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Kobe Bryant, Monta Ellis, Stephen Curry and more pose for NBA Basketball Media Day

The National Basketball Association (NAB) is male professional basketball league in North America. It is one of the four major North America sports leagues. Through times, the league attracts more and more interest from millions of fans around the world. And many NBA players are as famous as football players or well-known actors. Apart from playing basketball, they also film for commercials, take photo shoots and take part in many other social activities. Here are some moments of NBA players posing for the camera.

Kobe Bryant – Los Angeles Lakers guard has taken a photo in the Lakers’ media day in California.

Kobe Bryant is surrounded by reporters from the media on NBA’s opening day of training camp at their facilities in El Segundo, California

Boston Celtics forward Kevin Garnett raises his hands as he shoots for a commercial during NBA basketball media day in Waltham, Mass.

Stephen Curry of Golden State Warrriors laughs when having an interview with Charles Jerken at a social media center.

Eddy Curry from Miami Heats take photos at the team’s training camp in Miami.

San Antonio Spurs’ Matt Bonner smiles during a video session in San Antonio.

From left, Los Angeles Clippers newly-re-signed center DeAndre Jordan, forward Blake Griffin and center Chris Kaman pose for a group photo at their media day in Los Angeles.

Tristan Thompson and Kyrie Irving of Cleveland Cavaliers joke around at the team’s training camp in Independence, Ohio.

Golden State Warriors’ Monta Ellis wears a hat and glasses during a photoshoot in Oakland, California.


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