.

If we take a breakout trading as an example. Imagine two different products to trade breakouts. One gives you exact entry time, entry price, stop levels and even the days when to use the system. This would just be the same trading done over and over again by thousands of traders using the same product.

Now the other product is an Expert Advisor with a long list of settings and capabilities. You can set your own entry time, an entry price based on the last days high or low, and even extra pips added to those levels to make entry points more unpredictable. Stop levels could be generated according to the size of the last days price range and that would just mean different stop loss and take profit used every day. No one could guess the next profit levels you will use and can not predict what your move will be the next day. Its like playing chess, you do not want your opponent to know your next move, only then you can win the game.

What about the trend line trading? Would you rather choose a software that draws trading lines and initiates trades automatically for you like for the rest of the thousands forex traders? Or would you rather choose a software that allows you to draw a trendline yourself and only then it will initiate orders on a breakthrough of that line. No trading robot will ever be able to draw such quality trendlines like a human trader can do.

Practice this every day, analyze the market and you will find yourself among the profitable forex traders using the best trading software which gives you freedom in currency trading.

Rimantas Petrauskas creates applications for Metatrader 4 platform and works as a programmer to create programs for his customers. His best forex trading software helps traders to buy and sell currencies much more easier.


Right Up The Alley Bowling Party Ideas

Right Up The Alley: Bowling Party Ideas

Bowling is a fun past-time that combines the competition of a bowling game, the exciting environment of the bowling alley, good clean fun and exercise together. Therefore, a bowling alley is a great venue to celebrate a special event or have a party.

Therefore, if considering having a bowling party it is important to take into account a number of considerations. Those considerations include bowling party ideas, coming up with clever invitations and steps to take to set up the party.

Examples Of Bowling Party Ideas

When throwing a bowling party there are a number of options available to the host. Some of those bowling party ideas are age specific.

For example, if the bowling party is for grade school kids some bowling party ideas can include the forming of bowling teams and using teams that resonate with these youngsters. Some of those names could represent action heroes such as the Supermen, the Spidermen, the Powder Puff girls, etc.

Or if a bowling party is being held for teenagers there are a number of bowling party ideas that can be incorporated. For example the lanes that have been designated for the party can have teen idols depicted at the end of the lanes or specific music can be played that appeals to this age group.

Additionally, there can be prizes given as part of the bowling party ideas. These prizes can be given for the highest game, the highest series, the lowest game, those with the most strikes, etc.

Clever Invitation

Also, when thinking about bowling party ideas it is important to the success of the party to have people there. Therefore, as part of that process, one of the important aspects of a party is to have a clever invitation.

An example of a clever invitation could be the picture of a bowling pin with the words “Can You Spare An Afternoon.” In addition, the inside of the invitation can give the specifics of the party that includes the date, time, location, etc.

Or, if a superhero theme is used, the invitation can depict an action hero throwing a bowling ball at pins and a caption written as they are shown in a comic book.

Preparation Steps

As with the successful accomplishment of all things preparation is very important. Therefore, bowling party ideas should begin with the details of setting the event up. Specifically, the date and the time should be determined. This step should be accomplished in concert with the availability of the bowling alley. In addition, it is a good to have a list setup that captures all of the details and materials that are needed.

Also, it is important to make sure that the bowling party ideas are completely thought through to their completion. This means that cleanup occurs, thank you’s are sent, recording improvements for the next party, etc.

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Kids Birthday Bowling Party Ideas

Planning your kid’s birthday party can be demanding. There are various options for kids’ parties. Parents can break the convention by opting for a bowling party instead of the usual home or garden birthday party for their kids.

Making It Simple

A bowling party for kids may be held at some place other than an actual bowling alley, but it would be difficult to set up a spot that looks like a bowling alley. If it’s for kids alone, this plan could work. You can place a banner that welcomes guests to the bowling alley. Name it after your child. You can also have tees for the kids so they all wear the same thing at the party. The color and design of the shirts should match the theme of the party.

Preparing the Bowling Alley

Many bowling alleys allow you to do parties. They may even provide facilities for you like tables and chairs or allow you to bring your own facilities. Decorating the place can be facilitated by the staff at the chosen venue. But many bowling venues do not have staff that can prep the place for kids’ bowling birthday party. You will have to do the decorating on your own. Ask your family or friends to help you out.

Balloons are common for kids. Some people think it is difficult to decorate a place for children’s parties, but such parties are the easiest to prepare. There are no strict color themes, because kids’ parties usually have colorful themes. Imagine having toys, candies, and costumes. Cartoon characters may be involved in the theme, too.

Food Menu

Don’t forget the cake.No matter where the children’s party is held, a cake will complete the set. Cakes for kids should go with the theme of the party. Popular cakes for kids’ party are those with cartoon themes. However, the bowling alley may provide the food. To avoid conflict, ask the bowling alley owner if you can bring the food. Some bowling alleys demand that you purchase food from them. If they are to cater food for the party, make sure they provide food that kids would eat.

Creative food presentation for a children’s party is important. For instance, think of hotdogs with marshmallows or donuts with smiley designs. There are endless ways to be creative. You probably have something in mind already.

Desserts are quite necessary. Any type of party cannot last without desserts. After the main courses, kids would go for desserts. In fact, kids may not help themselves to anything but sweets. Make sure you have plenty of sweet stuff on the table.

Planning the Party

Bowling alleys can be busy at all times. So make sure you make reservations months before. Kids’ party should be planned appropriately. Many parents fail to plan this event early. If you want the party to be memorable for your child, it has to be planned well. Make an outline of the details months ahead. Include the theme of the party. List the possible venues and then phone them to inquire. Make a food menu. Plan the games. Decide how long the party should last. Send invitations in advance!

For more information on kids birthday bowling party, follow the link in the resource box below.


PlanetBowl Blog offers great tips to keep your kids entertain, active, and having fun. Our blog offers weekly tips on topics like Kids birthday parties, group events, and ways to stay active.


Ideas for Birthday Bowling Party Favors

The birthday parties which have a bowling theme are very much easy to organize than others as they are appropriate for numerous age groups. Bowling favors can be prepared and discovered in shops for everybody from tots to elder people. The shape of bowling pins means that numerous types of gifts can be prepared to that shape. In this regard, one has an excellent collection of party favors for a birthday party theme. Branded shirts are a large part of every sport and the same goes with bowling. Custom-made t-shirts are good enough to make children excited in reality. One can personalize the shirts by writing the names of children on them and some snapshots of the ball along with bowling pins. If one wants to design t-shirts for children oneself, one can discover a few custom designs on the net. Stickers are extremely well-liked by children, whatsoever the idea of the child’s birthday party is.

One will discover kids collecting a dizzying number of stickers of diverse kinds and that tells one about their fame. Stickers featuring kids’ preferred television characters bowling in some passageway will be a huge hit with all the children attending the child’s birthday party. In addition, when thinking of personalized kids’ birthday party favors, small key rings is extremely well-liked and the same goes for bowling favors as well. In addition, small key rings featuring a bowling pin are extremely eye-catching, particularly for children. One can get a lot of these for a small amount of money on the net. For a bit of diversity, one can select to provide the key rings of diverse colors to every child. The bowling party favors are only a beginning point for one. They are some of the most excellent favors one has for a bowling themed child’s birthday party.The shape of bowling pins means that numerous types of gifts can be prepared to that shape. In this regard, one has an excellent collection of party favors for a birthday party theme. Branded shirts are a large part of every sport and the same goes with bowling. Custom-made t-shirts are good enough to make children excited in reality. One can personalize the shirts by writing the names of children on them

:- For more information on bowling party favors, check out the info available online; these will help you learn to find the bowling birthday party!

Home-Improvement Ideas: Trends of 2013

Whether you are going for home-remodeling or thinking of selling your home, the best way to enhance the aesthetics as well as, the value of your home is through interior decoration. We bring to you top interior-design tips for your home to watch for in 2013. With these in-vogue interior-decoration designs for your home, be sure to stay at the height of home-décor:

Candy Colors: Thanks to HDTV, high-resolution computer, tablet and phone-screens, our sense of vision has grown much stronger. Trend of bright and high-saturated colors is an in-thing these days. Other than these, navy blue, salmon pink and dior gray are the hottest colors this season;

Brass: Antique brass is making a comeback in hardware, embellishments and other knick-knacks. It is affordable and looks timeless. Brass adds a sleek and elegant feel to a living space;

On-demand Printing: Customized on-demand printing for fabric and wallpapers is on rise with people creating their own personalized removable wallpapers, upholstery fabrics and custom decals;

Artwork: A good artwork can stand tall in any corner of any room. Put up a painting, statue, mosaic, sculpture or other artwork to pep up the living spaces, straight away;

Light: A light fixture like trendy pendant light or a chandelier can, at once, brightens up the living spaces while adding to the style and grace of the room;

Hand-made: Hand-made trends, like knitting and embroidery, are hot this season. These add to the texture and touch of the room. From colorful carpets with thousands of knots to various storage baskets and proof covers, the fashion for hand-made has make a comeback and is here to stay for a while;

Patterned Designs: Gone are the days of flowery and free-flowing designs. Now, angles, stripes, diagonals and geometrics are new favorites. Angled shapes like triangles and trapezoids are to be seen on walls as well as, ceilings; and

Furniture: As people are becoming more experimenting, fanciful and artful designs are being welcomed in furniture-pieces. With this, focus is on going minimalistic as many of such items would make the place look cluttered.

2013 is all about breaking up the traditional with something modern while blending contemporary with conventional. So, experiment, mix-n-match and let the hidden designer within you come out.

15 Awesomely Scary Makeup Ideas For Halloween 2013

Halloween is coming and this is the perfect time to trial scarily-good catwalk beauty trends, from blood-red lips to wet-look locks. It is also the chance for you to get to really be something or someone other than yourself. If you really want to stand out with a realistic yet scary looking face, the makeup is what you should be focusing on aside from your Halloween costume.

Whether you go as a vampire or zombie this year for Halloween, you will need a makeup kit that includes the white cream pigment for your face and the blood to drip from your mouth.

Following are some fantastically scary ideas for Halloween 2013 that are sure to inspire and steal the show. Let’s check out these creepy looks. They are cheap and so fun to wear but require much patience and talent.


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