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NFL Betting: An Early AFC Update

Before the season began, an argument could have been made for any one of three AFC divisions to be the top of the class. Sorry West, you weren’t invited to the party.


After three weeks, not a lot has been settled in the debate for divisional supremacy. The East and South divisions each contain three teams with identical 2-1 straight-up (SU) records while Baltimore and Cincinnati balance the North.


Miami impressed with back-to-back road wins to start the season but couldn’t handle the New York Jets Sunday night. New England has looked very good on offense for two and-a-half of its three games but a defensive breakdown cost bettors against the Bills and in the only half where the Pats offense was shutout, the Jets made them pay dearly.


Going back to the end of last season, New York’s record is now 6-2 SU/ATS in its past eight games and 9-3 SU/ATS in its past 12. No one seems willing to crown King Sanchez just yet, but a 75-percent record for bettors is at least worth a tip of the cap.


The Bengals have an edge over the Ravens, not just for beating them straight-up in Week 2 but also for dominating the Panthers Sunday with an offense that didn’t even shift out of second gear.


Baltimore does lead the AFC in fewest points allowed (41) but Tennessee is right behind, giving up just 42. And Houston is the only one of 10 teams in the conference with a winning record that has allowed more points (78) than they have scored (77).


But then there is Pittsburgh…



If you can find anyone that says they projected the Steelers (3-0 SU/ATS) to win three-straight games to start the season, shake their hand, say “Congratulations” and then never buy any real estate or insurance from that person.


QB Charlie Batch guided the Steelers to a an absolute drubbing of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sunday, making plays and proving he is a capable backup. A Steelers team that was lost in `09 when defensive standout Troy Polamalu went down has positioned themselves as legitimate Super Bowl contenders. With one game left to play before Ben Roethlisberger returns, bettors need to have a strong system or trend in effect before fading Mike Tomlin’s crew.


The Baltimore Ravens are in Pittsburgh for Week 4 and the early line at sportsbook is Steelers (-1.5). The Over/Under is 34. Early betting action at Sportsbetting.com has 55% of the action on the visiting Ravens and 58% of the volume on the “Under”.



We mentioned how well the Jets have performed if you include last season’s results, but Pittsburgh slips under the radar since they missed the playoffs in January.


– Pittsburgh is 6-0 straight-up in its last six games and for sports bettors, they have a record of 4-1-1 against the spread in that stretch.


– The Steelers are outscoring opponents 44-12 in the first-half through the first three weeks of the season


Not bad for a team built on defense!



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Have a great week.

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NFL Betting: NFL Systems and Early NFL Pick

NFL Betting: We’re starting to see a few trends develop with certain NFL teams that can present wagering opportunities for astute bettors.

Not typical betting trends that speak of how ‘Team A’ performs against division rivals or as three-point favorite; those are easy to spot by sportsbook and bettors alike.

These trends are more like habits that are continuously producing the same net result and in the right matchup can generate solid betting options.

1. GIANT DROPS – The most famous drop in Manhattan used to be the big apple on New Year’s Eve but now it’s the ones by Eli Manning’s receivers. The worst part is that they don’t just drop the ball; they usually tip it to a defensive back!

2. PALM THE BALL – The only QBs with more interceptions per attempt than Carson Palmer are Eli Manning (see above) and Brett Favre – the NFL’s all-time INT King. Cincinnati cannot be trusted.

New York (-7.5) is hosting a Jacksonville team this week that have scored 79 points during a current three-game win streak, and sportsbook  is giving us more than a TD?

Cincinnati visits one of the toughest secondaries in football and the Jets (-9) can’t wait to face a trigger happy QB like Palmer.

Early football picks can offer great value and the Jaguars and Jets are two plays worth considering.

After compiling a 40-37 straight-up record in five seasons with Minnesota, Brad Childress was fired this week after the Vikings were blown out by division rival Green Bay.

Leslie Frazier has become the second interim coach named in the past two weeks and Minnesota can only hope to enjoy the same success the Dallas Cowboys have enjoyed under interim coach Jason Garrett.

Dallas is 2-0 SU/ATS since making the change and they weren’t exactly nail biters, but it’s still an exception to the rule for how new coaches perform when taking over mid-season.

Only three coaches that were fired mid-season since 1978 have been in the midst of a winning season but for nearly all of the 42 interim coaches promoted during that span it’s been a struggle finding straight-up wins down the stretch.

– Interim head coaches are 4-11-1 ATS overall in their first game since 1998

When you consider Dallas’ wins, 33-20 at New York and 35-19 vs. Detroit, it’s no wonder the online sportsbooks have shaded the line for the Vikings-Redskins game in Week 12. But does that make it any less likely Frazier will fail?

– Interim head coaches are 2-10-1 ATS the past 12 years when not coming off a bye week

Frazier was in his fourth year as Vikings D-Co and will presumably maintain control of the defensive play-calling. Through stints with Indianapolis, Cincinnati and Philadelphia that was his niche so with nothing on the line, why change.

Oddsmakers have posted an opening line of Washington -1.5 with an Over/Under of 43.
Pick: Take the Redskins

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8 Alternatives To Extending Early Bird Deadlines

Last month’s article called “5 Reasons Not To Extend Your Early Bird Pricing Period” advised against extending early bird deadlines to encourage people to register for your events and promised to come up with a list of alternatives.

We have put together our list of ideas and also invite you to send us some of your own ideas. Anyone who sends us an idea will be entered into a draw for a coffee card and with your permission we will publish any unique ideas along with your name in our next newsletter. See below for the details.

8 Alternatives To Extending Early Bird Deadlines When You Need More Registrations

1. Reinforce the benefits of attending your event. Highlight different benefits when you send out registration reminders. Be sure to write these benefits in a way that will appeal to the demographic you are marketing to. For example, promoting that the conference is next to a world class golf course won’t be a benefit unless most of your group are avid golfers.

2. Pick up the phone and make a sales call. It can be time consuming, but the payoff can be big. Start by calling the people who registered for your last event, but haven’t registered for the current one. They probably have it on their to-do list, but remind them why they should register today. Maybe you can even enter their details into the online form while you have them on the phone to secure the registration right away.

3. Reveal new details about the event in each registration reminder. Rather than repeating the same information in your reminders to register, let people in on some of the new details such as surprise guests, newly added workshops, or door prize announcements.


Use testimonials from previous events. Make sure people know how great the last event was so they attend this year.

5. Find discounted deals for your participants. Rather than discounting your price, find deals on attractions, restaurants, accommodation, etc. that your participants can take advantage of if they attend your event. Some of these deals may already be offered and you just need to find them, or you may need to call businesses in your area to see what they are willing to offer.

6. Add a second tier price break. If you really feel that extending a price break is needed, then consider making it in between the early and regular rate. For example, if the Early Bird deadline is Dec 15th for $ 100, then go up to $ 125 before reaching the final price of $ 150 rather than extending the original early bird price. This ensures that people who registered early still get the greatest benefit.

7. Be honest about your situation and address concerns that people may have. It’s usually better to address the concerns that people may have than to let imaginations runs wild and allow rumours to start. For example, if you think people are not registering because they are unsure if the event will happen, let them know that registration is down due to the economy, but that you aren’t cutting any programs. Fill them in on what you are doing to ensure the event happens. Always remember to highlight the positives without making it look like you are being unrealistic.

8. Offer an incentive to registering early besides saving money. Items such as an entry into a draw, a free white paper or a book related to the event could be just enough to get people registering. Make sure that the real early birds get the same benefits too!

Remember, it doesn’t take much to convince people who are sitting on the fence to take action and register. I hope that you will be able to use some of these ideas or that they get you thinking about some other ways to encourage registrations.

Jim is the president of ePly, an event registration software that makes event registration software a breeze. For more information about online registration software please visit http://www.eply.com

2013 Masters odds – Tiger Woods the early favorite to win fifth green jacket

2013 Masters odds – Tiger Woods the early favorite to win fifth green jacket
Unsurprisingly, the three favorites are Tiger Woods (5-to-1), Rory McIlroy (7-to-1) and Phil Mickelson (12-to-1). Woods has won the tournament four times but hasn't put on the green jacket since 2005. Mickelson has won the jacket three times, his last …
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Madden 13 – Madden 13 Arrives Early

Look what the UPS Man Delivered Very early this morning! Madden 13 24 Hour Live Stream Link: www.youtube.com Check out some of my other great Sports Gaming Series! Champ Kind Road to the Show Series – www.youtube.com Curly Fry Road to the Show (Pitcher) – www.youtube.com Boston Red Sox Franchise Series (MLB 12 The Show) – www.youtube.com Sam Slinger Road to Glory (NCAA 12) – www.youtube.com Minnesota Vikings Franchise (Madden 12) – www.youtube.com Minnesota Wild Be A GM Series (NHL 12) – www.youtube.com Minnesota Timberwolves Association Series (NBA 2K12) – www.youtube.com Taylor Park My Player Series (NBA 2K12) – www.youtube.com Visit my Channel: www.youtube.com My Classic Gaming Channel: www.youtube.com Mrs. Nadasfan’s Channel: www.youtube.com Twitter: twitter.com Facebook: www.facebook.com SGU Merch: sportsgaminguniverse.spreadshirt.com Weekly Schedule:——————- Monday: NBA 2K12: My Player & Association Tuesday: NHL 12 Be A GM & My Player Videos Wednesday: NCAA 12 Road to Glory Series Thursday: MLB Franchise/My Player/RTTS Friday: Fan Friday (Viewer Submissions) & Misc. Saturday: NCAA 12: Dynasties & Coaching Carousel Videos Sunday: Madden 12 Franchise, Superstar, Ultimate Team, etc. ———————————————- Live Streams: Tuesdays @ 5:30 PM Central (as well as many random times!)