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Dill Mill Gayye – Episode 53

Atul is concerned for Riddhima and helps her in preparing viva test. Dr. Kirti assigns Armaan and Anjali to handle Dadu’s case. Atul and Sapna are assigned to handle the case of Harsh and Sumit. Armaan does not believe that Riddhima can do such a mistake. Armaan seeks help from Atul. Armaan tries to call Riddhima, but Dr. Shashank receives the call. Riddhima challenges Armaan for a basketball match, but he denies saying that he always wants her to win. Riddhima says Dr. Shashank that she will never let him down.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Dill Mill Gayye – Episode 213

Dill Mill Gayye - Episode 213

In this episode there is a soccer match between Sanjeevani hospital and Hissar Hospital. Dr. Riddhima and her father Dr. Shashank cheers for Dr. Armaan and he play very well. While Hissar Hospital team gets a red card, Sanjeevani hospital team wins the trophy. In the dressing room Dr. Armaan and Dr. Riddhima make fun. In a group discussion at the canteen all plan for a winning party. They play a prank to pick up Dr. Anjali directly from airport for the party but were caught by Dr. Shashank.