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Bowl Planters for Curb Appeal Enhancements

For a modern and minimalist styled business establishment, what could be more challenging than making your aesthetic design more appealing to customers provided you have limited space or architectural option? This should not be too hard to achieve, now with all sorts of innovative choices. Using planters to enhance the curb appeal of any establishment could bring tremendous results. Planters have long before used in business establishments that calls for practical and unique ways to improve the front appearance of any establishments. You see them in entrances of restaurants, shopping malls, hotels, and more. They are specifically made for minimalist urban styled designs. These planters come in different sizes, shapes, colors, and materials. Large fiberglass low profile bowl shaped planters are normally favorites of business establishments like those in big buildings and hotels. These types of planters are very functional as it could be used as a centerpiece to other ornamental pieces or could be designed on its own, placed with blooming flowers and plants. It looks like a big bowl basin that when placed to fill up empty spaces does not look boring but stylish. This type of commercial grade planter could best complement any aesthetic design, either modern or conventional, which makes them unique on their own. It has a subtly steeply tapered look and breathtaking profile that could immediately catch anyone’s attention. It is part of the Rosetta bowl collections that are mostly adored by many modern business enthusiasts. They come in different materials and colors that could instantly beautify and match any landscape scheme. Commonly, they are made of fiber glass or PVC materials, which are of high quality and class. They could withstand any weather, either hot or hold and do not easily wither or break. They also consist of UV protection materials that could withstand the heat of the sun which could be hard to achieve with other planters such as wood and aluminum. There are endless possibilities to these large fiberglass low profile bowl shaped planters. Just like what was mentioned earlier they could be used as standalone pieces or could be used as a set group ornament displaying wide array of choices of plants and blooming plants. Because of its sizes, you may also place bigger plants inside them, such as palm trees that could look lovely when placed in front gardens of buildings or on spacious or limited spaces. Planters are always instant solution to dilemmas of beautification of any space or business establishment. They are simple ways to improve and enhance any aesthetic design.

Romeo D is the senior online promotions director and market researcher of Planters Unlimited and focuses on creative Commercial Grade Planter. He believes that Large Fiberglass Low Profile Bowl Shaped Planters is a good choice for container gardening. He conducts continued exploration for different types of Commercial Grade Planter available online.