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Video Conference Uses In Government Sector

Video Conferencing and Telepresence systems are transforming the way Central and State Government agencies communicate. Government agencies of all kinds are using this most advanced technology to increase productivity, reduce travel cost, and fulfill eco-friendly initiatives. These systems create virtual meeting experiences so realistic, makes the participants feel as if they are in the same room, even though they are located in different geographic areas, far away miles apart from each location.

The need to come at a meeting place from different geographic locations in not required, if these agencies use the most advanced video communication technologies. The need for government workers to travel for meeting is reduced, and helps in saving time and travel cost, hotel expenses, and in carbon dioxide emissions.

Central & State level Government Communication: The Video Conferencing or Telepresence system empowers agencies to function more efficiently helps to improve readiness and response, deliver timely, make quick decisions, and reduce costs using real-time collaboration. This all will help to increase the productivity and graph rise in growth and development. The Administration, Training and Defense departments of Central, State and Local Government can make use these technologies every day for countless applications. This will help to exchange information fast and make well informed decisions in timely manner.

Judicial & Corrections: The judicial process can get faster, improved and secured with Video communication system. It helps to reduce the transportation cost and security risks of inmates and security persons. It helps to in fast judgments and also makes ways to resolves the pending cases too.

Enhance Agency Relationships: The solutions help to improve coordination, create familiarity and develop trust in relationships between agencies with face-to-face communications, make the conversation more interactive. Provide opportunities for people to direct interact with the government officer/s to gain more knowledge.

Inter / Intra-Agency Communication: The video communication solutions can help agencies who are spread out in different location across the country. The following are some of the few important points that can be done fast and easily through video conference.

Joint Planning

Multi-Organization coordination and collaboration

Training and Education

Operations continuity

Secure and Fast communications

Programs to outreach citizens and communities

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Race To Pick Up Jobs In Government Sector, Banks And Even Police Recruitment Heats Up In 2013

Finding jobs has become competitive in the recent years, much because of the increasing population and also because of the inclination of students to go for graduation and post graduate studies. After finishing their courses, these students aim for jobs in different companies and government organisations. Although private companies are in good demand, the students in the country have increased interest in landing up a job in the government sectors.

 These jobs can be in any department of the government and they are acceptable as these are related to any kind in the government. Hence, the number of applications being sent in for these government jobs has increased over the years. Even various government departments are coming out with advertisements for filling up their posts and due to the efforts, government recruitments 2013 will be paced up across the different sections.

Even though banks are not directly under the government jurisdiction, these jobs have a likeness to those of the government and therefore bank jobs are in high demand. With expansion of the banks in terms of branches and also in terms of their functions, the number of jobs in various banks, both nationalised and private, has increased tremendously. Also, there will be a number of retirements in the coming years due to which the bank recruitments 2013 will be quite aggressive.

Interested candidates need to be alert about such recruitment processes because these processes will vary significantly from one bank to another. The 19 nationalised banks will select candidates from those who have cleared the written papers of IBPS, and then they would be required to appear in the interviews or group discussions which are conducted by the individual banks. Because of the huge prospects that the candidates have in the banking sector, and the assurances of a prospective career, the bank jobs are in high demand.

Another very famous sector which is directly under the government sector is that of the police department. The police functioning in India is under the central government control as well as under the state governments, and there are also many branches of police department. Police recruitment is done through the SSBs in different states for the posts of constable and other group B and C cadre. Written exams are usually advertised for, from time to time and the interested candidates can send in their applications. After clearing the written round or even the interview round only, the candidates have to necessarily pass the medical and fitness test to complete the process of recruitment.

Police recruitment is a process of selection which adheres to strict physical tests and this is seen in all the branches of the police department such as in BSF, ITBF, traffic police and the general police. The officer rank recruitment is usually done through the UPSC or the state commissions and these are usually through the written exams. Police recruitment 2013 will be similarly conducted in large numbers because of the constant requirement to fill up the vacant posts and also because of the regular demand due to the increasing requirements in different branches.

These recruitments are therefore commonly seen to be published in the newspapers and employment news. With so many posts and branches where the Indian citizens can apply for jobs, the government jobs scenario is quite bright. People have at their discretion, wide range of jobs in the different government sectors and therefore, it is important that the probable sources of job publications and advertisements are kept account of.

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