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Wide Range Of Entrance Exams In India, In MBA & In Medical, In 2013 Could Herald A New Career

Going to schools, studying different subjects and then passing the tests in the board exams or 10th class could seem a challenging proposition of the millions of students admitted in schools. But the real fortune is when they pass out through their college days and are appearing in different exams for entering into professional studies. Due to the wide scale competition among the students, the entrance exams in India have become a norm in almost all the courses. Be it the management education or the defence services, in India, students need to enter into a course only after passing the hurdle of a written exam.

Even the trend of entrances has touched the admissions into general streams such as arts and commerce, whereby many of the colleges are selecting the students by holding qualifying exams. The basic feature of most of these exams, and which will also hold true for the entrance exams 2013, will be that these exams are based on written questions, whose patterns might vary. There are a large number of applicants for the exams, and from the results of these entrance exams, the students are selected for taking admissions. This suggests that the results which are published are more than or equal to the number of seats that are found.

Entrance exams 2013 will be conducted in plenty of courses. As and when the dates will be published in the newspapers or internet, people will have to apply for the entrance. Competition will be tough because the concept of gaining success in the exams has already set in among the student communities. Those, who are aiming at these professional courses with seriousness, will be prepared meticulously for the upcoming exams and therefore the level of competition is sure to increase. Aspirants, for the entrance exams 2013, therefore need to be fully prepared for the stiff competition that they might be facing from their fellow mates.

In India, a large number of exams are being conducted for admissions into different colleges and universities. But from among these, the most popular are the exams for medical and management seats. The large number of exams that have been conducted for these courses has enamoured a huge database of aspirants. Since many years, medical exams were conducted at different states and national levels, giving the students an opportunity to study in the national level colleges and state level universities. There were national exams like AIIMS, AIPMT, JIPMER, Manipal, and some others.
Almost all the states in India were having their own entrances for admissions into medical colleges in MBBS and BDS courses. Medical exams 2013 are also going to be held for the medical aspirants, but the proposals have been there for the conduct of a single exam for admissions into all the medical colleges in the participating states. But in case of MBA exams, there are a number of options, still open in 2013 for the aspirants. These exams will be in the same line as in the previous years’ MBA exams and MBA exam 2013 will also see a huge turnout.

Some of the popular exams for management admissions are CAT, MAT, and other entrances conducted by the individual colleges. Options are many for those who are interested for the professional course. It only requires a timely knowledge of the entrance exams 2013 so that the students can put in their applications. With some amount of hard work, these exams can be cleared and the path to prosperous professional courses is conquered.

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NBA Draft – Hasheem Could Be Like a Dream in Okie City

Now that the NBA draft lottery has come and gone, and we know what order we’re looking at, I started to page through some of the latest mock draft info, because as you know, everybody has one.

It surprised me that one of the writers from Sports Illustrated had Hasheem Thabeet, the center from U-Conn who was the co-player of the year in the Big East, dropping to the sixth pick, where he would presumably be taken by the Minnesota Timberwolves.

I refuse to believe he’ll last that long. In fact, a report out of Memphis says that the owner there, Michael Heisley, wants Thabeet in the worst way with the #1 pick, especially considering that Ricky Rubio, the teen sensation at point guard, is not very enthusiastic about being in a Grizzlies uniform (meaningful here, since he could just stay in Spain), even though everyone in the Memphis front office, except for Heisley, is very enthusiastic about Rubio.

If Thabeet doesn’t happen with #2, I can’t see him getting past the third pick, which belongs to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

To me, when you can acquire a genuine shot-blocker who has demonstrated the potential to improve on the offensive end, you have to take a very serious look at it. Thabeet brings something to the table that can’t be taught – pure height, along with the ability to swat away and alter shots, which will have the effect of pushing opponents outside with their offensive attack.

We already know that the Thunder has players who can put the ball in the basket. Kevin Durant has developed into a scoring machine, and last year’s Rookie of the Year shot for a much better percentage this past season. Russell Westbrook is a coming star, and the versatile Jeff Green is going to be a very good NBA player.

Oklahoma City, which was dormant under P.J. Carlesimo, showed a lot more effort after Scott Brooks took over as coach.

Tim Legler of ESPN says, “I don’t think you make a guy the third pick in the draft because you think he can be a great shot blocker and rebounder and anchor your defense.”

With all due respect to the former NBA player-turned-analyst, that’s nonsense. Great shot-blockers and rebounders and anchors of defenses don’t come along as often as some people think, and teams don’t get to the next level – the level that presumably Oklahoma City and general manager Sam Presti want to get to – unless they become very proficient on defense. That is what the Thunder lacks right now, and that is why the team was so despondent that the trade they made for Tyson Chandler last season as reversed. You think guys like Chandler, who are dependable in two of the most important aspects of a big man’s repertoire – rebounding and defense – last very long when choosing up sides?

Absolutely not. How many #3 overall picks, who supposedly could “do it all” or “fill it up” or whatever cliche-ridden description may have come forth from an analyst who was a member of the jockocracy, proceeded not to do any of that on a pro level? We know Thabeet is going to clog the lane, and if were the Thunder I would be happy to have him just take it from there, because there is an upside.

And when the subject of that upside is seven feet, three inches tall, I’d be more than willing to take a chance.

Charles Jay, a long-time sports columnist and handicapper, enjoys helping people pick sports winners at http://totalactionextra.com. If you are in need of top-quality sports information, from an insider’s perspective, come and check out what’s available at http://totalactionextra.com

NBA Draft – Ricky Rubio Could “Create” a Masterpiece

Many U.S. basketball fans have not had the opportunity to see some of the international players who are available in this year’s NBA draft. I’m one of them, I guess. There has been a lot of talk about point guard Ricky Rubio of Spain, who would have gone high in last year’s draft and could conceivably go as high as #2 this year.

I’ve gotten the opportunity to see some video tape on Rubio, and these are my humble observations:

Rubio has a little bit of Pete Maravich in him. He has a lot of creativity to his game. He seems to have great vision; the kind that is instinctive. The kind that can’t be taught. He’s a little like a running back who can see two or three defenders ahead, and there is no doubt in my mind that he will bring a pass-first playmaker who can improvise to any offense.

This kid is going to be a killer in transition. That’s where I see his true strength – once he gets into the open court. In the settings that are more half-court in nature, however, his jump shot may prove to be something of a liability. First of all, the statistics demonstrate that he is not very accurate with it; he hit about 39% of his shots this past season. He doesn’t get a lot of elevation on it either. I guess at first glance he kind of reminds me of Larry Bird in the way he shoots it. Of course, one key difference is that when Bird shot the ball, it also went in more often. The problem there is that while Bird was 6’9″ and was able to get off his perimeter shots, Rubio may find a hand in his face more often than not.

In terms of his ability to go into the lane, he definitely looks as if he knows what he’s going to do with the ball once he gets there, and there isn’t anywhere on the floor where the defense can relax if Rubio is on the move.

I can see him getting to the foul line a lot, and he’ll have to post figures consistently in the 80%-85% to maximize his effectiveness in that regard. 

Defensively, it’s a double-edged sword. At 6’4″ he should have the ability to contest a lot of shots that his counterparts are able to put up. The questions will linger about his ability to stay with the likes of Chris Paul or Deron Williams or Rajon Rondo, because ultimately those are the guys he will have to defend. Does he have the quickness? How fast can he be schooled on help defense? And can he put a few pounds on? At 180 pounds, he could get pushed around a bit.

Let’s not forget something here. Rubio has not been playing against a lower level of competition than most of the other entrants in this draft. He’s actually playing at a higher level, so evaluating what he can do, to some extent, is more of a real-world experience for scouts. 

I see him as the kind of player who’s going to fit in really well with any team who wants to get out there and run. Also, if a team has people at the other positions who can score and can afford to have more of a pure point in the game, without having to rely on him to put points on the board. Because of the fact that he has a quality that is hard to school a player on; that is, the pure basketball instinct, it is likely that he will be a quick study in any system, although it may be best to let this kid take the ball and run with it, becoming a “rich man’s” Jason Williams in the process.

Charles Jay, a long-time sports columnist and handicapper, enjoys helping people pick sports winners at http://totalactionextra.com If you are in need of top-quality sports information, from an insider’s perspective, come and check out what’s available at http://totalactionextra.com

2013 Jaguar XF Could Change the Game

2013 Jaguar XF Review

The XF is Jaguar’s entry in the luxury sport sedan market.  Available with all-wheel drive comes with a choice of new engines.  Jaguar is also introducing a high-performance XFR version.

The 2013 XF has a new flashier design that gives new life to a brand that has been sinking over the last decade.  New slimmed down headlights give the 2013 XF a sleek look not seen before from this manufacturer.

New features of the XF include an available all wheel drive configuration matched with a 8 speed transmission.  A new turbo 4 cyclinder engine and a supercharged V6 are also offered.

The new XF is now available with 4 engine options that pack a powerful punch.

Engines for the 2013 Jag XF

470-hp, 5.0-liter V-8
340-hp, 3.0-liter V-6
510-hp, 5.0-liter V-8
240-hp, 2.0-liter I-4

Some of the top features of this 2013 Jag are the ride and handling along with the elegant interior design.  Flush and finish of the model tested was above average, but nothing special for a luxury vehicle in this segment.  The huge trunk provided plenty of room for luggage and golf clubs for a weekend getaway.

A few features I didn’t like about this model included the tight leg room in the back seat and some light wind and road noise.

This Jaguar XF has a starting price of just under $ 47,000 with a top of the line model costing $ 83,000.  A little pricey for what you are getting in my opinion.

Models competing in the same class as the XF include Mercedes-Benz E-Class, BMW 5 Series, and the  Audi A6.

Insurance rates for the Jaguar XF are above average.  Comparing prices from multiple insurers will allow owners to find the best deal on Jaguar insurance and save money.

All in all, the Jaguar XF for 2013 is a quality car that will keep pace with the other vehicles in it’s class.  If I were going to select one variation to buy, it would be the V-6 SC version with the all wheel drive system.

Jeff Scott enjoys writing about new vehicles along with taking long test drives.  You can read more of his work by checking out the author page on this site.

How Broncos could protect investment in Peyton Manning with NFL Draft

How Broncos could protect investment in Peyton Manning with NFL Draft
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News on Video: Norwegian kicker could be headed to NFL after tricks video goes viral

Source: Youtube Havard Rugland A Norwegian whose YouTube clip of spectacular trick shots has been watched over half a million times could be on the verge of a National Football League (NFL) contract as a kicker. The video caught the attention of professional teams in the United States, and Norwegian state broadcaster NRK has reported that its star, Havard Rugland, had a tryout for the NFL’s New York Jets this week. Score! Norwegian kicker gets tryout with New York Jets after video of spectacular trick shots goes viral A Norwegian could be on the verge of an NFL contract as a kicker after a Youtube clip he made of spectacular trick shots has been watched almost a million times. The video caught the attention of professional teams in the United States and won its star, Havard Rugland, a tryout for the NFL’s New York Jets this week. ‘It went well,’ Rugland told Norwegian TV station NRK. ‘They tested me on field goals and kickoffs. Obviously you feel a little more pressure here, but I stayed pretty calm.’ The video shows the 27-year-old performing some outrageous tricks and kicks, from nailing 60-yard field goals to soccer-style scissor kicks and volleys with American footballs. Made by Rugland, his brother and some friends, the video has spread rapidly on the Internet, clocking up more than 950000 hits and garnering interest from three US colleges and the Jets. Rugland has no prior American football experience but kicking coach Michael Husted says that if he continues to

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MLB 12 Road to the Show 1B - Road to 1st HR Derby [EP11]

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UAB's non-conference basketball schedule next season could include trip to UNC

UAB's non-conference basketball schedule next season could include trip to UNC
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