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NBA Draft – Tyler Hansbrough Has Something You Don’t Find Everyday

North Carolina’s Tyler Hansbrough will never be a star in the NBA. He’s got tough dimensions to work with. Listed at 6’9″ and 250 pounds, it frankly would not surprise me in the least if when he got into the pre-draft camps or the individual workouts he was found to be closer to 6’7-1/2″ or something like that. He was unable to effectively guard most of the high-quality pivot men he encountered in the college ranks, and will certainly have his hands full against any of the full-sized power forwards at the NBA level. At the same time, he is not quick enough to play defense against small forwards.

In some respects, his defensive deficiencies can be hidden in zone defense schemes, though his shortcomings will persist. Even with all this, my projection is that he is going to play 10-12 years in the NBA. That’s because he’s going to bring something to the table that is not often found in your front court people – intensity.

How many times do you see these big men drafted on the basis of pure potential, but they lack the right attitude or aren’t industrious enough? I’m just winging it, but a guy like Leon Smith comes to mind. Who’s Leon Smith, you may ask? Exactly. What I can tell you about this 6’10”, 235-pound former first-round draft pick is that he made his biggest impression for the Gary Steelheads. Enough said.

How about DeAndre Jordan, who at one point in time during his freshman season was projected as a surefire top ten draft pick? At Texas A&M, he was actually benched for lack of effort, but that didn’t stop him from declaring his NBA eligibility. The Clippers took him in the second round and it may take him a while to develop into the player they want him to be.

Hansbrough will never be flagged for lack of effort. You hear a lot of those NBA color commentators talking about how this guy or that guy is an “energy player.” Well, that’s going to be Hansbrough. Even if he’s physically limited, he’s going to get his hands dirty and give a lot of effort when he goes into the game, which is going to keep him in the league. He’ll crash the boards, get a lot of garbage points and get fouled a lot. In fact, he drew a foul on 20% of his possessions this past year with the national champion Tar Heels. He’s a damn good free throw shooter as well, so he won’t waste opportunities there. He’ll also be a solid “clubhouse guy.”

Superstars don’t usually come in picks 25-35 in the draft, and often a team will be engaging in pure speculation when making their selection. The presence of Hansbrough will give some team a chance to take a player in whom they know at least some of the things they’re getting. And there’s something to be said for that when you’re out of the lottery.

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Why Not NBA All Stars Everyday

NBA All Stars is coming; it is believed that every basketball fan is crazy about that. Are you the one waiting for Kobe Bryant or LeBron James? Whatever, it is an interesting saying that, “You should remember forever that NBA League would never miss any chance of making money from the public.” They make money from the watching ratings; investment in Ads during the games; the sale of NBA Shoes and NBA Jerseys and NBA Souvenirs; the tickets earning; and the earning from the related equipment and construction.

Let’s go back to the year of 2009, when the financial crisis hit the United States, the NBA All Stars was hold at the Phoenix. And all people were hoping that the game would bring something to phoenix to change the bad circumstances. And it just did it! It brought big finance to this poor city. How big you could image of 0.64 billion US dollars that NBA All Stars brought to the cities during the past ten years? You know it.

Depend on the above attractive element, all cities in US hope that they will be the host of the New NBA All Stars, which leads to the big competition among the whole US. However, Los Angeles finally got such fame, for it’s the most advanced equipment, the hottest basketball fans, the top reception& entertainment spirit, making it the best choice. Beside, owning the greatest player of Kobe Bryant give this so called heaven city one more point than the others.

This is the second time for the Los Angeles to gain that honor.

Last time was at the year of 2004 when the cooperation of Kobe and O’Neal helped the Western Reference beat the Eastern Reference by 136 at 132. O’Neal was in favor with the general public to gain the name of MVP by 23 points and 11 rebounce.

Each All Stars is different from the past one. Now what we should do is just waiting for the brilliant games that would perform at the Staplers Center. And don’t forget getting your class by owing the NBA Shoes or NBA Jerseys.

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