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FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Diary – FIFA 13 UT DIARY EP.2

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Diary - FIFA 13 UT DIARY EP.2

Welcome to this Fifa 13 UT Diary, In this series I start off from my starter pack and basically go over how I’m doing in UT with my various teams. Hopefully by the end of this very long series, I will have a number of high quality teams in place and hopefully can get you the community involved in this series too. In this episode I basically show off what I’ve roughly built up just now as a result of all my packs I got for free (I did not get season ticket) I have also started to use the team in offline seasons and my first target with my teams are is to get to Div 1 on the offline seasons. Let me know suggestions and can consider them too.

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The FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Diary – Bargain Squads – Serie A Rare Gold Squad Builder

In another Bargain Squads look at Serie A, focusing on doing a Gold rare squad worth around 6.8k with a profit of around 100-250 coins on discard with this being a formation of good strength the sell on value is probably is a good profit return of around 1-3k. The team is good can be improved on a tad with Acerbi being most likely taken out on a limited budget the team I’m still happy with as some very good rated players in the team. Any suggestions on leagues or ratings, post a comment would be appreciated 🙂
Video Rating: 5 / 5

The FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Diary – FIFA 13 – Tippeligaen Squad Builder

Welcome to this Fifa 13 UT Squad Builder, of the Tippeligaen League (Norway League) It consists mainly of Golds and Silvers cost around 18k in total. Has 1 Inform in Forren, very good I feel worth it’s value.Some good players in the team which I will use in hybrids and other teams soon. If you wish to play the team let me know and will happily play you ) Thanks for Watching
Video Rating: 4 / 5