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Getting Your Hair Super Straight

Getting your hair super straight is not a dream now with the professional hair straighteners at your help. If you are already using a straightening tool for styling and is not satisfied with the results you are getting, then it should be mainly due to the type of devices you are using or may be due to the wrong styling method. If you are looking for ways to maximize the benefits of straightening your hair, then you should look for a professional tool that is provided with high quality ionic technology. Ceramic and tourmaline models are so far considered as the best quality styling tools that is highly efficient in offering super straight hair, that too without producing any damages. Understanding the benefits offered by ceramic tourmaline iron, manufactures have now incorporated these highly quality materials in their styling products that ensure that the hair is straightened with perfection to give the hair salon result. While protecting the hair from the harsh styling process, these materials retains the style for longer so that you are provided with straightened locks till the next shower.

Women of today are never satisfied with average result. They always need perfection in styling and after all it is their right to hope for the best when investing for a good quality straightening rod. But, you will also need some other styling products to complement the result such as a styling serum and a fine toothed comb. A styling serum is not only essential to retain the style after using a styling rod, but it also provides excellent conditioning and moisturizing features so that your hair can attain the straightness for long. A fine toothed comb is also essential to retain a sleek, straight hair after styling. After you have perfectly straightened your hair, combing the strands with a fine toothed comb will maintain that lovely sleek straightness. You should also rub some hair relaxants or wax thoroughly after styling so that it hydrates your hair from within and will keep your hair straight for the whole day.

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Super Solano Hair Dryers Review

and features that make smooth, shiny, voluminous blow-outs fast and easy. With long days full of clients, professional grade hair dryers must withstand long hours of use but also make the job fast and flawless. While many might think that the great results are due to a great hair stylist, in reality, the results are not only about the stylist, and also on the quality tool that is being used. Because of this, professional hair stylists frequently enlist Super Solano Professional Hair Dryers to deliver polished and perfect blow-outs on all their clients day after day.

For over thirty years, Solano has built its reputation for blow dryers and other styling tools that are powerful enough to withstand the fast paced environment of a demanding salon. High quality AC motors handcrafted in Italy offer long lasting power that is guaranteed to perform. As the first company to offer a cold-shot button on a blow dryer, Solano has always sought innovation in their design and construction, in order to offer the user new and beneficial features. They strive to offer the most benefits to the hair and the user in every hair dryer that they develop. Solano hair dryers are known among the professional hair care industry as the best salon tools and have gained a reputation for being most dependable and trusted.

Super Solano dryers utilize gentle ceramic heat for even distribution throughout the hair, resulting in less damage and better results as every hair is heated evenly and thoroughly. Tourmaline and ionic technology aid the dryer in drying the hair completely while still maintaining moisture within the hair and minimizing static electricity. Hair looks shinier and feels more manageable without the dryness and brittleness that some dryers can cause because of overheating the hair. Far infrared heat dries hair from the inside out leaving it softer and smoother with an overall healthier appearance. Four to five temperature settings and two speeds make the Super Solano hair dryer ultra versatile. There is a temperature and speed combination for every hair type, texture, and desired style.

Super Solano blow dryers are powerful yet lightweight and easy to use. Because they are developed for the professional salon environment, they come with long user friendly cords and hanging loops for easy storage. Their weight balanced AC motors are rated for 2000 hours and are of the highest quality and durability, while offering improved environmental conditions with low EMF.

Women love to visit the salon, not only for the experience they have while in their stylist’s chair, but because of the way they feel when they leave. A great blow-out adds shine, manageability, and body to the hair and makes a women feel beautiful and confident. Solano blow dryers make the coveted salon blow-out possible every day for consumers who want the same high quality tools that are used in their favorite salon in the comfort of their home.

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'Basketball Wives' Star Settles Lawsuit … The Show Will Air, With the Hair

'Basketball Wives' Star Settles Lawsuit … The Show Will Air, With the Hair
"Basketball Wives" star Tami Roman finally settled the hair lawsuit filed against her and TMZ has learned the show will NOT be disappointing its "millions" of fans … and will air as originally planned. As TMZ previously reported .
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